C67— Kill That Gentleman 30

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Sang Xinghe said this, but he didn’t think the other party would believe, but he just didn’t have the memory of the previous two days, and even how he woke up, he didn’t know. One moment he just stabbed the long sword. The next moment he was woken up by his little sister.

One moment it was winter, now it was spring, Sang Xinghe felt that everything in front of him seemed to be a dream, he was living in a dream, but what dream could be so real?

He couldn’t help but look a bit defeated, but then there was a sentence near his ears…

“I believe.”

Sang Xinghe was stunned for a moment, and immediately looked up at Shen Jue, “You believe me?”

Shen Jue looked at Sang Xinghe coldly, “I believe, so can you go now?”

Sang Xinghe sighed in his heart, he was in disbelief, just, he didn’t expect anyone to believe, if someone said this to him, he wasn’t believe, but Sang Xinghe still had a doubt in his heart, he wanted to ask the doctor about his situation. But now his first priority was to coax him back, “Xiao Jue, if you want to be angry with me, hit me and scold me, but don’t stay here, it’s crowded and chaotic.”

He was so gentle and coaxing, but when Shen Jue saw such a Sang Xinghe, he frowned slightly.

The Sang Xinghe in front of him seemed to be the one he was familiar with, whereas the Sang Xinghe of the previous two days was gloomy and unpredictable, like a different person. Shen Jue thought to himself that he hadn’t offended Sang Xinghe in the previous two days, so there was no reason for him to say such heavy words to him.

When Shen Jue thought of this, he suddenly went forward and touched Sang Xinghe’s face.

Sang Xinghe froze at the touch, and the next thing he saw was Shen Jue touching around his face, and deliberately touching his neck. Sang Xinghe was a smart man and immediately reacted, “You suspect I’m in a disguise?”

This time as well, Shen Jue didn’t touch anything, he pursed his lips and withdrew his hand, facing Sang Xinghe’s words, he only shook his head and said, “Let’s go.”

Shen Jue had come to Spring Breeze Pavilion as a retreat to see what Sang Xinghe really thought, and the other party had come running to make amends as he expected, but the reaction had been different from what he had imagined.

The night before and after, Sang Xinghe seemed like a different person, he thought there was always something fishy in it, and he could only find out by staying by Sang Xinghe’s side.

Sang Xinghe heard that Shen Jue was willing to go with him and immediately smiled, and when he saw Shen Jue’s marks, his gaze sank slightly, although he wasn’t angry, he tentatively asked, “The marks on your body ……”

Shen Jue looked at him, Sang Xinghe froze, “I?”

Shen Jue nodded.

Sang Xinghe frowned slightly while he looked carefully, the marks on Shen Jue’s body were indeed not fresh marks, at least more than a day or two …… exactly the two days he had no memory of , that was to say he had tossed Shen Jue like this, and came to the Spring Breeze Pavilion to drink wine, and then went back to quarrel with him and made him angry enough to go to the Spring Breeze Pavilion?

Was he really that bad?

While Sang Xinghe was reflecting on himself, Shen Jue looked at the clothes under the bed and was a bit disgusted, so he looked at Sang Xinghe, “I don’t want to wear yesterday’s clothes.”

Sang Xinghe immediately agreed, “I’ll go buy a set of clothes for you and come back, after I leave, remember to lock the door behind you.”

After saying that, he went out and closed the door carefully before he left. All these details made Shen Jue suspicious. But he touched him last night, there was no trace of disguise, a disguise potion could at most disguise a person into another appearance, but to completely disguise a person into another person, the person needed skin. A skin mask.

Taking a step back, if the first two days was a fake, then why didn’t the real Sang Xinghe come forward? But even if Sang Xinghe bathed afterwards, he also smelled a faint smell of alcohol from the other’s body.

This made the doubts in Shen Jue’s heart deepen.


The Little Sister had been waiting at the door for someone to return after seeing Sang Xinghe go out, and when she saw Shen Jue return with Sang Xinghe, she immediately ran over with a smile, “Shen Jue, you’re finally back.” She went to pull Shen Jue’s arm, “You haven’t had your breakfast yet, have you? I’ve asked the kitchen to make something delicious, so hurry up and eat with me.”

