C68– Kill That Gentleman 31

Shen Jue lifted his eyes and looked at Sang Xinghe, many things flashed through his mind instantly. Last night he was so flustered that some details were overlooked.

It seemed that both times Sang Xinghe’s temperament had changed drastically were related to wine.

The second day he woke up, he drank wine, and then woke up as usual, and said he had no memory of the first two days. The next period of time, Sang Xinghe didn’t touch wine, except for last night, he drank wine, fell and then woke up as the previous violent Sang Xinghe.

And for some reason, he always felt that the current Sang Xinghe seemed gave him a sense of déjà vu.

Sang Xinghe saw that Shen Jue hadn’t said anything, so he asked again, “Do you want some porridge?”

Shen Jue was interrupted in his thoughts, and seeing that Sang Xinghe was still standing here, he coldly replied, “No,” and rolled over and faced the wall.

Sang Xinghe raised his eyebrows, seemingly wanting to get angry, but when he saw the tears at the corners of Shen Jue’s eyes, his eyebrows fell back into place, and he stood up, pacing back and forth on the edge of the bed, seemingly wondering what to do with Shen Jue.

After a long time, he sat down on the edge of the bed again, “It seems to have swollen a bit when I applied the medicine last night, I’ll take a look at it now.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the person on the bed twisted his head, his pretty little face full of anger. Sang Xinghe silently lowered his head at this angry glare, and he awkwardly touched his nose, “If you don’t want me to look, I won’t.”

“Go out.” Shen Jue said through clenched teeth.

Sang Xinghe’s eyes rolled and he went out obediently.

Not long after he left the room, a disciple of Tian Luo Sect came to the door, “Senior Brother, Aunt Wang said that the roof of their house had broken a big hole and wanted Senior Brother’s help to fix it.”

He took a look at the disciple and said very meanly, “Are you and Auntie Wang a pair?”

When the disciple heard this, his face turned red and he didn’t know what to say, “Senior Brother, how can you say that? I have an innocent relationship with Aunt Wang.”

Aunt Wang was actually not very old, she was only in her early thirties, and was a charming widow, this disciple didn’t have such desires towards Aunt Wang.

“Then the roof of her house is broken, what are you worrying about?” Sang Xinghe snorted, “Is this a charity hall?”

“But ……” the disciple was confused, Senior Brother was very helpful, not to mention repairing the roof, when a cat climbed the tree and couldn’t get down, they came to big brother, Senior Brother didn’t get angry.

Sang Xinghe waved his sleeve, “Get out of the way, don’t show your ugly face to me.”

Disciple: “……”

Last time, Senior Brother praised him for being born with extremely powerful looks.

Later, the disciples of Tian Luo Sect were privately gossioing that Senior Brother had lost his lover, because only a lost love could make a person’s temperament change drastically.

And who could make the big brother fall out of love? The only person by Senior Brother’s side was the Celestial Luo body.

The next few days, Shen Jue hadn’t looked at Sang Xinghe, while Shen Jue’s attitude had become fierce, Sang Xinghe began to lay low, except that at night he refused to sleep in a seperate bed.

The previous Sang Xinghe never slept in the same bed with Shen Jue.

Sharing a bed with him, Shen Jue discobered a problem with this Sang Xinghe.

He had insomnia.

This was something that Shen Jue had discovered accidently.

He woke up thirsty in the middle of the night, so he fumbled to get up from bed and tried to get a glass of water, but just as he sat up, Sang Xinghe opened his eyes, “What’s wrong?”

There was no sleepiness in his voice.

Shen Jue froze for a moment before saying, “I want to drink some water.”

Sang Xinghe sat up, “I’ll go pour it for you.”

He got up and got out of bed, and after a while, came back with a glass of water. Shen Jue whispered his thanks and took the cup, and when he finished, Sang Xinghe asked in a low voice, “Want more?”

Shen Jue handed back the cup of water and shook his head.

After Sang Xinghe put the water cup back, he quickly went back to bed. Although his eyes were closed, Shen Jue had been listening to the sound of Sang Xinghe’s breathing. After a person fell asleep, his breathing would be slower than usual, but he noticed that Sang Xinghe’s breathing seemed to become more rapid as time passed, like a person’s reaction when they were irritable.

Insomnia could make a person irritable.

Shen Jue had been trying to control his breathing all night to keep an eye on Sang Xinghe, and by the time the rooster crowed outside, Sang Xinghe had almost leapt up and was soon out of bed.

