C93—- Kill The Half Blood 22

“Duke.” Ye Ye placed the blood tea in front of Shen Jue.

Shen Jue casually picked it up and took a sip. After drinking it, he gave Ye Ye a somewhat surprised look, “What did you put in it?”

Ye Ye revealed a smile, “A little bit of Mal wine, this kind of wine can dilute the fishy taste of blood a little bit. I didn’t think the Duke would actually notice.”

Another smart guy.

It was by chance that Shen Jue found Ye Ye. He was out on business when he saw Ye Ye looking for a job at the restaurant where he was doing business. He hadn’t noticed the pretty boy, but only after hearing the manager say that they didn’t accept half-bloods did Shen Jue turn his eyes to Ye Ye.

That day, he had given Ye Ye the address of the manor and asked him to go to the housekeeper for an interview on the weekend. The young man was very smart, although he was from an orphanage, he worked on his own and went to an engineering school, only to be forced to drop out when he couldn’t pay the tuition. Fortunately, he also received training as a valet, which impressed the housekeeper.

Ye Ye, a half-blood, had survived in this society without relying on outsiders, and had worked many times harder than normal people, he had worked in many different sectors, so Shen Jue admired him.

Shen Jue was just about to say something when someone knocked at the door, he looked up and saw Yu Qing, whom he hadn’t seen for several days.

In just a few days, Yu Qing seemed to have lost a great deal of weight, and his cheeks were sunken in, accentuating his deep eyes and straight nose. He stood in the doorway, staring straight at Shen Jue, his beautiful eyes were filled with complex emotions.

When Ye Ye saw Yu Qing, he greeted to him and then obediently left the study, giving them space. Yu Qing watched Ye Ye go out before he slowly walked in. He walked up to Shen Jue and knelt down on the floor.

Shen Jue looked at him coldly, not speaking.

Yu Qing lowered his eyes, and only after a short moment did he speak, “Duke, I want to join the army.”

Joining the army was the only way to change one’s origin, whether it was an ordinary civilian, or even a half-blood, they could go to the battlefield and earn military service, only this military service was almost always fought for with their lives. Many people went to war and never came back.


But Yu Qing only had this way, he knew he wasn’t good enough for Shen Jue now, and he didn’t want to see him marry someone else, but more importantly he wanted to change his image in Shen Jue’s mind. He wasn’t a bloodsucker, he could rely on himself.

Maybe it was like that with all people, when they got one thing, they wanted another. He didn’t think about that, he thought that Shen Jue liking him was enough, but now he also wanted status, he wanted everyone to respect him, in the true sense of the word, especially Shen Jue. He wanted Shen Jue to see him as an independent person, so he had to change his status, he had to climb high enough so that Shen Jue would see him.

“Join the army? Why?” Shen Jue replied in a lowered voice, “You should know that the battlefield is dangerous.”

“I know that, but I’d rather not watch the duke marry someone else.” Yu Qing lifted his head, kneeling up to Shen Jue’s heels, he slowly raised his hand, but didn’t dare touch Shen Jue’s, only gently grabbing the other man’s coat, “Please give me five years, I’ll make it in the military and return.”

At that time, maybe he could be on par with the other, not like now, only kneeling on the ground begging the other to give him some more time and not get married.

For the first time, Yu Qing so hated his origin, if he was also a noble, then he could also be like Qiao Jiangyuan and directly propose to the other. Suddenly he realized he had nothing, even if he had mixed in with the banquets that only nobles could attend, it wouldn’t change his origins. Shen Jue was right, he was just a bloodsucker preying on the other, but he had been oblivious to it before, and thought he had the bright moon.

It turned out that the moon was still in the sky, out of reach, it just occasionally spilled some light on him, so he thought he had it all.

Shen Jue gently flicked away Yu Qing’s hand and said indifferently, “Why should I let you go? How do I know you won’t betray me?”

“How would I ……” Yu Qing hurriedly spoke before he silenced himself, knowing that he couldn’t indeed be trusted with just his mouth.

Yu Qing was silent for a long time before saying word for word: “I am willing to sign a soul contract with the Duke, in this life the Duke will be my master, I’ll never betray you.”

A soul contract was different from ordinary contracts, if the person who swore broke the contract, they would be subject to fire, and burnt to ashes. No blood dared to sign a soul contract at will, because after signing a soul contract, the contract owner would be able to control the life of the person who swore at will. In short, after signing the soul contract, Shen Jue would truly own Yu Qing’s life.

Yu Qing gave his life to the other in exchange for his trust.

He raised his head to look at the other, his eyes full of pleading. Seeing that Shen Jue was hesitant to speak, Yu Qing bent his body again and, as he had done before, he pressed his forehead to the tip of the other man’s shoe, humbly submitting to him.

He didn’t know how long had passed, maybe it was only a moment, but Yu Qing felt as if he had spent half his life.

