C9—- Kill The Emperor[9]

Imperial Physical Xu had treated many people and sometimes held free clinics in the capital, but he had never seen anyone with such a strong will to live.

With Shen Jue’s wounds, if it were a different person, he would have died long ago.

Even if he hadn’t died, he was afraid his mind would have been damaged.

Imperial Physician Xu knew that Shen Jue was a person beside Murong Xiu, and although he had expensive medicines on hand, he couldn’t be compared to the entire Imperial Medical Bureau after all, so he went to find Murong Xiu. Murong Xiu didn’t know that Shen Jue was injured again, and was visibly stunned for a moment before saying after a long time, “How is he injured?”

Imperial Physician Xu thought about it and decided to answer honestly, “Very bad.” He paused and added, “Whether he can live or not, it all depends on his own will, and this humble servant can only do what he can.”

Murong Xiu’s lip line was almost pursed into a line, and it was as if Shen Jue’s blood from that day was still fresh in his mind. Half of that skinny teenager’s face was covered in blood, and he stubbornly said-.

“His Majesty is the Son of Heaven, and slave is one who serves the Son of Heaven.”

Shen Jue said he was the Son of Heaven, but was he the Son of Heaven?

What kind of Son of Heaven would be so weak?

He didn’t want to die, he wanted to live, so even if the Regent did do something to him, he had to suffer, but why would Shen Jue fight to the death for him? Because he was the Son of Heaven?
These days, Murong Xiu was almost haunted by Shen Jue’s words, day and night it was as if someone was whispering them in his ears, the words were bloodied and the voice brought tears.

“Whatever medicine he needs, you can use, no need to save.”Murong Xiu said softly.

Imperial Doctor Xu nodded, and looked at Murong Xiu worriedly, “His Majesty has been down quite a bit recently, and I heard that His Majesty doesn’t sleep well at night, so I have specially developed a sleeping fragrance, will His Majesty try it?”

Murong Xiu didn’t have any great reaction, just waved his hand, “You go down first.”

Imperial Physician Xu was tempted to say something more, but when he saw Murong Xiu’s look, he could only shut his mouth and exit the palace. He withdrew outside the palace and sighed in his heart when he saw those eye-catching eunuchs, now the court belonged to the Regent, even the people around the Emperor.

Imperial Physician Xu was thinking of Murong Xiu in his heart, not forgetting the patient he was taking care of now, and he got Murong Xiu’s will, so it was much easier for him to get the medicinal materials from the Imperial Medical Bureau. Shen Jue only woke up on the fifth day after his injury.

When he woke up, Imperial Physician Xu was applying medicine to him.

Shen Jue’s body was full of injuries, and it took him one to two hours to apply the medicine every day.

When he woke up, he felt pain all over his body, and he sucked in a breath of air, and his hand tightly gripped the bedding underneath him.

When Imperial Physician Xu heard the voice, he raised his eyes to look at Shen Jue and was somewhat relieved to see that he was awake, “You’re finally awake.”

“Lord Xu….” Shen Jue’s voice was weak, “It’s you again who is helping me with my illness ah.”

Imperial Physician Xu sighed, “You’re really tough, I’ve seen so many people yet I’ve never seen anyone like this, but I’m afraid the root of this illness is going to remain.” His former injury had not yet healed and he had taken a beating, even though Shen Jue had good bones and was young, he couldn’t completely recover.

His ribs were not fully healed in the first place, and having been beaten again, he was afraid that he would have to pant and puff in the future if he had a greater range of motion.

Shen Jue was calm, “It’s good to be alive.”

For the first time, Imperial Physician Xu was somewhat unable to comprehend, “Is there any meaning in living like this?”

Shen Jue gently hooked his lower lip at the words.His eyes didn’t seem to be looking at Imperial Physician Xu, but rather through him, to somewhere else. It was as if his eyes were nothing, and as if they encompassed everything in the world.

“There is.”

Only by living, could he change his life ah.

Imperial Physician Xu shook his head, he somewhat admired Shen Jue now.
If this was left to him, he didn’t even know how long he could last.

After Doctor Xu had finished administering the medicine, he left a medicine boy there with Shen Jue.

Although Shen Jue was awake, he was prone to fever, and if he wasn’t treated in time, there was a great possibility of losing his life.

That medicine boy was no more than eleven or twelve years old, and was someone that Imperial Physician Xu had brought with him since he was a child, with a round face. After Imperial Physician Xu left, he moved a small stool and sat next to Shen Jue’s bed, his eyes carefully staring at Shen Jue’s injuries.

Shen Jue bristled a bit at the look in the child’s eyes.

He couldn’t help but glance at the medicine boy, “Pretty?”

The medicine boy didn’t look up, “Looks good.”

Shen Jue: “……..”

The medicine boy stared for a moment, but there was a sudden noise at the door and he looked up. Once he looked over, he kneeled on the ground.
“Servant pays his respects to His Majesty.”

Murong Xiu came alone, he didn’t expect there to be a medicine boy in Shen Jue’s room, he was stunned for a moment before saying, “Go out.”