He hadn’t slept all night, and Shen Jue had only ever seen such severe insomnia in one person–

Yu Ci.

This conjecture made even Shen Jue sweat a little, now Yu Ci was actually in Sang Xinghe’s body? He had never seen a situation where there were two souls in one body, but this was an illusionary realm, and the illusionary realm was originally controlled by the realm master’s consciousness, so if the realm master had split into two bodies in this illusionary realm, and one body perished, it wasn’t impossible for the two souls to fuse in one body.

So now it was very likely that there were two souls living in Sang Xinghe’s body, one was him and the other Yu Ci.

They were both realm masters, rather the realm master had split himself into two people in this illusionary realm.

But this was only a guess on Shen Jue’s part, he thought he needed to try it out for himself.

If the medium was wine, then the next time Sang Xinghe drank, it would be Sang Xinghe’s soul that would be the dominant one.

Shen Jue was a little curious, if it was really one body with two souls, would the two souls stay in one body for a long time and completely merge together, eventually becoming a completely different Sang Xinghe?

Since Shen Jue discovered this secret, he secretly observed Sang Xinghe for a few days, and during these days, he found that Sang Xinghe didn’t touch wine at all. Even if a disciple took the initiative to toast Sang Xinghe at the table, he would just lazily take a sip of tea, and if the disciple tried to toast again, he would scold him.

This style of dealing with the world wasn’t at all like Sang Xinghe, but more like the great devil Yu Ci.

But Yu Ci was a very fond of drinking, if he was really in Sang Xinghe’s body and he didn’t drink, them he knew how real Sang Xinghe would be switched back.

“…… I have Sang Xinghe’s memories, I have his martial arts skills, I have his body, if I’m not Sang Xinghe then who is Sang Xinghe?”

Shen Jue suddenly thought of what Sang Xinghe said that day, the meaning of the words most likely indicated that even when Sang Xinghe dominated his body, Yu Ci was also responsive to the outside world, or one could say that Yu Ci could fully possess Sang Xinghe’s memories, but Sang Xinghe didn’t have Yu Ci’s memories.

His reason for not touching the wine was to completely take over Sang Xinghe’s body?

If Yu Xi kept control of Sang Xinghe’s body, then it meant that Shen Jue could no longer see the real Sang Xinghe, and Sang Xinghe’s soul was controlled to the point where he couldn’t even control his own body, let alone fall in love with Shen Jue.

The key to breaking the realm didn’t lie in killing a person’s physical body… The real one should be to kill that soul.

He couldn’t let Yu Cu stay in control of Sang Xinghe’s body, he had to let Sang Xinghe out as soon as possible.

Shen Jue began to think of ways to get the current Sang Xinghe to drink, but the other party was so vigilant that he didn’t even touch the dishes cooked with wine, and Shen Jue didn’t know how he had detected it. Shen Jue didn’t dare to be too obvious for fear that the current Sang Xinghe would notice, and in the end, Shen Jue had to choose a path that was too far off.

At Night.

The weather was getting hot, and Sang Xinghe was bored after eating a spicy dinner, and now he was sweating, and his clothes were stuck to his body. He then took a change of clothes and went to the bath room. Sang Xinghe’s bath room was divided into an outer room and an inner room, the inner room was a bath, usually used for soaking in winter, and the outer room was a bath tub with a drainage hole underneath.

Sang Xinghe pushed open the door of the bathing room, he had always bathed only in the outer room, but this time he had just entered when he heard someone in the inner room, and his eyes changed.

Today, Shen Jue had gone to study painting with Qian Song, and had eaten his evening meal there, so he couldn’t be back yet.

Once inside, he could hear the sound of the water inside more clearly.

Someone was in the bath, with his back to Sang Xinghe, wiping his neck with a towel. The man didn’t seem to notice anyone coming in, he wiped himself for a while, and then swam to the edge of the pool, took the wine on the red lacquer plate and took a gulp.

Drinking while bathing, the smell of wine was extremely clear, the back of the man’s neck was flushed with a layer of pink, like a lotus seed in its shell, white and tender with a layer of red.

Sang Xinghe didn’t expect Shen Jue to be takinf a bath here, he thought it was some kind of hairy thief who broke in here to steal something. Since that night, Sang Xinghe hadn’t touched Shen Jue. Now that he saw him bathing here, he was inevitably a little tempted.

He coughed, and the sound alerted the person in the bath.

Shen Jue looked back and saw that it was Sang Xinghe, his face changed slightly, “Why are you here?”

