C66— Kill That Gentleman 29

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The little sister wasn’t willing to give Sang Xinghe a listening ear, two days ago, he called her clown girl, now he called her by her nickname, hmm, too late.

“Big brother, don’t pretend to be confused, yesterday you drank in the Spring Breeze Pavilion, the whole city knows, they’re all saying that big brother is the most excessive negative hearted man.” The latter sentence was her own addition, anyway she felt so, “If you don’t go to apologize to Shen Jue, I’ll also ignore you, I want to go out with Qian Song.”

Sang Xinghe listened to his little sister’s words, but he still felt that his brain was confused, his memory of everything was a bit fuzzy now, he seemed to remember that he had killed Yu Ci, but then he couldn’t remember anything. As for what she said, he didn’t understand a single word, he drank in the Spring Breeze Pavilion? What was the Spring Breeze Pavilion?

“Yang Yang, what the hell are you …… talking about?” Sang Xinghe rubbed his head and slowly sat up, and as soon as he sat up, he found that his clothes not only had wine stains, but also suspicious red marks, which seemed to be lip prints.


He wrinkled his eyebrows, his complexion became a little ugly, what kind of person dared to leave lipstick marks on his body?

When she saw him staring at the lipstick on his collar, she thought he was still reminiscing about his day and night at the Spring Breeze Pavilion, and was so angry that she stamped her foot, “Big Brother, you’re such an as*hole.” She finished and turned to run, but just before she could run away, she was caught by Sang Xinghe.

Sang Xinghe grabbed his little sister’s wrist, put away the ugly look on his face, and said in a good voice, “I really don’t remember what you said, so at least tell me clearly, OK?”

“Humph.” Little Sister wouldn’t turn around, “I’ve made it clear enough that you’ve failed Shen Jue.”

“How have I failed him?” Sang Xinghe asked.

“You woke up the day before yesterday, and it was Shen Jue who took care of you during the time you weren’t awake, but when you woke up, you turned your face away and went straight to the Spring Breeze Pavilion to drink wine, and last night you came back to fight with Shen Jue and pissed him off.” The Little Sister said.

“I …… was unconscious for a long time?” Sang Xinghe froze for a moment, “Where is Yu Ci?”

The Little Sister sniffed and couldn’t help but look back at Sang Xinghe, her eyes became odd, “You said that big devil? It’s been a few months since he died, didn’t you know the day before yesterday? Why do you need to ask again?”

Sang Xinghe brow frowned slightly, his handsome face looked a little confused, “I woke up the day before yesterday? But ……”

But why didn’t he remember.

“What’s going on?” Hearing from the Little Sister, he seemed to have done a lot of excessive things in the past two days.

The Little sister saw that Sang Xinghe was bewildered, and became anxious again, “Eldest brother, I’m really telling you for the last time, don’t stay here dazed, quickly wash up and then get Shen Jue back.”

Although Sang Xinghe’s brain was a bit confused, after the little sister repeatedly mentioned Shen Jue’s name, he realised that he seemed to have made Shen Jue angry, now the first priority, was to bring him back.

Sang Xinghe let go of the Little Sister’s wrist and walked back to the bed, putting his boots on while asking, “Where did Xiao Jue go?”

“Spring Breeze Pavilion.” Little Sister said in a brittle voice.

It was the Spring Breeze Pavilion again.

“What is the Spring Breeze Pavilion?” Sang Xinghe looked at the little sister.

The Little sister’s eyes instantly became very disgusted, she rolled her eyes at Sang Xinghe and left.

Even if he was her senior brother, in essence, he was still a stinky man, a stinky man who knew how to play stupid.

When Sang Xinghe bathed and dressed, when he went out, he found that the people around him looked at him with some changes. When people saw him before, they would warmly call him Warrior Sang, but today, they completely avoided him, and also looked at him strangely.

This made the doubts in Sang Xinghe’s heart deepen.

What had happened in the past two days? And why did he have no memory of these two days.

After Sang Xinghe inquired about the location of Spring Breeze Pavilion, he walked along the River Tee all the way forward. The willows on the river bank swayed lightly, and the willow flakes fell with the wind, and Sang Xinghe got some on his shoulders.

The Spring Breeze Pavilion was the largest flower house in Sand City, and the reason why the Spring Breeze Pavilion had been standing was because the people in the Spring Breeze Pavilion were all Celestial Luo bodies, and the Celestial Luo bodies were so precious, but the people serving in the Spring Breeze Pavilion were all Celestial Luo bodies, both male and female. The fame of the Spring Breeze Pavilion had even spread to other parts of the Central Plains, but such a famous place, Sang Xinghe hadn’t heard of it at all.

He usually had to take care of the division’s affairs in addition to practicing martial arts, and occasionally had to go to the Jianghu to deal with some matters. Sang Xinghe seemed to be a decent person, so people never dared to mention such places to him, so it was Sang Xinghe’s first time hearing of the Spring Breeze Pavilion, but also his first time entering the Spring Breeze Pavilion.

But it seemed that the people of Spring Breeze Pavilion weren’t meeting him for the first time.

He was just standing at the entrance of the Spring Breeze Pavilion, yet the pimp inside already rushed out to greet him, “Warrior Sang, you are here again today, it is really an honour for the store, do you still want to order Ling Yan, Ling Xiang, Ling Shuang and Ling Yue today?”

He really came here? And ordered four?

Sang Xinghe pursed his lips for a moment before speaking slowly with the pimp’s delighted eyes fixed on him, “I’m here to find someone.”

