C69—- Kill That Gentleman 32

Shen Jue never thought he had such a twisted life, Sang Xinghe’s master came out of seclusion a few days later.

That day, Sang Xinghe took Shen Jue with him to see his master.

Sang Xinghe’s master’s name was Yue Hong, although he was only in his forties, he already had a head full of white hair and looked like a man in his sixties, but the handsomeness of his youthful face was vaguely recognizable in his eyebrows.

When Yue Hong saw Shen Jue, his semi-muddy eyes lit up, as if a light had been lit in the depths of darkness, and he stared at Shen Jue, his lips trembled slightly, as if he was holding back something.

Shen Jue didn’t have a good feeling about this so-called biological father, and seeing him staring at him like this, he frowned darkly and ducked behind Sang Xinghe.

Sang Xinghe looked a little embarrassed, he turned his head slightly to Shen Jue and said softly, “Xiao Jue, he is your father, you don’t need to be afraid.”


Shen Jue laughed coldly in his heart.

Even if he was really in the realm, he was afraid a man like Yue Hong wasn’t worthy of being a father, when he was young, ruthlessly abandoning his wife and child, and then when he was dying, he remembered that there might be a wife and child out there, and began to think of a life of happiness?

Yue Hong stopped Sang Xinghe, “It’s okay, it’s his first time seeing me, he should be afraid. He looks exactly like Miao Luo, he is my child. All these years, I have not done my duty as a father, I am sorry for him and his mother.” He looked at Sang Xinghe with a somewhat grave expression, “You said you met him on the Ten Extremities Island, how did you meet him?”

Yue Hong had also had a Celestial Luo body, he glanced at the red mole on Shen Jue’s earlobe, this son of his had been broken.

When he asked Sang Xinghe this, the implication was that he was asking who had touched Shen Jue.

Sang Xinghe fell to his knees at the sound of his words, and he bowed his head and said respectfully, “Please punish me.”

“You?” Yue Hong frowned.

Sang Xinghe let out a sound and buried his head even lower, “I didn’t know that Xiao Jue was Master’s child, so I took advantage of Xiao Jue, if Master wants to beat or kill me, I am at your disposal.”

With these words, Yue Hong sent Sang Xinghe flying with a single palm strike.

Sang Xinghe fell a few feet away, Shen Jue rushed over and tried to help Sang Xinghe up, but Sang Xinghe gently pushed away Shen Jue’s hand, smiled soothingly at him, then climbed up on his own and knelt in front of Yue Hong again.

Yue Hong’s face was a bit ugly, he had originally asked Sang Xinghe to find him, he had expected that Shen Jue might already have a master, but there was no harm, as long as he killed that person, Shen Jue could be restored to a free body, but now he was told that the person who had humiliated his child was actually his good pupil.

How was he supposed to take this?

“Xinghe, how has master treated you?” Yue Hong was silent for a long time before he said in a deep voice.

Sang Xinghe did not hesitate, “Master treats me like his own son, apprentice is an orphan, and has also long ago treated master as his own father.”

Yue Hong heard these words and remained silent for a while longer before raising his eyes to look at Shen Jue and squeezing a smile, “Your name is Xiao Jue? Is that the name your mother chose for you?”

Shen Jue shook his head, “I’ve never met my mother, and I have no memory of her.”

Yue Hong’s expression became much gloomier, “You have not seen your mother? It’s just that I’ve let her down after everything.” He smiled at Shen Jue again, “Tell father, do you like him?”

He pointed down at Sang Xinghe, who was kneeling on the ground.

Shen Jue didn’t hesitate to nod.

Yue Hong also nodded when he saw this, “If you like him, good, then how about Father organise a wedding for you?”

What he hadn’t been able to give to Miao Luo in the first place, he could only compensate to his own son.

Shen Jue didn’t say yes this time, but looked at Sang Xinghe. Once Yue Hong saw this look, he understood, and he immediately said to Sang Xinghe, “Xinghe, do you have any objections?”

Sang Xinghe kept his head down, “Disciple has no objection.”

