C89—- Kill The Half-blood 18

    Xiang Wen obviously froze, his pupils subconsciously expanded.

        Yu Qing saw his reaction, then stood up straight, and sarcastically said: “It seems Brother Xiang Wen didn’t know ah, my bad, I shouldn’t have put the Duke’s secret out, but I saw the Duke in Brother Xiang Wen’s room, and thought ……”

        “What nonsense are you talking about.” With a gloomy expression, Xiang Wen directly interrupted his words, “Get out.”

        Yu Qing smiled and didn’t get angry, instead he reminded Xiang Wen to eat well.

        After Yu Qing left, Xiang Wen stayed alone in the room, his brain was a bit confused because of Yu Qing’s words. During the day, he’d been almost too muddled by his own mendacity to notice the reaction on Shen Jue’s body, but he had reacted.

       Yu Qing said that Shen Jue couldn’t get hard ……

        This ……

        Xiang Wen’s face was pale as he thought back over the decades that he had served beside Shen Jue, it seemed he had never seen him react. Other nobles had kept lovers to a greater or lesser extent, but Shen Jue had always kept himself clean until he met that shameless half-blood, Yu Qing.

        No reaction, that was a difficult thing for a man to talk about.

        Xiang Wen felt pity for Shen Jue, being a nobleman without the basic response of a man, how painful it must be. And that guy, Yu Qing, was actually laughing when he was talking about it.

        He wasn’t worthy to serve beside Shen Jue.

        Xiang Wen felt his chest fill with anger, a righteous rage that obliged him to drive Yu Qing away, but of course, he had other things to do besides drive him away. Without a reaction, Shen Jue lost his greatest pleasure as a man. Xiang Wen thought to himself that if he were Shen Jue, he wouldn’t even be happy to have more money.

        He wanted to comfort Shen Jue and even help him cure this problem, but how?


        Shen Jue had found Xiang Wen’s gaze a little strange these past few days, to be precise, Xiang Wen always stared at a certain part of him with a peculiar look, which surprised and annoyed Shen Jue a little, no one wanted to be stared at all the time.

       “Xiang Wen, leave.” Shen Jue turned around, his tone somewhat unpleasant.

        Xiang Wen snapped back to his senses, but didn’t want to go out; he stood in place somewhat hesitantly until Shen Jue looked back at him, and only then did Xiang Wen slowly retreat from the room.

Seeing this, Yu Qing laughed silently, took his tie out of the drawer and walked over to Shen Jue, “Duke don’t be angry with Brother Xiang Wen, he might be a little unwel.”

        Shen Jue was going out on business tonight, he had wanted to take Xiang Wen with him, but Xiang Wen was always staring at him there, which made Shen Jue feel that there was no way he take Xiang Wen out, so in the end he took Yu Qing with him.

        This time, the business partner was a farm owner who was very relaxed and asked Shen Jue to talk to him in the outskirts of the imperial capital, where he wanted to fish and talk business at the same time. It took several hours for Shen Jue to get there by car, and the sky was starting to look a shade of blue.

        It was going to be dawn.

        But this time their fishing would be early in the morning.

        The farmer’s servant introduced Shen Jue’s car to the trail on the avenue, and as soon as Shen Jue got out of the car, he saw the farmer, dressed in full fishing gear, waving cheerfully at him. Shen Jue smiled back and turned his head for his bodyguard to get his fishing gear out of the trunk.

        On the way to the fishing lake, the farmer walked alongside Shen Jue and made small talk, “Have you ever fished?”

        Shen Jue replied honestly, “No.”

        “Then you should give it a good try today.” The farmer laughed, “But you young nobles don’t like the sun, so you might need a big hat to cover your pretty face.”

        Shen Jue only smiled, not reacting otherwise.

        He wasn’t really a Blood, and now he slept during the day and moved around at night, just to conform to the Blood’s routine, so it made him a little happier to be able to move around openly during the day.

        And Shen Jue’s reaction also happened to please the farm owner.

        Shen Jue had a large piece of land that was connected to the farmer’s land, and he wanted to buy all the lands nearby so he could buy high-tech machines and use them to plow his fields, but if the land wasn’t extensive enough, it would be a waste to buy machines.

