C77— Kill The Half-Blood 6

Yu Qing froze.

Eating charred bat meat, such things he had only seen in horror stories, he never thought there would be such a person in real-life, and he was a graceful nobleman.

It took him a long time to find his voice, “Xiang Wen, are you telling the truth?”

Of course Xiang Wen was lying, he just put the most perverted thing he thought about on Qiao Jiangyuan’s head, but after all, it was a lie, so he deliberately looked around and pretended to look very scared, “You must not say anything, and don’t let Duke Qiao know that you know his secret, or he will definitely eat you, no nobleman will admit to having such a fetish , so if he were to hear any whispers, he would certainly kill the bat to silence it.”

He stretched out a finger and pointed to Xiang Wen, “And you are the bat that will be killed.”

Yu Qing: “……”

Yu Qing went back and had a dream, he was drinking blood from a person with an indistinct face, and suddenly someone broke in, he looked back in surprise and found that it was Qiao Jiangyuan, and Qiao Jiangyuan licked his fangs, and then threw the torch in his hand at him …..

The frightened Yu Qing woke up from the dream.

He opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling, dazed, before breathing a sigh of relief.

So it was a dream.

“A nightmare?” A voice suddenly came from the darkness, a voice that frightened Yu Qing, he quickly grabbed the quilt.

“Who is it?” He called out in a panic.

The voice came from the couch in his room, and he calmed down a little before he dared to look over. Bloods had good eyesight in the dark, so he saw the other man’s face at a glance.

It was Shen Jue.

Yu Qing hastily lifted the covers and got out of bed. Once in bed, he found himself wearing only a pair of shorts, he hurriedly put on the pajamas next to him. He had worn it for many years, and the material had pilled a bit, but he didn’t have money to buy new clothes.

“Sorry, Duke, I slept so much that I didn’t know you were here.” Yu Qing didn’t dare get up even after he was dressed; he didn’t know why Shen Jue had come to his room during the day. He sometimes couldn’t sleep and would walk around the manor in the daylight, but Shen Jue never showed up in the daylight, the nobles were very averse to daylight.

“It’s okay.” Shen Jue said in a light voice, “Come here.”

Yu Qing’s room wasn’t large, and it was only two or three steps from the bed to the sofa. Yu Qing stood one step away from Shen Jue and didn’t dare to move, he was a little afraid that he would lecture him about blood sucking.

“Why are you standing so far away? Come a little closer.” Shen Jue said again.

Yuk Ching looked down at his slippers, he had an opening in the front of his slippers, he didn’t know if the Duke had noticed it, he hoped he didn’t notice. Although Yu Qing was a slave, he was young and had the inherent pride of an adolescent, a pride that would always come out when it wasn’t necessary.

Perhaps if another slave had stood in front of Shen Jue, that person might have deliberately placed his most broken things in front of Shen Jue, imploring his master to buy him new ones, but the current Yu Qing couldn’t do that.

He moved slightly in front of him.


Moved again.

“Go on.”

Yu Qing felt that his tattered slippers were about to touch his gorgeous and plush slippers. He heard that the hair on the Duke’s slippers was fine owl fluff, and each one was glued on by hand. Perhaps this pair of shoes would cost him several years of labor.

Yu Qing was a slave, his wages was much lower than the hired servants like Xiang Wen. He had been saving for so many years, but only had one jar full. If he left here, the money wouldn’t last for a few days at all.


“Look at me.” Shen Jue said.

Yu Qing could only obediently lift his chin, which was almost on his chest, upward, and the next instant, his arm was suddenly pulled heavily, and his body tilted forward.

When Yu Qing realized that he fell into an embrace with a cold fragrance, he immediately wanted to stand up, but his cold fingers touched his neck, “I’m hungry.”

His voice was clearly calm, even with a hint of indifference in it, but it was as if he had lost all his strength and could only limp helplessly in his arms, “No, Lord Duke, my blood isn’t good, I will go to the kitchen now.”

“Too late.” Yu Qing felt his head gently tilt, one side of his neck was rubbed by something, soft, it seemed to be his lips. He was a little afraid, but he didn’t dare to resist, and could only reveal a soft posture.

After Shen Jue had rubbed against Yu Qing’s neck, he sniffed it a bit.

He was cleanly washed, and there was a faint scent of soap.

He opened his mouth and gently bit down.

While biting down, he heard the half-blood in his arms suck in a breath. He looked at the other from the corer of his eyes and saw that his eyelashes were blinking rapidly, seemingly very disturbed.

Of course he was upset.

Because it didn’t even matter if Shen Jue drank all of his blood, it wasn’t that there was no precedent for such a thing as a master drinking all of his slave’s blood.

Also the feeling was strange, after Yu Qing was bitten on the neck, he felt like he was being bitten on the neck by a powerful beast, he could only submit obediently, he shouldn’t even have the thought of running away, and his body felt strange, the blood was flowing so fast, and he started feeling hot all over.