Sang Xinghe walked over and said in a manly voice, “I’m here to bathe, what a coincidence, you’re also bathing.” As he spoke, he approached the other party and saw that Shen Jue seemed to be in a bit of a panic and he pulled on the clothes, and his mind instantly went to □□□□.

Hiding? He wanted to see where Shen Jue could hide.

Sang Xinghe untied his belt when Shen Jue faced him, he smiled teasingly, and his eyes were playful. As he watched him climb ashore wrapped in clothes, he mived directly and put his arms around his waist.

The clothes were wet from the water droplets on his body, and now they were almost attached to his body.

Sang Xinghe lowered his head, “You’re sending this to my mouth on purpose, you can’t blame me.”

Shen Jue had been drinking, his body was a little hot, he couldn’t even beat Sang Xinghe when he wasn’t drinking, let alone now that he was still drunk, Sang Xinghe brought the man back into the water with little effort. Afterwards, Shen Jue was so weak that he almost relied on Sang Xinghe’s arms to keep him from sinking into the water. He wrinkled his brow and licked his lips, saying in a whisper, “I’m thirsty.”

Sang Xinghe swept around, there was no water here, only the jug of wine on the shore.

He looked down at Shen Jue, “Shall I carry you out to drink water or will you drink some wine to quench your thirst?”

He hoped that Shen Jue would choose the latter, because he didn’t really want to go out, and he wanted more.

After drinking, Shen Jue’s body was surprisingly soft, capable of any position, and extraordinarily obedient, making Sang Xinghe unable to stop laughing when he thought back on it now.

Shen Jue barely hesitated, “Go out and drink water.”

Upon hearing this, Sang Xinghe immediately said, “Then drink some wine to quench your thirst.”

He poured a glass of wine and passed it to Shen Jue’s lips, who drank it anyway, though somewhat reluctantly. Sang Xinghe put the glass back down again, and just as he did, his neck was wrapped in two hands.

The teenager’s arms were long and soft.

Sang Xinghe turned his head back in surprise, and his lips were kissed and before he could react, he already tasted the wine.

In normal times, Shen Jue’s approach wouldn’t have worked, but men tended to be less wary during such interactions, and Sang Xinghe was no exception.

Sang Xinghe’s expression changed slightly, but instead of pushing Shen Jue away, he took hold of his partner’s shoulders and took the initiative to deepen the kiss. When Shen Jue could hardly breathe, Sang Xinghe’s body suddenly went soft, and Shen Jue hurriedly held the other, he really didn’t have the strength to help him to shore now, and could only hold him in the water.

Sure enough, wine was the key.

Shen Jue’s eyes were glued to the unconscious Sang Xinghe, wanting to see the reaction of the other when he woke up.

After a while, Sang Xinghe’s long eyelashes moved slightly and he slowly opened his eyes. Those eyes seemed to freeze for a moment when he saw Shen Jue, and then he looked around, looking even more confused, “How did I …… get here?”

He finished and then looked at Shen Jue, the two of them were in a really ambiguous position right now, and even Sang Xinghe saw a familiar and fresh plum blossom mark on Shen Jue’s neck, like it had just been placed there.

When Shen Jue saw Sang Xinghe’s reaction at this point, he knew he had guessed correctly.

As soon as he drank the wine, his soul changed. Shen Jue also found that the wine needed for Sang Xinghe to change was shorter, the first time Sang Xinghe drank a day’s worth of wine, while the second time Sang Xinghe drank a night’s worth of wine, and this time, just one sip of wine made this body’s soul change.

Something flashed quickly in Shen Jue’s mind, and in the next instant, he hugged Sang Xinghe tightly, with a trill in his voice, “Xinghe, you’re finally awake, someone …… has taken over your body, I was so afraid you wouldn’t wake up.”

“What?” Sang Xinghe couldn’t be bothered to push Shen Jue away first, “Xiao Jue, say it clearly.”

Shen Jue raised his head slightly, his eyes worriedly looking at Sang Xinghe, ” Did your memories stop from the night you drank with Qian Song?”

Sang Xinghe looked somewhat grave, and he nodded his head.

Shen Jue said softly, “That night you suddenly fell, and then woke up, you changed your temperament, said many insulting words to me, and ……” he pursed his lips, with an expression filled with unbearably humiliation, “you later scolded your junior brothers and sisters of yours, I thought it was very strange, as if you were under a compulsion.”

