C10 —– Campus Gladiatorial Arena (VIII)

Bonus Chap

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Seeing Xia Yihui’s icy cold eyes, Xu Qing’s blood was cold all over his body.


At this moment, he was only filled with hatred.


He knew he was wrong, but why was he still unwilling to let him go?


Since he couldn’t beg others, he could only rely on himself!


Without saying anything, Xu Qing directly turned around and fled.


His skill was Sprint, and his speed was enhanced to twice that of a normal person. Therefore, he ran extraordinarily windy, with a fast and large pace, and in the blink of an eye, he flew more than ten meters away.


Feeling the temperature around him drop a bit, Xu Qing was pleased. No matter how bullish Zhang Qingyu, as long as he couldn’t catch up, it was all in vain.


Even if he was strong, so what? He couldn’t hurt him, so he could only watch him escape!


The sound of feet breaking glass disappeared, Xu Qing thought he had run out of the center of the conflict. He was ecstatic when he suddenly froze.


His foot was moving, but the scene around him didn’t move at all.


Xu Qing looked towards his feet in horror, froze for two seconds, and screamed out in terror.


“What’s going on?!” His feet were actually levitating off the ground!



Behind him, Zhang Qingyu’s arm was raised flat and his five fingers were spread out, facing Xu Qing across the air. A trace of strain passed between his eyebrows, obviously the skill wasn’t used purely, and he was still slightly uncomfortable lifting a tall man directly.



“What kind of skill is this!” The crowd whispered, unanimously revealing a fearful look.


Zhang Qingyu frowned and waved his hand lightly to the side. Almost at the same time, Xu Qing seemed to be hit by something heavy, completely defying Newton’s law, smashing over flat to the back and falling directly into the crowd lying on the ground.


The crowd dodged, their faces ashen.


Couldn’t fight, and couldn’t escape. It seemed that today was a certain death.


Watching Zhang Qingyu walk slowly, many people closed their eyes in despair and waited for the final verdict.


The ‘da, da’ footsteps were exceptionally loud in the empty corridor, a ground of broken glass was stepped on and clicked, slowly but firmly disintegrating the string called sanity in the hearts of the crowd.


In a daze, the crowd seemed to see visions of their own tragic deaths. It was like the crucible was about to explode, the calm before the storm.


Just at this desperate moment, a clear voice said, “Wait a minute!”


Zhang Qingyu’s steps paused, and the numbing ear-splitting sound of crushing broken glass finally stopped.


Everyone desperately looked at Xia Yihui, and the dead eyes became clear again.


Could it be that Xia Yihui had forgiven? Finally picked up his compassion and decided to spare them?


“I still have something I want to ask, can I?” Xia Yihui looked at Zhang Qingyu.


The crowd hung their heads in dismay. So he wasn’t trying to save them ……



On the other hand, Zhang Qingyu nodded directly, without the slightest intention of dragging his feet. With his approval, Xia Yihui was immediately at ease. After all, the two didn’t know each other, now that Zhang Qingyu was willing to sell him this face, it was very good.


Xia Yihui walked up to the field of remnants and asked, “When you turned the corner just now, why did you attack me?”


Next to him, Xu Qing snorted and said disdainfully, “You are the prey and these people are the hunters. Isn’t it natural for them to kill you?”


Xia Yihua looked at Xu Qing with a dark gaze, “If you have been living with this mindset all day today, I regret to tell you. When you return to the real world, you will be finished.”


Xu Qing was stunned, “What, what do you mean?”


Xia Yihui grinned, “Come on, you’ve killed so many people, are they really dead? No. It was just game over, they’re out of the game. Those people who died tragically at your hands, are you sure they won’t take revenge on you when they return to the real world?”


Xu Qing’s face turned pale. He had killed so many people today, including many big bosses of listed companies.



In the real world, he was just a salted fish who suffered from the white eyes of his boss. All he did in his daytime was physical work. Only in this killing game, could he have a meaningful existence.


Once back in the real world, he was nothing, just an illiterate with an empty body without strength.

Big bosses could exploit him if they wanted, and if possible, they could even kill him without anyone knowing.



Thinking about it, Xu Qing was shocked.



It turned out that at the very beginning, he was brainwashed by the rules of the game. He only considered the escape in the moment, not the aftermath of the exit.



And if he wanted to turn over in the real world, he had to keep passing in this game and become the final anchor. If the whole world was watching him, who would dare harm him?


Obviously the crowd thought of this matter and their faces were all a bit ugly.



The middle-aged man next to him who could make fireballs reacted extremely fast and figured this out, he quickly crawled to Xia Yihui’s feet and eagerly said, “I’ll tell you everything you want to know. I only have one request, don’t kill me!”


Xia Yihui’s eyes rolled for a moment, “Okay, I won’t kill you. Now can you tell me why you want to target me? Don’t talk about hunter and prey, you’ve obviously been in ambush for a long time and have come prepared.”



The long-armed man pulled the middle-aged man, his face full of resentment, and wouldn’t let him talk. His arms were scorched black, his skills were basically abandoned, and he had no hope of passing even if he managed to survive. At this point, he only blamed all the fault on Xia Yihui, and didn’t want to die to make Xia Yihui feel better.



The middle-aged man, with a strong desire to live, pushed him away directly and didn’t hide anything: “After you entered that office, the list coordinates didn’t change again. We occupied thia place and prepared to ambush you.”


Amused, Xia Yihui asked, “Why are you the only ones? I feel like I’m still quite sought after. I just came out of the office and saw only two waves of people, to be honest I was quite disappointed.”



“That big guy.” The middle-aged man nudged the corner of his mouth toward Xu Qing, his eyes taking on a bit of sarcasm.