He wrinkled his eyebrows and tried desperately to hold back, but a sweet humming sound still came out of his mouth.

When being drank from, the person felt a high. The feeling was from the blood swimming in every one of his veins, from the heart out and into the heart, the cycle went on and on, swimming then the whole body.

But as he stopped humming, he was suddenly released.

He was a little stunned, with confused eyes, he turned his head, and saw Shen Jue cover his lips, his face ugly as hell.

Yu Qing opened his mouth, and before he could say anything, he saw Shen Jue stand up and rush straight to the bathroom in his room.

The next instant, he heard the sound of vomiting.

The Duke had vomited, because he had drank his blood?

Yu Qing touched his neck where he’d been bitten, his expression inexplicably fragile and pitiful. This was a strong blow, no blood could accept someone vomiting after drinking their blood, drinking blood was a beautiful thing, and when the other vomited, it meant the person whose blood was sucked was disgusting.

He sat on the couch for a while before cleaning up and walking to the bathroom.

The bathroom door was closed, and he could now only hear the sound of water running inside.

“Duke, are you okay?” Yu Qing stood at the bathroom door and whispered, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

After a moment, the bathroom door was opened.

Shen Jue’s face was pale and there were still beads of undried water on it, and he glanced at Yu Qing, “Go back to sleep.”

Yu Qing’s fingers twitched slightly, but he moved out of the way, and he watched Shen Jue leave his room, and gritted his teeth.

This episode caused Yu Qing to stay awake, and as soon as he closed his eyes, it was as if he could see the Duke rushing off to the bathroom, and what was the Duke thinking at that moment? He must think he’s disgusting. He was only a Half-Blood, a half-blood’s blood was very disgusting ah! He told the Duke that his blood wasn’t good, but the Duke wanted to try it, could he blame him? Surely not, so he wasn’t wrong, he didn’t get to decide his own birth.

But it was sad.

No one would genuinely like a half-blood, his parents didn’t want him, no one would want him.

When he got up, Yu Qing was still in a bad mood. He drifted like a wandering soul to the kitchen, the cook saw him and greeted him, but Yu Qing only nodded to her listlessly. This was too strange, she had never seen Yuk Ching like this before.

“What’s wrong? Yu Qing, you look very sullen.” The cook said worriedly, “Did someone bully you?”

Yu Qing shook his head, he couldn’t tell anyone that the Duke had come to his room during the day, “I didn’t sleep well during the day.”

“Is that so?” The cook looked at the time, “It’s still an hour before the Duke gets up, do you want to go back to sleep for a while? There is less work today.”

“No, I can’t sleep now either, it’s better to work.” Yu Qing squeezed out a smile.

On weekdays, Yu Qing would help serve the food, but today he had been hiding in the kitchen, and he didn’t dare to see Shen Jue’s face now, for fear of seeing his disgust.

And Shen Jue hadn’t slept well either.

He had thought that drinking blood would be fine as long as he followed his instincts, but when he heard Yu Qing’s voice, he suddenly realized that he was a living creature, which made Shen Jue instantly sick to his stomach; in all his years as an immortal, he had never eaten bloody meat, let alone drank blood from his own kind.

The nausea washed up in his throat, so he had to rush to the bathroom to throw up.

When he got up, that nausea still lingered.

He looked even more tired this night, causing both the housekeeper and Xiang Wen to be very nervous, fearing that they were doing something wrong.

When the evening meal was over, the butler took out an invitation and placed it in front of Shen Jue.

“Duke, this is an invitation from the Wei family, they will be holding a charity banquet in three days.”

When Shen Jue heard about the banquet, he wanted to reject it outright, but suddenly thought of something and changed his mind, “Remind me after three days.” He looked at the butler, “Have you found a candidate for the other manservant?”

“Not yet.” The butler said, “It may take a while.”

In the imperial capital, their duke was notoriously bad-tempered, and no one even slightly intelligent was willing to come over to work.

Shen Jue had guessed correctly; he knew his reputation in the imperial capital, and probably one of the top three most hated nobles in the entire capital must be him. In previous lives, he had liked Qiao Jiangyuan, so he had openly and secretly prevented other bloods from approaching him, and if anyone dared to approach, he would definitely find trouble for the other person and his family. Over time, Qiao Jiangyuan couldn’t even hold a party because no one dared to come, but Shen Jue was happy.

Now that he thought about it, Qiao Jiangyuan probably loathed him a long time ago and couldn’t wait to get rid of him, it was just that at that time he was rich and powerful, and Qiao Jiangyuan couldn’t tear his face off.

“Then let’s pick one from the manor.” Shen Jue said calmly, “Find one that can take a lot of scolding.”

Someone who could take a scolding?