        So Shen Jue was quite serious * about this meeting.

        While fishing, the farmer and Shen Jue sat far away from each other, no one talking, they just stared at the fishing rod in silence. When Shen Jue was a monk, he used to meditate all year round and was very patient about meditation. The farmer had fished with many people over the years, but he had never met one who was so quiet and tolerant of loneliness, so he couldn’t help but have a few more good feelings for Shen Jue.

Yu Qing, being a servant, was also good enough not to say anything, but just kept silent at the back and watched Shen Jue fish.

        They hadn’t been fishing long when someone came.

        The farmer heard the sound and looked back first, and when he saw the visitor, he said smilingly, “You’re here, have a seat.”

        Shen Jue had seen the farmer’s servant with a fishing outfit before and guessed that someone else was coming, so he wasn’t surprised and continued to sit quietly, staring at his fishing pole without expression.

        The fishing rod didn’t move, and the lake around it was motionless.

        “You can’t fish like this, you should shake it once rn a while.” A familiar male voice suddenly rang out next to him.

        Shen Jue turned his head at the sound, and saw Qiao Jiangyuan’s handsome, extraordinary face.

        He wore an earthy green fishing outfit almost like a high-class suit for a banquet, his fair face was almost glistening in the sunlight.

        When Shen Jue saw who it was, he turned his face away and continued to stare at his fishing pole.

        But Qiao Jiangyuan stayed next to him and asked the servant to bring his fishing rod over.

        Qiao Jiangyuan skillfully threw his fishing rod out, occasionally moving it, and in less than fifteen minutes, his rod moved. Shen Jue’s eyes were involuntarily drawn to it, while Qiao Jiangyuan pulled the line without panic; he had caught a large fish of at least seven or eight pounds.

        When the farmer saw this, he complimented Qiao Jiangyuan on his fishing skills and said to Shen Jue, “You have to work hard, he’s only been here a while and he’s caught one, you can’t lose, at least catch one today.”

        The farmer already had five fishes in his bucket, and Qiao Jiangyuan had only been here for less than twenty minutes and had caught one, Shen Jue looked down at his bucket with only clear water and silently squeezed the rod handle.

        It seemed like a competition between Qiao Jiangyuan and the farmer.

        The two men caught fishes one after another, while Shen Jue’s side remained quiet. Finally, Shen Jue couldn’t stand the movement of Qiao Jiangyuan next to him, so he silently stood up, took the fishing rod and changed his position, far away from Qiao Jiangyuan.

        Yu Qing hurriedly followed him, and after he did, he glanced at Qiao Jiangyuan without moving a muscle. When he was helping in the kitchen, he knew that Shen Jue and Qiao Jiangyuan were very close, but this year they had grown apart, and it was Shen Jue who had taken the initiative to alienate Qiao Jiangyuan.

        The last time Shen Jue was in his room, the person who came knocking on the door was Qiao Jiangyuan.

Yu Qing had been surprised as to why Qiao Jiangyuan would come to the servants’ room to find Shen Jue, disregarding his nobility, and this time, Shen Jue wasn’t expecting Qiao Jiangyuan to come, and when he saw him, a hint of disgust clearly flashed in his eyes.

        But Qiao Jiangyuan pretended not to see.

        It was too strange.

        Yu Qing looked at Qiao Jiangyuan again, and he fell into deep thought.

        And Qiao Jiangyuan glanced at Shen Jue and smiled, and then glanced at Yu Qing beside Shen Jue. He remembered that last time, Yu Qing’s attitude toward Shen Jue hadn’t seemed so cordial, but this time, it seemed that the atmosphere between the two had changed.

        Half an hour after Shen Jue had changed his position, a fish finally bit his hook. Shen Jue was startled and hurriedly reeled in his line, but the fish struggled harder than Shen Jue could have imagined, his rod was bent to the point of breaking, and at that moment, a hand suddenly reached over behind him.

        “I’ll help you.” Qiao Jiangyuan’s voice came from above his head.

        Qiao Jiangyuan was very tall, half a head taller than Shen Jue’s body, as he helped him reel in the line from behind, it  looked as if he was embracing Shen Jue. Shen Jue froze and was about to struggle when he heard Qiao Jiangyuan whisper, “I’ve worked with him before, and he’s always liked people who can fish.”

