C97— Kill The Half-blood 26

At these words, everyone in the room looked at Yu Qing. Qiao Jiangyuan’s expression was ugly as hell, and the next instant, he heard Shen Jue’s voice.



“Put me down.” Shen Jue’s voice was so cold that it could hurt a person.



Yu Qing looked into Shen Jue’s eyes, and half a second later, he lowered his eyes and slowly put Shen Jue down.



After Shen Jue’s feet hit the ground, he reached out and grabbed the handrail of the stairs next to him, his handsome face looked like it was covered in a layer of ice, and he looked slightly sideways at Yu Qing, whose eyes were downcast, and spoke again, “Kneel down.”


The voice wasn’t low or high, he was calm.



Yu Qing’s long eyelashes trembled, he obediently knelt down, hiding the emotions in his eyes.



Shen Jue retracted his eyes on Yu Qing and walked up the stairs. Ye Ye saw the situation and went to help Shen Jue, but before he could get to Shen Jue’s hand, he had been pulled away by someone from the rear.



The person who yanked him away was Qiao Jiangyuan.



“Stay here and guard his knees.”



Qiao Jiangyuan said angrily to Ye Ye, then took a big step forward, he pulled Shen Jue’s hand, pulling him up. Shen Jue’s footsteps were already weak, and when Qiao Jiangyuan pulled him, he almost stumbled.



Yu Qing saw it, and his dark eyes had a layer of shadiness in them. He was like a cheetah in the grass, eyeing the prey in front of him as if he was ready to bite through his opponent’s throat.


“Go faster.” Qiao Jiangyuan said impatiently, “How long are you going to keep everyone waiting for you?”



He yanked the man into the room and slammed the door shut. His handsome face was frosty.


No man could catch his fiance in bed with another man and keep calm. Qiao Jiangyuan felt that it was the limit for him not to k-ill the adulterer now. He really couldn’t have a good attitude towards Shen Jue now.



Shen Jue was pushed into the room by Qiao Jiangyuan and almost fell over, but when he managed to stand still, Qiao Jiangyuan’s hand came over again.



He seemed ready to change Shen Jue’s clothes with his own hands.


Shen Jue frowned and took a step back, avoiding Qiao Jiangyuan’s hand. Qiao Jiangyuan became even more angry at this, he had barely touched Shen Jue’s hand in the past few months, and every time he tried to go further, the person in front of him would frown and dodge, and he had to stop.



Fine, then he could wait until after the wedding.



But what about the truth? He acted so chaste yet his fiancé-to-be turned around and slept with someone else, and now his neck was marked.


He pretended to be chaste in front of him and turned to another man in the blink of an eye.



Shen Jue could naturally sense Qiao Jiangyuan’s anger, and he deliberated his words before speaking, “Qiao Jiangyuan, we can break off the engagement, it’s my fault for this, so I’m willing to take all the losses, and if you want compensation, I can give that too.”



“And then what?” Qiao Jiangyuan sneered, “Do you think that if I lose money, I won’t be ridiculed by everyone? Everyone will know that I waited for you all day today, but you were having s-ex with someone else.”



He actually didn’t want to say such hard words, but he couldn’t help it when he saw the marks on Shen Jue’s neck.



It was too hard for him, and he sort of understood now why housekeeper Fang and Ye Ye were looking at him with such a complicated look, even they knew what a conspicuous cuckold he, Qiao Jiangyuan, was.



“I’m sorry.” Shen Jue apologized again, “Then what compensation do you want?”



Qiao Jiangyuan coldly lowered his face, “Don’t cancel the engagement, you can change your clothes and go to the hotel with me now.”



Shen Jue’s brows knitted deeper, but he didn’t refuse, “Then go out, I’ll change.”



“I’ll be right here, or else how will I know what’s coming into your room again later.” Qiao Jiangyuan said in a deep voice, “Then will you still go out today?”



