C91—- Kill The Half-blood 20

Yu Qing slept until nine or ten o’clock at night before he woke up, when he came out of the room, Shen Jue was already in the study office, so he went directly to the study. Yu Qing had just finished bathing, his body was still a bit wet, the pure white robe loosely hung over his body, revealing his slender white long legs.


He swayed all the way to Shen Jue, and didn’t look at the Xiang Wen and Ye Ye, who were still standing next to Shen Jue, he directly moved to sit on Shen Jue’s lap, he moved his arm around Shen Jue’s neck, and intimately rubbed his face against the other’s neck.


Xiang Wen was used to seeing this, his face sank, he gave Ye Ye a look for him to go out with him. And Ye Ye first arrived, he’d never seen this scene, he couldn’t help but freeze in place, dumbfounded, he stared at the two people entwined together.


Yu Qing was just about to bite down, when he noticed someone standing there. He turned his turn to look over, seeing it was Ye Ye, he sarcastically smiled, “Get out!”


His tone was cold and icy, but had a superior undertone.


The two of them went down the stairs before Ye Ye curiously spoke, “Is Mr. Yu the Duke’s lover?”


“Sort of.” Xiang Wen said perfunctorily. Ye Ye sniffed and lowered his eyes thoughtfully.


In the study.


Yu Qing drank bl00d while undoing Shen Jue’s clothes. He’d been attending more and more banquets lately, and even some private banquets that were completely off-limits to the public had started inviting him, like the one last night, where he’d witnessed a bl00d-sucking scene where the main character was a human teenager who was being enjoyed by several nobles together. Although he was only a bystander, Yu Qing was also infected by the atmosphere, and he even began to fantasize about what would happen if the person in the scene was Shen Jue.


Would he have begged as hard as that human boy?


Of course, Yu Qing would only think about it, he didn’t want to share Shen Jue with anyone. When he’d returned, he’d actually wanted to drag Shen Jue in for a quickie, but he’d resisted, considering he was still asleep.


While he was thinking of last night’s scene, Yu Qing put his fangs away and left a wet kiss with his mouth and tongue instead. Shen Jue wrinkled his brow and reached out to pinch Yu Qing’s chin, forcing the other man to raise his head. Yu Qing raised his head obediently, but the corners of his eyes were full of lingering affection as he stuck out his tongue and licked his red lips, then he lowered his head and licked Shen Jue’s fingertips. Shen Jue was forced to let go, while Yu Qing continued.


Ye Ye had been waiting for the people in the study to come out, he was professionally trained to go in regularly to change the tea, but Xiang Wen told him not to go in, so he could only wait outside. The waiting time was so long that his legs were a little numb and he was a little bored, he turned his eyes to glance at Xiang Wen next to him.


Unlike the bored Ye Ye, Xiang Wen’s hand had been clenched into a fist, his expression stiff, he seemed to be holding something back. Ye Ye felt strange, but he just came, and the other wasn’t familiar, so he didn’t ask.


It was almost twelve midnight before the door to the study was finally opened.


The first one to come out was Shen Jue, with Yu Qing following. Ye Ye looked down at Xiang Wen, and when he saw that Xiang Wen hadn’t moved, he also stopped in his tracks.


Shen Jue entered the room, then began to undress as he headed for the bathroom, Yu Qing pursed his lips and smiled, he picked up the clothes that Shen Jue had thrown on the floor, and followed him into the bathroom. He quickly embraced the other in the bathtub, “Don’t be angry, I’ll help you clean up.”


The person being held blushed badly and raised his hand. Yu Qing smothered a laugh, thinking the other was lovely, “Sorry, I just couldn’t hold back, I promise not to do so in the future.” He coaxed for a long time before he could coax Shen Jue’s expression into something normal. After that, he pulled Shen Jue onto the bed and wouldn’t let the other man go back to the study. Yu Qing said something intimate first, then the conversation turned, “I saw that new valet, why did you find another one?”


Shen Jue closed his eyes, some tiredness between his brows, “I’m too busy, he went to school and studied engineering, he can help a little.” After he finished, he gently opened his eyes and looked at Yu Qing, “Why are you suddenly concerned about other people’s business?”


Yu Qing froze for a moment at his words, he felt that there was something strange about Shen Jue’s words, but couldn’t tell what was strange.


“I’m just asking, my first impression of him wasn’t very good, his eyes were moving particularly fast, I’m afraid he has a lot on his mind.” Yu Qing looked up at Shen Jue, his finger tracing the shape of his lips, “But if you like him, then I like him too, okay.”


Shen Jue frowned, not expressing an opinion. Yu Qing saw Shen Jue’s attitude, and inexplicably felt panicked, he thought for a moment, and then moved closer, and said gently: “Are you tired? Should I give you a massage?”


“No need.” Shen Jue declined in a light voice, instead he asked about what had happened at the banquet with Yu Qing. As soon as the banquet was mentioned, Yu Qing talked incessantly; for him, the gatherings of the nobles were a mysterious world of light, where everything was wonderful and where he seemed to find the true meaning of life. Yu Qing couldn’t even resist mentioning the human boy at the party to Shen Jue, his lips smiling as he shared the human boy’s miserable appearance, but after he finished, he was afraid that Shen Jue would think he was too cold-blooded, so he added a few words, “I think those gentlemen went a little too far, that boy had only just come of age.”


But as he said this, his eyes had a bit of eagerness.


