C98— Kill The Half-blood 27


Qiao Jiangyuan felt that he should continue to be angry, but looking at Shen Jue in front of him, he not only could not raise his anger, but his heart softened. He hugged him and coaxed him gently, but after half a day of coaxing, he saw that the person in his arms didn’t respond at all, so he looked down and realized that Shen Jue had already passed out.



He wasn’t feeling well, and was brought to the engagement ceremony, after a lot of processes that he couldn’t stand and a great change of heart, he finally fainted.


Shen Jue’s eyes were closed tightly, the corners of his red eyes were still stained with some tears, his face was pale, but his lips were still a bit red.


Qiao Jiangyuan held the person in his arms, and only then did he realize how thin the other person was. His wrist was thin and his chin was even thinner. Qiao Jiangyuan hastily picked him up and put him on the big bed outside, and then hurriedly went out to call for someone.


The doctor soon arrived.


The doctor finished his examination and gave a disapproving look to Qiao Jiangyuan, “The patient’s body is a bit anemic, and he hasn’t rested recently, even if you’re relationship is good, you should pay attention to his health.”


When Qiao Jiangyuan heard these words, his face turned white then red, he was embarrassed and quickly changed the topic: “What should we do now?”


“It’s not a big deal, let him rest well, when he wakes up, he needs to eat more, does the patient usually eat very little? You, as a family member, should just advise him properly.” The doctor saw that Shen Jue’s skin color was already sickly pale.



“I know.” Qiao Jiangyuan sent the doctor out and then returned to the room. He looked at the person on the bed, and his heart couldn’t help but feel a sense of powerlessness. It was clear that he was engaged to the other person, but he still felt that the other person was too far away from him.


He was also a human being, even hot love would feel disappointed after infinite encounter with cold. Qiao Jiangyuan sat down on the edge of the bed and swept his gaze over Shen Jue’s overly thin face, and suddenly a strange thought sprang up in his mind.



It would be better if Shen Jue stayed next to him in a docile slumber. Then he wouldn’t have to see the other man’s cold eyes, and he wouldn’t have to see anyone else approaching Shen Jue.


The Shen Jue lying next to him was his, well behaved, pitiful and cute. The corner of Qiao Jiangyuan’s lips held an extremely gentle smile, he reached ou and, his fingertips rubbed over the other’s brow and eyes, when he touched the corners of the eyes, he used a little force, when he saw him frown slightly, he jerked his hand back.


Qiao Jiangyuan shook his head, feeling that the idea he just had was a bit absurd. He clenched his hand tightly, but couldn’t ignore the tingle left on his fingertips.




The day was gradually dawning.


Yu Qing had been kneeling for almost five hours, he kept looking at the door, waiting for the person he wanted to see, but the person he waited for never came back.


Although the housekeeper was angry with Yu Qing, but seeing him kneel there made his heart ache, he sighed and went forward, “Get up.”


“I’m not getting up.” Yu Qing’s eyes were too deep in color, like a layer of depression forever clouded, “He promised me, I want to wait for him to return.”


But he was late in waiting, and when it was completely dawn and the whole manor had fallen into a deep sleep, Yu Qing stood up. He first returned to his original room, took a cold shower, and went out.


He went to Qiao Jiangyuan’s manor first. He took the same method of climbing the water pipe, but he didn’t find Qiao Jiangyuan or Shen Jue, and he wandered around Qiao Jiangyuan’s manor like an agile cat.



Only when he had searched all the rooms did he go to the hotel where Shen Jue and Qiao Jiangyuan were engaged. The hotel had security, and it took Yu Qing a little longer, but he found Shen Jue in his room on the second floor.


Shen Jue was asleep, and his hand was clutched in the hand of a man lying on the edge of the bed.


Yu Qing walked over to him with an expressionless face, his movements so soft that it was almost silent. He came to the bedside and slashed at Qiao Jiangyuan’s neck with his hand. After knocking the man unconscious, he then took out a spare bed sheet from the closet in the hotel, tied Qiao Jiangyuan up, gagged him, and finally stuffed him into the closet.


After doing all this, he came back to the bedside.


