C1—- Novice Copy [I]

  [Player Xia Yihui, successfully loaded into Infinite Escape Novice Copy.]

  Xia Yihui was awakened by a loud ‘boom’ and opened his eyes violently, only to find that he was stiff and unable to move.

The voice methodically continued to read.

【Loading 13.3% ……】

Xia Yihui’s brain was still in a daze as he turned his head with difficulty and surveyed his surroundings.

This was a one-room bed and breakfast. The construction was very strange, it had no independent bathroom or kitchen, the living room didn’t even have furniture, the whole hall was empty, like a new house that hadn’t been decorated.

  The door to the bedroom was right behind him, less than three meters away from him.

Directly across from him was the front door of the house, which was hidden and couldn’t be seen outside. There was also a large freezer sitting against half of the door, making it impossible for the door to be opened smoothly.

[Loading 62% ……]

“Wait!” Xia Yihui suppressed the fear in his heart and said aggressively, “Are you a terrorist sent by another country? Do you know that the kidnapping of scientific personnel is illegal, I will retain all my rights to appeal, if you don’t immediately stop what you are doing now, I will see you in the military court!”

If it was really a terrorist, hearing Xia Yihui’s words would have been made it  restrained. But he didn’t know where this electronic voice came from, it seemed to be just a recording with no actual thinking ability, so, unable to understand the meaning of Xia Yihui’s words. It continued.

[Loading 78% ……]

  ”Damn!” Xia Yihui was shocked and angry.

He remembered that he had entered a research team last month, and in the middle of the research, the whole research base was attacked by terrorists. While carrying out the transfer, he was injured by a blast.

In the last moment before his consciousness disappeared, he heard the doctor say that he had become a vegetable and would never wake up.

So what was going on now? How did he wake up again? Could this electronic voice be the terrorist that caused it?

[After loading is completed, the players will put in the copy for the first time. At the moment of life and death, the official of Unlimited Escape reminds all players to be vigilant from now on. 】

[The official of Unlimited Escape is not responsible for the zero endurance value caused by the player’s unresponsiveness. 】

“Players? Could it be that my fellow scientists have been kidnapped? And what the hell is Unlimited Escape, the terrorists are really strange ……”

Xia Yihui tried to move his body, his upper body could barely move twice and his lower body was as steady as a mountain.

  Even though the current situation was very strange, Xia Yihui still couldn’t help cursing: “As a man, how can only my upper body be cured, such cruel terrorists.”

  [Loading degree 100%, player Xia Yihui has been successfully put into the game! For this novice copy, if the player can persist in the attack of the reptilian creatures for 5 minutes, you will successfully pass!]

【The longer you hold out, the richer the experience value under the same level will be. In addition to this there are various hidden subplots that players are invited to discover on their own! Enjoy the game!]

Just a second after the mechanic voice stopped speaking, it felt like a play button had been pressed, from absolute stillness to the passage of time as usual.

  Xia Yihui wanted to ask what the reptilian creatures were, but a loud ‘bang’ on the door interrupted him.

  It was that sound that woke him up in the first place. As Xia Yihui turned his head to look over, his heart began to beat violently, as if it was about to beat out of his chest.

Outside the door was a bloody monstrous beast, it seemed like a fire hydrant was in its head, the monster’s face was almost split in half, its eyes were hanging on the edge of the hydrant.

It wasn’t clear through the tiny doorway, but the cold light of the beast’s eerie eyes and the dripping sound was enough to make him dizzy and chest tight.

  Xia Yihui was almost certain that it definitely didn’t exist in reality. He was engaged in this area of research, if this kind of deformity existed, he would  definitely be the first to get the information.

Xia Yihui twisted his head to dry heave, the salty smell in the air rushed straight into his nose.

The reptilian creature seemed more excited after hearing the sound of a living person inside the house. The door was smashed with a loud ‘bang’. If not for the heavy freezer that blocked half of the door, the creature would have entered the house directly to eat Xia Yihui.

If he was fully functioning, his approach would be to move the freezer, blocking the door completely, so that the creature couldn’t enter.

