C83— Kill The Half-blood 12

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    Yu Qing thought for a long time before saying, “Publish a formal apology to me, I’ll forgive you then.”

        Duan Xiuyong’s expression changed slightly, he personally apologised, he thickened his skin to come, but to apologize in the newspaper was slapping his own face, which made Duan Xiuyong very reluctant. He looked to Shen Jue, seeing that he didn’t react at all then, he knew that this matter wasn’t negotiable, he could only smile sarcastically, “Okay, I will go back and publicise my apology.”

        After Duan Xiuyong left, Yu Qing went to Shen Jue’s side, he pursed his lips and looked at Shen Jue, seeing that he was still reading the newspaper, he didn’t dare to interrupt, so he stood until Shen Jue felt that Yu Qing was blocking his light.

        Shen Jue looked up from the newspaper, his tone revealing his confusion, “What’s wrong?”

        “Thank you.” Yu Qing said seriously.

        Shen Jue didn’t react much to his words, he lowered his head again and looked at the newspaper in his hand, as if the newspaper was much more interesting than the person in front of him. Seeing this, Yu Qing went honestly to the kitchen and continued his work.

        Since he followed Shen Jue to two banquets, the reaction of the people in the manor to him had gradually changed. Someone said to Yu Qing, “The Duke definitely wants to promote you to his personal manservant, Yu Qing, your good days have come.”

        Yu Qing just shook his head, “I don’t know.”

        But what Yu Qing didn’t expect was that within a few days, the butler told him that he was now Shen Jue’s personal manservant.

       “I’ve already recommended you to the Duke, and the Duke didn’t object, Yu Qing, do a good job.” The butler reached out and patted Yu Qing’s shoulder. Yu Qing looked at the other for a while, before nodding cautiously.

      He didn’t know about the duties of a personal manservant, and Xiang Wen hated him so he didn’t teach him about his duties, Yu Qing once accidentally poured the essential oil into the copper basin for washing face. Xiang Wen complained on the spot, and Yu Qing thought that Shen Jue would throw him out, but he only said gently, “Just change the water again.”

        And gradually, Yu Qing found that Shen Jue was always telling him to do things, like…

        “Yu Qing, where’s the book I was reading yesterday?”

       “Where are my glasses? Yu Qing.”

        “Yu Qing, this outfit doesn’t look good, help me change.”


Shen Jue called Yu Qing to do more and more things, and Xiang Wen was idle. He even stood by to see Yu Qing dress Shen Jue. Although he still had a decent smile on his face, in fact, the knives in his eyes were fixed on Yu Qing’s body.

        Because of his promotion, Yu Qing’s salary had increased a lot. On his payday, Yu Qing had never seen so much money that was his, he spent the whole day smiling.

        Shen Jue looked at Yu Qing a few times, he had rarely seen him so happy, so it felt strange, but he didn’t mention it.  Shen Jue was going to sleep, and had already taken a shower, so he just needed a massage before bed.

        Yu Qing was now very skilled at serving Shen Jue, he poured essential oils into the bath tub before squatting down to help roll up the legs of Shen Jue’s black silk pajama pants to reveal his pale legs. Because he was wearing black, Shen Jue’s feet looked even whiter, and Yu Qing held his feet in his hands, but he didn’t feel it was dirty at all, only that they were as beautiful as a piece of jade, and the veins spreading on them were the dots of emerald on white jade.

        He put Shen Jue’s feet gently into the water and began to massage them, starting from the soles of the feet and working his way up.

        Xiang Wen didn’t even have to serve Shen Jue before he slept anymore, so he had already gone to his room, and now they were the only two people in Shen Jue’s bedroom.

        When he reached his ankles, Yu Qing suddenly looked up at Shen Jue, and this glance collided with his eyes. Neither of them said a word, Yu Qing’s long eyelashes lifted gently and his hands gradually moved up.

        He did just want a massage at first, but how he ended up rolling onto the bed, he couldn’t remember.

        Yu Qing sat on his knees on the bed, his fangs in the man’s neck for a while, his feeding was much more restrained, and he could even distract himself to see his reaction, and when he saw Shen Jue frowning, he immediately backed away, his red tongue licked the blood clean from the wound.

        After doing this, he got out of bed, poured out the water, washed his hands, and was about to turn off the light and leave the room when Shen Jue called out to him.

        “Let’s sleep together.”

        Yu Qing’s back was to the bed, and there was a momentary stiffness, but he quickly turned off the light and went to the bathroom instead of going straight back to bed. Bloods had good eyesight, even without the lights on, they could see clearly. When Yu Qing finished washing and came out, he had only a towel around his lower half, and he looked at Shen Jue and said softly, “Duke, I don’t have pajamas in here.”

Shen Jue moved his eyes away and turned his gaze to the other side, “There are new ones in the closet, get one.”

        Yu Qing smiled, although he always cautioned himself not to think too much, the fairy tales he had read as a child were only stories after all, but when someone could really pull him out of the swamp, he still couldn’t help but want to grab that person’s hand.