“Okay.” Shen Jue finally responded.

Yuk Qing closed his eyes, and the tears he’d been holding back couldn’t stop flowing.


After signing the soul contract with Shen Jue, Yu Qing went to sign up for the army, and he signed up for the White Dragon army, which often occupied the most dangerous front lines, and which had the highest number of Bloods dying every year. The butler was very surprised to learn that Yu Qing had signed up for the White Dragon army, “Almost no one in that army is willing to go, how could he want to go there?”

In his mind, Yu Qing with a pampered hothouse flower, to go to the White Dragon army, not to mention the battle, he may not even survive the daily training.

But Yu Qing had long made up his mind, if he went to the general army, he wouldn’t achieve great military success in just a few years, let alone be knighted. If he went to the White Dragon army, he still had some possibility.

Because few people signed up for the White Dragon army, Yu Qing was selected after a medical examination. The day he left the manor, he sat for a long time at the back door of the kitchen. He grew up in this manor and spent most of his time in the kitchen, but he had forgotten about these times and indulged in the banquets. Now he was leaving, and may never come back.

Before he left, Yu Qing made a cup of blood tea and put a candy on the plate. He didn’t dare to see Shen Jue again, so he entrusted Ye Ye to deliver it for him, knowing Xiang Wen wouldn’t do it for him.

“Please give this to the Duke.” Yuk Ching’s face was pale, his former rose-like brightness faded, and a great sadness coalesced beneath his calm brow. He was saying goodbye to the manor, to his duke, of course, he hoped he could come back.

Ye Ye picked it up and said gently, “Yes, Mr. Yu.”

Yu Qing stared at the milk candy on the porcelain white plate for half a second before he reluctantly moved his eyes away and turned to go. He didn’t go through the main entrance of the manor because he didn’t deserve it. He hoped to come in through the front door openly and honestly in a few years.

After Ye Ye watched him leave, he poured the blood tea in his hand into the sink, and as for the sugar on the plate, he threw it directly into the trash.

Only after doing this did he return to the study.

Sitting behind his desk, Shen Jue saw him coming and looked up, “He’s gone?”

“Mm.” Ye Ye said with a smile, “Mr. Yu said it was too late, so he didn’t say goodbye to the Duke.”

Shen Jue didn’t react much, he just put the pen in his hand down.

In fact, Qiao Jiangyuan’s sudden proposal surprised him, he didn’t know why Qiao Jiangyuan would suddenly bring up such a request, but Shen Jue couldn’t agree, he didn’t believe that Qiao Jiangyuan had moved on in just a few months, not to mention the scene of the spring palace.

That night at the farm owner’s manor, Shen Jue wasn’t so drunk that he didn’t know that Qiao Jiangyian had entered the room, because he heard Qiao Jiangyuan and Yu Qing, so he made the sound on purpose. And what happened that night was also self-directed, he deliberately wanted to stimulate Qiao Jiangyuan, he just wanted to make Qiao Jiangyuan and Yu Qing have no way to be together.

He didn’t believe that someone who saw the scene of his beloved with someone else could still continue to love as if nothing had happened.

In the following days, every banquet that Yu Qing went to, Shen Jue actually sent his spies to keep an eye on the other, and as expected, even when Qiao Jiangyuan saw Yu Qing at the banquet, he barely spoke to him.

Everything was under Shen Jue’s control, except for Qiao Jiangyuan’s marriage proposal. But Shen Jue was quick to react, he deliberately told Yu Qing and also managed to stimulate him.

Now that Yu Qing had gone to the army, Shen Jue knew that with Yu Qing’s status as a realm master, he would most likely survive in the army.

But the surprise was that Yu Qing had signed a soul contract with him, so maybe this could be of use.

While Shen Jue was trying to figure out what to do next, Xiang Wen came in from outside and he gave Shen Jue a message.

“Duke, Duke Qiao is here.”

Although Shen Jue had rejected Qiao Jiangtuan’s proposal, the other didn’t seem to mind in the least and had begun to present himself as a close friend again, asking Shen Jue out on a trip a few days ago but after being turned down multiple times, this time he approached him personally.

Shen Jue thought for a moment, then he got up and went downstairs.

Qiao Jiangyuan was dressed casually and elegantly today, and when he saw Shen Jue, a charming smile spread at the corners of his lips, “Good evening.”

Shen Jue nodded and walked over to the sofa, gesturing for him to sit, “Something wrong?”

Qiao Jiangyuan sat down, “There will be an industrial machine exhibition in the city recently, I know you are interested in this, I got two invitations, will you come with me?”

Shen Jue faintly swept a glance at Qiao Jiangyuan, who didn’t blink or dodge at Shen Jue’s eyes.

“Okay.” Shen Jue agreed.