Yue Hong nodded in satisfaction, “Since you two have no objections, then I’ll send someone to find an auspicious day tomorrow and get your business done before it’s too late.” He looked at Shen Jue and his voice was very soft, “Xiao Jue, I’ll talk to Xinghe, how about you go out and play for a while?”

Yue Hong probably had something private to say. Shen Jue looked at Yue Hong and said hesitantly, “Then don’t hit him, he’s not well.”

Yue Hong coughed, “Of course not, good boy, go out and play.”

When Shen Jue left, Yue Hong’s face sank.

There was a weapons rack set up in his room, Yue Hong slowly walked over and glanced at the weapons on it, then finally took off a long whip. He took the whip and walked back to Sang Xinghe with a gloomy expression, “Take off your top.”

Sang Xinghe didn’t even hesitate to struggle, so he quickly took off his shirt.

Yue Hong paced close to Sang Xinghe’s back and whipped his back, “Xinghe, what did I teach you growing up?”

This whip was used with internal force, and Sang Xinghe was already injured, he let out a stifled grunt. He gritted his teeth and straightened his back, and replied, “Do not provoke right and wrong, do not commit evil and treachery, do not bully the weak, no shame in the heart, no shame in the master, no shame in the Jianghu, no shame in the world.”

Yue Hong coldly snorted, “It seems you still remember this sentence, then are you being wronged?”

Another whip.

Cold sweat oozed from Sang Xinghe’s forehead and he strained to say, “Not wronged.”

Yue Hong punished him, he finally removed his internal strength, with internal strength, Sang Xinghe wouldn’t last long under the punishment.

“No injustice is good.” Yue Hong whipped him again, “Then tell me, how will you treat Xiao Jue in the future?”

Sang Xinghe’s face turned white, “I will cherish Xiao Jue, I will love him like a pearl, and I will not neglect him, I will not deceive him.”

“Swear.” Yue Hong said in a stern voice.

But after the whips, Sang Xinghe was like a fish out of water, he was covered in cold sweat, he gritted his teeth, before squeezing out, “I, Sang Xinghe, swear to heaven, to treat Shen Jue well in this life, not deceive him, cherish him, only him alone, if I violate this oath, let I, Sang Xinghe bear five thunderstrikes from heaven, be removed from the path of immortality, and may my next life be turned to the path of animals. ”

Hearing this, Yue Hong’s expression eased a lot. He lowered his whip and said in a warm voice, “Xinghe, don’t blame me, I owe too much to Miao Luo, the mother and son.”

Sang Xinghe shook his head, “I’m not aggrieved, I volunteered.”

Yue Hong smiled and personally helped Sang Xinghe up, “It’s good that you’re not aggravated, Xiao Jue is a man and can’t give birth to a child, if you want to have a child in the future, you can bring an orphan back from outside to raise. I don’t have much time left, Xiao Jue doesn’t know how to do this and can’t hold down the fort, so the mantle of Tian Luo Sect Leader will be passed on to you. Xinghe, I treat you like my own child, so for the sake of master, you must also be good to Xiao Jue.”

With these soft and hard words, how could Sang Xinghe not understand Yue Hong’s meaning, but he respected his master and would do whatever Yue Hong told him to do.

When Sang Xinghe got dressed and went out, he saw Shen Jue sitting on a rock outside the courtyard.

Now that the weather was heating up, Shen Jue was wearing a thin watery green shirt, and the light of the setting sun was cast on his handsome and beautiful face, with a long and slender profile. The wind blew up the hem of his shirt, and only then did people realize that what they saw in front of them was not a painting.

Sang Xinghe stood a short distance away and watched Shen Jue quietly for a while before putting on a gentle smile and walking up, “Xiao Jue, have you been waiting long?”

Shen Jue looked back, and when he saw Sang Xinghe coming out, he immediately got up. He pursed his lips at Sang Xinghe and smiled, with a shyness in his eyes that hadn’t faded.

Shy for what?

Was it because of the marriage to him?

Before Sang Xinghe brought Shen Jue here today, he had guessed the end, that Yue Hong would not kill him, but would only let him marry Shen Jue.