        Because he was born a half-blood, he grew up with a lot of injustice, begging in the streets, beaten, only eating garbage, and he entered the manor, no one his age was willing to play with him, adults ignored him, he occasionally heard them call him “half-blood” in disgust.

        He knew that these people were talking about him, because of his origin, even if he does well, he couldn’t change the fact that he was a half-blood, he could only stay in the manor as a slave for the rest of his life, with a small salary, doing the most tiring work. He could now go to the kitchen to help, and even got the housekeeper’s recommendation, it was by his efforts.

        Because of his low birth, he put in ten times as much effort as others, a hundred times as much, and he fought to make everyone like him so that he would have a better life.

        So even if Shen Jue was always good at one time and bad at another, he could live with that.

      There was nothing he couldn’t put up with if he could change things, and the more time he spent with Shen Jue, he gradually realized that the other man wasn’t as hateful as he made himself out to be.

        During this time, he’d found that Shen Jue would share the food that hadn’t been touched on the table with him and Xiang Wen, and after he’d shared it with them, he’d let the kitchen take care of the leftovers. Even when Xiang Wen sometimes wanted something, Shen Jue agreed. Yu Qing suddenly understood why Xiang Wen stayed by Shen Jue’s side all the time, because if he knew the man well enough, he would find that Shen Jue was actually very good at pleasing.

        Yes, pleasing.

    Yu Qing understood that his actions were probably disgraceful, but he really loathed his status as a slave. If Shen Jue liked him, then everything would be different. Although he didn’t like those parties on the surface, he knew that he yearned for the glamorous and extravagant life, and when he wore a suit and stood in the banquet hall, he would have the illusion that he too was a nobleman, but he knew he wasn’t.

        Shen Jue didn’t introduce him to those nobles, so those nobles would at best look at him a few times, and would never call him by his first name, but by the humiliating ‘little beauty’.

He wanted to move up, he wanted to be a man of the people. He didn’t see a problem with that kind of thinking.

        On top of that, he didn’t loathe Shen Jue, and even when the other man’s hand touched him, he couldn’t help but tremble, not with fear, but with excitement, and he didn’t understand why that was.

        That day when someone was outside the door and he was on his knees, he was actually the one who reacted, but he didn’t dare let him see it, so he could only secretly pinch himself with his hand to press that reaction back.

        But when Shen Jue pinned him against the door panel and bit his lip, Yu Qing understood completely what was different about him in that instant.

        He reacted even more, he loved the pain and humiliation, Yu Qing thought he might be crazy, but he was incorrigible, the pain and humiliation from Shen Jue, he needed it.

   He needed it, in every situation.

        Yu Qing didn’t wear new pajamas, but took one that Shen Jue usually wore but wore less, he did it on purpose, wanting to see his reaction, and sure enough, after he got into bed, Shen Jue looked at him a few more times. Yu Qing pretended not to know and looked at him, “What’s wrong, Duke? Is something wrong?”

        Shen Jue was no fool, and he was now guessing what Yu Qing was thinking as well. While Yu Qing was watching Shen Jue, he was also watching him. In previous lives his heart had been almost exclusively on Qiao Jiangyuan, so he basically didn’t know much about Yu Qing, but he was watching more and thinking more in this life.

        A humble half-blood could live pretty well in this manor, how could he be silly? And Qiao Jiangyuan was from a noble family, but he was engaged to Yu Qing later, what concept was that?

        It was almost like a Cinderella marrying into a rich family.

        Was this Cinderella stupid? Absolutely not, he even completely charmed Qiao Jiangyuan.

        Shen Jue had always wondered if it was possible that Yu Qing had climbed on Qiao Jiangyuan without a second thought because Qiao Jiangyuan was the one person who could give him the most. Because of this suspicion, Shen Jue was gradually testing Yu Qing.

        At first, Yu Qing didn’t resist him, perhaps because he was the master, but when Duan Xuyong came to apologize that night, although Shen Jue was reading the newspaper, he had actually been watching Yu Qing’s reaction.

        Yuk Qing was a little excited, an excitement that came from Duan Xuyong’s apologising to him.

After that, he noticed that Yu Qing was acting more boldly, although he would no longer talk about being his lover, he was gradually hinting or luring Shen Jue.

        It was obvious that the ones who wanted something were better to deal with than the ones who didn’t want anything.

        He wanted to give Yu Qing hope, and then destroy those hopes in front of him.


        “You’re wearing my clothes.” Shen Jue leaned back and sat on the bed, his eyes gently sweeping over the clothes on Yu Qing’s body.

        Yu Qing had a look of panic on his face, “This is not new? I …… I made a mistake, I’ll go change now!”

        “Forget it, wear it, just wear it.” Shen Jue pulled the corners of his lips, and then he laid down. He covered the quilt, then simply closed his eyes, and after a while, he felt his arm being touched gently.


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