C73— Kill The Half-Blood 2

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The gold bell on the third floor master bedroom and the gold bell on the first floor were connected, when it rang from above, the bell downstairs would also make a sound.

When people heard the sound, they obviously became a lot more nervous.

The butler in the tuxedo straightened his back, “Xiang Wen go quickly, Yu Qing, carry the water up with you.”

Xiang Wen was the Duke’s personal manservant, originally there was another, but that one left yesterday, the butler hadn’t found a suitable manservant, so he could only ask Yu Qing to take his place for the time being.

Xiang Wen had a shoulder-length hair, clean face, and a sharp jaw. He had been serving the Duke for decades, which was greatly admired by the crowd, the other valet had only served for two years and was reluctant to continue.

“Xiang Wen, what should I pay attention to later?” Yu Qing, carrying water, walked a step below Xiang Wen.

Xiang Wen heard the question, but his footsteps didn’t stop, “If the Duke says anything, just do it, never say no, your answer should be – yes, Duke. Because you are serving the Duke for the first time in close proximity today, do less and look more, but don’t stare at the Duke’s face, the Duke is very disgusted with the lower bloods looking at his face.”

Lower blood?

A trace of gloom flashed in Yu Qing’s eyes.

Even if he was good, he was a slave after all, and everyone would remind him that he was only a half-blood.

To change status?

Just having assets wasn’t enough, he had to at least have military service.

The Duke’s grandfather was in the battlefield, so the Duke had a noble status and countless assets. The Duke’s father never went to war, because looking at blood made him sick, as a blood, being blood-sick sounded too funny, but the Duke also had this problem.

Yu Qing felt that this was just an excuse made by the Duke and his son in order not to go to the battlefield, after all, they never got dizzy when they drank blood.

Many nobles in the imperial capital would find all kinds of excuses not to go to the army to fight in the war. Yu Qing understood in his heart that in the eyes of these nobles, fighting a war was an extremely rude thing to do, let alone fighting a war with their own food.

The self-proclaimed nobility wouldn’t do such things and would only let their slaves put those lovely foods on their tables.


Xiang Wen suddenly turned around and stared at Yu Qing with unblinking eyes, “Don’t dawdle here, serving at the Duke’s side is not as easy as going to the kitchen to beg for food, you’d better brace yourself, that’s my advice to you.” He raised his chin slightly, “If you don’t listen, I will ask the Duke to let you work in the fields, maybe you can charm many thirsty bloods with that little mouth of yours, too.”

When Yu Qing heard this, his face immediately turned red, and he hastily argued, “I didn’t.”

After saying that, he pursed his lips tightly.

In this manor, Xiang Wen was known for his poisonous mouth, but Yu Qing rarely dealt with him, because he was a kitchen helper, while the other was the Duke’s personal servant, there was also a status difference between the two of them.

If the personal servant job was done well, later he would have the opportunity to be promoted to a butler.

Once one became a butler, their status would be very different, some butlers, if they got the master’s family preferential treatment, their children could enter the school for nobles.

But he would always be a humble servant.

No one dared to fight with Xiang Wen, because he was the duke’s man, even the butler also had to be cautious around Xiang Wen.


After the conversation on the stairs ended, Yu Qing carefully carried the water basin and followed behind Xiang Wen into the third floor master bedroom.

The temperature of the master bedroom was very low, as soon as he went in, he could feel the gloomy coldness. The roof and walls were glazed, and the main colours of the room were black and red, rich and dark, a style that the nobility liked best.

As soon as Xiang Wen entered the door, his expression changed drastically, “Duke, good evening.”

The person on the bed sat on the edge of the bed, the silk pajamas drew attention to his pale skin, this was the unique skin tone of the nobles, they never went out in daylight even though they had light avoidance rings, in the upper class society, the colour of the skin also symbolized status.

Only the lowly blood would go out running in the daytime.

Xiang Wen squatted meekly beside the man on the bed, carefully slipping on the fleece slippers for the other man while he kept on talking, “Lord Duke, tonight’s main meal is precious human blood, and the after-dinner dessert is your lordship’s favorite, Sahee cake.”

Shen Jue didn’t look at Xiang Wen, who was putting on his shoes, but silently focused his gaze on Yu Qing, who was standing not far away.

He was as beautiful as in his previous lives, almost too beautiful for one to look away.

“Xiang Wen.” Shen Jue opened his mouth.

