C79– Kill The Half-blood 8

Time passed little by little, when Shen Jue checked, it was already two o’clock, so he glanced at the back.

        No one had come out yet.

        Bored with waiting, Shen Jue noticed a small store next to him and got out of the car. He looked closer and realized that the store was a candy store. The shopkeeper, a female Blood, froze when she saw Shen Jue enter, and then smiled.

        Shen Jue nodded and wandered through the store on his own. In this realm, every time he drank blood, he had a craving for sugar, but no one put sugar on the table, so tonight Shen Jue simply bought some sugar, and when he checked out, the shopkeeper couldn’t help but smile, “Is this for your girlfriend?”

        Her store usually had more female customers.

        “No, I’ll eat it myself.” Shen Jue said, and when it was time to pay, he realized that he had given his money clip to Yu Qing and looked a little embarrassed. The shopkeeper had already counted the money, but when she saw Shen Jue frozen in place, she asked suspiciously, “Sir, what’s wrong?”

        Shen Jue hurriedly said, “Wait, I didn’t take the money.”

        He turned around and went back to the car, but unfortunately the driver didn’t have any money on him either, which made Shen Jue a little helpless. The candy store owner was standing behind the glass door sorting candies, her eyes peeking at Shen Jue. She actually thought Shen Jue was good-looking, so she couldn’t help but look at him more, but when her eyes fell on Shen Jue, the store owner was afraid he wouldn’t pay.

        Shen Jue stood by the car door for a while and decided to go get the money from Yu Qing, even though it was a bit awkward.

        He walked to the entrance of the br*thel. When the guard saw Shen Jue, he handed him a mask and said with a smile, “You sat in the car for so long, I thought you weren’t coming, but I guess it’s hard to pass the time.”

Shen Jue put his mask on his face, ignored the guard’s words, and walked straight inside.

        When she saw Shen Jue, she nodded and casually opened the booklet in front of her, “Is this your first time here, sir? Is there someone you’d like to order?”

        The booklet was a portrait, with the characteristics of each person and the price underneath.

        Shen Jue didn’t look at the booklet, but asked directly, “Which room are the two people who just came in?”

        The other didn’t even freeze when she heard that, as if she was used to having this kind of customers all the time, “In the innermost room on the second floor.”

        When Shen Jue heard these words, he was about to walk up the stairs, and he didn’t know if it was because he was walking too fast, but the woman behind the counter couldn’t help but ask, “Sir, you’re not here to catch an adulterer, are you?”

        Shen Jue’s steps jerked, “No, don’t worry, I won’t smash up your store.” When he finished, he quickened his pace and went up to the second floor, he heard some voices. The sounds of laughter and other sounds reached Shen Jue’s ears, making him wrinkle his eyebrows.

        He walked to the door of the innermost room, but it was quiet as hell, which surprised Shen Jue a little. He raised his hand and knocked on the door, and it didn’t take long for someone to open it, the bodyguard.

        The bodyguard recognized Shen Jue’s clothes and was visibly flustered, “Duke, what brings you up here?”

        Shen Jue gave the bodyguard a look, “I just had to buy something, but the money clip was here with Yu Qing, so I came up, is he inside?”

        “He is.” The bodyguard took out a money clip from his own pants pocket, “I have money here, Duke, buy it with my money first.”

        Hearing this, Shen Jue couldn’t help but take a serious look at the bodyguard, his jacket was off, his cuffs had water stains, he looked flustered and his eyes were very evasive, as if he was hiding something from him.

        What happened?

        He immediately pushed the bodyguard away and walked inside, “Yu  Qing?”

        He went to the bed, but didn’t see anyone on the bed, but on the sofa saw Yu Qing’s clothes. The suit was folded neatly on the sofa, and even a newspaper was spaced between the sofa and the clothes.

        The bodyguard followed him up and said somewhat breathlessly, “Duke, Yu Qing is in the bathroom, I didn’t mean to hide this from you, but he insisted on ……”

        Shen Jue closed his eyes and interrupted the bodyguard, “Okay, go out.”

He originally wanted the bodyguard to watch Yu Qing, but he didn’t expect this, the bodyguard had such thoughts about Yu Qing.

        Listening to the meaning of his words, did Yu Qing insisted?

        Damn it.

        Shen Jue rarely burst into foul language, he took the mask off his face and threw it onto the bed, wearily raising a hand to rub his brow, and quickly began to consider whether to dismiss the bodyguard immediately. These two had a relationship, no matter what happened later, there would be a difference when they saw each other, the best way was to dismiss the bodyguard, and when time went by, Yu Qing may forget about it.

        And now the most urgent task was to see how Yu Qing was.

        Although the bodyguard said that Yu Qing insisted, what if he had lied and he had actually used violence to coerce him?

        Thinking about it, Shen Jue walked to the door of the bathroom, and knocked on the door, “Yu Qing, are you in there?”

        No one answered him, but he heard the sound of water inside.

        Shen Jue frowned and knocked again, he stood in the bathroom for a moment, and when he ran out of patience, he opened the door directly. The bathroom door was unlocked, and as soon as he entered, he felt something rushing toward him.

