C95— Kill The Half-Blood (24)

Bonus Chap

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The news that Shen Jue and Qiao Jiangyuan were engaged to be married shocked the entire aristocratic circle of the empire, and even the major newspapers were vying for first place. In fact, this had something to do with the style of the blood race, most of the blood race didn’t like the chains of marriage, they were used to being spontaneous, being together one minute, breaking up the next, few people were willing to get married, after all, after getting married, the long rest of their lives were tied together.



Because the blood clan couldn’t divorce.



At the same time, Shen Jue and Qiao Jiangyuan were both male, the blood law didn’t prohibit same-sex marriage, but most of the blood married were of the opposite sex.



Qiao Jiangyuan wanted to skip the engagement step, but Shen Jue disagreed, so they got engaged first, and the wedding date was set for the end of the year.



After all, it was the engagement of two dukes, nothing could be too much trouble. As soon as the news of their engagement spread, both families went crazy, especially the Qiao family. There were no immediate family members on Shen Jue’s side to help, so he finally found a cousin uncle who was too far out of the way to help.



The cousin’s family had fallen on hard times, and all the travel expenses to get here were provided by Shen Jue.



The cousin uncle would come to the engagement ceremony as a relative of Shen Jue.



In the time it took to prepare for the engagement ceremony, Qiao Jiangyuan came to see Shen Jue more often, and as the fiancé-to-be, he became just like another master of the manor, and the servants in the manor became more respectful when they saw Qiao Jiangyuan.




“After reading for so long, would you like to go out for a walk?” Qiao Jiangyuan walked beside Shen Jue and saw that the other was still at his desk, so he couldn’t help but ask.



He had been sitting here for an hour, and Ye Ye had come in to change the tea once, but Shen Jue hadn’t even raised his head.



When Qiao Jiangyuan saw that Shen Jue still hadn’t moved, his gaze moved slightly, he reached out his hand and gently covered the document the other was reading, “Well, business isn’t finished, my Duke, do you really not want to take a break?”



Shen Jue looked at the hand that suddenly appeared in front of him, and his eyes didn’t even change, “Take it away.”



Qiao Jiangyuan: “……”



He pursed his lips and compromised by withdrawing his hand, “Okay, keep reading, I’ll wait for you.”



This wait lasted for three hours, he sat on the sofa in the study, almost on the verge of falling asleep, before he heard the sound of the chair moving.



Qiao Jiangyuan hurriedly raised his head and saw that Shen Jue had already stood up.



He straightened his clothes and was about to walk out. Seeing this, Qiao Jiangyuan called out to Shen Jue, “Where are you going?”



When Shen Jue heard Qiao Jiangyuan’s voice, he seemed a little surprised, surprised that the other was still here, “To sleep, it’s almost dawn.”



Qiao Jiangyuan’s eyes were a bit sultry, “I’ve been waiting here for you for five hours, are you sure you want to go to bed now?” He took the pocket watch out of his pocket, “It’s still at least half an hour before dawn, and you haven’t said more than five words to me today. Shen Jue, we’re about to get married.”



To Shen Jue, Qiao Jiangyuan was just a tool he was using, and he barely put his heart into the other man, but after hearing the man’s words, he thought he might have been a little too perfunctory.



Shen Jue thought for a moment and switched directions as he walked over to the other couch, sat down, and looked squarely at Qiao Jiangyuan across from him, “Talk about  what?”



Qiao Jiangyuan’s expression stiffened for a moment, and only after a long moment did he smile helplessly, as if deflated.



He got up and sat down next to Shen Jue, seeing that the man’s gaze was fixed on him without blinking, he pursed his lips and tentatively reached over.


“What are you doing?” Shen Jue frowned.



Qiao Jiangyuan was silent for a moment before he said, “Shen Jue, we’re getting married soon, do you know?”