The butler’s first reaction was to think of Yu Qing, but that day Yu Qing had already been kicked out, so he just nodded and said he’d do his best.

“Right, take Yu Qing to buy some clothes and shoes that fit, and three days later, I’ll take him to the charity banquet with me.” Shen Jue continued.

Those words really scared the butler, although he liked Yu Qing a lot, Yu Qing was a half-blood, and half-bloods couldn’t go to a place full of nobles, it was a predicament for the nobles.

The butler hesitated: “Does the duke really intend to take Yu Qing? It’s just that Yuk Ching has been helping out in the kitchen and may not quite understand the rules of the banquet.”

Shen Jue said, “That’s okay, he just needs to stand behind me.”

The butler got his order, and after Shen Jue went to the study, he went to find Yu Qing.

Yu Qing was sitting at the back door of the kitchen peeling potatoes, and when he heard the butler, he immediately stood up and washed his hands before going over, “What do you need from me?”

“Put the current work aside for a while, you’re going out with me.” The steward said.

“Now? Where to?” Yu Qing froze for a moment.

“To do some shopping.” The housekeeper wasn’t about to tell Yu Qing the news in the kitchen.

With an oh, Yu Qing went to change into his going out clothes. The clothes for going out weren’t like the clothes he usually wore at the manor. At the manor, he had to wear a snow-white shirt and black suit pants during the dark hours because of Shen Jue’s presence, but when he went out, his dress was much more casual, simple tweed back pants and a plaid shirt, with a playful beret on his head

He rarely went out, and was a little excited when he got in the car, so he asked the butler eagerly, “Where are we going? The market?”

“No, downtown.” The butler glanced at Yu Qing, and saw the two small holes on Yu Qing’s neck. When someone was bitten by a blood, the tooth holes would take at least four or five days to disappear, he didn’t see these two small holes in Yu Qing’s neck last night.

But the butler didn’t ask, he just silently looked away.

“Why do you want to go downtown?” Yu Qing had been to the city center, where many malls were located, behind the glasses were dazzling luxury goods that one could barely move one’s eyes, but Yu Qing spent all the money he had on him and couldn’t buy a single thing there, not even a pair of ordinary socks.

“The Duke is taking you to a charity banquet in three days, so he specially asked me to take you to buy some clothes, is there anything else you want to buy? You can buy them together today.”

Yu Qing swallowed nervously when he heard Shen Jue’s name, although he didn’t know why he had such a reaction, “The duke is buying me something?”

The butler nodded and added, “You are a blessed one.”

Yu Qing listened silently and couldn’t help but reach out and touch his neck, his action fell into the butler’s eyes, but the butler still didn’t say anything.


The banquet was to be held three days later at midnight.

Shen Jue stood in front of the dressing mirror, tied his black bow tie, and then took his bowler hat from Xiang Wen’s hand and walked out. Today he wore a black double-breasted suit with a slight waistline, making his waist lean and legs longer, and he walked out of the room with little expression on his cold white face, “Where’s Yu Qing?”

He asked Xiang Wen.

Xiang Wen wasn’t even qualified to accompany Shen Jue today, so in the past three days he had explicitly and implicitly caused a lot of trouble for Yu Qing, but he didn’t dare to make too much of it.

“Waiting for you downstairs.” He replied.

Shen Jue nodded and walked down the stairs, and when he reached the first floor, he saw the man standing in the living room.


Yu Qing was wearing expensive clothes for the first time, he looked bit restrained, but he was beautiful, one could say he was like a diamond in the rough, and the clothes dug away the stone on his surface, so that people really see his beauty.

Even Xiang Wen couldn’t help but falter when he saw him.

But Shen Jue frowned slightly.

Yu Qing had been secretly observing Shen Jue’s expression, and when he saw this expression, he immediately stood up straighter nervously, “Duke.”

“The color of this outfit isn’t good, go change into another set.” Shen Jue stared at the white suit on Yu Qing’s body, which brought back some bad memories for him.

“Ah, okay.” Yu Qing hurried back to his room and changed the white suit he was wearing into black. By the time he finished changing and came out, Shen Jue was already in the car. He looked down at the driver and the bodyguard in the passenger seat and thought for a moment before pulling open the door to the back seat.

Shen Jue wasn’t paying attention to Yu Qing’s movements, he was flipping through a brochure.

It had come with the invitations and contained the exhibits for this evening.

When Yu Qing saw that Shen Jue wasn’t looking at him, he sat up carefully. He didn’t dare get too close to Shen Jue, and after he closed the door, he sat almost against his side of the car door for fear of upsetting the other man.

Somehow, he hadn’t even been that afraid of Shen Jue, but for a few days, he’d had a sense of trepidation at the sight of him.

After looking for a while and finally finding something he was interested in, Shen Jue hooked his lips and said to the driver in front of him, “Drive.”