“I heard when I was young, there are people who die, then forcibly occupy the body of others, I thought it waa like this, and I tried to figure it all out, later I realised that you completely refused to touch the wine, tonight I deliberately set a trap, and made you drink the wine, you drank the wine, not long after you passed out, and then you woke up. ”

After hearing Shen Jue’s words, Sang Xinghe was appalled, but he had noticed something wrong with his body last time, and now he had lost a few days of memories again, so he believed Shen Jue’s words straight away.

His face was a little ugly, he was unknowingly occupied by a ghost, if not for the wisdom of Shen Jue, he was afraid he wouldn’t have been able to return, that ghost then took his body and replaced him, as long as that guy didn’t drink, he could possibly never see the light of day in his life.

Sang Xinghe pondered this, looking at Shen Jue’s eyes, he was touched, “Xiao Jue, thank you. If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to come back.” As he said this, his gaze couldn’t help but sweep downward, his eyes instantly sinking a lot. Sang Xinghe wasn’t a fool, if a ghost had taken over his body, the day he lost his memory last time, those marks on Shen Jue’s body, he was afraid that guy had done it, and this time, he had bullied Shen Jue.

“Damn it.” Sang Xinghe rarely cursed, but he really couldn’t help it a bit now.

That guy had taken over his body and went on to bully Shen Jue.

“Xiao Jue, does it hurt?” Sang Xinghe reached out and touched Shen Jue, who immediately shrank back a bit, the blush on his face that had faded came back fiercely, “I …… I’m nor hurt, don’t touch me, I …… am dirty.”

Sang Xinghe frowned, “How did you get such an idea?”

Shen Jue twisted his face, his chin was trembling slightly, “I failed to recognise it wasn’t you at first, and then I realized it wasn’t right, but I always …… swore when I was a child that I would only be with one person in my life, and now since it has become so, I have no face to continue to stay here. ”

His eyes gradually reddened.

When Sang Xinghe heard this, he was silent for a moment, but finally reached out and took the person into his arms, he stroked Shen Jue’s head soothingly, “It’s okay, that person …… isn’t, maybe I got carried away and created a demon in my heart, don’t blame yourself, I already feel very happy that you were able to wake me up. I’m happy, Jue, you’ve helped me.”

But Shen Jue didn’t seem to be comforted, and after they left the bathing room, Shen Jue also remained sullen, not looking at Sang Xinghe, nor communicating with him. Sang Xinghe wanted to go directly to the doctor to discuss his health, but now that he saw the state of Shen Jue, he didn’t go to the doctor and stayed with him all night.

They didn’t sleep in the same bed; Shen Jue slept on the bed, while Sang Xinghe drew two benches and placed them side by side and laid on it

He wanted to call his little sister to come over when it was morning, so that she could stay with Shen Jue, so that he wouldn’t do anything stupid.

He had slept in trees, so there was no pressure sleeping on the bench, but he had something on his mind today, so he couldn’t sleep.

He wondered who the guy living in his body was, and why that guy could squeeze into his body and even take control.

He couldn’t sleep, so he was extra responsive to things around him. Suddenly, he felt movement in the bed, and he first listened to it for a while, and then sat up gently. He went to the bed and reached out and lifted the bed tent.

The person on the bed was lying on his side and appeared to be sleeping peacefully.

Sang Xinghe stood for a moment before reaching out to touch the other person’s face, and his fingertips did indeed touch something wet.

When he was touched by Sang Xinghe, Shen Jue immediately covered his head with the blanket, seemingly not wanting to be seen by Sang Xinghe in such a sorry state.

Sang Xinghe sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed, “Xiao Jue can’t sleep? Do you want to talk to me?”

No one answered him, only the body under the quilt jerked slightly and seemed to be crying more fiercely.

Sang Xinghe had dealt with other Celestial Luo bodies and most of them were very docile and obedient in nature, even the male ones, which to a certain extent were not much different from girls, especially the ones whose master was a man.

It wasn’t possible to look at these Celestial Luo bodies in the same way as he looked at ordinary men.

Wasn’t he be angry that someone had used his body to touch Shen Jue? Naturally he was angry, but his anger was to no avail, he could only figure out a way to destroy the person in his body, but that wasn’t what his Celestial Luo body thought.

His Celestial Luo body?

Sang Xinghe thought of these words and felt conflicted.

He was responsible for Shen Jue, but after all, Shen Jue was imposed on him by others, not by his wish, only now, he couldn’t get rid of the relationship even if he wanted to, after all that Shen Jue had done for him and suffered so much.