Would he like that? Sang Xinghe didn’t know, but he was not disgusted.

It was just inevitable that there was some regret in his heart, regret that he didn’t have a choice.

“Let’s go, tomorrow we’re going to come over together and accompany Master for dinner, today Master has just left seclusion, so he won’t be eating with us.” Sang Xinghe walked over to Shen Jue’s side and took the initiative to hold the other man’s hand, “What does Xiao Jue want to eat tonight?”

“It’s all good.” Shen Jue’s voice was small.

Sang Xinghe looked at the distant sky and held the pain in his heart, “Then I’ll make a meal for Xiao Jue myself, Xiao Jue hasn’t tasted my cooking yet, so in case you regret it after the wedding, it’s better to let you try it first now.” He gave a low laugh.

Shen Jue blushed first before looking at Sang Xinghe with a serious expression, “Are you …… really willing?” He pursed his lips, with a vague fear in his eyes, “If you’re not willing, I can go talk to Master Yue, it’s okay.”

“No, of course I’m willing.” Sang Xinghe smiled and looked at Shen Jue, “Why wouldn’t I be willing if I could marry someone as nice as Xiao Jue? It’s only ……”

“Only what?” Shen Jue hurriedly asked.

Sang Xinghe put away the smile on his face and looked more solemn, “The matter of my body has not yet been solved, it must be solved first, otherwise I am afraid that he will hurt you. I’ve already reported this to Master, who said he’ll ask the master of the Thousand Buddha Temple and the master of the Pu Luo Zhai Sect to come over and see if I’ve been struck by a compulsion or an evil spirit.”

Shen Jue nodded, “Then you must not touch alcohol during this time, I will supervise you.”

Sang Xinghe hummed, “Can’t touch wine, really ……” he looked at the worry in Shen Jue’s eyes and instantly changed his words, “Okay, won’t touch wine, I’ll quit drinking from now on, don’t worry about it.”

The Thousand Buddha Temple’s Master Zhiwu and Pu Luo Zhai’s Master Zhai arrived at Tian Luo Sect a month later, and during this time, Sang Xinghe had not touched alcohol, and his body had not shown any abnormalities.

The master of Pu Luo Zhai checked Sang Xinghe’s condition first, and she quickly told Yue Hong, “There are no compulsions in your body, and there is no trace of invasion by compulsions, your disciple should not be under compulsion.”

Yue Hong said, “Could someone have taken my apprentice’s hair and other things and put a compulsion on him?”

The master shook his head, “even the most powerful compulsion also need compulsion insects, that kind doesn’t exist, I think this matter should be left to Master Zhiwu.”

After Master Zhiwu looked at the situation of Sang Xinghe, he started reciting a scripture, Sang Xinghe first listened to it calmly, and then he suddenly covered his head, with a pain filled expression. Master Zhiwu’s expression changed and he stopped in a hurry. After he stopped, Sang Xinghe also gradually got better, Yue Hong saw this scene, his expression was very serious.

“Master, my disciple is?”
“An invasion of an evil spirit.” Master Dawu said softly, “His body has someone else besides himself.”

Yue Hong’s face suddenly became very ugly, he looked at Master Zhiwu, “This …… this …… how can this happen?”

Master Wu’s expression was still calm, “the invasion is usually picked when people are the weakest, your disciple had been in a coma for several months, I am afraid that the evil spirit, at that time, took advantage of the opportunity to do it. The purpose of this evil invasion is to take over the flesh. Fortunately, your apprentice is strong-minded, otherwise he would have been devoured.”

“Devouring?” Yue Hong listened to these words, his face became even more ugly, “Master means that the evil spirit is trying to completely rob my disciple’s body? To eat my disciple’s soul?”

“That’s more or less what it means.” Master Zhiwu said, “Fortunately, it is not too late, if you set up the 72 magic formations, and then use the scriptures to transcend, there is a chance to completely remove the evil spirit, if you delay, I am afraid that your disciple will become inhuman, ghostly. This evil spirit is not human after all, if it invades the human body, and naturally merges with the human’s body, then it will be difficult to do.”