The pimp laughed, and the small pink handkerchief in her hand was flung around happily, “Look at what you’re saying, which one of the people who come to our Spring Breeze Pavilion is not looking for someone? Is it possible that they are looking for ghosts?”

“No, I’m really here to find someone, he’s not from your place.” Sang Xinghe’s face was calm, “His name is Shen Jue, he’s a Celestial Luo body, have you seen him?”

The pimp blinked, “No one named Shen Jue, but yesterday there was a gentleman who didn’t say his surname, he was a Celestial Luo body, he was so pretty that he outshone all the young masters in our pavilion.”

After listening to this sentence, Sang Xinghe went inside, and the old lady quickly chased him. “Warrior Sang, that’s a guest. I can’t let that guest wait on you. You’d better order Ling Yan and Ling Xiang. They missed Warrior Sang.”

Sang Xinghe’s footsteps suddenly stopped. He sighed and looked back at the procuress. “Don’t tell me anything about them. The person who came here last night is my good friend. I made him angry. He came to you after I made him angry. Where is he now?”

The pimp looked at Sang Xinghe, last night she could tell that the beautiful Celestial Luo body was broken …… she immediately changed her smile, “Warrior Sang, you should have told me earlier, but the customer is not up yet, why don’t you go to the box first, I’ll ask someone to bring you a pot of tea.”

“No need, you can take me directly.” Sang Xinghe did not want to stay here for a long time, the fragrance here had made it a bit unbearable for him, especially when he saw some Celestial Luo bodies that were even more charming than women twisting their waists and throwing winks at him, the always self-possessed Sang Xinghe’s face gradually sank.

The pimp looked at Sang Xinghe with some difficulty, but she didn’t dare to offend the other party, so she could only take Sang Xinghe to a room on the third floor with a stiff expression. She smiled a little hard when she stood at the doorway, “Warrior Sang, that guest is still sleeping, so don’t be angry.”

Sang Xinghe nodded slightly, the old biddy saw this then gave way. Sang Xinghe first stood at the door and knocked on the door a few times, hearing no response, he tried to push the door, the door wasn’t locked from the inside, so Sang Xinghe pushed it open.

He couldn’t help but frown, how could he sleep outside without locking the door? That was very dangerous.

And after the door was pushed open, it was still quiet inside, the owner of the room didn’t seem to have woken up yet, which made Sang Xinghe feel even more unhappy. Shen Jue’s vigilance was also too poor, if the one who came was a thug, then …….

He entered the room and walked around the screen, his footsteps were hesitant.

A floor of clothes, the wine table was still scattered with empty wine jugs.

Sang Xinghe’s eyebrows jumped and he couldn’t help but lighten his steps. When he came to the bed, he first took a deep breath and then stretched out his hand and pulled up the bed tent. As soon as he saw the scenery in the bed tent, his heart instantly relaxed.

The only person on the bed was Shen Jue, but he had drunk a lot of wine and seemed to be too hot, so he took off most of his clothes and wore only a pair of pants, and didn’t even cover the quilt.

But Sang Xinghe was only relieved for a moment, because he saw those ambiguous marks on Shen Jue’s body, spreading from his shoulders to his back waist, and even the sides of his back waist were faintly covered with handprints, which would only belong to a man.

Sang Xinghe’s eyes quietly turned deeper and the hands in his sleeves couldn’t help but clench into fists, he took several deep breaths before easing the look on his face and sat down on the edge of the bed, gently patting Shen Jue’s shoulder, “Xiao Jue, wake up.”

Shen Jue’s eyelashes fluttered slightly, and it took a long time before he struggled to open his eyes.

Sang Xinghe had tried to squeeze out a gentle smile, but didn’t know that the other party would turn his head away and go back to sleep when he saw him.

Sang Xinghe: “……”

What was this situation?

He coughed and said in a warm voice, “Xiao Jue, if you want to sleep, let’s go back and you can sleep, this place is a mess, it’s not a good place to sleep.”

Shen Jue’s voice was muffled, “Why should I go back with you? I’ll just have to hang out here.”

Sang Xinghe was exasperated, but he didn’t get mad at Shen Jue, he still remembered what his little sister had said, to coax him back first , “What nonsense, what sign are you hanging here? Xiao Jue, come back with me, Yangyang she misses you very much, she even had a fit with me this morning.”

The words fell on Shen Jue’s ears, that Sang Xinghe had come to him because of his little sister.

“I’m not going back.” Shen Jue had been woken up by Sang Xinghe and was now sleepless, only his head still hurt a little. He climbed up from the bed and sat on it, looking coldly at Sang Xinghe, “Didn’t Warrior Sang wish me prosperous business last night, and I’m not even open for business yet, so it’s better for Warrior Sang not to interfere with my business here.”

Business? What business?

Sang Xinghe’s eyes swept around Shen Jue’s upper body, and even though he had a good temper, he couldn’t help himself, “What business are you in? And what’s with the marks on your body?”

Shen Jue looked at Sang Xinghe and didn’t say anything.

Seeing this, Sang Xinghe raised his hand and rubbed his brow, and said somewhat wearily, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have gotten angry with you, but this is not a good place to be, Xiao Jue, you should come back with me first.”

“But you said last night that this place was nice, that the people here were much better than me, unlike me who was a prude.” Shen Jue said indifferently, “Warrior Sang can’t remember anything after a good night’s sleep?”

Sang Xinghe was silent for a moment before saying, “What if I said yes?”

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