Qiao Jiangyuan quickly left, and before he left he repeatedly confirmed with Shen Jue the time to meet in three days.

“Do you want me to pick you up then?” He asked.

Shen Jue shook his head, “No, I’ll go there myself.”

A trace of regret flashed in Qiao Jiangyuan’s eyes, “Okay.”

When Shen Jue saw Qiao Jiangyuan get in the car, he suddenly took a step upward. Qiao Jiangyuan had already sat down in the car, and when he saw Shen Jue approaching, he hastily slid down the window, “What’s wrong?”

His hand even touched the armrest, as if he was ready to get out of the car at any moment.

Shen Jue looked at him quietly before saying, “Yu Qing has gone to the White Dragon Army.”

Qiao Jiangyuan froze for a moment, but only for a moment, “Is that so? Good luck to him.”

Shen Jue suddenly understood what his senior brother said. Love was nothing more than that, and it turned out that one’s dislike came so quickly.

He lost the desire to talk to Qiao Jiangyuan, so he waved his hand and turned around to go back to the manor. Qiao Jiangyuan kept staring at Shen Jue’s back until he was no longer visible, and then ordered the driver to drive.


The army was full of men, most of whom had killed people with their hands, and had suffered more injuries than any person Yu Qing had ever seen. Yu Qing was too pretty and weak, in a group of older coarse men, he was too conspicuous, plus during the training, he was often the last.

The food here depended on individual results, a few days ago, Yu Qing was given the cheapest frozen blood bags. The blood in the bag was mixed with chicken and duck blood, and it wasn’t even much, it couldn’t even fill the stomach and it was that different from drinking water.

Someone set his eyes on Yu Qing.

“Sleep with me, I’ll give you a meal, yes or no?”

There were many people who said such things to Yu Qing, there were no women here, so some people used men as women, of course, there were people who liked men, but Yu Qing was too beautiful, even some men who firmly liked women were beginning to waver.

Yu Qing refused all of them, but it didn’t put an end to the harassment, and even when he was taking a bath, someone would whistle at him.

There was a man called Wang Shengfeng, with his strong ability, he even had a special little lover, but his little lover owed a lot of money outside, there was no way to hide in the White Dragon army, but he didn’t want to die, and his ability wasn’t strong, so he took the initiative to sell himself.

When Yu Qing came in the next day, Wang Shengfeng stared at him constantly, Wang Shengfeng originally thought his young lover looked pretty good, but after seeing Yu Qing, he felt that one was a fish eye, while the other was a pearl, he was itching to make a move on the pearl.

He was the boldest one, he even pinched Yu Qing’s a*ss in the public bathroom. Yu Qing jumped, making the other men laugh.

Yu Qing was extremely angry, he turned back to glare at Wang Shengfeng, but he was born too beautiful, his angry eyes looked extremely seductive.

Wang Shengfeng felt even more attracted by the glare, “Don’t look at me like that, if you look at me like that again, I’ll get hard.”

Once this statement was made, the crowd next to him had another round of laughter.

Yu Qing stood stiff-faced in place, his hand squeezed into a fist, but he didn’t have the strength to punch Wang Shengfeng hard. Training alone had almost used his while strength, not to mention, he clearly knew that he couldn’t beat Wang Shengfeng.

Wang Shengfeng’s food was always the most generous.

Yu Qing gritted his teeth and pressed his anger back, turned around and continued to wash. He washed up quickly and went out, not willing to stay in this public bath for another second.

On the way back to the dormitory, Yu Qing couldn’t help but think of his Shen Jue, what was he doing at this time? He should already be asleep. YukQing lifted his hand to cover his face, hiding the vulnerable look under his palm, he now had no regression.

The next days, Wang Shengfeng completely tightened his hold on Yu Qing, he even announced that Yu Qing was his person, so that others wouldn’t try to get Yu Qing’s attention. Falling out of favor, his little lover angrily went to Yu Qing, and called him a shameless sl*t.

“You’re selling but still denying it, you’re really shameless.” The young lover was very angry.

He felt that Yu Qing could find a very good master outside, why did he run to the army to grab a man with him?

Yu Qing pursed his lips, his eyes dark, “I’m not for sale.”

The young lover circled around Yu Qing twice, “You’re not for sale like this? What a lie. Half-bloods like you, how can you live outside without a master, can’t even last the most unusual training.”

The young lover’s prospects were actually better than Yu Qing, but he was a person who didn’t want to suffer, so he relied on Wang Shengfeng.

The two months that Yu Qing was here, the humiliation he suffered was several times what he had suffered in the first half of his life, and he realized what kind of life he was living in the manor and what kind of life he was living here. In the manor, he could still be considered a person, here, it was as if his value was only his body. Anyone could run to the door to humiliate him, but he couldn’t refute their words.

What was the difference between him and the other? Only one sold cheaper, one was more expensive.