Xiang Wen immediately lifted his head, “My lord?”

Shen Jue lowered his eyes to look at Xiang Wen and said nonchalantly, “Who gave you the guts to let a half-blood into my room?”

Hearing this, Xiang Wen immediately fell to his knees and lowered his head, “My lord, forgive me, I’ll throw him out immediately.” He rose again and took the water basin from Yu Qing’s hand with a disgusted expression, “Get out! Don’t dirty the Duke’s eyes.”

Yu Qing did not expect to be kicked out just after he came in, his body was shaking a bit, but he could only obey the order to go out.

When he went out, the door behind him closed, as he was driven out like a piece of trash.

He stood in the doorway for a while, forcing the tears in his eyes to recede before he went downstairs.

The housekeeper was first surprised to see Yu Qing, then sighed and said nothing about it, and told him to go back to the kitchen.

Back to the kitchen, Yu Qing immediately surrounded by people, the cook was more compassionate and touched Yu Qing’s face, “It’s okay, child, the Duke has always had a temper, the butler should be blamed, just stay in the kitchen to do a good job.”

Yu Qing bowed his head and couldn’t smile.

The cook saw him like this, so she secretly stuffed a piece of cake to Yu Qing, “Hide it, don’t let the butler find out.”

Although Yu Qing had never eaten this kind of cake, but he had seen it, it was the cake that Xiang Wen had introduced to the Duke.

“But it’s not ……” he froze.

The cook winked her left eye playfully, “It’s okay, I just gave a small piece to you, the Duke will not find out, go.”

A few people next to him saw it and also told Yu Qing to go eat quickly.

Yu Qing smiled a little, took the cake and went to the back door of the kitchen to eat.

When he finished eating, the Duke hadn’t yet come down.

When the Duke woke up every night, he had to take a bath first.

It took close to an hour just to take a bath.

But lately, Xiang Wen was a bit depressed, he used to help the Duke bath and massaged him, etc., but since the Duke got injured, he was no longer allowed to do those things, now he only stood outside with his clothes.

He was a little suspicious that he was going to lose his job.


Shen Jue in the bathroom didn’t think about what Xiang Wen outside the door was thinking, he just looked at the light-avoidance ring on the middle finger of his left hand.

Since recovering his memory, the pain seemed to remain in his bones now.

When he killed himself, he actually regretted it, just like the other bloods, but there was no turning back from this road of self-death, and he could only watch his body being burned with a clear mind.

He naturally wouldn’t take the same path this time.

In fact, Shen Jue was quite satisfied with this realm, because Yu Qing was his slave, as long as his assets weren’t sold, no one could snatch Yu Qing from his hands, as for Qiao Jiangyuan, he had to go back to where he came from.

He got up and took a shower before walking out of the bathroom. Xiang Wen immediately wanted to go up and dress Shen Jue, but was stopped by a look from the other man. He could only obediently hand over the clothes.

Since he was at home, there was no need to dress so formally.

Shen Jue only put on a silk bathrobe and left the room.

Xiang Wen followed behind him, always three steps apart, not too far away, so that if Shen Jue needed anything, he would be the first to rush over, as was his duty as a personal manservant.


The butler stood bent over the stairs on the first floor to greet Shen Jue, “Good evening, my Lord Duke.”

Shen Jue glanced at him, gave a slight nod, and headed to the dining room.

The butler followed behind Shen Jue, he was one level above the valet, so he only had to take a step apart from Shen Jue, “My Lord Duke, ten minutes ago a servant from Duke Qiao’s house sent a letter saying that Duke Qiao wanted to come over and visit the Duke today.”

“Rejected.” Shen Jue said indifferently.

The butler froze, stammering for the first time, “That ……”

That was Duke Qiao Jiangyuan, the Duke’s best friend, and every time Duke Qiao Jiangyuan came, the Duke would be happy, and if Duke Qiao Jiangyuan didn’t come for more than a week, the Duke’s week would become very bad, and they would have a tougher time.

Shen Jue didn’t repeat himself a second time, and the butler, after confirming that he had heard correctly, could only nod, “Yes, Lord Duke, then I will reply to the other party with the reason that the Duke is not feeling well.”

Shen Jue walked to the main seat at the table and sat down, he placed his hand on his chin and gave the butler a faint look, “No, tell him not to come in the future.”

Come for what? To give him the opportunity to seduce Yu Qing?

There was an old saying that the moon would come first when the water was close, and Shen Jue was ready to tear down Qiao Jiangyuan in advance.

