C65— Kill That Gentleman 28

Shen Jue’s face tilted slightly, broke away from Sang Xinghe’s hand, because of the other party’s words, his consciousness gradually became clear, “I dony want to wear it.”

After saying that, he also took off the half-worn clothes.

When Sang Xinghe saw him take off his clothes, his expression gradually cooled down. “You won’t wear it?”

“No.” Shen Jue looked at Sang Xinghe, “Sang Xinghe, are you treating me like a woman?”

Before, he was told to wear a woman’s wedding dress, and now he was told to wear women’s clothes in the future. He wasn’t a woman, why should he wear women’s clothes?

Sang Xinghe first looked at Shen Jue with an icy expression, and after a while, he suddenly smiled, “Are you angry? I was just joking with you, okay, don’t be angry, just don’t wear these clothes.” He got up and brought a new set of clothes over.

Because of the previous argument, the two of them didn’t speak during the meal, and after the meal, Shen Jue went to the bathroom alone. His legs were shaking when he walked, but the more he did, the less he wanted to show his weakness, so he forced himself to walk to the bathing room with his soreness.

When he was done bathing, he wanted to go back to bed, but found that the light in the main room was off. Shen Jue froze and pushed open the door to find the room empty, with Sang Xinghe nowhere to be found.

He stood in place for a while, then he finally closed the door and went to the next room to sleep in his clothes for the night.

The next day when Shen Jue woke up, Sang Xinghe hadn’t yet returned. He stared at the closed door for a while and then went to find Qian Song, whose martial arts skills were good, he had enjoyed sparring with him recently.

But today, after only a few rounds with Qian Song, Shen Jue’s face turned pale, and his body was in vague pain. Qian Song noticed that Shen Jue’s breath was particularly unstable today, and even his internal strength was less than yesterday, so he stopped, “What’s wrong with you?”

Shen Jue pursed his lips and looked a little embarrassed.

Qian Song took a look at Shen Jue’s reaction and instantly realised, he saw Shen Jue as a brother, so even if it was embarrassing, he wanted to remind Shen Jue, “Our Celestial Luo body is different from others, don’t let the other side take too much, you should still refuse, or you won’t be able to take it.”

Shen Jue gave a haphazard hmph. He didn’t want to talk more about this matter.

Seeing his appearance, Qian Song could only sigh inwardly, “Let’s stop practicing today, I have to go back to my painting, it’s time to turn in a new month’s drawing.”

After saying goodbye to Qian Song, Shen Jue went back to Sang Xinghe’s courtyard, but the door to Sang Xinghe’s room was still closed, and a number of people came looking for Sang Xinghe halfway through the day, asking Shen Jue where he had gone when they saw that he wasn’t there, but Shen Jue couldn’t answer.

It wasn’t until late at night that Shen Jue was suddenly awakened by a commotion outside his door.

He had just opened his eyes when he heard a “bang”, as if the door to his room had been kicked open.

Shen Jue immediately sat up and was about to lift the bed tent to check the situation when he heard the sound of floating footsteps and a man’s drunken voice, “Shen Jue, where are you?”

It was Sang Xinghe’s voice.

Shen Jue frowned and lifted the bed tent to see Sang Xinghe with a wine jug. The ever-abstinent youth had his collar wide open, his long eyelashes slightly drooping, and his face was smoldering red. He struggled to open his eyes wide, then saw the person on the bed, and with a stifled laugh, he stepped forward, “So you’re here.”

He grabbed Shen Jue’s arm and brought the wine jug in his hand closer to Shen Jue’s lips, “This is forgetfulness wine, do you want to try some?”

Shen Jue looked coldly at the drunken Sang Xinghe without saying a word.

Sang Xinghe lifted his eyes and glanced at Shen Jue slowly, his drunken eyes were hazy but he seemed to have noticed Shen Jue’s displeasure, he smiled again, “Angry again? Why are you always angry? What’s the reason for being angry this time?”

“Where have you been?” Shen Jue asked softly.

Sang Xinghe let go of Shen Jue’s arm and sat down on the edge of the bed, tilting his head back and taking a large sip of wine, he drank in such a hurry that some of the liquor ran down the corner of his mouth and onto his neck, and when Shen Jue glanced down, he noticed red lipstick marks on Sang Xinghe’s collar.

He had just smelled the perfume and powder on the other party’s body, but he had only suspected, now that he saw the mark, he didn’t have to guess where Sang Xinghe had gone.

“Spring Breeze Pavilion.” Sang Xinghe put down the wine jug, a gangly smile rippled out on his face, “There are so many Celestial Luo bodies there, young and pretty, piles and piles of them, and they are all willing to wear women’s clothes, unlike you who is so fake and serious.”

He finished the sentence and looked back at Shen Jue, the sarcasm in his eyes obvious, “You know what men like best? Outside the bed, he’s decent, but in thr bed, sl*tty, but you? Your heart is sl*tty, but your body isn’t.” Just as his words fell, the left side of his face was hit with a heavy punch.

