C2—- Novice Copy II

 Orange wine: what’s the anchor doing?

  At this moment, Xia Yihui was carrying a fire hydrant, chiseling one small hole after another in the wall. On hearing the notification, he glanced at the comment and smiled, but he didn’t respond.

The viewer named orange wine became more curious.

  In the Novice copy just now, although Orange Wine was eliminated, his reaction was actually not slow, it could even be said to exceed most people.

He had just entered the game, as soon as Orange Wine saw the creature enter the room, he immediately turned around and rushed towards the bedroom. But it was because his reaction was too fast, he didn’t the nine creeping species, they immediately surrounded him.

  It was nine monsters, Orange Wine couldn’t resist, and was eaten alive by them.

After returning to the real world, he was chagrined, but he was still the first to gather his mood and log on to Starnet.

Most of the live streams had already ended. Once the five minutes were up, these people chose to go back to the recuperation space and the live streams naturally closed.

  After looking down for a long time, only this live room named ‘Ma Da Shen’ was still lit up. With curiosity and a little disbelief, Orange Wine clicked on it.

 Once he came in and saw Xia Yihui’s strange behavior, Orange Wine was a bit confused.

He wasn’t thinking of escaping, instead he was making holes in the wall?

As Orange Wine pondered, Xia Yihui had already made the small holes in lthe wall. He used the fire hydrant chain and tied it to his back, to ensure that the hydrant was securely fixed on his body and wouldn’t be thrown out.

  Next, Xia Yihui did something that completely stunned Orange Wine.

  – He lifted the hydrant and smashed a very large hole in the bedroom door.

  With no other cover in the living room, he destroyed the only one left.

Orange Wine was stunned, his fingers hit the keyboard, expressing his shock and confusion.

  Orange wine: Anchor, you’re just killing yourself! I’ve been in this bedroom and there are many creatures in it. Tsk. If it were up to me, there’s no way I’d open the door. How are you going to fight these monsters if they come out of that hole? You’re being stupid!

Just as the comment floated up, the head of the first crawling creature had already poked out of the hole.

The sticky liquid dripped and scraped on the door, and an ear-piercing, scalp-tingling sound rang out.

Orange wine immediately remembered the pain of being eaten alive. He didn’t dare to look at this live room, he could even imagine Xia Yihui’s blood-soaked misery.

Orange wine let out a long sigh, feeling sorry for Xia Yihui. This person had already passed the level, but he had to choose death.

  He was about to exit the broadcast room when he saw that Xia Yihui’s hands and feet were attached to the holes he had made, and his body climbed up the wall.

Xia Yihui quickly climbed above the crawling creature, the fire hydrant on his back flipped down, directly hitting the neck of the creature, immediately k!lling it.

  Xia Yihui pulled back the hydrant chain, quietly waiting for the arrival of the second creature.

Orange wine was dumbfounded. Huh? What was going on? What just happened?!

His hand moved towards the keyboard, he was ready to ask, but Xia Yihui quickly dealt with the second crawling creature.

  In this way, one by one, the crawling species climbed through the hole and were killed. Like he was playing ‘whack-a-mole’ Xia Yihui accurately hit the weak spots of the creatures.

  Nine crawling species were solved in turn, Xia Yihui glanced at the comment section, shrugged and smiled innocently. He crouched down and looked at the crawling creatures on the ground, his eyes gradually lit up.

Orange wine, however, still didn’t react, and when he returned to his senses with difficulty and saw Xia Yihui’s eyes, he suddenly got a cold chill all over. God, why was this anchor’s eyes more frightening than those things ah!

  Next, Orange wine was once again shocked by Xia Yihui.

He raised the fire hydrant, and began to smash the creatures one after another, and then went to the bedroom and came out with gloves, picking through the pile of broken meat, he constantly spoke to himself as he moved.

Curious, Orange wine cranked up the sound.

  ”Well …… this is the liver, this is the heart, tsk, the monster’s heart actually grows in the neck three inches under the skin, no wonder this is the fatal weak point …… hahaha, if only there was a knife. Dissecting this kind of monster would be fulfilling ah!”

Orange wine suddenly plunged into deep self-doubt. He wondered if the Anchor’s mind had been distorted by the game, otherwise how could he say such scary words.

 After observing Xia Yihui’s technique for a while, all doubts were converted into awe.

Xia Yihui’s movements were extremely smooth.

He was obviously a professional.

Orange wine was about to comment, when the live room darkened.

  Ten minutes were up, Xia Yihui  returned to the recuperation space.

  After a long time, the interface suddenly showed a comment.

  Orange wine: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
[Player Xia Yihui successfully passed the novice mode.]

  [Overtime mode get rewarded with money. The currency is for normal store transaction, for every second you hold on, the total value of the currency will be increased by 1, the longer you hold on, more will be added.]

[From this novice copy of the overtime mode, you held on for a total of ten minutes, stacked bonus currency:  600.]

  【Killed nine creepy crawly species with 90 experience points. You currently have 200 experience points and have successfully advanced to level 3.]

[The store function has been opened, player can browse the store.]

  After digesting this long list of words spoken by the electronic voice, Xia Yihui slightly turned his head and looked around.

He was in an ordinary apartment, the apartment was furnished, there was a bed, a table, a TV and a computer, a paper with the WiFi password was posted on the wall.

Strangely enough, this apartment had no doors, no windows, not even a bedroom or bathroom. All the furniture was placed in a living room, and the dining table and the toilet were actually placed face to face.

Xia Yihui moved forward to sit on the sofa.

But he quickly realised the fire hydrant was still hanging on his back.

  Xia Yihui felt it was a little strange. Then he remembered that the electronic voice said that everything in that bedroom couldn’t be taken out, then why was the fire hydrant still with him?

“By the way, this fire hydrant was pulled from the crawling creature outside the bedroom ……” Xia Yihui thought.

  That was to say, some tools in the copy, could be brought to the next copy, and some couldn’t.

He was lucky enough to pick up this fire hydrant that could be taken out of the copy.

He wasn’t sure if he would encounter ghosts in the next copy, but with this fire hydrant, at least he would have a layer of protection than those who had bare hands.

With this thought, Xia Yihui finally relaxed.

Knowing that there were many people who were worse off than him, he was relieved and began to survey the ‘recuperation space’ as the electronic voice put it.

  Walking around, Xia Yihui quickly observed the apartment.

The room had wifi, but it didn’t seem to be able to connect to the real world.

There were only two functions of the computer, one was to enter the official forum of the Escape Game for discussion and a store.

The TV was even more worse, there was only one channel, but it was blank.

Xia Yihui clicked on the computer’s ‘store’ option, three options emerged, respectively: Supplies, Weapons, Skills.

Each option was clicked on, the supplies column only had three things.

Milk: Anti-dehydration, can increase 10 points of stamina. Priced at 10/single item.

Bread: Anti-hunger, can increase 10 points of stamina. Priced at 10/single item.

Medicine: Anti-all negative status, including but not limited to excessive bleeding, infection, high fever, stamina. Can increase stamina by 50 points. Priced at 50/single.

All three could increase stamina. Among the copies, the total value of stamina was 100, once it reached zero, the player would be eliminated.

Xia Yihui tried the other two options.

The weapons bar had a lot.

Chargers, staplers, eyeglass cases, ballpoint pens, baseball caps, English-Chinese translation dictionaries.

Looking at it, Xia Yihui glared, weren’t these the things he had just seen in the copy?

He slid the mouse down, indeed, the fire hydrant was listed, looking at the price, Xia Yihui swallowed, his eyes slowly reddened.

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