But Xia Yihui’s body still had residual signs of his vegetative state. At this time, his lower body was completely immobile, if he tried approaching the door, before touching the freezer, the creature would have crashed the door open.

That would be sending himself to the creature’s mouth.

  Xia Yihui didn’t dare to delay more. He immediately twisted his body, and tried crawling forward on the ground to enter the bedroom. Once the bedroom door was locked, he should be able to hold on for five minutes.

The closer he got to the bedroom door, the more ferocious the roar behind him became, the sound of the freezer being hit became even more vicious, as if it could fall apart at any time.

Xia Yihui had never been so nervous, his thigh muscles began to gradually awaken.

  There was a loud bang behind him, and the door with the freezer was shattered. Xia Yihui looked back, his soul was nearly scared away.

The creature had entered the living room, its deformed body twisted, sticky liquid stained the ground, the odor was fishy and disgusting.

  It was quite strong, when its claws hit the floor tiles, it left a small hole. The good thing was that this game wasn’t to kill, so the speed of the creature wasn’t  very fast, it was comparable to the normal walking speed of humans.

But even if the creature was slow, it wasn’t as slow as the half-paralyzed Xia Yihui.

  Seeing that the huge claw was about to fall on his head, Xia Yihui suddenly let out a small shout, and all his strength flocked to his thigh. He climbed up from the ground with a swish and quickly ran to the bedroom.

The bedroom was dark, he turned around, locked, and pushed the desk next to the door against the door, in one fell swoop.

Its food just ran away, it slammed into the door and roared angrily, but it still didn’t help.

Xia Yihui breathed a sigh of relief. As long as the door held, he would be able to muddle through for five minutes.

He calmed down, fumbled with the room switch, and turned on the light.


The moment the room lit up, Xia Yihui’s smile froze, the blood in his body suddenly cooled down.

Countless heavy breathing hit his eardrums. The room was filled with those creepy reptilian creatures staring eerily at Xia Yihui.

  At the same time, the electronic voice rang out.

[This is a bedroom full of miscellaneous items, all the paraphernalia can be used, but it can’t be taken out of the copy]

[Newbie benefit, you will randomly get an initial skill.]

[Your initial skill is freeze lv1. You can freeze any NPC in the copy for three seconds, the skill cooldown time is five minutes.]

  [The weak point of the reptilian creature is three inches from the neck, two minutes and forty-three seconds left until clearance.]

Xia Yihui looked around. The bedroom was like a junkyard, with nowhere to put his feet.

  Roughly, there were about nine creatures in the house, far from the door, the nearest one should take about twenty seconds to climb over.

There was a window directly across the street, but it was clearly not a way of escape. Through the transparent window he could see the street on the first floor, and monstrous creatures covered the entire street.

  Xia Yihui’s mind raced. According to the current clues, if he fought with these creatures, obviously he would end up dead.

  The most secure method at present was to pick up a working tool in the house, open the door the moment he freezed the creature outside the door, quickly lock the door, and finish it while it still couldn’t move.

  But this option was extremely dangerous. His skill cooldown time was five minutes, that was, once this door was opened, he would only have one chance.

Success was victory, defeat …… was almost certainly death.

As he was thinking, the creatures in the room had come close, less than a meter away, and the fishy smell was came close to his face. Xia Yihui hurried to the side to dodge, and rummaged through the clutter on the ground.

Chargers, staplers, eyeglass cases, ballpoint pens, baseball caps, and even English-Chinese dictionaries.

The ground was full of things, but none of them were offensive. Did he have to carry the English-Chinese dictionary to fight monsters? This game was too difficult!

  There was no time, nine creatures had gradually surrounded him, the one outside the door became more franctic, the door wouldn’t hold for a long time.

  The more intense the situation became, the clearer Xia Yihui’s mind was.

  Instead of wasting precious time on this piece of garbage, it would be better to ……

  Xia Yihui’s eyes became fierce, he wasn’t a timid person, instead of hiding in a room full of garbage, waiting for garbage, it was better to go out and fight.

