C92—– Kill The Half-blood 21

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The butler, who had been standing quietly, reacted before Yu Qing did, “Really? I thought Duke Qiao would hold off for a few more years before proposing to the Duke.” He had watched Shen Jue and Qiao Jiangyuan grow up together, and he felt that the two boys were very compatible, both in terms of family and looks, not to mention that they knew each other, and he felt that Shen Jue was much better with Qiao Jiangyuan than with anyone else, and he was a little sad that Shen Jue and Qiao Jiangyuan had become estranged some time ago.


Yu Qing opened his lips but didn’t know what to say, he felt like he’d been slapped in the face, a slap in the face of reality, a slap that had woken him from his gorgeous dream. After hearing Shen Jue’s words, many things flashed through his mind.


If Shen Jue agreed to Qiao Jiangyuan’s proposal, then he couldn’t stay here anymore, and he couldn’t see Shen Jue anymore. What he had now would turn into a bubble, and he would be back to being that humble slave.


Before Yu Qing could say anything, Shen Jue had already stopped him by saying, “Don’t worry, even if I get married, you can still enjoy your life now, but you might not be able to live here, I’ll buy you a house in the city center in your name, and you can live there without worry.” His expression was too calm when he said this, as if he was just dealing with a small matter.


But Yu Qing didn’t think it was a trivial matter.


He took a deep breath before saying in a shaky voice, “What do you take me for?”


As a captive canary? Buy him a house to live in, and then he’d watch Shen Jue get married to someone else? Watch Shen Jue hug, kiss, and even make love to someone else?

Yu Qing didn’t think he could do that.


Shen Jue raised an eyebrow at his words and seemed a little surprised, “You’re not satisfied? Then you ……” he was silent for a moment, “If you want to find another master, I can introduce you, I know some nobles of good character, they should meet your needs.”


Yu Qing was completely frozen, for the first time he felt that the person in front of him was so strange, he had been so close to the other, he thought he knew him well enough, and even controlled him, but he heard these words and realized how ridiculous he was.


He wanted to say something, but didn’t know what to say, but could only look at him with a pale face.


Shen Jue waited for a while, and when he saw that Yu Qing was hesitant to speak, he turned around and walked inside. The butler followed him and reported softly on the situation in the manor for the past ten days, and Shen Jue nodded at his words.


Yu Qing stood outside for a long time before he took a heavy step and headed inside the manor. Shen Jue had already gone to his room, and Yu Qing stood in the magnificently decorated living room, his eyes sweeping over his familiar furnishings, he had grown up in this manor and had spent some extremely happy days here, but now his happy days might be coming to an end, Shen Jue didn’t want him anymore.


He’d gotten his status wrong from the start, putting himself in the position of a lover, only to find out now that he was just a pet that Shen Jue kept. Now that there was a possibility of a real owner coming to the manor, he wouldn’t have to stay as a pet, and would even be passed on to someone else.


Yu Qing’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and a moment later, he went to Shen Jue’s room.


Shen Jue was in the shower, and usually, Yu Qing would have gone into the bathroom to flirt with him, but today he no longer had the courage to do so. He stood by the sofa, waiting for Shen Jue to finish his shower.


When Shen Jue put on his bathrobe and came out, he saw Yu Qing, his expression didn’t change, which fell in the eyes of Yu Qing, making him slightly relieved. Yu Qing had grown up fighting for everything, and nothing good had ever come straight to him, so after the initial discomfort, he quickly regained his fighting spirit, and now that Shen Jue hadn’t necessarily agreed to Qiao Jiangyuan’s proposal, Yu Qing thought he might still be able to work on it.


He went to fetch a clean towel, walked over to Shen Jue and gently wiped his hair, seeing that Shen Jue didn’t refuse, his heart relaxed a little. He wiped Shen Jue’s hair until it was half dry, then turned to clean the bathroom and put the clothes he’d taken off into the dirty clothes basket. These were all things he’d done as a valet, but he hadn’t done them in a while.


When Yu Qing came out of the bathroom, Shen Jue was sitting on the sofa with the newspaper the Butler had brought to him. He had been away from the imperial capital for ten days and had ten days worth of newspapers that he hadn’t read, he was quickly browsing through the slightly more useful information in the paper when he suddenly felt warmth from his feet.


Shen Jue moved his eyes away from the newspaper and saw Yu Qing kneeling in front of him.


Yu Qing was sitting on his knees, his hand brushing up against Shen Jue’s calf.