Round after round of verbal attacks caused Shen Jue’s face to change color as well. With a glance at Qiao Jiangyuan, he walked over to the closet.



The outfit he had originally prepared was no longer wearable, so he had to find a new one, and choose a high necked one to boot. When Shen Jue was changing, Qiao Jiangyuan had been standing behind him watching, and the more he watched, the more sullen his face became, and when Shen Jue had managed to get dressed, he couldn’t wait to pull him out of the room.



Yu Qing was still kneeling in place, and when he saw Shen Jue come out, his eyes didn’t blink as he stared at the other man.


Qiao Jiangyuan glanced at Yu Qing and then wrapped his arm around Shen Jue’s waist, deliberately easing his tone, “Let’s go, you haven’t eaten yet, right? We’ll eat later at the hotel.”



As the two of them passed by Yu Qing’s side, Yu Qing suddenly reached out his hand. He grabbed Shen Jue’s sleeve, his eyes dark, “Don’t go.” He looked steadily at the side of Shen Jue’s face, “You promised to give me five years, you can’t lie to me.”



Shen Jue paused in his steps


“It’s only three years now isn’t it?” Yu Qing stepped forward on his knees and blocked Shen Jue, his eyes were so focused, as if he was looking at the most precious thing in the world, “You promised me, you can’t go back on your promise.”



Shen Jue lowered his eyes and looked at Yu Qing in front of him, “I didn’t promise you, I only promised to send you to join the army, as for the rest, I did not promise at all.”



Yu Qing’s gaze moved slightly, like a small stone thrown into a calm deep lake, it rippled, “You said you don’t care who you marry, as long as there are benefits, but he will not treat you well, he is already treating you so badly, if you marry him, he will only treat you worse. I, on the other hand, have signed a soul contract with you, everything I have is yours, and only I will not betray you.”


He grabbed the other man’s hand along his sleeve and clutched it tightly. The coldness of Shen Jue’s fingers seemed to conduct into the bottom of his heart.



Qiao Jiangyuan couldn’t listen anymore, and he pulled Shen Jue’s hand out hard, while Yu Qing, afraid that Shen Jue’s hand would hurt, quickly let go.



“Let’s go.” Qiao Jiangyuan took Shen Jue’s hand, “It’s already late.”



Yu Qing almost stood up when he saw they were leaving, but then he remembered Shen Jue’s order.




Qiao Jiangyuan shoved Shen Jue into the car and sat himself down in the driver’s seat again. Seeing that Shen Jue was sitting still, he moved over to help Shen Jue fasten his seatbelt again.



After doing this, he drove off.



They soon arrived at the hotel, and Father Qiao was relieved to see the two of them finally arrive, and didn’t have time to scold them. Because it was an engagement, it wasn’t as grand as a wedding ceremony, but after all, it was the wedding of two dukes, and the Qiao family had been prepared to go in the cumbersome direction from the start.



The process was a set down, Shen Jue’s already pale face was even paler, and even his body was a little shaky. Qiao Jiangyuan was closest to him, and without moving his hand, he placed it on Shen Jue’s back, his voice lowered, “You can lean on me.”



Shen Jue blinked at his words, but didn’t lean on Qiao Jiangyuan. Qiao Jiangyuan pulled the corners of his lips and continued nonchalantly, “If you pass out later, how am I going to explain?”


Qnly then did he feel his weight on his hand.



The final step of the engagement ceremony was to wear the engagement ring.


The engagement rings had been ordered months ago, and were a pair of diamond rings. Shen Jue took out the engagement ring from the red velvet box and put it on Qiao Jiangyuan, who also took the ring from the other person’s hand, but after he put the engagement ring on Shen Jue, he took out another red velvet box from his pocket.


This box was a little larger than the box for the engagement ring.



Qiao Jiangyuan opened the box, inside was a necklace, and Shen Jue was extremely familiar with the pendant on that necklace, because it was the diamond ring that Qiao Jiangyuan had given to Yu Qing in previous lives, the beauty Manshan that had taken the empire by storm back then.