Shen Jue was pulled forward by her, and Sang Xinghe, who was one step behind, coughed. He had wanted to draw attention to himself, but the two people in front of him didn’t turned around, so he said, “Yang Yang, I haven’t had breakfast either.”

The Little sister didn’t turn, “Eldest brother, go to the Spring Breeze Pavilion to eat, the food there is delicious.”

This d*mned Spring Breeze Pavilion again, even the extremely well-cultivated Sang Xinghe couldn’t help but curse in his heart.

Seeing that his little sister didn’t treat him well, he did not shamelessly follow her, and after entering the Tian Luo sect, he turned the direction and went to the doctor’s courtyard.

The doctor was arranging medicinal materials, and when he saw Sang Xinghe coming, he hurriedly put down what he was doing, “Why are you here? Are you not feeling well?”

When Sang Xinghe woke up two days ago, the doctor went to see him once and saw that he was alive and well, so he came back.

Sang Xinghe hesitated before saying, “Something seems wrong with me?”

“Headache?” The doctor said urgently.

“No.” Sang Xinghe denied, “I seem to have lost part of my memory.”

He told the doctor his problem in detail, and after the doctor listened, his eyebrows knitted and his expression was grave, “This …… The medical book has recorded the Dissociative Soul Syndrome, but your current situation is not quite the same as the Dissociative Soul Syndrome, are you sure you have no memory of these two days at all?”

“Not only these two days, my memory is still stuck in the day I killed Yu Ci.” Sang Xinghe’s expression was not good either, “And these two days I seem to have done a lot of confusing things, not only do I have no memory, I don’t think I can do those things either.”

The doctor couldn’t answer Sang Xinghe’s question, and could only say vaguely, “Maybe it’s because your head injury has not yet healed, resulting in the loss of part of your memory, it’s not impossible.”

Did the head injury not heal?

Sang Xinghe half believed and half doubted, but now he could only think so. He said goodbye to the doctor and went back to his own courtyard.

Sang Xinghe went back to his room first and soon noticed that the long sword that should have been hanging on the wall was missing. He immediately called for the handyman who was usually in charge of cleaning, “Have you seen the Clear Moon Sword on my wall?”

The sword was a gift from his master when he was crowned, and he had always treasured it very much.

Hearing Sang Xinghe ask this, the handyman’s face was a bit sarcastic, “That sword, you asked me to bury it in the soil, also ……”

“Also what?” Sang Xinghe suddenly had a bad feeling.

The handyman had been serving in the courtyard of Sang Xinghe, how could he not know the importance of the sword to Sang Xinghe, he was so scared that cold sweat appeared on his forehead, “also …… spill urine on it ”

Sang Xinghe: “……”

He was silent for a long time before saying, “On the sword, or on the soil where the sword is buried?”

The handyman saw that Sang Xinghe looked unhappy, swallowed a mouthful of saliva, before shaking his body, “Both …”

“Okay, I know.” Sang Xinghe suddenly felt tired and did not want to listen any longer, he powerlessly waved his hand, “Go out.”

He wanted to be alone now.

The sword, he didn’t want to get it back, he was so sick that he just wanted to vomit.

What exactly had he done in the past two days ……


In the compartment, the little sister and Shen Jue finished breakfast, then she pulled Shen Jue to talk, Shen Jue looked at the Little sister, and remembered one thing.

“The first time you saw me, you said something about a portrait, do you still remember?”

“A portrait?” The Little Sister blinked and thought for a moment before it dawned on her, “Are you talking about the portrait in Eldest Brother’s study?”

Sang Xinghe’s study?

Shen Jue suppressed his surprise and asked without moving, “You said the person on that painting was me, right?”

The Little Sister first nodded and then shook her head, “I don’t know, the person’s look is very much like you, but now that I’ve spent more time with you, I don’t think the person on the painting is you, and that portrait looks years old, you’re only nineteen now, so it shouldn’t be you, unless someone drew your current appearance many years in advance, but how would that person know you look like this now? ”

This confused Shen Jue, and after thinking about it, he decided to go to Sang Xinghe’s study in person.