Only after the medicine boy retreated, did Murong Xiu place his sight on the person on the bed.

he moment he saw Shen Jue clearly, he almost choked, he knew that Shen Jue was heavily injured, but he didn’t expect the other to actually be like this now. When Shen Jue saw Murong Xiu, he wanted to get up and salute, but he crawled several times and finally fell back onto the bed, and in the end he just said very shamefully, “Your Majesty, slave… slave cannot get up and salute Your Majesty.”

Murong Xiu squeezed out a bitter smile, “No need to salute.”

He looked at the small stool left there by the medicine boy and hesitated for a moment before sitting on it.

His gaze was complicated as he swept an inch over the injuries on Shen Jue’s body.

Shen Jue knew what Murong Xiu was thinking at this moment, so he squeezed out a smile at him, “Your Majesty, it doesn’t hurt slave.”

“It doesn’t hurt?” Murong Xiu felt it was really absurd, “You’re still not hurting like this, is it because you’re dying?”

Pretty much, it was when he became a ghost that he really felt the pain.

At that time, he could only float in mid-air, watching Murong Xiu and the Regent in love, and at first Murong Xiu would remember having him as a slave, but before long, Murong Xiu completely forgot about him.

Forgot about the little eunuch who was loyal and willing to die for him.

Shen Jue really wanted to laugh out loud, but he just couldn’t right now and could only act as if nothing was wrong.

Murong Xiu didn’t know what was in Shen Jue’s mind, seeing Shen Jue’s injuries, he didn’t know what to do. At first, Shen Jue said that he was afraid of death, but in fact Shen Jue wasn’t afraid of death, and even almost risked his life for him, and now he had completely offended the regent.

“Shen Jue, I’m useless, I can’t protect you, you…if you’re willing, I’ll send you out of the palace.”Murong Xiu didn’t want to fight anymore, he was really a bit tired.

Shen Jue shook his head immediately upon hearing the words, “Your Majesty, slave is not leaving.”

Murong Xiu replied, “Not leaving, are you waiting to die in the palace?”

Shen Jue was silent for a moment, “Slave to His Majesty…”

Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Murong Xiu.

“Don’t say that, does it make sense? I, Murong Xiu, I am nothing more than a puppet emperor, a plaything that looks up to others.” Murong Xiu stood up with tears in his eyes, “You won’t get any good by following me, you’d better leave early.”

He changed his self-address from “lord” to “I”.

Shen Jue looked at such Murong Xiu, but said softly, “Your Majesty may not remember, when slave first met Your Majesty, at that time, he made a vow that he would only follow one master in this life, if Your Majesty doesn’t want slave, slave doesn’t need to live.”

“You!”Murong Xiu was a little angry, “Weren’t you afraid of death in the first place?”

Shen Jue raised his lower lips, revealing an extremely good-natured smile, “Yes, slave was afraid of death, but when it really came to that, slave wasn’t afraid anymore, it is just a cheap life.”

Murong Xiu closed his eyes, then he didn’t say a word, he just flicked his sleeve and left, as if he was angry with Shen Jue.

Shen Jue’s injury dragged on until the beginning of summer.

The day he recovered from his injury, he was invited to the Regent’s presence.

The regent looked at him like he was looking at an interesting object, “Life is tough ah.”
Shen Jue was forced to tilt his head, he had forgotten to disguise himself that day and was too lazy to disguise himself now, his eyes looked calmly at the regent.

“Little mouse, this Regent said last time that if you survived, he would give you a great gift, do you want to know what that great gift is?” The regent smiled slightly, like a gentle gentleman. But Shen Jue knew that the regent was nothing more than a pervert in human skin.

“How would slave dare to take a great gift from the prince?” Shen Jue said in a sarcastic tone.

The regent laughed even more when he saw that Shen Jue’s words were prickly, “So it’s not a little mouse, it’s a little hedgehog, that’s even better.”He clapped his hands, and someone came up with a chest.

When Shen Jue saw the box, he already understood.

That box contained Murong Xiu’s clothes.

When the regent saw the box coming up, he went up and opened it himself, and then said gently to Shen Jue, “Come, put this garment on.”

The only person in the world who could consider taking a beating as a great gift was the Regent.

Shen Jue couldn’t help but muffle a groan as he was thrown onto the bed by Yang Xu. Yang Xu didn’t even look at him and left straight away. Shen Jue touched a bottle of ointment from under his pillow and began to rub the medicine on himself. This medicine was what he asked Imperial Physician Xu for, and he didn’t ask him what he was doing, just looked at him with a little more sympathy.

How many days could a person who was targeted by the Regent live?

Shen Jue was a little distracted while rubbing the medicine, because in a few days, it would be Murong Xiu’s twentieth birthday.

On the day of Murong Xiu’s birthday, the regent drank too much wine and almost slept with Murong Xiu, but it was only when Murong Xiu resisted desperately and smashed the regent’s head with a vase that he managed to save himself.

Shen Jue thought that his chance had finally come.

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