C94— Kill The Half-Blood 23

Yu Qing thought he was going to die, but he opened his eyes anyway.



His eyes first stared at the ceiling, then he heard a sound before he slowly moved his gaze away, his eyes met a face.



A face he had longed for.



Shen Jue sat on the edge of the bed, seeing Yu Qing open his eyes, he asked in a low voice: “Can you hear me?”



Yu Qing was a mess, his face was so swollen that his original appearance couldn’t be seen. One eye was beaten to congestion, and now that eye was still covered with a gauze.



It had to be said that Yu Qing’s performance in the White Dragon army was beyond his imagination, and although Shen Jue had sent a man in, he also sent someone privately to protect him, and by the time news reached Shen Jue, he had already been taken to the hospital.



Shen Jue had heard the general story from him.



Someone had taken a fancy to Yu Qing and tried to force himself on him, but Yu Qing was so stubborn that the public bathhouse was almost filled with blood that night, and Yu Qing had bitten half of the evil-doer’s ear off. His behavior completely pissed off the other, Shen Jue just arrived at the hospital to see Yu Qing, he thought Yu Qing had died.



Yu Qing tiredly blinked the only eye that could see, his gauze tied fingers moved slightly, as if to touch Shen Jue’s hand on the bed, but he was in too much pain, just moving was so painful that he wanted to weep.



Shen Jue glanced down and withdrew his hand, “Don’t move around right now, the doctor said you need to take care of yourself for a while.”



Fortunately, they were the blood race, their recovery ability was quite good, if he was an ordinary person, he’d be long dead.



Yu Qing’s lips trembled slightly, but his fingers still stubbornly moved, and he struggled to move his hand towards Shen Jue.



Shen Jue’s brow knitted slightly, “Yu Qing, listen.”



Yu Qing’s eyes turned red, he looked dazedly at the person in front of him, “You …… you hold …… hold me, can …… you? ” His voice was hoarse as he gasped for breath, “I …… I wasn’t …… touched by those people ……, Duke. ”



He was afraid that Shen Jue would misunderstand, afraid that Shen Jue would think he was dirty, so he couldn’t wait to explain. But when the man in front of him heard this, his face didn’t even change a little.



Yu Qing couldn’t help but close his eyes, laughing at his own ridiculousness in his mind.



His first reaction when he woke up was to explain to the other that he was clean, but he didn’t care at all.



If Yu Qing just felt ridiculous before, all that was left in his heart was anger.



“I …… I don’t …… want to …… apologize!” Yu Qing’s face turned red, he was so angry that he wanted to sit up from the bed.



This time, Yu Qing’s matter was so fierce that Wang Shengfeng was also sent to the hospital, and his family wanted to find trouble with Yu Qing, but knowing that Yu Qing had Shen Jue behind him, the matter reached a deadlock.



The Wang family knew that Yu Qing was only a servant of Shen Jue’s family, but as the saying went, you had to look at the master to beat the dog, so they wanted Yu Qing to apologize honestly to Wang Shengfeng and withdraw from the White Dragon army, and the matter would be over.



Shen Jue only agreed to let him apologize.



After a few days of stalemate, the Wang family loosened up and said that as long as Yu Qing came to apologize, the matter would be let go.





“So you want to withdraw from the White Dragon army? If you’re willing to withdraw, then you can skip the apology.” Shen Jue replied calmly.



He gave him two paths, neither of which Yu Qing wanted to take. Yu Qing didn’t understand why he had to apologize to that guy, Wang Shengfeng,  when it was obvious that he was the victim?



Mostly because the pain and confusion in Yu Qing’s eyes was too obvious, Shen Jue looked at him for half a second and explained softly, “There is only strength in this world, there is no right or wrong in things.” In fact, he didn’t need to explain this to Yu Qing, forcing Yu Qing into a desperate situation would be better for him, but when he saw the current Yu Qing, he couldn’t help but think of himself in the heavenly court.



Just like he was, obviously he was the one who was drugged, he only defended himself, but he had to be punished to the realm of reincarnation. Before entering, in fact, he hated his master, why did he have to save the youngest child of the Heavenly Emperor? Why did he have to apologize?