        Shen Jue’s first reaction was to counteract, so he grabbed him and turned around, pressing his back against the door. With this pressure, he could see who was rushing at him, and it was Yu Qing. He was pinned to the door by Shen Jue and let out a low gasp. He was covered in water, his face was red. The flush was obvious, and his beautiful eyes were a little disoriented and a little pained.

        The shower head in the bathroom was still running, so he’d obviously just been taking a bath.

        Shen Jue saw that it was Yu Qing, so he let go of his hand, and he turned around to turn off the shower head first, before turning around to ask Yu Qing about his body, but he only turned around, and Yu Qing rushed over again. He slammed Shen Jue into the tile, then kissed him regardless.

  He was disorganized and inexperienced, so he could only bite him.

        Shen Jue couldn’t help but wrinkle his brow, and his lips seemed to be bitten through, with beads of blood seeping out, which made Yu Qing become even more excited. He even began to make jerking motions.

        The two were so close together that Shen Jue naturally sensed the condition of Yu Qing’s body, which surprised Shen Jue a little.

        According to reason, after having s*x with the bodyguard, the drug should have subsided, so why was it still so strong? He had just turned off the water when he found that Yu Qing was using all the cold water in the shower.

        Yu Qing was still biting, but Shen Jue couldn’t bear it anymore. He reached out and took hold of the man’s shoulders, forcing the man away, “Yu Qing, look at who I am.”

Yu Qing was pushed away, but a low growl escaped from his throat, highlighting his displeasure. Shen Jue didn’t take this displeasure to heart, he thought for a moment and turned to get the shower head off. In the time it took him to get the shower head, Yu Qing was once again on his back.

        He hugged Shen Jue from behind, and his lips came close to his neck, and with little hesitation, he bit down directly.

        Shen Jue was coldly bitten and couldn’t help but suck in a light breath, his brow furrowed as he wondered if he should simply knock Yu Qing out. Yu Qing stuck to his body, sucking with glee, and like last time, he made several holes.

The bodies of the Bloods changed when they drank and were drunk from, and Shen Jue was no exception, except that he controlled it better, but tonight the heat from him reached his body slightly, and the sounds from the next room came to his ears.

        “Ah, quick! Faster!” The one who said this seemed to be a young male blood.

      The reply was a series of gasps and moans.

Shen Jue gritted his teeth and finally couldn’t hold back any longer. He forcibly ripped Yu Qing off his body, then turned on the shower head and aimed for a spot. He turned the switch to the maximum, and the water temperature was the coldest. Yu Qing was hit by this, he wanted to hide from the pain. But Shen Jue was angry, how could he let Yu Qing escape, he simply reached out and grabbed him, the hurriedly hit him.

        Yu Qing let out a low wail, his eyes became teary, he tried to escape from Shen Jue, but couldn’t, and finally he could only whimper and cry. Shen Jue ignored him and continued to rinse until he was semi-normal, and only then did he drop the shower head.

        Yu Qing was a mess, and Shen Jue wasn’t much better now, with his clothes nearly as wet.

        He dropped Yu Qing, opened the bathroom door and walked out, taking his jacket off as he went. He walked to the door and opened it, the bodyguard was still standing in the doorway and stood up straight when he saw Shen Jue, “Duke.” After he shouted he noticed that Shen Jue’s lip was injured and seemed a little swollen, even the clothes on his body were wet, his expression changed slightly.

        “Come in.” Shen Jue said to the bodyguard, “Take off your clothes.”

        The bodyguard stiffened and immediately entered the room, he quickly took off his own clothes, down to his underwear, he hesitated, “Duke, do I have to take this off too?”

   “No need.” Shen Jue also didn’t expect this guy to undress so quickly, he was frozen before he spoke. He was only wearing his bodyguard’s shirt, who was much taller than his, so Shin Jue had an empty feeling wearing this shirt, but he didn’t want to care that much right now.

        He finished dressing up before walking back to the bathroom door, which wasn’t closed, and he walked over to see Yu Qing sitting naked on the floor.

        He was facing the door, his hand touching the bottom, his face still streaked with tears, his eyes looked straight at Shen Jue. Yu Qing was beautiful, even when he was doing this, he was still beautiful, just mixed with a hint of seduction.

        Shen Jue pursed his lips and closed the door in Yu Qing’s face before he said through the door, “Come out when you’re done, I’ll give you half an hour.”
The bodyguard took off his shirt and gave it to Shen Jue, although he didn’t mind wearing wet clothes, but he didn’t dare to wear Shen Jue’s shirt and couldn’t get into it, so he only wore his own jacket, with most of his chest exposed, which made him very uncomfortable. As he was lookingk down at his pecs, he heard Shen Jue’s voice.

        “Why didn’t you order anyone?” Shen Jue asked in a cold voice, he had just seen Yu Qing’s body and naturally knew that nothing had happened between Yu Qing and the bodyguard.

        The bodyguard flinched as he immediately replied, “Yu Qing didn’t want to order, he said it was too expensive, so he only booked a room and tried to control it by taking a cold shower.”

        Shen Jue couldn’t help but close his eyes at his words, should he give Yu Qing a raise?

        And at that moment, there was a sudden loud bang from the bathroom.

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