Shen Jue saw the emotions hidden in his eyes and was silent for a moment before he said softly, “Is that so? How sad.”


“Yes, so pitiful.” Yu Qing moved slightly and pressed his face against Shen Jue’s chest, “The unloved little wretch, I wonder how many days he’ll live. Maybe those gentlemen will suck his blood dry.”


Shen Jue turned his eyes to look at the ceiling and gently raised his hand to touch Yu Qing’s soft hair, “Yeah, I don’t know how many days he’ll live.” A trace of deep meaning flashed in his eyes, but Yu Qing didn’t see it.


At first, Yu Qing was still wary of Ye Ye, and for several days he didn’t go to the banquets, he stayed at home with Shen Jue, no, it should be that he was courting Shen Jue all the time. The first time Ye Ye Ye saw such a scene, he was in the house with Shen Jue. Ye Ye at first crashed that scene, he blushed heavily, later he became like Xiang Wen, but when leaving, he always let out a long exhale.


A few days later, Yu Qing didn’t put Ye Ye on his mind, he continued to attend his banquets, he would attend the general banquet, but also go to the autumn hunt, and sometimes he wouldn’t return for a day or two. When he didn’t come back, he would send his personal manservant back to inform Shen Jue, and in the later days, the notifications stopped, as he didn’t think Shen Jue would be angry about such trivial matters.


The longest he’d been away from the manor was seven days; he’d gone to sea and come back a darker man, having learned to swim. As soon as he returned, Yu Qing wanted to tell Shen Jue the good news, and when he saw the housekeeper, he didn’t even say hello, and walked straight to the study on the second floor.


At this point, the likelihood of Shen Jue being in the study was the greatest.


But as he entered, Yu Qing froze for a moment, before coming out of the study somewhat angrily.


“Butler, where did Shen Jue go?” Yu Qing asked with a cold expression as he stood at the entrance to the stairs.


He hadn’t seen Xiang Wen or Ye Ye either.


The Butler’s expression was normal, “The Duke has gone to the countryside.”


“The countryside?” Yu Qing frowned, “When will he be back?”


“About two or three more days, he left yesterday.” The butler replied.


Yu Qing looked at the housekeeper unhappily, “Why didn’t anyone tell me? Otherwise ……” he wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to rush back, he could have continued to play outside for two or three more days, but he rushed back because he had bought a gift for Shen Jue.


But after he’d blurted it out, he knew he’d been wrong; Shen Jue didn’t even know he’d gone to sea, much less how to reach him.


After standing in place for a while, Yu Qing said with annoyance, “Forget it, you can go.”


Yu Qing had been thinking about the gift he had gotten and wanted to give it to Shen Jue first, so he didn’t go out to any banquets for the next few days, but he waited for a full week and didn’t see Shen Jue. He asked the Butler, who always said he’d be back soon, and it wasn’t until the tenth day that Shen Jue returned.


When he heard the engine outside in the living room, Yu Qing immediately got up from the couch and was about to walk to the door when he stopped in his tracks. He stood and thought for a moment, then walked back to his previous position and sat down leisurely.


Yu Qing thought he had waited for so long, it should be Shen Jue who couldn’t wait to see him.


But he waited on the sofa for a long time, but didn’t see Shen Jue come in, and finally ran out of patience, Yu Qing stood up and went to the door. He had just reached the door when he saw Shen Jue standing next to a car.


There was someone else next to Shen Jue, Yu Qing expression changed abruptly when he saw it was Qiao Jiangyuan.


Qiao Jiangyuan was saying something to Shen Jue with his head down, and Yu Qing couldn’t see Shen Jue’s expression from this angle, so he didn’t have time to think about it, so he just took a big step forward and stood next to the two.


Qiao Jiangyuan saw Yu Qing first, and his expression had a slight change. Yu Qing glanced at Qiao Jiangyuan before looking at Shen Jue, and when he looked at Shen Jue, his expression changed to a smile, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, I have a gift for you, do you want to see it now?”


Qiao Jiangyuan smiled, then said to Shen Jue, “Think about what I just said, I’ll go back first.”


Shen Jue nodded and said calmly, “Thank you for sending me back.”


Qiao Jiangyuan gently smiled, “You don’t have to be polite to me.” He waved at Shen Jue after he got into the car.


Yu Qing watched Qiao Jiangyuan’s car go far away before he asked, “Why did you come back in his car today?”


“My car broke down on the road and I happened to run into him, so I took his car back.” Shen Jue said as he walked toward the manor. Yu Qing frowned, he was a little unhappy, he felt that Shen Jue was a little too indifferent to him. He could only suppress his emotion and pretend to be curious, “What did Duke Qiao ask you to consider?”


Shen Jue paused and turned his head to gently glance at Yu Qing. The look was so indifferent that it made the expression on Yu Qing’s face freeze a little. He looked at the other with a stiff expression, somewhat at a loss for words.


Yu Qing hadn’t seen the other for most of the month, and he’d never noticed that ten days was so long. During the ten days of daylight, he’d slept in Shen Jue’s bed, wondering when the other would return, and he’d thought about what position he’d use to punish the other in a small way if Shen Jue returned, so that the other could only whimper beneath him.


He’d even put on Shen Jue’s clothes and masturb@ted.


He missed the person in front of him, he wanted to hold him, wanted to show him the gift he’d brought back, but then he heard the words.


“He proposed to me on the way.”


The person he missed beyond measure said this in an extremely calm tone.




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