  Besides, going out wasn’t necessarily a desperate situation, but then he remembered the creature outside the door with a fire hydrant stuck in its head.

  Xia Yihui pushed the desk away, without the resistance of the desk, the door shook shaking under the attack of the creature.

  He silently recited “one, two, three”, then he immediately opened the bedroom door.

  An iron claw came head-on, a few centimeters from his head. Xia Yihui was agile, his body functions had fully recovered, he quickly turned around and locked the bedroom door, holding back the disgust in his heart, he kicked the creature, then tried to pull out the fire hydrant with his hand.

With the eyes and brains, the putrid liquid flowed all over the place. Before the end of the three-second dead line, Xia Yihui couldn’t easily pull out the hydrant, he hurriedly moved to the three inches below the creature’s neck and hit it. The liquid splashed all over, almost making Xia Yihui throw up.

The creature went limp and stopped moving. Xia Yihui quickly ran to the door of the living room and looked out, his scalp instantly went numb, the hallway was also full of those things.

  He hurriedly blocked the door with the freezer.

  The freezer was hit by the creatures, and the bedroom door was also rattling. Xia Yihui cowered in the living room, still a little confused about his situation.

  At that moment, the electronic voice rang out.

  [The Novice copy has ended. 9 billion players entered the copy game, 8.82 billion players remain, 180 million has been eliminated, elimination rate of 2%. Eliminated players will be repatriated to the real world by the end of the day, and promoted players will continue the Unlimited Escape Game.]

“The elimination rate is so low, only two out of 100 people didn’t pass …… Are people not afraid of this kind of monster? If it weren’t for my random skill giving me strength, I really might have died here.” Xia Yihui quietly wondered, could it be that when a crisis was at hand, everyone’s desire to survive was extraordinarily strong?

  [Novice copy clearance experience points: 100. Congratulations on your promotion to level 2, live room function has been opened. Failed escape players can watch your live broadcast in the real world.]

  [10 Experience points for killing a reptilian creature. You currently have 110 experience, you still need 90 experience points to advance. Friendly reminder, level 3 players can open the store function.]

[Now, please give your live stream a name.]

Xia Yihui remembered the name of his game account and casually said: “The Live broadcast room will be called Da Shen.”

[Okay, player Xia Yihui. Your live room has been opened, the current number of viewers 0. May I ask if you need to go back to the recuperation space now?]

Xia Yihui was shocked: “Can I refuse to go back?”

  The electronic voice didn’t answer, as if waiting patiently for his answer.

Xia Yihui recalled what the electronic voice said at the very beginning: the longer you persist at the same level, the richer the experience value. In addition to this there are various hidden subplots that players need to discover on their own.

  In other words, the longer he stuck around and killed a few more creatures, the more experience he could get. When he returned to the recuperation space, he may even be able to open the store before anyone else, and the chances of winning would be much better then.

Xia Yihui turned the fire hydrant in his hand, staring at the bedroom door that ‘clanged’, the corners of his lips curled with interest.

So many biologically unexplained species, for a madman like him who was engaged in scientific research, this was heaven on earth!

“I’m not going back.”

  [Okay, player Xia Yihui. You can stay in the Novice copy for ten minutes, after ten minutes, force teleportation will be used.]

  【Please always pay attention to your words and actions, from this now on, your live room ‘Da Shen’ is officially online.]

Meanwhile, the 180 million people who failed to escape and were sent back to the real world were still confused. They opened the star network and followed the electronic voice’s prompt to open the Unlimited Escape Live Platform, and nearly 9 billion live rooms went online.


For a while the home page was filled with flowery colors, and most of the live rooms were empty. The anchors that spent that difficult five minutes, nearly collapsed, most of them directly choose to return to recuperation space.

Among them, the ‘Da Shen’ live room was quickly clicked.

At this time, no one seemed to have realized. This live room with a strange name would take the whole star network by storm with devastating momentum in the future.

    And now, the anchor Xia Yihui, who had eyes from all over the world on him, was still eyeing the nine creatures in the house.

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