All the exhibits at tonight’s charity gala had been donated by some nobles, and all the proceeds from the auction would be donated to some poor places, and Shen Jue had come to this charity gala for a diamond ring.

The diamond ring was the first beauty of the empire, Manshan. He heard that the diamond was bought for her by her first love, so she wore the ring on her hand all the time, and Manshan got married and didn’t take the diamond ring off until the news of her first love’s death came, so she donated the diamond ring.

And this ring was later worn in the hand of Yu Qing.

Shen Jue had little interest in this charity banquet in his previous lives, and came to the event just to go through the motions, auctioning a random item and donating some money, but he was very impressed with this diamond ring, as it had almost fetched a sky-high price.

A diamond ring from hundreds of years ago was actually quite ordinary, yet it was notorious because of the story behind it and its former owner.

Shen Jue hadn’t seen Qiao Jiangyuan at the charity banquet in his previous lives, but now that he thought about it, he should have asked someone else to help him with the auction, he ended up giving this far-reaching diamond ring to Yu Qing when he got it.

Heh, interesting.

After traveling for a while, the car arrived at its destination.

The porter immediately went up and opened the door for Shen Jue, while someone else opened the door for Yu Qing, who said thank you somewhat formally and followed Shen Jue out of the car. He had never been to a place like this before, and it felt a little unnatural for him to walk behind Shen Jue, but he didn’t want to embarrass Shen Jue, so he tried to control his eyes and not look around.

But he only looked ahead, but ignored the steps at his feet.

“Be careful.” Shen Jue turned back and held Yu Qing with his hand, lowering his voice for the second half of the sentence, “Are you going to cause me a big disgrace here?”

“No.” Yu Qing stood firmly in a hurry.

Shen Jue gave him a look and withdrew his hand, “Don’t be nervous, just pretend this is home.”

Yu Qing could only smile awkwardly.

Seeing this, Shen Jue ignored him and continued on his way.

The banquet was on the negative first floor, and they followed the usher to the hall on the negative first floor, which was dimly lit, with bizarre and extravagant murals on the walls, blood and flowers juxtaposed.

As soon as Shen Jue entered, he drew the attention of many people, those who came up to greet Shen Jue, without exception, they noticed Yu Qing behind him.

“Wow, where did you find that little beauty behind you?” A male Blood stroked his chin, his eyes quickly sweeping over Yu Qing’s entire body; he was notoriously horny and had once even hit on Qiao Jianguan, but he had to give up because Shen Jue was staring too hard.

His famous saying was – every flower in this world tastes different, I just want to be a flower appreciator.

“Beautiful, isn’t he?” Shen Jue didn’t seem to mind the other man’s words, and turned to Yu Qing and said, “Come, say hello to Marquis Yan, he’s known for his generosity, and will give gifts whenever he sees a beautiful person. A necklace will be auctioned, just let him give it to you.”

These two or three sentences made Marquis Yan’s face turn white, today’s auction had a necklace, for the finale. It was said to be the necklace of a certain princess of the royal family, he wanted to disagree, how much money would it cost? He was fond of beauty, but this beauty was too expensive, he couldn’t afford to raise him.

Marquis Yan immediately laughed awkwardly and walked away with a snort.

The rest of the people saw him slinking away and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Still you have a way to cure that old pervert, it really makes me sick to see him.” The one who said this was a female Blood named Xiao Qingshan, who followed Shen Jue over to her seat while casually saying, “You’ve been recuperating at home for so long, are you feeling better?”

“Not too bad.” Shen Jue said indifferently.

Xiao Qingshan looked around with her blood cup before smiling at Shen Jue, “Qiao Jiangyuan didn’t come today, do you know what he went to do?”

A familiar conversation.

It was also Xiao Qingshan who had said this to him in previous lives.

“Gone to do what?” Shen Jue also asked the same thing as in previous lives.

“I heard that the Qiao family is interested in a marriage, and they seemed to be busy with this some time ago, so today Qiao Jiangyuan should have met with the woman.” Xiao Qingshan smiled again.

In previous lives, when Shen Jue heard these words, he almost had to leave the scene, but in the end, it was reason that made him sit back, but after he left the place, he went directly to Qiao Jiangyuan’s house, and after finding that Qiao Jiangyuan was not there, he threw a big tantrum, which later became the joke of the circle.

Because Qiao Jiangyuan just went to the farmland in the countryside that day.

“Is that so? Then bless him.” Shen Jue smiled.

This response from him froze Xiao Qingshan, and she looked at Shen Jue in amazement, “You …… don’t mind?”

“Why should I mind? He’s my good brother, he’s found his happiness, I should wish him well, besides, I’ve found mine too.” Shen Jue suddenly pulled over Yu Qing, who was peeking at the blood drink on the table next to him, and gave him a kiss on the cheek in passing, “Right, baby?”




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