        Once Shen Jue heard that, he stopped struggling and reeled in the line with Qiao Jiangyuan, catching the big fish.

      After catching it, the farmer came over and complimented Shen Jue, and looked up at the sky, “It’s getting late, why don’t you guys go rest at my manor, the fishes we caught today are enough for you.”

        Before Shen Jue could reply, Qiao Jiangyuan did, “That’s great, I remember the cooks at your manor are the best at cooking fish, it’s a real delicacy.”

        The farmer smiled happily and waved his hand, “Let’s go.”

      Shen Jue glanced at Qiao Jiangyuan next to him and followed the farmer, while Qiao Jiangyuan glanced back at Yu Qing.

        Yu Qing, as a servant, hadn’t dared to do anything to cross the line in front of the farmer just now, but when he saw the way Qiao Jiangyuan had taken Shen Jue almost into his arms, his nails sunk into his flesh.

        Another one wanted to steal Shen Jue from him?

        Yu Qing had a preconceived notion that Qiao Jiangyuan’s gaze at this time had a deeper meaning than provocation.

   But Yu Qing had already guessed that it would be extremely difficult to monopolize Shen Jue, and he wasn’t afraid of Qiao Jiangyuan, since Shen Jue would only be his in the end anyway. Thinking of this, Yu Qing grimly looked at Qiao Jiangyuan, then turned his face away and gathered up the things Shen Jue had left in place.

        Qiao Jiangyuan froze for a moment when he saw the look in Yu Qing’s eyes. In his impression, Yu Qing was always a well-behaved, simple person with a very cute smile, he never thought he would see such a gloomy look in Yu Qing’s eyes.

        He even felt like he was being watched by a vicious vulture, just because he looked at the vulture’s food.

        Qiao Jiangyuan frowned, but the farmer and Shen Jue had already walked a short distance away, so he could only withdraw his eyes and follow.

       When they arrived at the farmer’s estate, they first drank and tasted snacks in the living room, then the farmer made them go back to their guest rooms to rest for a while, and when the fishes were ready, he’d wake them up.

        Shen Jue and Qiao Jiangyuan’s rooms were next to each other, and when Shen Jue entered the room, he heard Qiao Jiangyuan call out to him.

      “Shen Jue, just ……”

        But Shen Jue ignored him and went straight into the room, with Yu Qing following close behind Shen Jue and closing the door with a bang in front of Qiao Jiangyuan.

        Qiao Jiangyuan: “……”

      After Yu Qing shut the door, he felt a little more comfortable. He walked over to help Shen Jue undress and whispered, “Why won’t this farmer talk about business? It’s as if he’s deliberately stalling.”

      Shen Jue wrinkled his brow and thought for a moment before saying, “Qiao Jiangyuan probably wants to buy his land too, so he called us both in without telling me, maybe he wants to see who’s more patient, or rather, see who offers a higher price.”

        But Qiao Jiangyuan didn’t have any land in that area, there was no need to buy the farmer’s land at all, unless he had learned about it from somewhere and had deliberately come over to stir up his business. Shen Jue thought of this, and looked at Yu Qing with a few thoughtful glances.

        He had left with the farmer first, but when he looked back, he saw Qiao Jiangyuan staring at Yu Qing.

        Qiao Jiangyuan was still thinking of ways to snatch Yu Qing.

       Then, the last worry-free way was to bankrupt Shen Jue, so that Yu Qing would be his.

        Seeing the look in Shen Jue’s eyes, Yu Qing froze for a moment and said carefully, “Duke?”

        Shen Jue withdrew his eyes and handed the jacket in his hand to Yu Qing, “It’s okay, I’ll take a shower first, you can sleep with me later.”

    Maybe he needed to show off his desire to be exclusive with Yu Qing in front of Qiao Jiangyuan. Shen Jue thought as he undressed and walked into the bathroom, while a smile had rippled on Yu Qing’s face as he heard Shen Jue’s words, he stared at him as he entered the bathroom until the door was closed behind him, and then he picked up the clothes that Shen Jue had casually left on the couch.