He was obviously not wrong, but he had to bow down.



But he now understood that the anger of a weak mole was amusing in front of absolute power. What his master had done was only to save his life, and only by living could he take revenge.



Shen Jue lowered his head slightly and moved closer to Yu Qing, he quietly looked at the anger in Yu Qing’s eyes for half a second before whispering, “Only by staying alive can you take revenge. Only by not quitting, can you truly defeat him in battle. Even if I help you take revenge now, would you be willing to do so? He would still be living in another place in style.”



His eyes were deep and dark, like the sea beneath the dark night, and beneath the sea were dark emotions.



Yu Qing gritted his teeth at his words, tears slipped uncontrollably from his eyes, he understood what Shen Jue meant, but it was really hard for him.



He closed his eyes woefully, trying to drive his tears back, when he heard a sigh.



Then his eyelids were gently touched.



By the time he realized what it was, the person at his bedside was gone.




When Shen Jue came out of the room, he saw Ye Ye. Ye Ye looked at Shen Jue worriedly, “Is Mr. Yu okay? I cooked something.”



Shen Jue guessed that Yu Qing wouldn’t want his weakness to be seen, so he shook his head, “No, go back first, tell the housekeeper that I’ll stay here for the next few days.”



Ye Ye Ye froze for a moment, “The Duke wants to stay here?” He pursed his lips, “Why don’t I stay here, I’ve taken care of patients before.”



“It’s okay, just go back and have Xiang Wen bring my things over.” Shen Jue replied.



Ye Ye hesitated, but obediently left. Before he left, he even looked back.



The person on the promenade leaned against the wall outside the ward, the warm yellow light fell on that person’s body, cutting a faded shadow on the floor of the promenade.



Ye Ye looked for a while, before turning back and continuing on.



Because of the blood race’s powerful healing ability and the hospital’s careful care, Yu Qing’s injuries only took two months to heal. In these two months, Shen Jue had been with Yu Qing, when Yu Qing couldn’t eat, Shen Jue fed him, when Yu Qing couldn’t take a bath, Shen Jue got water and helped him bath.



Since the day he woke up, he hadn’t spoken, and even when Shen Jue asked him questions, he just nodded or shook his head, cooperating, but not speaking. But his eyes were always fixed on Shen Jue, and wherever Shen Jue went, his eyes followed him, and if Shen Jue went out for a long time, he would get out of bed to look for him.



He also didn’t ask others to help him find him, instead, like a headless fly, he roamed the hospital helplessly, after that, when Shen Jue went out, he specifically told Yu Qing where he had gone.



Looking at such a Yu Qing, Shen Jue felt inexplicably panicked. He felt that Yu Qing seemed to have changed a bit. But it was understandable when he thought about it, he had also become a completely different person because of that one incident.



“Go to sleep.” Shen Jue pulled the book out of Yu Qing’s hand and turned to pull the curtains tight.



For the past two months, he’d been sleeping in the same ward as Yu Qing, and he’d slept on a folding bed.



After closing the curtains, Shen Jue walked over to the folding bed and took off his coat. He had showered earlier, but because he was in the hospital, he wore a tunic over his pajamas.



He was about to get into bed when he suddenly heard Yu Qing’s voice.



It was the first time the other person spoke in two months.



“I’ll go apologize to Wang Shengfeng tomorrow.”



Shen Jue paused in his movements and turned his face slightly sideways, “You’re ready for that?”



In fact, Yu Qing could have been discharged long ago, but Shen Jue didn’t mention it, he was giving Yu Qing time.



“Hmm.” Yu Qing raised his eyes to stare at the other’s back, his eyes complicated.



“Well then, you can leave the hospital after you apologize, do you want to go back for a while or go straight back to the army?” Shen Jue asked.



Yu Qing barely hesitated, “I’m going back to the army.”



Shen Jue was silent for a moment, “Okay.”



When Yu Qing apologized, Shen Jue didn’t go in with him. Wang Shengfeng had suffered a very minor injury, but it was just as likely that he had stayed so long because of Yu Qing.