Since that day, Yu Qing seemed to have changed person, he no longer resisted Wang Shengfeng’s approach, but still didn’t let the other touch him, he would take the initiative to ask Wang Shengfeng for advice. Seeing the little beauty approach him, Wang Shengfeng was very happy, and taught him attentively, but he also left out some details, so he would always be able to restrain him.

In addition to consulting with Wang Shengfeng, Yu Qing also consulted others, as for the verbal mol*station, he pretended to be deaf, whether it was the usual training, or private small classes, he was getting more and more desperate, so people gradually realized that Yu Qing seemed to really want to be a soldier.

Over time, some people put away their prejudice against Yu Qing, but Wang Shengfeng, a strong man, still didn’t put Yu Qing in his eyes, he thought that a beauty like Yu Qing should stay in bed, rather than come to the fierce battlefield.

In the army, there was a visitation leave, once every three months, there was also the opportunity to send a letter every month, Yu Qing wrote a letter for six months in a row, but got no response, he wrote on the letter specifically his visitation leave time, but no one came to see him.

Every time during the visitation leave, he would sit on the playground and wait for the intelligence officer to call him, he was afraid that the other wouldn’t find him in time, but the intelligence officer never called him, he waited from dark until dawn, but didn’t wait for the person he wanted to see.

Maybe he had forgotten about him.

Yu Qing thought.

After Yu Qing sent the twelfth letter, and still didn’t get a response, he stopped writing. He just trained harder. The new recruits would generally go through a year of training period, then they could participate in the actual battle. The first time Yu Qing participated in the actual battle, he came back and threw up.

Wang Shengfeng stood next to him, smiling and patting his back, “You’re still too weak, why are you so desperate?”

Yu Qing avoided the other hand, took water to rinse his mouth and face, then straightened up and walked in the other direction.

Wang Shengfeng looked at Yu Qing’s back as he walked away, and unhappily narrowed his eyes, he felt that he gave enough time to Yu Qing, but the other, except for the martial arts competition with him, he didn’t even let him touch him.

He was really a b*tch. He wanted to act like he was chaste.

He spat a mouthful of spit on the ground, his eyes gradually became slightly gloomy, it was time to give this little beauty a little bitter medicine. He had been too good to the little beauty.

To the ordinary soldiers of the White Dragon Army, Wang Shengfeng was almost the leader, if he said anything, the next person would agreed, when he talked about dealing with Yu Qing, although some people were reluctant, they could only nod.

They had been training with Yu Qing for a year, some of them had long thrown away their prejudices against Yu Qing, treating him as a real teammates, but they dared not go against Wang Shengfeng.

Wang Shengfeng was too strong, once someone offended Wang Shengfeng, he was k!lled by him on the battlefield, they couldn’t find the body, the head couldn’t find the body either, he could only write a report that he accidentally d!ed, but they all knew that Wang Shengfeng did it.

Because Wang Shengfeng came of the bathhouse smiling with bl*ody hands.

“In two days, I’ll get that guy k!lled, humph, it’s his fault for fooling around in front of me.”

It was said that Wang Shengfeng had a background, and he came here because he made too much trouble in the imperial capital, so he was sent here by his family. His family seemed to be prepared to let Wang Shengfeng make a big achievement, and then take Wang Shengfeng back.

That was why Wang Shengfeng dared to k*ll and bully people here openly, because even if the higher-ups knew about it, they would help him hide it.

The people who came to the White Dragon army were almost all poor people, they didn’t have the family and strength to fight with Wang Shengfeng.


Wang Shengfeng planned to do Yu Qing in the public bathhouse. Yu Qing usually went to the bathhouselate at night, when it was empty.

As usual, Yu Qing walked to the bathhouse with a water basin and clothes. As he walked to the door of the bathhouse, he realised that the bathhouse door light was on, he looked at the light bulb twice, but still walked in.

As usual, there were only two or three people in the bathhouse. He found a corner, put down the clothes and water basin, and began to undress. After he finished taking off his shirt, he heard footsteps coming from behind.

There was more than one.

Now Yu Qing’s reflexes were extraordinary, he quickly turned around and put the clothes he just took off back on.

In front of him stood four or five men, and the last one was Wang Shengfeng, Wang Shengfeng stood across a few people looking at Yu Qing with a mischievous grin, he spat the grass blade in his mouth on the ground, and said: “Bathing? Let’s do it together, it just so happens that I haven’t washed today.”

Yu Qing looked warily at the few people in front of him, it was a while before he responded, “Then I’ll come back.”

Before he moved, Wang Shengfeng spoke up, “No, just wash here, didn’t you just take off your clothes? Continue taking it off ah.” He saw Yu Qing’s ugly expression and let out another laugh, “I, don’t like to force people, so I’ll give you two choices, either be good, then serve me only one, or if you don’t listen, we’ll take turns together.”



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