C96— Kill The Half-blood [25]

The moment the door opened, Qiao Jiangyuan felt the blood all over his body rushed to his face. He couldn’t use precise words to describe his feelings at this moment.



The room was quiet, and the fiancé-to-be he was waiting for was still sleeping in the bed.



His sleeping face was so serene that it almost made Qiao Jiangyuan want to go up and kiss him awake, but only if he didn’t see the hand on his fiancé-to-be’s waist.



The owner of that hand was awake.



The other person had his head up, and his pretty face had no expression at all. He was holding the person beside him, like a beast guarding its food, eyes alertly staring at the intruder who had come a long way.



Qiao Jiangyuan naturally recognized who the other person on the bed was, and he gritted his teeth, the hand at his side clenched into a fist. He knew about Shen Jue and Yu Qing, and had seen it with his own eyes a few years ago, but when Yu Qing had gone to the army, not hearing from him for several years, Qiao Jiangyuan naturally assumed that the two of them broke off.



He wasn’t one to hold on to the past, but he hadn’t expected his fiancé-to-be and his ex-lover to get together again when he had already announced his engagement to Shen Jue.



This was undoubtedly a huge slap in his face.



Qiao Jiangyuan couldn’t help going down and turned his head to punch the door panel, he hit it so hard that it directly broke a piece of the door.



The sound was so loud that the person who was sleeping couldn’t help but move.



But Yu Qing reacted faster, he quickly leaned down, put the quilt to cover Shen Jue more tightly and his warm voice coaxed: “It’s just thunder, go back to sleep.”





Yu Qing rushed back during the night, rather he fled, unlike outside, the news in the army was very closed, and when he knew that Shen Jue and Qiao Jiangyuan were getting engaged, he found out less than seven days before the day of the engagement ceremony, and he had no leave, so Yu Qing had to escape.



At this time he was no longer in the mood to think about what would happen if he was caught, he only knew that he wanted to see Shen Jue.


He didn’t go through the front door to the manor, but slipped in through the back door, and then climbed up through the pipes to the third floor window.


He got into Shen Jue’s room when he was already awake, and by then Shen Jue was just putting on his suit.


Ye Ye saw Yu Qing before Shen Jue did, and when he saw him, he sharply inhaled, then shouted somewhat hesitantly, “Mr. Yu?”



The reason he hesitated was because he felt that Yu Qing had changed too much.



The original Yu Qing had a snow-white skin and flower-like delicate appearance, now although Yu Qing was still beautiful, his skin became wheat-colored, and his aura was more aggressive.



His brow and eyes were ruthless, just like a knife that had seen bl-ood.



If the original Yu Qing was so tempting that people couldn’t look away, then the current Yu Qing made people want to look away. He no longer looked like a flower, but had turned into a fierce cheetah.



When Shen Jue heard Ye Ye’s voice, he turned his head, and upon seeing Yu Qing, he frowned, “Why are you here?”



“Shouldn’t I have come?” Yu Qing’s voice was low, completely different from his old self, “You’re getting engaged, why didn’t you send me an invitation?”



Shen Jue looked at him and replied calmly, “You’re in the military. Isn’t it bad to leave without asking for leave? Besides, it’s just an engagement.” After he finished he turned his head to Ye Ye, “This tie is no good, change it.”



“Yes.” Ye Ye carefully glanced at Yu Qing before turning around to go to the closet side, when he opened the closet, he heard a loud sound from the back.



He turned back instinctively, only to see that Yu Qing had pinned Shen Jue to the top of the dressing mirror, sweeping everything on it to the floor.


Yu Qing had one hand clasped around Shen Jue’s waist and one hand grabbed Shen Jue’s tie, “Tie doesn’t look good? Let me help you change it.”


Shen Jue frowned and tried to push Yu Qing away, but he found he couldn’t push at all, and when he touched the other man’s arm, he found that it seemed to be full of muscle under that thin skin, and obviously his figure still looked slim.



He couldn’t help but freeze for a moment, Yu Qing took advantage and changed it.



Ye Ye froze in place, but soon, Yu Qing looked over.


Those eyes were too bright, like a fire coalesced inside.



“If you don’t get out, I’ll k-ill you.” Yu Qing spoke softly, without any expression on his face.



It was clearly a calm tone, but Ye Ye knew that the other wasn’t joking, and he couldn’t even help feeling afraid because of the killing aura on the other party.



He pursed his lips and could only exit the room.



For the next few hours, no one dared to enter that room, because Shen Jue said that whoever dared to go in would be fired.



Only unlike Yu Qing’s voice with a murderous intent, Shen Jue’s voice was hoarse and had a bit of a crying tone in it.