Shen Jue stood outside the door waiting for Yu Qing, and it took a long time before Yu Qing came out. Yu Qing’s face had a fresh slap mark, and the knees of his pants had more dust.



Yu Qing walked up to Shen Jue and lowered his head, “Duke, I’ll be back in the army later, thank you for taking care of me these days.”



Shen Jue quietly replied, “I’ll leave first then.”



He had just turned around when he suddenly heard Yu Qing’s voice.



“Did the Duke receive my letter?” He asked in a soft voice.



Shen Jue’s movement paused slightly, “Yes.”



Yu Qing tugged at the corners of his lips, revealing a smile, “I see.” He turned around as well. There were people from the White Dragon army right behind him, and they had come to take Yu Qing back.



Once Shen Jue returned to the manor, he asked the butler, “Did Yu Qing send me letters earlier?”



The butler sniffed and nodded, “Yes, one a month, and I had Xiang Wen forward them all to the Duke.” He observed Shen Jue’s expression, “Did the Duke not receive it?”



Shen Jue wrinkled his brow slightly, “Okay.”



And then he called Xiang Wen over, “Do you have the letters?”



When Xiang Wen heard Shen Jue ask about the letters, a trace of flashed flashed in his eyes, but he still responded, “What letter is the Duke referring to?”



“The letters sent over by Yu Qing.” Shen Jue said calmly, “Where did you hide it?”



Xiang Wen gritted his teeth, “I …… I burned it, what’s so good about a letter sent by that b*tch? Does the Duke think he’s not enough of a scourge? Why do you care about him?”



He was so anxious that his face turned red, “I just can’t stand to see him that way, why? He even joined the army!” His eyes turned red, “I know how much weight the Duke lost in those days, I went to tell him, but he didn’t care at all, I hate, I hate not having his face, at least I would have felt for the Duke, unlike him, he only causes trouble. I hate that I don’t have his face. The Duke has to take care of him.”



Even if Shen Jue sacked him, he didn’t care anymore, at least he had said what was on his mind.



“I know I have broken a great taboo, I will go and speak to the butler now.” It was a very serious matter for a servant to hide his master’s correspondence. Because these letters were likely to be about something big, the manor houses in general would take this matter particularly seriously.



When Xiang Wen finished speaking, he turned to go, and Shen Jue looked at him, then he rubbed his brow somewhat wearily, “Alright, next time won’t be an exception.” He saw Xiang Wen’s steps stop and added, “You shouldn’t listen to other people about everything in the future.”



Xiang Wen had been a little happy, but after hearing Shen Jue’s words, it was like being splashed head-on with cold water, and he froze in place, not even daring to turn his head back. He didn’t know how Shen Jue knew that Ye Ye had told him to do this.



When the butler had given Yu Qing’s letter to Xiang Wen, although Xiang Wen had been reluctant, he had taken it to Shen Jue’s study. In the study, he ran into Ye Ye, who was helping Shen Jue organize his bookcase, and when he saw him enter, as he greeted him, his eyes naturally fell on the envelope in his hand.



“Brother Xiang Wen, is that a letter for the Duke?” He walked over, ready to take it.



Xiang Wen snorted at this point, “From a lowly fellow.” He threw it into Ye Ye’s arms, “You can put this together with the Duke’s other envelopes, by the way, this letter goes to the bottom.”



The later he read it, the better.



Xiang Wen thought in his heart.



Ye Ye smiled a little curiously, he picked up the envelope to take a closer look, after seeing the name of the sender on the envelope, he was surprised: “It’s from Mr Yu.” He finished and gave Xiang Wen a somewhat embarrassed look, “Brother Xiang Wen doesn’t like Mr. Yu?”



“Hmph, what is there to like about him?” Xiang Wen could never hide his mind, when he hated a person, it was obvious, even facing Ye Ye, he could still say a bunch of bad things about Yu Qing, not afraid of the other reporting him.



Ye Ye listened to Xiang Wen and thoughtfully frowned, after a long time, he asked doubtfully: “Since Brother Xiang Wen thinks Mr. Yu always harms the Duke and you don’t want the Duke to pay attention to Mr. Yu, why not hide the letters?”