When he went to the study, Sang Xinghe wasn’t in the courtyard, so Shen Jue went straight into Sang Xinghe’s study without any problems, except that he had a cursory look around and didn’t see the so-called painting scroll.

He went around behind the desk and found a locked cabinet under the desk. He looked at the lock and found that it was not an ordinary lock, but a nine-digit combination lock. This nine-digit code lock would reset the code every time the lock was opened, except for the owner of the lock, it was difficult for the next person to easily decipher it.

In previous lives when he followed Sang Xinghe in his soul body, he didn’t find this.

While Shen Jue was holding the combination lock and studying it, footsteps suddenly sounded outside the study. He immediately put down the lock and got up, and saw Sang Xinghe who walked in through the door.

When Sang Xinghe saw Shen Jue, he froze for a moment, “Came to the study to look for something?”

Shen Jue nodded and lied, “I want to learn to draw from Qian Song, but the paper he uses are all expensive paper. I’m new to learning, and I don’t want to waste such good paper, so I thought I’d see if you had any cheap drawing paper here.”

“There is.” Sang Xinghe walked to the table and opened an unlocked drawer, “This is all the paper I used when I was painting.”

“You used to draw too?” Shen Jue asked.

Sang Xinghe nodded and took out a stack of paper from inside, “I learnt from my master for a while, but then I didn’t draw much anymore.”

He turned his head to look at Shen Jue, “I also have drawing tools, do you want them?”

Shen Jue took the paper from Sang Xinghe’s hand, “No, Qian Song has it there.”

Speaking of that master of Sang Xinghe, Shen Jue had lived here for a few months and hadn’t seen him either, the Little Sister said that their master was in seclusion, and that the place of seclusion was the back of Tian Luo Sect’s mountain.

After taking the drawing paper, Shen Jue pretended to be interested in Sang Xinghe’s study and turned around inside a few times before suddenly asking, “Do you have one of those drawing books?”

Sang Xinghe was unsure, “Hmm?”

Shen Jue twisted his head to look at him, “It’s the kind of picture book that should be in the Spring Breeze Pavilion.”

Sang Xinghe had an epiphany, he made a fist with his hand and covered his lips with a soft cough, “I …… don’t.” After saying that, his earlobes were slightly tinged with red. He really didn’t, but he was curious in his youth, he had secretly flipped through his master’s brother’s collection of picture books, but at that time he didn’t feel anything, only that the two little people fighting on the paper wasn’t as interesting as the little people fighting on the martial arts books.

He was blushing, but Shen Jue didn’t want to let him go, and came up to him, “You really don’t have it? You didn’t hide it somewhere, did you?”

Sang Xinghe looked at this face at close range, inexplicably thought of many beautiful images, when he was young, he thought it was not interesting, but now that he thought about it, it seeemed to be quite interesting. Thinking of this, Sang Xinghe also blushed, he dodged back, embarrassed, “Really no, I didn’t lie to you.”

With a twinkle in his eye, Shen Jue pointed his finger at the locked cabinet, “What’s in there?”

Sang Xinghe followed Shen Jue’s finger and looked over, the heat on his face gradually faded, “Some letters, because they were all letters with old friends, so I was afraid of losing them, so I locked it.” He said, then pulled over Shen Jue’s hand, “Let’s go, it’s not fun in here.”

Shen Jue deliberately mentioned that cabinet in front of Sang Xinghe, it was a test, one was to test whether the things in that cabinet were important or not, two was to test his importance in Sang Xinghe’s heart at this time, but now it seemed that Sang Xinghe had very limited feelings for him.


The next few days, Sang Xinghe behaved very normally, as if the violent Sang Xinghe of the previous days didn’t exist at all. During daytime, Sang Xinghe either stayed in the division to guide the disciple to practice martial arts, or went out to help the villagers to do some more dangerous work, such as repairing the roof.

He was a very self-disciplined man, and over the past few days, Shen Jue had come to fully appreciate it.

Before dawn, Sang Xinghe got up, and when he did, he would call Shen Jue up from the next room. He believed that the reason for Shen Jue’s weakness was because he didn’t exercise properly, so every morning he took him for a lap in the back of the mountain.