“Then don’t you think we should cultivate our relationship? Instead of just sitting here dry like this.” Qiao Jiangyuan looked at the cold Shen Jue and suddenly missed the old Shen Jue.



At that time, Shen Jue was domineering, he came from a good family background and had good looks, almost everything about him was good, but one thing, he was sticky.



Wherever Qiao Jiangyuan went, Shen Jue had to go along. If Qiao Jiangyuan met a new friend, Shen Jue would privately check that person out and then tell Qiao Jiangyuan private things about the person so that Qiao Jiangyuan wouldn’t be foolishly deceived.



He was so clingy at that time that he even made Qiao Jiangyuan a little bored. He was tired of Shen Jue controlling his whereabouts and managing his social circle at all times.



Now Shen Jue was no longer domineering, and was calm when things went wrong, except that he was too indifferent and could hardly be faulted.



But instead, Qiao Jiangyuan wished somewhat that the formerly clingy Shen Jue could come back, no, it would be nice if the two characters became one.



That was how people were, wanting to be free and wanting to have love.






Qiao Jiangyuan looked at such a cold Shen Jue and felt somewhat powerless, but he wanted to be the one who could also melt the ice on Shen Jue’s body.



What Yu Qing could see, he wanted to see as well.




“How about, I don’t go back today?” Qiao Jiangyuan tried once more when he saw that Shen Jue wasn’t speaking.



He felt that they were getting married soon and going on like this wasn’t a solution, and if Shen Jue didn’t take the initiative, then he could only take the initiative.



Shen Jue nodded without much thought, and a glow of joy appeared in Qiao Jiangyuan’s eyes, which didn’t fade even when he realized he was sleeping in the guest room.



Qiao Jiangyuan was an extremely patient man, and he felt that only by taking the first step would the rest become sequential. He wanted to take his place in Shen Jue’s personal space as well.



In the following days, Qiao Jiangyuan would always stay overnight at Shen Jue’s place, and Shen Jue didn’t refuse, and when he was out at parties, Qiao Jiangyuan would even wrap his arms around Shen Jue’s waist in an intimate manner. It was only when he tried to get closer that he was denied.



Shen Jue took a step back, his eyes and movements indicating his resistance.



Qiao Jiangyuan just smiled and withdrew his hand, “Okay, I won’t kiss you, let’s go in.”



Time passed quickly, and all of a sudden it was the day before Shen Jue and Qiao Jiangyuan’s engagement. According to custom, they couldn’t meet before the engagement, so Qiao Jiangyuan went back to his manor that day, and throughout the day, he had some trouble sleeping for the upcoming engagement ceremony.



Almost as soon as it was dark, Qiao Jiangyuan got up, he didn’t need to be served by his valet, he thought the other was too slow. When Qiao Jiangyuan’s father saw him coming down, he shook the newspaper in his hand, “Why are you up so early today?”



Qiao Jiangyuan walked over and said with a smile, “Father, why do you have to pretend to be confused? Don’t you know what day it is today?”



“It’s just an engagement.” Father Qiao put away the newspaper in his hand and called over the housekeeper to go over the process of this evening.



Qiao Jiangyuan sat next to him and listened very carefully. At nine o’clock in the evening, they organized everything and left for the hotel, the engagement ceremony would officially start at twelve midnight.



When Qiao Jiangyuan arrived, Shen Jue’s people hadn’t yet arrived, and it was only at eleven o’clock that Qiao Jiangyuan met Shen Jue’s cousin uncle.



The cousin uncle was staying at a hotel in the city, not at Shen Jue’s estate, so they didn’t leave together.



By the time 11:30 rolled around, Qiao Jiangyuan was getting a little anxious, as friends and family were now taking their seats one by one, but the other main character had not yet arrived.



Father Qiao walked next to Qiao Jiangyuan and asked in a low voice, “Hasn’t he arrived yet?”



Qiao Jiangyuan shook his head.




