C8—– Kill The Emperor [8]

Shen Jue took much longer to recover from his injuries this time than the last time.

For the first half of the month, he had been lying in bed in a muddled state, occasionally waking up to hear Feng Qingbao’s cries.

Shen Jue had a bit of a headache, this Feng Qingbao had had an average relationship with him in previous lifetimes, so why was he so deeply attached this time?

He tried to tell the other man to stop crying, but he didn’t even have the strength to open his mouth.

Four of Shen Jue’s ribs were kicked and broken, and Imperial Physician Xu was stunned when he saw him that he worked day and night for three days to save Shen Jue’s life.By all rights, there was no need for Imperial Physician Xu to be so attentive to a slave, but when he was diagnosing and treating him, both Murong Xiu and the Regent were standing next to him watching him, especially the Regent, who smiled and said, “Imperial Physician Xu, I think he will survive.”

If he wanted him to survive, why did he have to lay such a heavy hand in the first place?

Imperial Doctor Xu was a little angry, but this anger couldn’t be released yet.

Two months hadn’t even passed, and he had treated Shen Jue three times in a row, and the third time Shen Jue was no different from a corpse. Imperial Physician Xu was really wondering what had Shen Jue, the young eunuch, done to deserve punishment all the time?

And Shen Jue’s third wound was still by the Regent’s hand.

The regent had killed many people, he knew that, but the regent rarely did it himself, let alone move his hand and have someone save their back.

He had seen Shen Jue carefully, not only his face, but almost everything inside and out, and there was really nothing strange about it, if not, it was the broken lower body.

As Imperial Doctor Xu stared at that spot for a long time, Feng Qingbao, who was helping out, gradually changed his expression.

Why was this Imperial Doctor Xu staring at that part of Shen Jue so intensely?

This this this….

Imperial Doctor Xu, as a medical practitioner, reached out and carried on, completely ignoring Feng Qingbao’s look.

It was also nothing unusual ah.

The Imperial Physician Xu put it down again, calmly and self-assuredly netted his hand.

Feng Qingbao trembled, and only after a long while did he have the audacity to ask: “Imperial Physician Xu, is he injured there as well?”

“No.”Imperial Physician Xu calmly returned.

Feng Qingbao hesitated: “Then?”

Imperial Physician Xu replied, “Just a little curious.”

“…Oh.”Feng Qingbao purposely hid far away for the next few days, afraid that Imperial Doctor Xu was curious about him there as well.

When Imperial Physician Xu did this, Shen Jue was still unconscious, so he didn’t know that someone had touched him that way, and when he was occasionally awake, Feng Qingbao didn’t tell him, Feng Qingbao didn’t dare to say anything, he was afraid that if he did, Imperial Physician Xu would do it to him.


After lying for half a month, Shen Jue was awake for a longer time, but he couldn’t get out of bed.

After he woke up, the medicinal servant beside the doctor came over. The only person who came to see him after he woke up was Feng Qingbao, but Murong Xiu never came.

Instead, Feng Qingbao mentioned Murong Xiu to Shen Jue.

“Now His Majesty has lost a lot of weight, he sleeps late at night and doesn’t eat much, so how can his body survive for a long time.”

Shen Jue closed his eyes, his body ached badly, he listened to Feng Qingbao talk about Murong Xiu, his body seemed to hurt even more. He weakly opened his eyes, “Don’t you have to go to the imperial court to serve?”

Feng Qingbao snorted, “Now that His Majesty has a good number of extra people to serve around him, His Majesty has asked me to come and see you more.”

More people to wait?

Did the Regent arrange that?

Shen Jue closed his eyes again, he had suffered a great disaster and picked up his life from the gate of ghosts, it was expected that Murong Xiu didn’t come to see him. Murong Xiu was actually a very thin-hearted person, otherwise he wouldn’t have been with the regent after Shen Jue died for him in his previous life.

Such a thin-hearted person was also very guarded.

The Regent had the looks, the status, the time to spend with Murong Xiu, and most importantly, everything Murong Xiu had now was given to him by the Regent, it was only a matter of time before he fell in love with the Regent, not to mention they still had a bed relationship.

Skin.When the flesh was close, did the heart connect?

Shen Jue didn’t know, but men were always better to talk to in bed.

Women had sex because of love, but men loved because of sex.

In previous lifetimes, it was only after Shen Jue’s death that the regent and Murong Xiu had really broken through with their relationship.

When Shen Jue closed his eyes to ponder his strategy, Feng Qingbao thought he was sleepy again, so he tucked him in and walked out. Not long after Feng Qingbao left, two people barged right in.As soon as Shen Jue opened his eyes, he recognized the people.

He was very familiar with these two people.