Hearing Master Zhiwu’s words, Yue Hong dared not delay and immediately took Sang Xinghe and some of his disciples and set off for the Thousand Buddha Temple. He didn’t want to bring Shen Jue along, after all, it was a very dangerous thing, but Shen Jue insisted on going along, and since Yue Hong had found a son, he naturally spoiled him, so he had to bring Shen Jue along.

The little sister and her companion didn’t follow.

On the way, Yue Hong was afraid that something would happen to Sang Xinghe, so he purposely had the most powerful disciples of his school ride outside Sang Xinghe’s carriage, and didn’t let Shen Jue come near.

“Xiao Jue, the evil spirit in Xinghe’s body hasn’t been cleared, it might be dangerous, listen to father, don’t go.” Yue Hong pulled Shen Jue to share a carriage with him, these days, he always put on a doting father face, although Shen Jue was disgusted in his heart, he never showed it in the surface.

“He stays in the carriage every day now, so he must be bored, is it okay if I talk to him across the carriage?” Shen Jue saw that Yue Hong was still hesitant, so he simply clenched his teeth and shouted “Father.”

Yue Hong’s heart softened as he shouted, and he didn’t stop Shen Jue.

When it was time to stop for the next rest, Shen Jue immediately got off the carriage. When the disciples who were guarding Sang Xinghe saw Shen Jue coming, they stood apart, knowing that Sang Xinghe and Shen Jue would be married soon.

The carriage stopped quietly, and there seemed to be no sound behind the curtains. Shen Jue walked to the carriage window and called out to Sang Xinghe in a low voice.

As soon as the words were spoken, the curtain was lifted from inside.

Sang Xinghe’s face appeared behind the carriage window, and he was a little surprised to see Shen Jue, “Xiao Jue, why did you come over?”

“I came to see you.” Shen Jue said, and handed a book to Sang Xinghe, “This is the finished picture book of Qian Song, it’s about a Jianghu warrior, if you’re really bored, you can take a look at it.”

Sang Xinghe took Shen Jue’s book and smiled gently, “Thank you, Xiao Jue.” He glanced around and lowered his voice slightly, “Are you comfortable staying with Master?”

When he said this, he noticed a flash of embarrassment in Shen Jue’s eyes, and immediately understood.

Even though they were biological father and son, they hadn’t seen each other for so many years, and their feelings couldn’t be cultivated overnight, just from the fact that Shen Jue was still unwilling to change his name.

“It’s okay, there’s still a long time ahead.” Sang Xinghe reached out from the car window and touched Shen Jue’s head, “When we return from the Thousand Buddha Temple, we might still be able to catch the Tanabata Festival in Sand City, and then we’ll go together to set off lanterns.”

Shen Jue smiled shyly and nodded heavily to Sang Xinghe.

After traveling for about a month, they finally arrived at the Thousand Buddha Temple.

The abbot of the Thousand Buddha Temple already knew their intention and had prepared a fasting room for them early, and the matter of Sang Xinghe had been scheduled for seven days later.

During these seven days, Shen Jue couldn’t see Sang Xinghe at all, and heard from the disciples of Tian Luo Sect that Sang Xinghe had to soak in the purity pool at the back of the Thousand Buddha Temple to wash away the distracting thoughts in his mind during these seven days.

Yue Hong was afraid that something would happen, so he didn’t let Shen Jue see Sang Xinghe at all, even if Shen Jue called him father, it was useless.

Seven days passed in a flash, and on the eighth day, Shen Jue finally saw Sang Xinghe.

He didn’t know what Sang Xinghe had endured in the past seven days, he had lost a lot of weight, his figure was thin, his face was tired, but his expression was very calm. His feet was bare feet as he slowly walked into the hall, the hall was dim, his face looked like jade, his mouth like painted vermilion. He didn’t know if it was because he had lost a lot of weight, at this time his eyes were so beautiful that it was almost like a mountain spirit demon.

Sang Xinghe first bowed to the seventy-two senior monks, then looked at Yue Hong and called out to his Master, and finally, only then did he put his eyes on Shen Jue.