Xiang Wen froze and suddenly realized, “You’re right.” He took the letter in Ye Ye’s hand right then and there. He had taken all of Shen Jue’s letters from the butler and delivered them to the study anyway, and Shen Jue wouldn’t have known that Yu Qing had sent a letter if he hadn’t specifically asked the bulter.



Xiang Wen also didn’t know how he got so bold, he hid all the letters sent by Yu Qing, of course he didn’t burn them, he just hid all the letters under his bed.




Shen Jue looked at Xiang Wen, who was still standing in place, “You can leave, remember what I said.”



Xiang Wen responded haphazardly and hurriedly walked out, and just as he did so he ran into Ye Ye.



His eyes lit up and he hurriedly walked up to Ye Ye’s front, his hand even grabbed the other’s arm, “The Duke found out about the letters.”



Ye Ye showed a surprised look, “What did the duke say?”



Xiang Wen’s face was a little pale, “He said that the next time would be different.”



“Then Brother Xiang Wen doesn’t have to worry at all.” Ye Ye laughed, “This proves that in the Duke’s heart, Brother Xiang Wen is more important ah, even if you hid the letter, the Duke only lightly said two words. They all say that the Duke is good to Mr. Yu, I don’t think so, I think the Duke is the best to Brother Xiang Wen.”



Xiang Wen didn’t expect Ye Ye to say this, he froze, “Why do you say so?”



Ye Ye laughed again and simply pulled Xiang Wen to the corner and whispered, “You see, after everyone knew that Mr. Yu was the Duke’s lover, everyone was superficially respectful, but in private they all gossiped, and the Duke sent Mr. Yu to the White Dragon army, I think if he liked him, how could he send him to such a dangerous place? I think the duke doesn’t like Mr. Yu at all, but just used Mr. Yu as a target, the duke’s real favorite person should be right beside him.”



His side?



Xiang Wen couldn’t help but think of himself, he was the closest person to Shen Jue.



Ye Ye saw Xiang Wen show a thoughtful expression, and added: “I see that the Duke isn’t married, and he isn’t waiting for Mr. Yu, perhaps he’s waiting for Brother Xiang Wen, but Brother Xiang Wen now …… is the manor’s personal manservant, the Duke probably doesn’t want Brother Xiang Wen, like Mr. Yu, to be gossiped about behind his back, so he decided not to mention it.”



Reason told Xiang Wen to ignore Ye Ye’s words, but emotions made him want to believe. Before he went to sleep, he thought about Ye Ye’s words and took out the jeweled brooch that Shen Jue had given him.



When it was Yu Qing’s birthday, Shen Jue had asked him to pick out a gift for him, but both of his gifts had been picked out by Shen Jue himself, so it was clear who was more important.



And when he argued with Yu Qing, even when he was unreasonable, Shen Jue was always on his side.



Was it possible that Shen Jue really liked him? But because of his status, he didn’t say so? Yu Qing was just a temporary interest?



People had seen Shen Jue with Yu Qing, and when they saw him with Shen Jue, they were probably surprised that a lowly half-blood was qualified to be with a duke.



Xiang Wen thought about this matter and didn’t sleep for a day. After getting up, he was still thinking about this matter, doing things frequently wrong. But he found that even when he did something wrong, Shen Jue didn’t say anything about him, pretending he didn’t know.



Even the butler and Ye Ye couldn’t help but cast glances at him, but it was as if his wrongs were invisible to him.



The seed that was already sprouting in Xiang Wen’s heart sprouted outward again.




When Shen Jue found out about Xiang Wen’s departure, he was surprised. Xiang Wen had left directly, his employment contract had expired long ago, but he had been working at the manor and the butler hadn’t renewed his contract every year, so when Xiang Wen left, the butler couldn’t even find a reason to stop him.



“Sorry, Duke, I persuaded Xiang Wen, but his attitude was very firm, I’m not sure why he suddenly wanted to leave.” The butler said, “Do you see the need to recruit another personal manservant?”