Yu Qing coaxed the person on the bed, and only after seeing the other person’s expression relax did he get off the bed athletically. He landed almost silently and bent down to pick up a random shirt from the floor and put it on.


The outfit that Shen Jue was going to wear at the engagement ceremony had been bought by Qiao Jiangyuan, so he immediately recognized the shirt that Yu Qing was currently wearing as that one.



This shirt also had his and Shen Jue’s names embroidered on the inner cuffs.


Yu Qing put on the shirt and gently walked up to Qiao Jiangyuan, he gave him a look and headed out.



Qiao Jiangyuan understood, and he took a deep breath before following Yu Qing out the door


Seeing this, the housekeeper hurriedly guided the two people to the first floor, while Ye Ye reentered the room. He looked at the messy master bedroom and his expression became a bit ugly, and what made his expression even uglier was the person on the bed.



The person on the bed was still asleep, but there were a few more fresh plum prints on the neck that was exposed outside the quilt.





As they reached the first floor, Qiao Jiangyuan couldn’t hold back any longer and threw a punch to Yu Qing, Yu Qing’s back was obviously back to Qiao Jiangyuan, but he easily dodged. He expressionlessly looking at an angry Qiao Jiangyuan, “You can’t beat me.”



“Heh.” Qiao Jiangyuan was exasperated, he suddenly felt that he was blind to like such a person, simply blind, “Do you know what you have done?”



Yu Qing nodded, “But he’s not your person.”



“He and I are getting married, he’s not my person, is he yours?” Qiao Jiangyuan felt that he couldn’t bear it, so he fought with Yu Qing anyway, but it was a one-sided fight for him, because Yu Qing kept hiding, which made Qiao Jiangyuan even more annoyed, he felt that the other didn’t even dare to fight with him openly.



Yu Qing was like a rat in the gutter, snatching food from his bowl and now hiding and pissing him off.



“You can either fight me openly or I’ll take you to court.” Qiao Jiangyuan had never been this angry before.



Yu Qing sniffed but shook his head, “I’m in the army, the court is not qualified to interrogate me, not to mention that Shen Jue is not yours.”



Qiao Jiangyuan gritted his teeth and was about to say something when he heard the sound of voices coming down the stairs from behind him. He had been waiting for Shen Jue a lot during this period of time, so he was already familiar with the sound of his opponent’s footsteps, so when he heard this sound coming down the stairs, he turned back.



Sure enough, it was Shen Jue.



Shen Jue’s face was pale, but his lips were overly red, and he had come out wearing only a robe.



He didn’t look at Yu Qing, and placed his gaze directly on Qiao Jiangyuan, “I’m sorry for what happened today, if you want to cancel the engagement, I’ll pay for all the compensation.”



Qiao Jiangyuan smiled a little, laughing at the other’s words and at his own ridiculousness, he had thought that the first thing Shen Jue would say to him would be an explanation, but instead of an explanation, Shen Jue directly told him that the engagement could be cancelled.



A marriage contract was something that was too prudent to be done, but he had been played hard.


His fiancé-to-be had slept with someone else on the day of the engagement, and now he’d woken up from his nap to cancel the engagement with himself.


Qiao Jiangyuan gave a low laugh, his eyes were full of mockery, “Want to cancel the marriage contract? I don’t agree. Now change your clothes and go to the hotel with me.”



Yu Qing wrinkled his eyebrows, he had just seen Shen Jue’s footsteps down the stairs were weak, he had no strength to go to any hotel, “He can’t go.”



“Why can’t you go?” Qiao Jiangyuan’s eyes only stared at Shen Jue, “What? You’ve been sleeping for so long that you don’t have the strength to go? I can carry you there.”


Shen Jue was silent for a moment, “Wait for me for fifteen minutes, I’ll go up and change my clothes.”



Yu Qing smiled and took a big step in front of Shen Jue, “You can’t go, you’re not well now.”


As he spoke, Shen Jue’s slap hit him in the face.



Shen Jue used almost his entire body and directly turned Yu Qing’s face.



“Don’t talk to me.” Shen Jue gave Qiao Jiangyuan a cold look and headed upstairs. Ye Ye saw this and hurriedly supported Shen Jue.



Yu Qing blinked, but then ran up to Shen Jue.



He directly picked up Shen Jue by the waist, “You can go if you want, then I’ll go with you.” His eyes were serious, “I won’t let you get engaged to him, you can try. Big deal, I’ll tell everyone at the engagement site that we’re the real pair, and that you’re only with Qiao Jiangyuan for his money.”



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