When Shen Jue said in the bath that he would only be with one person in this life, Sang Xinghe understood what the other person meant and that was why he hesitated.

For Sang Xinghe, Shen Jue was like a very sweet pastry, this pastry was very tempting, but could make people corrupt their minds, he also had fallen deep into it, but ……

When Sang Xinghe thought of this, his expression became more gentle. He opened Shen Jue’s quilt, forcibly held him in his arms, pulled out his handkerchief and wiped Shen Jue’s face. He said cautiously, “Don’t cry, my master will be out soon. Shall I take you to see him?”

When Shen Jue heard this, he looked slightly stunned, “See your master? Why?” He seemed to think of something bad, his face changed immediately, “He doesn’t like Celestial Luo bodies and will want to drive me away?”

“No.” Sang Xinghe shook his head, “Do you know the Sect is called?”

“Tian Luo Sect.” Shen Jue replied.

“What are you?” Sang Xinghe asked again.

Shen Jue sniffed and was again stunned.

“Tian Luo Sect, Tian Luo Body, do you associate it with anything?” Sang Xinghe could fully see Shen Jue’s face even at night, and seeing the other party’s lips slightly open and dumbfounded, he couldn’t help but laugh a little, “Originally my Sect wasn’t called Tian Luo, but ut changed its name more than ten years ago, the reason had to do with my master.”

Shen Jue was told that Sang Xinghe’s master raised a Celestial Luo body, named Miao Luo. Twenty years ago the jianghu was far less enlightened than the current jianghu, and everyone used the Celestial Luo bodies recklessly. But Miao Luo got pregnant by chance.

When a Celestial Luo body got pregnant, there would be a 70% chance of giving birth to a Celestial Luo body.

At that time, Sang Xinghe’s master was unwilling to have a child with a Celestial Luo body, thinking that it would be a disgrace to him, and he couldn’t accept that his child would become a furnace for others, so he forced Miao Luo to get rid of it, but Miao Luo was unwilling and asked what if it wasn’t a Celestial Luo body?

She wanted to keep the child.

Sang Xinghe’s master was very angry, so he said directly to Miao Luo, “If you insist on keeping this child, then I won’t keep you either.”

Where could a pregnant Celestial Luo body go?

She didn’t dare to show her face because the jianghu was too malicious to the Celestial Luo bodies, she wrapped her face with cloth and took some cleaning jobs.

On the day of her delivery, she begged the neighbour’s aunt to help her find Sang Xinghe’s master.

Sang Xinghe’s master actually always knew that Miao Luo lived nearby, but never went to see her. On the day of the birth, he drank a lot of wine in the house and finally went. But once he went, the child was just born, and although the child couldn’t open his eyes yet, he saw the red mole on the child’s earlobe.

It was a Celestial Luo body, a boy.

Sang Xinghe’s master became furious and simply flung his sleeves and left.

Miao Luo looked at his departing back and cried heartbrokenly.

After that, Miao Luo raised the child alone until the child was three years old, that day she held the child and went return the cleaned clothes. The child saw a candy man on the corner and wanted to eat it, so he secretly broke away from Miao Luo’s hand, which she didn’t notice when she was counting money with someone.

Miao Luo searched the streets for a day and didn’t find her child, and finally knelt down to the door of the Celestial Luo Sect, she wanted to beg Sang Xinghe’s master to help her find the child, but at that time Sang Xinghe’s master was not in the Sect.

Thinking it was because he didn’t want to see her, Miao Luo stubbornly knelt at the door for three days and three nights, and early in the morning of the fourth day, Miao Luo disappeared.

When Sang Xinghe’s master returned, he could no longer find Miao Luo.

Sang Xinghe stroked Shen Jue’s hair and sighed a little, “Then my master kept blaming himself, and when the master’s mother died a year later, master changed the name of the Sect.” He paused for a moment, “After I returned from the Ten Extremities Island, the master recognised that his days were numbered, so he took out her portrait, wanting me to find the mother and the child at the time, Xiao Jue, you know what? You look almost exactly the same as the woman.”

Sang Xinghe hadn’t been prepared to tell Shen Jue so early, but seeing Shen Jue’s uneasiness, he could only confess in advance so that Shen Jue would understand that he could stay at Celestial Luo An and not consider himself an outsider.

The fact that Sang Xinghe had been controlling himself was also because of his master, he couldn’t go bullying his master’s child, everything had to wait until he met his master.


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