When he saw Shen Jue, he slightly smiled.

Shen Jue was looking at Sang Xinghe, and seeing this, he also smiled. Today he had begged Yue Hong for a long time before he could go inside the main hall.

When Sang Xinghe sat down cross-legged in the hall, Shen Jue sneaked closer to Yue Hong, “Father, can the evil spirit in Xinghe’s body really be removed?”

Yue Hong looked unhappy, “I don’t know, but we have to try.”

“What if …… we can’t remove it?” Shen Jue shivered a little in fear, “Father, I’ve dealt with that evil spirit, he’s especially scary, I don’t want Xinghe to become like that, I …… am afraid.”

Yue Hong looked at Shen Jue and sighed, he raised his hand and patted Shen Jue on the shoulder, “Don’t be afraid, there is father, if that evil spirit really can’t be removed, father won’t let that guy hurt you.”

Shen Jue smiled a good-natured smile, “Father is very kind.”

He turned his eyes to look at Sang Xinghe in the hall, and his eyes grew darker. Since meeting Yue Hong, he found that Sang Xinghe was completely foolishly loyal to Yue Hong as his master, as long as Yue Hong wanted something, Sang Xinghe was willing to do it, no wonder Yue Hong’s death in previous lives had hit Sang Xinghe so hard.

He wanted to break Sang Xinghe’s heart defense, it was estimated that he had to start from Yue Hong.

What would happen if Sang Xinghe found out that he was abandoned by Yue Hong? He had to say, he was really looking forward to the other’s reaction.

And to make Yue Hong abandon Sang Xinghe, the prerequisite was that Sang Xinghe had to become inhuman and ghostly.

These days Shen Jue was not idle, he played with the Buddhist scriptures, he talked to Master Zhiwu from time to time, and also learned that these 72 formations could be interrupted, and once interrupted, things would become more serious.

However, Master Zhiwu didn’t tell Shen Jue how he could interrupt the spell formation.

Shen Jue swept his gaze over the seventy-two senior monks one by one, perhaps one of them was the eye of the formation, but he couldn’t try, if he did, he would expose himself.

So he could only rely on Sang Xinghe himself.

The one inside Sang Xinghe saw everything outside, maybe he was watching these monks overtake him now, would he be willing? Maybe he would, but Shen Jue didn’t want him to.

Thinking of this, Shen Jue turned his head and whispered to Yue Hong, who frowned but finally nodded.

At this moment, the spell formation had not yet begun, and with Yue Hong’s approval, Shen Jue hurriedly ran into the spell formation, where he walked up to Sang Xinghe and sat down on his knees. When Sang Xinghe saw Shen Jue, his expression was even more gentle, “Why did you come over? The spell formation is about to begin.”

Shen Jue took the initiative to hold Sang Xinghe’s hand, his expression deliberate, “I came to tell you, Xinghe, my heart is pleased with you, from the first moment I saw you, I was actually moved in my heart. Even after the days of separation from you, I was thinking about you all the time, at that time I was in pain to death, but I thought, I can always see you again alive. I was really afraid that he would hurt you, but you killed him. Xinghe, you must get well, I heard that this formation is very powerful, unless you find the eye of the formation, it is impossible to break the formation, so the evil spirits in your body will definitely be destroyed.”

His eyes were clear and bright, and there was still straightforward and passionate love in them.

Sang Xinghe heard this, but suddenly frowned. His brow jumped for a moment before he said, “I know, Xiao Jue, I ……” and he suddenly covered his head.

Shen Jue saw that Sang Xinghe didn’t look right and seemed to be startled, while Yue Hong, who was on the side, saw this and hurriedly went forward to rip Shen Jue out of the formation, “Xiao Jue, don’t delay the master.” He looked to the abbot of the Thousand Buddha Temple, “Abbot, let’s begin.”

The abbot nodded slightly and struck the wooden fish in front of him.

The transcendence began.

Shen Jue had one of his arms pulled by Yue Hong, but he wasn’t in the mood to argue with Yue Hong at the moment, his gaze was fixed on Sang Xinghe.

If he failed, then he could only think of other ways.