Yu Qing looked down at the sleeping person on the bed and naturally saw the diamond ring on Shen Jue’s middle finger. His eyes wavered for a moment, then he reached down and took the diamond ring off of Shen Jue’s finger and threw it into the toilet in the bathroom.


He watched the water flush the ring down before his expression eased for a moment. Yu Qing, who had reentered the bed, laid down next to Shen Jue, but he didn’t sleep; he kept his eyes open and looked at the person next to him, he never got tired of looking at him.




When Shen Jue woke up, it was afternoon. It was dawn outside, but because the room’s curtains were tightly drawn, the room was very dim, and he was a little confused about the time, even the person lying next to him, who he thought was Qiao Jiangyuan.


He sat up a little tiredly, not looking at the person next to him, he whispered, “I’m sorry, I slept a long time, I guess.”


“It’s okay.”


The voice coming from next to him caused Shen Jue’s body to stiffen, and he quickly turned his head to meet Yu Qing’s eyes.


Even in the dimly lit room, Yu Qing’s eyes were still bright. He looked at Shen Jue with eyes wide open, his gaze hot to an extremely frightening degree.


“Why are you here? Where’s Qiao Jiangyuan?” Shen Jue knitted his brows.


Yu Qing sat up, “Break off the engagement with him, or I’ll kill him.”


Shen Jue stared at Yu Qing, “You’re threatening me?”


“No, I’m pleading with you, my master.” Yu Qing still stared intently at Shen Jue, “Please break off the engagement, the benefits he can give you, I can do the same.”


Shen Jue twisted his face away, his voice cold, “And if I don’t?”


“Then I’ll just have to kill Duke Qiao.” Yu Qing said quickly, “Whoever you marry, I will find a way to kill that person, I swear.”


Shen Jue didn’t say anything as he sniffed, and Yu Qing stared at the other man, half a second later, he eased his expression and gently embraced the other man from behind as he rested his chin on the other man’s shoulder, “On the battlefield, I had thought of the Duke countless times, and I thought I must return alive. The people the duke sent to protect me were all discovered by me. The duke obviously cares about me, don’t you? Why pretend that you don’t care about me?”


The closest he had come to death was a year ago, when he thought he would die on the battlefield. The army had retreated, his leg was wounded and he had to hide in the grass at the bottom of the hill, and if no one found him, he would die, but someone came to him and rescued him.


It was also because of this unusual rescue that he found out that Shen Jue also cared about him, so when he heard about his wedding, he had rushed back despite everything.


“When did I send someone to protect you?” Shen Jue said in a cold voice.


Yuk Ching smiled, he looked at Shen Jue with longing and rubbed his cheek against the other man’s, “If you didn’t, then you didn’t. Can you break the engagement? Please.”



Shen Jue was silent for a long time before he said softly, “I need time to think about it.”


The smile at the corners of Yu Qing’s lips deepened at his words, and he didn’t move to glance over at the closet before whispering, “That’s very kind of the Duke.”


He turned his head sideways and dropped a soft kiss on Shen Jue’s earlobe, then his cheek, and finally his lips. He kissed him until his already red lips was even redder before serving the other man to put on his outer clothes.


As he walked out of the room, Yu Qing stopped in his tracks, “Duke, I didn’t come in through the front door, so why don’t you go wait for me outside the front door first, and I’ll go down through the window.”



Shen Jue also had something on his mind right now, so he nodded casually and headed out. Yu Qing saw Shen Jue leave before he closed the door again. He went to the closet, opened the door, and inside, Qiao Jiangyuan had indeed woken up, his eyes full of anger, and he looked at Yuk Qing in front of him with abhorrence.


Yu Qing stepped forward and pulled the cloth out of Qiao Jiangyuan’s mouth, with a minute of malice in his eyes, “You better take the initiative to break the engagement, or I don’t mind continuing to cuckold you.”


“Bas-tard!” Qiao Jiangyuan had woken up before Shen Jue did, and he had heard the conversation between Shen Jue and Yu Qing. He had still harbored pity for Shen Jue, but he had heard the other man’s words about considering breaking off the engagement with him, and he had even heard the sounds of those two men rubbing lips together.