Shen Jue was silent for a moment, then shook his head, “Forget it, that’s it, maybe he’ll come back, let’s leave this position empty for him, he can come back whenever he wants.”



The butler nodded before turning around and going out. When he walked to the stairway, he saw Ye Ye who came up with the bl00d tea and couldn’t help but sigh. One of the personal manservants who had worked at this manor for the longest time had left, and he wondered how long this one would last.



“Ye Ye, from now you’ll be by the Duke’s side as a personal manservant, all the things you have to pay attention to will be written, from now on your salary will be the same as Xiang Wen.” The butler reached out and gently patted Ye Ye’s shoulder.



Ye Ye nodded his head cautiously, “Okay, butler.”



The butler sighed again and murmured Xiang Wen’s name under his breath, “This child …… hey.”



Ye Ye saw the situation and advised, “Maybe Brother Xiang Wen will come back in a few days, you don’t need to worry too much. Even if Brother Xiang Wen doesn’t come back, according to Brother Xiang Wen’s ability, he can certainly live a good life.”



The butler knew Xiang Wen’s temper, his skills were good, but his mouth offended people. But he didn’t want to talk to Ye Ye, he waved his hand and went downstairs.




Ye Ye looked at the back of the butler, gently turned around, carrying the blood tea with Mal wine into the study.






Time passed in a flash, and it was two years.



In these two years, Shen Jue hadn’t received a letter from Yu Qing, and he had no news of Xiang Wen.



On Yu Qing’s side, there were still people who regularly reported back to Shen Jue, but Xiang Wen had truly disappeared, and although Shen Jue had sent people to look for him, they hadn’t found him. It was possible that Xiang Wen had left the imperial capital.



In the past two years, Qiao Jiangyuan had been the most frequent visitor to Shen Jue. He asked him out every now and then, but Shen Jue only agreed to go out once out of ten times, but he didn’t mind at all.



When Qiao Jiangyuan saw Shen Jue, he always had an extremely bright smile on his face, and even if Shen Jue didn’t pay much attention to him, he could still talk about himself.



As for the parties that Shen Jue attended, Qiao Jiangyuan would be there 100% of the time. Someone teased the two of them, saying that they had suddenly switched places. Originally, it was Shen Jue who was pursuing Qiao Jiangyuan, but now it was Qiao Jiangyuan who was pursuing Shen Jue.



Someone else asked Qiao Jiangyuan why he had suddenly changed.



Qiao Jiangyuan smiled good-naturedly, but didn’t answer.



Shen Jue looked at such Qiao Jiangyuan, and had to think of himself in previous lives. He was similar to the present Qiao Jiangyuan. No matter how indifferent Qiao Jiangyuan was, he would still stick to him eagerly. Until he found the sincerity under the mask of the other was only for Yu Qing.




Qiao Jiangyuan walked next to Shen Jue with two cups of bl00d drink, handed one of them to him, and when he saw that he didn’t take it, he smiled and put it on the table on the terrace.



“Time flies.” He looked at Shen Jue who was staring at the moon, two years had passed and he felt that the man in front of him had changed even more, he was more indifferent but also more confusing.



He knew the other man’s passion towards him had died out.



Shen Jue looked up at the bright moon in the canopy, time did pass faster than he thought, and now there were only two years left before the time he had given to Yu Qing. In those two years, he had only learned of Yu Qing’s recent condition in the envelope, and hadn’t gone to see him in person.



But this was a game, he didn’t have much patience.



He couldn’t give Yu Qing too much time to grow, if he grew too much, then he would have no chance of winning, so Shen Jue also had to prepare for his next move.



He turned his eyes to Qiao Jiangyuan, “Qiao Jiangyuan, are you still serious about what you said two years ago?”



Qiao Jiangyuan obviously froze, his trademark smile was a little different, “What words do you …… you mean ……?” After he saw that Shen Jue didn’t speak, he took a step forward somewhat urgently, “Seriously, seriously, are you going to marry me?”



Shen Jue quietly glanced at Qiao Jiangyuan and picked up the drink that Qiao Jiangyuan had placed on the terrace earlier.



He took a light sip, “Yes.”




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