In this life, Shen Jue had wanted to buy it off, but because Yu Qing had been drugg-ed, he had to leave the auction house early, but he didn’t expect this necklace to be delivered to him in the end.



Qiao Jiangyuan put the ring on for Shen Jue with his own hands.



The last step was a kiss.



The guests at the bottom were almost all up in arms, while the two people on stage had calm, even indifferent eyes. Shen Jue was about to say something to excuse himself when Qiao Jiangyuan snapped forward and grabbed him around the waist.


Their lips pressed together.



Shen Jue’s pupils dilated slightly and he tried to struggle but couldn’t until he could barely breathe before he was released. Qiao Jiangyuan smoothly wrapped his arms around Shen Jue, who was almost out of breath, and smiled as he said to the people on the stage, “He’s a little shy, so I’ll take him to his room to rest for a while.”



He half-embraced and half-hugged him and took him away.



They had booked a room on the second floor of the hotel, which was for them to come over halfway to change plus rest.



When Qiao Jiangyuan brought Shen Jue into the room, he pushed him away and rushed straight to the bathroom.



The sound of dry heaving came from the bathroom.



Qiao Jiangyuan’s expression changed and he took several deep breaths before he reached out and closed the door behind him. He raised his hand to loosen his bow tie and took off his jacket before walking slowly towards the bathroom.



In the bathroom.


Shen Jue no longer vomited, he was sitting on the cold tiles, the corners of his eyes were red, his eyebrows showed a rarely seen fragility, his dark eyes were hollow and barren, as if the fields had been burned by fire, it should have been vibrant, but now there was nothing left.



He didn’t look at Qiao Jiangyuan, didn’t look at anything, completely plunged into the world of self.



Although he was trying to break the mirror, although it was also said that he was determined to do whatever it took, but he still felt sick. Just after sleeping with one person, now he could kiss another person, he felt disgusted with himself.



When had he become like this? Shen Jue could no longer recall. He had no more faith, no more everything, and relied on hatred alone to support him and sustain him along the way, so he would do anything as long as he could break the realm, even if it meant doing things he would never have agreed to originally.



He was like a whor-e. The pro-stitute parted his legs to any man, just to get a so-called true heart.


Oh, how funny.


He wasn’t Shen Jue anymore. He didn’t even know who he was now, perhaps a monster in human skin.



Shen Jue let out a sudden laugh, but as the smile appeared on his face, tears slipped from his eyes.


It had been over a thousand years, not a year or two, he had been trapped here for over a thousand years. Even to get out of here, he had to go to great lengths, give everything, and use his body as leverage. If the Heavenly Emperor and the Heavenly Emperor’s youngest child saw him now, they would surely find it interesting, right?



He had become the person he loathed the most.


The resistance at the beginning, now seemed so ridiculous.


It was all just spreading his legs.




Qiao Jiangyuan was ready to get angry, but when he saw Shen Jue crying, his body froze, somewhat at a loss for words, and the anger in his eyes faded instantly.



He had seen the domineering Shen Jue, the cold as ice Shen Jue, but never the fragile and pitiful Shen Jue.



After a while, Qiao Jiangyuan sighed, he gently stepped forward, squatted down, because there was no handkerchief, he simply reached out to wipe the tears, but found that the more he wiped his tears, the more tears fell.


Shen Jue opened those hollow, beautiful eyes and tears kept flowing down.



This look fell in Qiao Jiangyuan’s eyes, making him even more uncomfortable, as if his heart was being torn. He sighed again and directly reached out to put his arms around the person, and warmly coaxed him: “Okay, okay, don’t cry, I won’t be mean to you, okay? I know you don’t want to, it’s all Yu Qing’s fault. I will only scold him, never you again, okay? Be good, don’t cry, baby, if you cry again, I don’t even know what to do.”





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