Now he just felt ridiculous.


“You better wait for a tougher life, I’ll definitely get you killed.” Qiao Jiangyuan paused, “And that bi-tch.”



It was clearly Shen Jue who had offered to marry him, but now he was showing an appearance of being forced, huh, Qiao Jiangyuan had never seen anything so ridiculous. Why marry him if he didn’t like him? He felt sorry for him? Or he was playing with him? Or was he just a pawn to facilitate the relationship between the bitter couple, Shen Jue and Yu Qing.


He would vomit and cry at his touch, but when touched by this half-blood in front of him, he would melt into the softest water in the world.


How cruel he was, to split up a pair of people in love.


When Yu Qing heard Qiao Jiangyuan’s words, his eyes changed slightly, “You are not allowed to say that about him.”



Qiao Jiangyuan smiled sarcastically, “Then what should I say? Compliment him? He didn’t like me, but still forced to be with me? Or compliment him for having se-x with you on the day of my engagement? What?” He closed his eyes, “Go away.”


It was his fault for not knowing people well, he first fell for Yu Qing, and then moved on to Shen Jue, but after all, they were the natural pair, and he was just a ridiculous clown in this love drama.


If there was an afterlife, he must not fall in love with Shen Jue, he also wanted to let Shen Jue try it, the taste of being betrayed, the taste of being a clown.


Yu Qing thought about it and untied the sheet from Qiao Jiangyuan’s body before he flipped out of the window.




Yu Qing soon arrived at the hotel entrance.


Shen Jue was standing there, seemingly in a daze, and when Yu Qing walked past, he was still staring blankly at the ground, not noticing Yu Qing’s arrival.


“Duke?” Yu Qing called out to Shen Jue in a low voice, which stirred the man.


Shen Jue glanced at Yu Qing before turning his face away and instructing, “Go borrow a car from the hotel.”


“Yes.” Yu Qing obediently did as he was told, in fact he would have done the same if Shen Jue hadn’t said so, he could have walked back, but Shen Jue couldn’t.


They returned to the manor.


Ye Ye had woken up early and had been guarding the outside of the manor, seeing that Shen Jue had come back with Yu Qing, his expression was a little surprised, but he said nothing. Even though Yu Qing had taken all his work away, he still maintained a gentle, harmless expression.


The next day, the Qiao family reported that they had broken off their engagement with Shen Jue, and the whole empire was shocked. No couple had ever been engaged one day and broken off the next, and countless reporters wanted to interview the parties involved, but both refused to do so.


Yu Qing was by Shen Jue’s side for seven days before returning to the army, he found Xiang Wen’s disappearance and asked the housekeeper privately, after learning that Xiang Wen had resigned, Yu Qing’s expression changed for a moment.


When the housekeeper mentioned Xiang Wen, he sighed, “That child, no one knows where he went, he hasn’t been found, so he must have left the empire.”


“Did he say anything when he left?” Yu Qing asked.


The housekeeper thought for a moment, “It seems he mentioned going into business, I also asked him if he had enough money, he said he said enough, and left, it’s been so long, yet he hasn’t sent a message back.”



Yu Qing was silent for a while before he suddenly spoke, “Pay a little attention to Ye Ye.”


The housekeeper froze, “How so?”


Ye Ye had been in the manor for three years, and he was quite careful in his work.


“Because I know half-bloods, half-bloods are people who will do whatever it takes.” Yu Qing said.


He had worked with Xiang Wen and argued with him, and knew what Xiang Wen had in mind for Shen Jue. In his eyes, it was a pipe dream that Xiang Wen would take the initiative to resign, but Xiang Wen was also a stupid person, and it wasn’t necessarily true that he couldn’t be fooled, after all he had originally fixed Xiang Wen easily.


And Ye Ye, Yu Qing hadn’t been around him much, but he instinctively rejected Ye Ye, he felt that Ye Ye had a deeper mind than Xiang Wen. Especially when he found out that Ye Ye could learn so many things on his own.


The housekeeper listened to what Yu Qing said, his expression was a little complicated, but he didn’t say anything. Seeing this, Yu Qing didn’t say anything more, he could only go back to the army.




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