Sang Xinghe had been drinking and his body was already weak, so he almost fell to the ground after being punched.

This time, he received another heavy kick, and Sang Xinghe failed to stabilize himself and fell straight to the ground. He hissed and had to let go of the wine jug in his hand and brace himself to stand up, “Shen Jue, are you crazy?” He looked unhappily at the person on the bed.

Shen Jue stared at Sang Xinghe for half a second before suddenly saying, “Who are you?”

Sang Xinghe tilted his head at his words, “Who else could I be? F*ck. I’m your man.”

The words were so vulgar that Shen Jue thought they couldn’t have come from Sang Xinghe, but the person in front of him was indeed Sang Xinghe’s face, disguised?

He got out of bed and suddenly approached Sang Xinghe, both hands even touched the other’s face, but no matter how he touched it, he didn’t feel the so-called mask, to disguise a person completely into another person, the mask had to be human skin.

The person in front of him was indeed Sang Xinghe.

Shen Jue put down his hand and stared at the other suspiciously, could it be that when Sang Xinghe was drunk he turned into another person?

Sang Xinghe let Shen Jue touch around his face, seeing Shen Jue drop his hand, he only smilef, “Am I Sang Xinghe, isn’t your body very clear? As soon as you see me, you’ll get horny. Er*tic.” He looked down and took a sniff, and sure enough, he smelled the familiar aroma again.

This fragrance always made his bones a little weak.

He had a Celestial Luo body, and every Celestial Luo body had a different aroma, and when they met someone who broke their body, they couldn’t help but emit the aroma.

Shen Jue took a step back, he stared at Sang Xinghe for a while, then turned around and took off the clothes on the screen, put them on and walked out. Sang Xinghe saw him go and couldn’t help but reach out and grab the other man’s arm, “Where are you going?”

“Getting out of here.” Shen Jue said coldly.

Sang Xinghe narrowed his eyes, “Leave? Then where are you going?”

Shen Jue looked back at Sang Xinghe, “To Spring Breeze Pavilion.”

Sang Xinghe’s gaze sank and his tone grew fierce, “What are you doing at the Spring Wind Pavilion, it’s a place for men to enjoy themselves.”

Shen Jue laughed softly, his laugh sounding extraordinarily pleasant in the night, “I’m a man too, why can’t I go there for pleasure? Since you praised it so well, I’d like to go and see it too. It’s time for you to let go of me, Warrior Sang.”

Sang Xinghe’s face darkened, and he grabbed Shen Jue’s hand even harder, “You want to go and enjoy yourself? Who are you to go?”

“I have money, and ……” he looked down at his lower body before looking up at Sang Xinghe, “Warrior Sang don’t worry about me, I’ll do whatever needs to be done, no one says that a Celestial Luo body can’t go wh*ring. ”

“You …… you want to go there?” Sang Xinghe was even more reluctant to let go of Shen Jue, he even directly stopped and picked up Shen Jue and walked towards the bed, “If you go to the Spring Breeze Pavilion, are you buying someone else, or will someone buy you?”

Shen Jue looked at Sang Xinghe with cold eyes, “Both, I don’t care.”

Sang Xinghe heard the words and threw the person directly onto the bed, he was so angry that his soul almost flew out of his body, he pointed his finger at Shen Jue, “You are simply shameless, you can also say this. You want to give someone else silver so that they can sleep with you?”

Fortunately, the bed was soft enough, but the fall still made Shen Jue’s head dizzy, and he shook his head before he slowly got up. “I’m not your Celestial Luo body, I can go wherever I want, even if I go to the Spring Breeze Pavilion and put up a sign, you have no control over that, do you?”

Sang Xinghe was so angry that he didn’t know what to say, after a while, he let out a laugh, now that he was drunk, he said whatever he wanted to say, “Okay, go, then I wish you prosperity in business.”

“Thanks.” Shen Jue got out of bed with those words, he hadn’t brought clothes with him when he’d first arrived and he didn’t need them now.

He opened the door straight away and headed out. Sang Xinghe stood in the room for a long time before finally walking over to the bed to lie down.

When Sang Xinghe woke up again, he was woken up by someone.

“Eldest Brother!” In his ears was a woman’s loud shout.

Sang Xinghe frowned before he reluctantly opened his eyes, and his Little Sister’s face fell into his eyes.

She had an angry expression, “Eldest brother, how could you go to Spring Breeze Pavilion? You even made Shen Jue angry, how long did Shen Jue take care of you, don’t you know yourself? As a result, you bullied him as soon as you woke up, and even made him leave, I’ll see where you’re going to find someone so nice.” She was so angry that she clasped her hands to her chest, “Humph, Shen Jue is so good-looking, there must be a large number of people who like him, since you bullied him away, it’s useless to regret it when the time comes.”

Because of the hangover, Sang Xinghe’s head felt as if it was about to explode, he wrinkled his brow and rubbed his head, he was really a bit confused about the series of accusations from his little sister, “What are you talking about? Yangyang, who did I anger?”

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