“The most important thing for us martial artists is our bodies, when our bodies are strong, our martial arts will be good.” Sang Xinghe said, and pulled Shen Jue, who was already panting, to run two more laps.

Shen Jue was already feeling weak, so Sang Xinghe did exactly what he wanted, but there was something embarrassing about staying near Sang Xinghe. Running waa supposed to make the heart burn, and Sang Xinghe usually couldn’t help but stop after several large laps, looking a little embarrassed, “I’ll go wash my face.”

Shen Jue silently swept a glance at the lower half of Sang Xinghe’s body, and pretended he knew nothing.

Back to normal, Sang Xinghe didn’t do anything overly intimate with Shen Jue; it was more like he was teaching him as a little brother.

For Shen Jue, it was half good, half bad.


That night, the Little Sister invited Shen Jue and Sang Xinghe to celebrate the completion of Qian Song’s new picture book. At the table, Sang Xinghe didn’t let Shen Jue and the Little Sister drink, but only he and Qian Song did. The Little Sister was a bit unconvinced and sneaked up to Shen Jue’s ear, “Big Brother is such an old-fashioned person, he still won’t allow us to drink.”

Shen Jue took a sip of sour plum juice before saying softly, “Wine is not a good thing, it’s better not to drink it.”

Seeing that Shen Jue wasn’t on her side, the Little Sister gave a cry and could only stare at Qian Song’s cup with feverish eyes.

After the meal, Sang Xinghe took a walk back with Shen Jue. Nowadays, the weather was cool and the night was the most comfortable. The stars were dense and the air was clear and elegant. Sang Xinghe was already drunk, but he was even drunker when the wind blew, so he walked a little backwards. Seeing how he was walking, Shen Jue reminded him, “Don’t fall.”

Sang Xinghe smiled at Shen Jue, “It’s okay, I won’t fall.”

Just as the words left his mouth, he saw Sang Xinghe’s body sway and fall to the ground.

He didn’t get up after this fall.

Shen Jue hurriedly squatted down to check on Sang Xinghe’s condition, “Sang Xinghe?” He struggled to turn him over and found that Sang Xinghe’s head seemed to have been knocked by a stone, although it didn’t bleed, but his skin tore a little, and his eyes were tightly closed, he didn’t know whether he had fainted or fallen asleep.

Shen Jue patted Sang Xinghe’s face, no response, he pinched Sang Xinghe again, this time the person woke up.

Once awake, he grabbed Shen Jue’s hand with force.

Sang Xinghe’s eyes were stern and he looked unhappily at the person in front of him, his voice low, “What are you doing?”

Shen Jue froze for a moment before saying, “You just fell and passed out, I wanted to pinch you to wake you up.”

Sang Xinghe let out a chortle, he dropped Shen Jue’s hand and got up from the ground himself, he looked at Shen Jue indifferently, “You used so much force, I thought you were going to kill me, but it turns out you were saving me.”

Shen Jue looked at Sang Xinghe, who was speaking so meanly, and his brows knitted slightly, the man in front of him seemed to have turned back into Sang Xinghe when he had just woken up.

It was too strange.

He thought for a moment, wanting to leave the obviously much more dangerous looking Sang Xinghe in front of him first and go call the Little Sister and Qian Song, “You just bumped your head, let me go ask the doctor to take a look at it for you.”

But before Shen Jue could run a few steps, he was caught by the man behind him. Sang Xinghe grabbed Shen Jue’s arm and dragged him toward a nearby rockery, his words still unpleasant, “What do you want to call a doctor for? Just give me some internal energy.”

Shen Jue sniffed and immediately struggled, but he couldn’t beat Sang Xinghe and was subdued in a few blows, then his hands were tied by his own belt.

“Sang Xinghe, are you crazy?” Shen Jue was so angry that his face turned red.

Sang Xinghe flew to unbuckle himself and said very shamelessly, “Yes, I am crazy, only you can cure my madness.”

“Bastard …… you …… don’t …… want ……”

“I want it.”


No, no matter how he thought about it, it wasn’t right, more than the last time, this time Shen Jue felt more clearly that the person in front of him seemed to have changed, he just fell and opened his eyes again and became a completely different person.