He nodded outwardly, but was prepared to reveal a few words to Duke Qiao Jiangyuan’s servants later. The Duke was justifiably angry, after all, after the Duke was injured, Duke Qiao Jiangyuan only visited once on the day of his injury, and now the Duke had been awake for several days before he came to visit, it was inevitable that the Duke was angry.


Shen Jue began to eat, he looked at the human blood placed in the cup with disgust, but could only frown and drink the blood.

He was now a vampire and would be malnourished if he didn’t drink blood for a long time, plus he had recently been injured, so he could only drink human blood for nutrition, but Shen Jue wasn’t an authentic vampire, he had his original memories.

After he drank half of it, he couldn’t drink any more. He put the cup down, and Xiang Wen, who was on the side, immediately put the clear water next to Shen Jue’s hand.

After Shen Jue drank a large portion of the clear water, he could barely suppress the nausea in his stomach. He swept a glance at the half of the human blood left in front of him and suddenly said, “Where is that half-blood just now?”

The butler smiled and immediately called for someone to call Yu Qing over.

When Yu Qing learned that Shen Jue wanted to see him, his first thought was that he’d been caught stealing the cake, so he walked over with a very nervous expression, wondering how Shen Jue would teach him a lesson and hoping that he’d only get a whipping.

He trembled as he walked up to Shen Jue and whispered, “Lord Duke.”

Shen Jue stroked the light-avoiding ring on his hand and glanced at the cup, “Drink it.”


Yu Qing had never thought that Shen Jue would reward him with a large cup of human blood, and he froze completely in place, unable to even see the jealous look in Xiang Wen’s eyes.

When Shen Jue saw the delay, he turned his eyes to see the dazed look on Yu Qing’s face. He cocked his head and said slowly, “What? Too much for you to drink?”

Yu Qing hurriedly shook his head, “No, it’s just that human blood is too precious for me to drink.”

Now a cup of fresh human blood was ridiculously expensive, and a slave like Yu Qing might not be able to drink a cup a year. What they were drinking now were blood products, which contained only five to fifteen percent of human blood components.

“It’s okay, if I say you can drink it, you can drink it, go ahead.” Shen Jue finished with a smile, he waited for a while, and when he saw that Yu Qing was hesitant to move, the smile on his face faded again, “What? Want me to feed you?”

“No, no, I’ll drink it myself.”

Yu Qing finished and swallowed nervously before carefully reaching out his hand to hold the cup of human blood.

He was cautious and afraid that he would drop the cup.

When the blood entered his mouth, he was almost happy enough to dance on his hands and feet, but he remembered who he was in front of now.

Yu Qing finished drinking and hurriedly put the cup back on the table, and after he put it back, he even looked up and smiled gratefully at Shen Jue, “Thank you, Duke.”

Shen Jue smiled back, only there was deep meaning in that smile, “Do you know how expensive this cup of human blood you’re drinking is?”

When Yu Qing heard that, his face went white.

As expected, he heard Shen Jue say cruelly, “You dared to drink it, what nerve, and the cake was quite delicious, right?”

He swept a glance at the cake crumbs on Yu Qing’s thumb, then he sneered and hooked his lips, looking to the housekeeper, “What kind of penalty would a slave who commits theft be sent to the judge for?”

As soon as the words fell, the pretty half-blood next to him immediately knelt down to the ground, he prostrated his body, got under the table and touched his shoes with his forehead, “Lord Duke, please don’t send me to the judge, I beg you.”

Many servants would choose such a pose when begging for mercy, they used their faces to press against their master’s feet to show their loyalty and humility.

With a sweep of his eyes downward, Shen Jue pulled his foot out of the slipper and stepped on Yu Qing’s pretty little face.

Xiang Wen saw the scene and silently rolled his eyes.

This lowly dog, he just knew to seduce . Seducing people, he didn’t even let go of the Duke.

Yu Qing’s body stiffened as he was stepped on by Shen Jue, but he didn’t dare move and could only let the cold foot stomp on his cheek.

But Shen Jue only stepped on it for a moment, and then seemed to find it pointless, and put his foot back. Seeing this, Yu Qing thought that the other was going to send him to the judge, and in his impatience, he actually caught Shen Jue’s foot and took the initiative to drop one soft kiss after another on the back of his pale foot.

While kissing, he whispered the man’s title.

“Lord Duke.”

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