Shen Jue was wearing a robe, his calves exposed. He was too white, and Yu Qing had tanned some more in the meantime, and being lined by Yu Qing’s hand, Shen Jue’s legs were almost white to the point of transparency, a sickly white, but nobles loved this color, and Yu Qing, who was deeply imbued with noble aesthetics, couldn’t escape it.


He raised his eyes to look at Shen Jue for a moment, then lowered his head.


His lips left one light kiss after another on the sickly skin, and he looked reverent, like he was treating his faith.


Shen Jue lowered his eyes to look at Yu Qing, and as Yu Qing moved more and more upward, Shen Jue moved. He reached out and grabbed Yu Qing’s hair, pulling the man away a bit, and said in a cold tone, “That’s enough, what do you want, just say it.”


Yu Qing’s scalp was pulled a little tight, but he didn’t dare cry out in pain. He gritted his teeth before saying, “Can the duke not get married?”


He called Shen Jue Duke again, a title that restored their relationship to the old master and servant.


“Why?” Shen Jue lowered his head slightly, “I have to get married, do you think I’ll get married to you?”


Shen Jue had been so gentle these past few months that Yu Qing was about to forget what the old Shen Jue’s personality was, he had forgotten how the original Shen Jue had treated him and only remembered the unconditional doting that Shen Jue had given him these past few months. It was only now that he heard the words that Yu Qing gradually came to his senses.


“By marrying you, I will only become the laughing stock of the entire empire, no one would marry a servant.” Shen Jue calmly ripped open Yu Qing’s scars, “I don’t care who I marry, as long as there is interest, and you, I can’t find any interest in you, you’re just a bl00dsucker to me, aren’t you? A bl00dsucker says to me that he doesn’t want me to get married, so what am I going to do to feed you? While you religiously attend those banquets, I’m the one making money to provide for you, you should be glad that you are living well. I’ve said I can continue to support you after I’m married, so what are you not satisfied with?”


Bl00dsucker, religiously, unsatisfied, these words were like a knife inserted into Yu Qing’s heart. He hadn’t thought that in Shen Jue’s mind, he wasn’t even a pet, just an abominable and disgusting bl00dsucker.


Yu Qing’s pretty face had lost its color, and his expressive eyes seemed to have become a dry well. His face was wooden and he couldn’t even say a complete sentence. Shen Jue looked at him for half a second, let go of his hand, and took the handkerchief next to him to wipe his hands.


He threw the handkerchief on Yu Qing’s face, “Get out, I’ll pretend I never heard that, the life you lived before, continue to live like that in the future.”


Yu Qing looked down at the handkerchief that had slipped on him, his lips trembled, before he picked up the handkerchief and quietly exited Shen Jue’s room.


For the next few days, Yu Qing stayed in his room, he didn’t go downstairs, and Shen Jue didn’t visit him, only his personal manservant would bring him meals. Yu Qing stayed in his room so muddled that he didn’t even bother to clean up after himself; he just sat on the edge of his bed, staring blankly into the distance, his eyes empty.


His personal manservant saw him like this and held back for a long time before speaking, “Mr. Yu, you’d better eat something, no matter what, don’t upset your body.”


Yu Qing smiled and shook his head gently, “No bl00d can starve to death, don’t worry, I won’t die of hunger.”


The personal servant sighed, “Not just this, I just think Mr. Yu shouldn’t give up so early, I heard that the Duke didn’t agree to Duke Qiao’s proposal, although Duke Qiao’s father personally came to the door, the Duke still refused.”


Hearing these words, Yu Qing turned his head sharply, “What did you say?” He stood up and took a big step towards him, but he hadn’t eaten for too long and didn’t sleep much, so he just stood up and took two steps before he fell to the ground, but he didn’t seem to mind at all, he just stared straight at the valet, “Say what you just said again.”


The personal servant was shocked by Yu Qing, and hurriedly went forward to help him, “I heard from the others, the servants were secretly saying that the day before yesterday, Duke Qiao’s father came to the door and brought a lot of gifts, but the Duke didn’t accept them, I think he didn’t accept, Duke Qiao’s father had a somewhat disappointed expression when he left.”


He rejected it? Great.


Yu Qing instantly felt like he had strength again, he grabbed the hand of his personal manservant and struggled to stand up straight, “I want to eat, then take a bath and get some sleep.”


Maybe he still had a chance.


Yu Qing hadn’t eaten in that much of a hurry in a long time, and as he gorged himself on food, he thought of a countermeasure, he wanted to elevate his status so he could marry Shen Jue.


Then there was only one way, and that was for him to join the army.




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