Shen Jue had heard of this before, when practicing kung fu to the point of going mad, two personalities would appear in one’s body, but Sang Xinghe didn’t seem to have gone mad, so why was that?

This was an illusionary realm, some things would indeed be out of the ordinary, but Sang Xinghe didn’t have to change his temperament, right? And wasn’t it changing from one extreme to the other?

Sang Xinghe’s beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, seeing the man lost in thought, he was little unhappy, he couldn’t help but go forward and bite Shen Jue’s earlobe fiercely, and then said through clenched teeth: “At this time you can still think about other things, really capable.”

Shen Jue wrinkled his eyebrows in pain, and he turned his head to look at Sang Xinghe, who was extremely close to him, with a complicated gaze, “Who the hell are you? You’re not Sang Xinghe.”

And when the other party heard this, he laughed coldly, “Who are you to say I’m not Sang Xinghe, I am Sang Xinghe, I have Sang Xinghe’s memories, I have his martial arts, I have his body, who is Sang Xinghe if I’m not Sang Xinghe?” When he said this, he suddenly used downward force, and saw that the person took a light breath and smiled with pleasure.

He slightly lowered his head, “You can just look at me as Sang Xinghe’s heart demon, I just did what he wanted to do but didn’t dare to do.”

Heart demon? Was there such a heart demon? The. The devil was more like it.

Shen Jue was finally carried back unconscious, and woke up at noon the next day. As soon as he opened his eyes, he felt the pain in his body, not to mention the pain in his back, but more embarrassingly, in another location. Last night, Sang Xinghe forced him to beg for mercy and asked him to call him brother, but when Shen Jue refused, Sang Xinghe’s face changed, as if he hadn’t seen flesh in ten years, he was almost eaten alive, but Shen Jue couldn’t hold on, and finally cried out to Sang Xinghe several times.

Remembering everything that happened last night, Shen Jue’s face became particularly ugly.

At that moment, the door to the room was pushed open from the outside.

Shen Jue immediately turned his head to look, and saw Sang Xinghe come in with a bowl of porridge.

Sang Xinghe put down the congee first and turned his head to look at the bed, and when he saw that the person was awake, he said, “Come and eat something when you’re awake.”

Shen Jue looked at the other person warily for a moment before saying, “You’re a heart demon?”

Sang Xinghe had a gentle smile on his face, but when he heard that, the smile faded, he didn’t seem to want to pretend anymore, and his tone went cold, “Come over and have some porridge.”

Shen Jue didn’t move.

Sang Xinghe waited for a while, then ran out of patience, he took big steps to the bedside, his cold eyes looked at the person on the bed, “I’ll say it one last tjme, get up and drink the porridge.”

Before he could get angry, he heard Shen Jue whisper, “It hurts all over, I can’t get up.”

Sang Xinghe was silent for a moment, then sat down on the edge of the bed, he put his hand on Shen Jue’s quilt, “I gave you medicine last night, and it still hurts? Why are you so delicate?”

The words were like a firecracker, setting off the person on the bed’s emotions.

Shen Jue took the pillow next to him and smashed it hard on Sang Xinghe’s face, his voice stern, “Get out of here, I don’t want to see you.”

Sang Xinghe was smashed, before he could say anything, he saw the person who smashed him. Shen Jue’s eyes were red, staring at him angrily, those blue eyes were already beautiful, but now with anger burning in them, they looked even more beautiful.

Sang Xinghe hugged the pillow, looking at such Shen Jue, his voice inexplicably softened: “I don’t know why it still hurts after the medicine …… don’t get angry.”

After saying that, he felt wrong again, why did he have to lower his voice to Shen Jue?

So Sang Xinghe took a deep breath and turned his head to prepare to continue arguing with Shen Jue, this time his mouth was open, but it quickly closed again because the other was crying.

The Celestial Luo body was really a heavenly treasure, it wasn’t ugly, but particularly beautiful, he just wanted to hurry to take this treasure into his arms and coax him, if he could lick off the teardrops, it would be even better.

Sang Xinghe was silent for a long time, “Okay okay, I was too much, does your hand also hurt? I’ll feed you the porridge, okay?”

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