They were the Regent’s men, and during the time when Shen Jue seduced the Regent in his previous lives, it was the two of them who personally brought him over. When he was battered and bruised, these two men would throw him back.

But this time he wasn’t going to seduce the Prince Regent, so why did the two of them appear again?

Although Shen Jue knew the other’s identity, he knew to act as if he didn’t know, and his face showed some surprise, “Who are you guys?”

The one on the left was called Dao Zhan, with a scar on his chin, he was usually always smiling, and he was also the one who opened his mouth first, and his voice was called very gentle, “Little Eunuch, the Regent invites you to come over.”

The one on the right was called Yang Xu, silent and quiet, he directly held Shen Jue under his armpit after Dao Zhan said that, and without saying a word, he walked out. Shen Jue was in so much pain that he almost couldn’t breathe, and Dao Zhan was quick to force a pill into Shen Jue’s mouth and dabbed at his acupuncture points.

Next, Shen Jue fainted, unaware of everything.

When he woke up again, he was lying on the ground, with a pure white carpet beneath him.

And in front of him sat a man, who was drinking wine.

Shen Jue gasped for air, his unhealed ribs now ached so badly that they were numb and he wanted to pass out again.But he couldn’t faint now, so Shen Jue gritted his teeth and got up from the ground and he knelt down honestly.

“Slave pays his respects to the Regent.”

The man gave a soft snort, tapping his fingers on the armrest of the pear chair and asking a nonsense question, “Does it hurt?”

Shen Jue pursed his lips and said honestly, “It hurts.”

The man was satisfied and said gently, “It’s good that it hurts, but this Regent was afraid that it won’t.”He paused, “Otherwise, there’s no telling where you’ll bite me this time.”

Shen Jue’s head pressed even lower, almost crawling on the ground, an extremely humble gesture.

The man looked in askance with a smile and drank another cup of wine, he finished the cup of wine before saying slowly, “Take off your shirt.”

The hand in Shen Jue’s sleeve moved slightly while he then sat up slightly straighter and obediently took off his shirt, revealing his bandaged upper body.After he finished taking off his clothes, he didn’t forget to fold his top and carefully set it aside.

Shen Jue did this for a reason, he was just a young eunuch with a few sets of clothes, the regent didn’t have eunuch’s clothes here, and would not give him clothes to wear later, Shen Jue knew in his previous life. He protected his clothes now, and would at least have a shelter later.

Dao Zhan who was standing in the doorway was stunned for a moment, then laughed silently.

Yang Xu, on the other hand, frowned, this kind of lowly bone, he didn’t know how long he could live under the prince.

They all knew that the Regent liked hardened people the most, and the more obsequious and lowly they were, the less they would be able to please the Regent.

The Regent didn’t react very well to Shen Jue’s actions, he just got up, paused, and took it upon himself to untie the white bandage on Shen Jue’s chest, he pulled it off at will, Shen Jue’s eyes became bloodshot from the pain, and that was just the beginning.

It was only when the regent poured strong wine on his chest that Shen Jue felt the pain of extinction.

He rolled over in pain, and Yang Xu had to come forward to pin down his arms and legs.

Shen Jue watched the regent gently pour the wine on his chest and then stomp on his injury with his foot.He was in so much pain that he forgot to disguise himself, and only looked at the Prince Regent with an icy look in his eyes, as fierce as a wolf in the mountains.

The Prince Regent saw the situation, but was satisfied and appreciated Shen Jue’s look.

This gray mouse was truly extraordinary, and he had never seen a slave so courageous, nor had he seen a slave who could be so life-threatening.

This was barely the fourth time.
The Regent thought.

The regent trailed off and cupped Shen Jue’s chin with his hand, saying in a gentle voice, “Little mouse, if you can live this time, this Regent will give you a great gift.”

He let go of his hand after saying that, and Dao Zhan handed over a handkerchief.

The regent wiped his hands with the handkerchief and then lightly threw it away.The handkerchief floated down to Shen Jue’s face, hiding his face.


When Imperial Physician Xu saw Shen Jue again, this time he didn’t even look like he was drawing breath.

This time Shen Jue didn’t have a single good piece of flesh all over his body, it was all whiplashed.

He didn’t even know how to get Shen Jue to lie down.

Dao Zhan stood behind Imperial Doctor Xu and gently said, “This time, it’s better not to trouble Imperial Physician Xu, our Regent has said that if you can save it, you should, but if you can’t, forget it.”

Imperial Physician Xu nodded, “Your humble servant knows.”

Was the Regent challenging the limits of his medical skills?


After Dao Zhan left, Imperial Physician Xu instructed his medicine boy, “Go, bring my thousand-year-old ginseng over here.”

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