Father Qiao wrinkled his brows, “What’s this?” He sighed, “Is he going to be late for such an important day today? He said he would be here at ten o’clock, and now it’s already eleven thirty.”



“Father, don’t be angry, I’ll go find him.” Qiao Jiangyuan said and was about to go out, but Father Qiao pulled him back, “Shen Jue didn’t come, and you want to leave, who’s engagement did these people come to see? Don’t go, just ask the servants to go.”



He called a servant to check what was going on at Shen Jue’s side.



But at half past twelve, that servant didn’t come back either. Qiao Jiangyuan couldn’t sit still, and despite Father Qiao’s objections, he left the hotel and drove himself to Shen Jue’s manor.



When he arrived at the manor, he saw his servant and butler. A servant was anxiously saying something to the butler, who looked very upset and kept shaking his head.




Qiao Jiangyuan got out of the car, closed the door, and walked inside with a stern expression. The butler heard the door open and saw that it was Qiao Jiangyuan, a trace of panic flashed across his face.




“Where is Shen Jue?” Qiao Jiangyuan stood in front of the butler.



The servant next to him immediately opened his mouth, “Duke, they wouldn’t let me in, that’s why I didn’t get to see Duke Shen.”



The butler looked at Qiao Jiangyuan with difficulty, “Our Duke …… he ……”



“What’s wrong with him? Is he sick? I’ll go in and see him.” Qiao Jiangyuan said and was about to go inside, but the butler hastily stopped him.



“No, he’s not sick, it’s him ……”



The words came out halfway but he didn’t go on.



Qiao Jiangyuan turned his eyes to look at the butler, “Since you aren’t sick, you should know what day it is today? Didn’t you remind your duke?”



The butler still stood in front of Qiao Jiangyuan, “Sorry, it isn’t convenient for the duke to see guests right now.”



Qiao Jiangyuan was even angrier at his words, he had actually been holding his breath as he drove all the way over here, thinking that unless Shen Jue gave him a good reason, he wouldn’t simply forgive the other man’s tardiness, but now Shen Jue’s butler had actually stopped him outside the manor.



“Am I still a guest? Today is the day of my engagement to your Duke.”



Qiao Jiangyuan directly pushed the butler away and walked inside, the butler saw this and didn’t dare to stop him anymore, but could only follow Qiao Jiangyuan and persuade him, “Duke Qiao, I’m really very sorry for today’s incident, but it is indeed not convenient for our duke to see guests right now.”



He went to the study first, and when he didn’t see Shen Jue, he went to Shen Jue’s bedroom. When he was almost at the bedroom door, a man suddenly rushed out.



It was Ye Ye.



Ye Ye was flustered and blocked Qiao Jiangyuan, “Duke Qiao, right now it isn’t convenient for our duke to see guests, please sit in the living room for a while.”



This was the second person to tell him that it was inconvenient for Shen Jue to see his guests.



Whether it was the word “inconvenient” or the word “guest”, Qiao Jiangyuan was extremely annoyed.



His fiancé-to-be had arrived late on the day of the engagement, or even missed his appointment, and now all his friends and family were waiting for them at the hotel, but Shen Jue’s servant stopped him.



All of this made Qiao Jiangyuan furious.



He didn’t care about any aristocratic manners at this moment and directly pushed Ye Ye away, striding forward.



Soon, he was standing at the door of Shen Jue’s room.



Behind the door was silence, and Qiao Jiangyuan calmed down before reaching out and knocking on the door.



“Shen Jue, are you up yet?” Unlike his previous voice, Qiao Jiangyuan’s tone became gentle again.



No one answered.




Qiao Jiangyuan suddenly looked back down at that moment and found that the butler and Ye Ye, who had stopped him earlier, were both standing far away at that moment, both of them had very complicated expressions. Qiao Jiangyuan couldn’t help but frown, and the next moment, he seemed to think of something and reached out to push the door handle.



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