“He is a spy we put in place to make you let your guard down. Now there are very few formed groups inside the copy, and they are still all crooked people gathering together for self-defense. Our small group is different, we all have skills, after taking over this spoke, no one dared to come over.”


Although the idea made sense, the reality was very skeletal, after a thousand calculations, these people didn’t calculate that Zhang Qingyu would intervene.


The middle-aged man felt a bit helpless, “You are really lucky, you coincidentally met boss Zhang getting food, otherwise today you couldn’t escape.”



Xia Yihui was puzzled: “Getting food?” He looked at Zhang Qingyu. The latter calmly replied, “The endurance value is almost gone, I came out to find some food.”


Endurance was almost gone? Not really. The the second mock examination just passed by one day. There were still 70 stamina points left after three meals a day. How could it be so fast?


There were only a few ways to consume endurance: skipping meals, exhaustion, and bleeding excessively


Could it be that Zhang Qingyu was injured?


Xia Yihui carefully examined Zhang Qingyu, but he didn’t find anything unusual. After thinking about it, he felt that the two weren’t familiar with each other, and it felt a bit out of bounds to take the risk of asking if he was injured.


So he skipped this matter and chose to ask about another matter.



“You didn’t buy milk and bread yourself?”


“No, I didn’t.”


“Then what did you use the currency for?”




The crowd was silent.



At a time when everyone’s weapons were still ballpoint pens and English-Chinese dictionaries, the god had actually used g*uns.



Everyone was puzzled. Why was the gap between people so big? Some people were still struggling at the starting point, while some people had figured out the law and mixed like a fish in water.


Xia Yihui wanted to ask how much it was, but he certainly couldn’t afford to buy. He simply said: “Can you show me?”


A g*un was flung into Xia Yihui’s hands, it was quite heavy, the trigger and bullet parts were polished, the entire body of the g*un looked clean.


With a clever twist of the finger on the g*un, the magazine popped out and was empty inside. Xia Yihui was stunned, “Why isn’t it loaded?”


“……” Zhang Qingyu glanced at Xia Yihui, his tone was flat, “After buying it, I realized that the mall doesn’t sell bullets.”


“…… “Xia Yihui accidentally laughed out loud, “Pfft.”


Zhang Qingyu looked away, but his expression was a little stiff.


Xia Yihui coughed lightly twice, holding back his laughter as he returned the gu-n. In fact, he felt quite amazed, Zhang Qingyu’s performance was just too good, it felt like everything could be solved handsomely.


He didn’t think that the bullying Zhang Qingyu, would actually make such small mistakes.


Why did he feel some unexpected …… contrasts?


Xia Yihui shook off this strange idea, pretending to be fierce as he continued to interrogate: “Have you met a young man inside this building, about twenty years old, with curly hair, thick lips, and little freckles on his face.”


To be honest Xia Yihui wasn’t very angry, after all, he didn’t have much expectations for Liu Zite.



But since he promised to educate the audience in the live broadcast room through this matter, he must do what he said and couldn’t let Liu Zite be at ease.


“There are a lot of people with such characteristics ……” the middle-aged man had a headache. So many players inside the copy, how could he remembered that many?



Xu Qing on the side came back from the blow, heard Xia Yihui’s question and hurriedly called out: “I know who you are talking about and I know where he is. If you let me go, I’ll tell you.”


Xia Yihui was patient: “Okay, you say.”


“When I was waiting for you outside, I saw him being led away. The people who led him were not good, so I didn’t bother him. But before leaving I heard them say that they were going to ……” Xu Qing paused and doubted, “If I say it. You won’t go back on your word, right?”


Xia Yihui said: “I swear, as long as you say his location, I will let you go, can you? If I go back on my word, you can come to me later to settle the score if you get out of the copy.”


This remark poked Xu Qing’s sore spot. He knew the weight of the words ‘real world’.


Xu Qing nodded, “They said they were going to the principal’s office to see.”



Xia Yihui nodded, but Xu Qing still looked a little hesitant, he thought he was still not sure of his credit, and took the initiative, “I live in S city. City north interchange on the China CDC, you talk to the receptionist to find the biological drug supervision Xia Yi ……”


Halfway through his words, he saw all the people on the ground coincidentally showed a horrified expression.


Xia Yihui’s voice gradually weakened to nothing, he was confused: “What’s wrong? Why do you guys look like you’ve seen a ghost?”



“Brother, even if you’re cheating people, you have to pretend a little? You are a bit unkind ah.” One of the people lying on the ground stammered, “Didn’t S City become an empty city ten years ago? Everyone is dead, what do you want us to find?”


Xia Yihui froze, full of bewilderment.


Seeing that his expression didn’t look fake, the crowd also feel confused, one of them spoke: “I was still in college, that is, ten years ago. At that time, all students were suddenly on vacation, and all of them were ordered not to leave their homes or gather in one place, even the Internet was not working at times. During that period of time, people were afraid that something had happened, that there might be a wa-r or something.”


“It wasn’t until the whole thing was over that we learned it wasn’t a w-ar, it was an epidemic.”



“At that time, a huge outbreak of infectious disease in S city broke out, the infection was extremely strong, the entire city was on total lockdown, people outside didn’t know exactly what infectious disease it was. Even after ten years, there are still people speculating, in the end what infectious disease was so horrible that people thousands of miles away actually had to hide in their homes for refuge.”


Xia Yihui was still a bit confused, he listened to these words as if listening to a story, he froze, “You mean, everyone in S city got infected and died out?”


“Brother, you are really good at acting, I almost took it seriously. But joking about a national tragedy is a bit too much.” The man frowned, suspicious: “In order to completely cut off the source of the epidemic, a nuclear bom-b was dropped on the city. Such a big thing, you actually don’t remember?”



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