It was best if it succeeded, it would save a lot of trouble.

You love me, don’t you? Don’t you hate it when you hear these words?

They are trying to overtake you, won’t you try to resist?

At first, Sang Xinghe looked quite stable, but at the end, he seemed to be getting restless and could not sit still, and his breath became much heavier. The voices of the seventy-two senior monks were ringing in his ears, and when Sang Xinghe raised his head, he saw the huge Buddha’s face at the top, it looked like he was gazing at worms.

Worms? What was a worm?

Gritting his teeth, Sang Xinghe shook his head violently, and in the next instant, he suddenly stood up.

Shen Jue saw, he seemed too worried and directly shouted Sang Xinghe’s name.

Yue Hong immediately nudged Shen Jue’s mute point, but the sound had pierced through the sutra sound and was heard by Sang Xinghe.

Sang Xinghe turned his head and looked at Shen Jue, his eyes gradually turned crimson, and after a while, he suddenly rose up and struck a senior monk to his left with a heavy palm.

Blood immediately spilled from the corner of his lips, but he still didn’t stop reciting the sutra.

Seeing this, Sang Xinghe sneered and walked directly to the senior monk’s side, and he aimed a palm at the other’s head.

“If you don’t stop, I’ll kill this bald vulture.” Sang Xinghe looked at the abbot of the Thousand Buddha Temple with a grim expression, “You can try to continue chanting to see if you can chant faster or I can kill faster.”

The abbot closed his eyes and plucked the Buddhist beads in his hand even faster.

Sang Xinghe snorted, and his hand hit down without hesitation.

Yue Hong on the side finally couldn’t stand it and attacked directly, “Stop immediately.”

Sang Xinghe directly grabbed the senior monk and pushed him towards Yue Hong, and then struck a senior monk next to him with a palm.

Where was the eye of the formation? Who was the eye of the formation?

He attacked several senior monks in a row, and finally placed his eyes on a young monk.

Sang Xinghe inclined his head and revealed a bloodthirsty smile.

The abbot’s eyes were originally closed, and suddenly, the Buddhist beads in his hand broke.

The beads fell to the ground, like water dripping from the eaves during a rainstorm, dripping and dripping all over the ground.

His hand moved slightly, finally opened his eyes, eyes with compassion for all things, “Mister, why do you have to do this? All things in this world are just fleeting, and there is no benefit in craving for the mortal world, so don’t be obsessed, and go back.”

Sang Xinghe grabbed the young monk’s neck and forced the older monk to go forward, “D*mn vulture, I have to go my own way, what can you do to me?” He snorted coldly, “Before I died, you called me a devil, after I died, you called me an evil spirit, today I want to see whether you win or I win.”

He looked at the young monk he had restrained, “This guy is your personal disciple, right? Do you think you will be angry if I kill him?”

The abbot’s eyes were calm, “Life is also death, death is also life, life is not life, death is not death, life and death are just a thought.”

Sang Xinghe gave a ha, “What bullsh*t, you don’t care about his life and death, then ……” he looked across to Yue Hong, “Master Yue, what about you?”

Yue Hong’s face was already iron blue, he was the one who begged the Thousand Buddha Temple to help him with this favor, but now it was his fault that the Thousand Buddha Temple was in such a state, and many senior monks had been injured.

“I don’t care if you are a human or an evil spirit, hurry up and let go of the senior monks, or else don’t blame me for being ungracious.”

“I can let go of him, give me Shen Jue in exchange.” Sang Xinghe said quietly.

Yue Hong was furious at his words, “Dream on!”

At that moment, Shen Jue came running over, he couldn’t speak, but kept shaking his head at Sang Xinghe, his beautiful blue eyes pleading.


What was he pleading for?

Pleading for him to let this bald vulture go?

Or for him to let go of everything and be overtaken?

Heh, why, why should he see Shen Jue with the man who had killed him?

He loved Shen Jue so much, he knew that he was deliberately seducing him and plying him with alcohol. He thought that if he couldn’t have it, he could just hide and watch in silence, but Shen Jue wanted him dead, wanted him destroyed.

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