        He laid out Shen Jue’s clothes on the bed, then fell back onto them, turned around and buried his face in Shen Jue’s clothes.

        During this time, Shen Jue hadn’t let him serve much, always letting Xiang Wen do it, he’d been going crazy with jealousy at the manor, but luckily, that idiot Xiang Wen was being stupid, or he wouldn’t have had the chance to come out with Shen Jue today.

        It was just that everywhere, there were people who didn’t know any better.

        Yu Qing thought of Qiao Jiangyuan in the next room and gloom settled under his skin.

        Why wasn’t there a place where it was just him and Shen Jue?

        That way no one would steal Shen Jue from him, Shen Jue’s eyes would only look at him, and all of Shen Jue and Shen Jue’s things would be his.

        Yu Qing took a deep breath, his nose full of the smell of Shen Jue’s clothes. The faint smell of perfume was interspersed with a little bit of sweet sugar, it seemed that Shen Jue had eaten too much sugar, even his body was covered with the smell, while the creamy scent of sugar lingered on his clothes. Yu Qing was immersed in this smell, his beautiful face gradually turned scarlet, his eyes became crimson.

        He touched himself through his clothes and took a big breath, murmuring Shen Jue’s name wordlessly between his lips.

        It wasn’t until Yu Qing heard the sound of the water inside stop that he hurriedly got up, hung up Shen Jue’s clothes, and stuffed them into the guest room closet.


        Shen Jue slept until it was dark before there was a knock on the door.

        When he went out, Qiao Jiangyuan happened to come out as well. When Qiao Jiangyuan saw Shen Jue, he smiled and said hello, but Shen Jue turned his face away directly and followed the farm owner’s servant to the dining room on the first floor.

        Yu Qing went out one step later, and he also saw Qiao Jiangyuan.

        Qiao Jiangyuan froze for a moment when he saw that Yu Qing also obviously looked like he had just woken up, because the farmer had also given him and the people Shen Jue had brought a room, the guest rooms on the first floor.

        He hadn’t expected that Shen Jue would be sleeping in the same room as Yu Qing.

        Qiao Jiangyuan’s expression sank for a moment.

        This ugly expression fell in the eyes of Yu Qing, aggravating the suspicion in his heart. He glanced at Qiao Jiangyuan, then lightly laughed, turned and walked forward, but before walking, he didn’t forget to reveal the red marks on his neck.

He made the red marks himself.

        Before going to sleep, Yu Qing told Shen Jue there were mosquitoes, then he deliberately made some marks on his neck, he didn’t think it would be useful.

        When Qiao Jiangyuan saw the marks on Yu Qing’s neck, his expression became even more ugly, he quickly his his expression, then he went to the dining hall.

        In the dining room, it was mostly the farmer and Qiao Jiangyuan who were talking. Qiao Jiangyuan was a very good talker, and he seemed to be old acquaintances with the farmer, so he had the farmer laughing with a few words. Shen Jue took in the scene in front of him and felt that the business was 50 percent unsuccessful, but he didn’t have to do this business, so Shen Jue simply put his head down and ate the fish.

        The fish was as delicious as Qiao Jiangyuan had boasted, especially when Shen Jue realized that there was no blood in it. He felt like it was the first time he had eaten normal food in all the time he had been in this realm, so he couldn’t help but eat more.

        Qiao Jiangyuan glanced the nearly empty plate in front of Shen Jue between conversations and couldn’t help but smile, “It seems that the fish is really delicious, Brother Song, you don’t know that this friend of mine has been a picky eater since he was a child, and this is the first time I’ve seen him eat so much.”

        The farmer also took a glance at the plate in front of Shen Jue, then said, “It’s okay, later take a few fishes back, I’ll have the cook tell your servant how to cook the fish, once they learn it, you’ll be able to eat it every day at home in the future.”

        Qiao Jiangyuan pursed his lips and smiled, “Then I’ll learn too, and once I do, Shen Jue can come to my house more often in the future.”

        Shen Jue frowned darkly but didn’t retort, he didn’t want to make things too ugly in front of the farm owner, but his silence made Qiao Jiangyuan say more, Qiao Jiangyuan even talked about the two of them when they were young.

        “It turns out that Shen Jue and I played house when we were young, and Shen Jue even joked that he wanted to marry me, at that time I was scared to death, he was a little devil when he was young, who dared to marry him? I could only shake my head in a hurry, he got angry and hit me on the head with a stick, my head had several big bumps before he stopped.” Qiao Jiangyuan recalled with a smile.

        Shen Jue calmly took over, “That was all when we were kids, how can you take what I said when I was a kid seriously? If you’re still angry about what happened when I was a child, then I apologize.” He lifted the blood tea in front of him, “I’ll apologize to you with tea instead of wine.”

  The farmer suddenly interjected, “We’re all good brothers, so why be so formal, how about this, I happen to have a bottle of fine wine, let’s open it today, we’ll drink it together, whatever you did, if you get drunk, it’ll all be written off.”

        The farmer wasn’t a fool, he had already seen that the atmosphere between Qiao Jiangyuan and Shen Jue was strange, but he suddenly offered to drink, he didn’t know what he was trying to do.

        Shen Jue wanted to refuse, but Qiao Jiangyuan had already agreed before him.

        Shen Jue wasn’t one to be afraid of trouble, so he didn’t refuse either. He also wanted to see what could happen, but as a precaution, he slightly inclined his head to call Yu Qing over.

        “I’ll be drunk later, help me to the car, we won’t stay here tonight, you can’t stay here either, you hear me?” Shen Jue said softly.

        Yu Qing nodded cautiously at his words. He seemed to have guessed something as well, and glanced at Qiao Jiangyuan sitting next to him as he got up.

        And Qiao Jiangyuan just smiled at Shen Jue, as if the two were the best friends in the world.

        When the farmer brought the wine, he poured a large glass for both Shen Jue and Qiao Jiangyuan. Shen Jue wasn’t used to drinking wine and frowned after a few sips, but the farmer kept persuading him to drink, while Qiao Jiangyuan didn’t need persuasion and was pouring himself wine.

        The three of them finally drank all the wine in one bottle and it wasn’t enough, so the farmer asked someone to open another bottle of wine, and Shen Jue was the least drunk of the three, but when the second bottle was also emptied, he was the first to have a shaky shadow in front of his eyes.

        He shook his head violently, but still felt there were three farmers across him. Shen Jue raised a hand to his forehead, “I can’t drink anymore, I …… have shadows in front of my eyes.”

        His words began to slur, and his eyes started wandering.

        The farm owner gave a laugh, “You can’t drink, this was only a few glasses, forget it, I’ll let you go, go back to your room to rest.”

        Shen Jue got up vainly and waved his hand, “I …… don’t ……”

        Before he could finish that sentence, his body fell backwards. Yu Qing hurriedly went forward to hold Shen Jue, then called out his name worriedly, he saw the man’s face was scarlet and his eyes were misty, so he knew Shen Jue was probably too drunk to go back, so he told the farm owner, “Sorry, my duke had ordered before that he must go back tonight, so I have to take my duke back first.”

  “Hey, how can this be? How can you go back when your Duke got drunk before me and Old Brother Qiao finished our drinks, so by rights he should continue drinking with us, but he’s drunk, so I’ll let it go, go up and rest for a while, then we’ll continue when he wakes up?” The farm owner disagreed, and sent his servant to help Shen Jue to the guest room on the second floor.

        Yu Qing coldly lowered his face, “My family Duke’s orders, I am bound to carry them out, what did you want to do when you got my family Duke drunk?”

        Qiao Jiangyuan smiled softly at the side, he shook the wine glass in front of him and looked at Yu Qing with a smile, “Why do you make us sound like bad guys? It’s just that it’s foggy outside, and you guys will be going back late at night, I’m afraid you’ll be prone to accidents, and there’s not much light all the way from the suburbs to the city. In case of an accident, can you afford it?”

        Yu Qing didn’t take Qiao Jiangyuan’s words seriously, just half-hugged and half-embraced Shen Jue out, the bodyguard stood by to protect them, but when they left the manor, they learned that their car had broken down, and the driver was sweating profusely, but he couldn’t get the car started.

        “I can’t start the car, so it looks like we’ll have to stay here for the night.” The driver said with difficulty.

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