C54– Kill That Gentleman 17

Shen Jue frowned at the man in front of him, he reached out and grabbed the edge of the tub and tried to stand up. But just as he got up, he was held again. Shen Jue’s brows knitted tighter, his strength and martial arts skills were inferior to that of Yu Ci, so he struggled for half a day, but could not break free and instead turned red with anger.


He couldn’t break free, so he could only give in and let himself be held.


Yu Ci looked at Shen Jue’s reddened face and felt that the other party was shy.


He hugged the man and thought a lot about what was going on in his mind. Although the little dwarf was short, he was really comfortable to hug and wouldn’t be angry with him like Sang Xinghe was.


Yu Ci had always felt that the toughest melon was the sweetest because his mother taught him that.


His mother was known as the great demoness of the martial arts world, finally his father, a martial arts master was abducted for her to give birth to a child, his father later honestly took over his grandfather’s mantle, as the Island Master of the Ten Extremities Island.


Growing up, his mother told him that love was snatched, and he needed to snatch the toughest, so Yu Ci immediately picked Sang Xinghe.


Now he suddenly felt that the melon wasn’t so sweet, he was angry every day, but in his arms, was a small watermelon, as long as he peeled the skin of this small watermelon, the core inside must be sweet.


Sang Xinghe had never promised him, he was at most distracted, he wouldn’t abandon him.


He didn’t know if he’d changed his mind, but now looking at Shen Jue, he couldn’t help but see how good he looked. He was really good, no noise, no fuss.


He couldn’t help but smile and even tightened his hand a little.


Shen Jue was already annoyed, and when he saw that he had tightened his hand, he couldn’t help but glare at him. Seeing Shen Jue’s eyes open wide, Yu Ci found the other party extremely cute.


How about giving him a kiss as a reward?


He was a little hesitant, afraid that if he kissed Shen Jue, he would follow Sang Xinghe’s example. He felt that he lost with Sang Xinghe because he had confessed first, so he would never confess again.


As he hesitated, a voice came from outside the door.


It was He Qiuying again.


He Qiuying stood at the door, “Island Master, are you inside?”


The reason He Qiuying came was because Shen Jue’s servant saw that after the Island Master went in, there was no sound inside except at the beginning, and then there was no sound at all, so he was a little afraid that Shen Jue had been killed by Yu Ci, so he went to find He Qiuying.


It so happened that He Qiuying was still awake, so he came along with him.


He didn’t expect He Qiuying to come here, and he picked the time when he was holding Shen Jue. He looked at Shen Jue’s pitiful and adorable appearance and concluded that he could never let He Qiuying see this scene.


He immediately got up from the water, pulled another piece of clothing from the screen and draped it over Shen Jue’s body, and ordered in a low voice, “Don’t come out.”


When he finished speaking, he headed out.


Shen Jue didn’t pay any attention to what he said, and as soon as he went out, he went out of the bath.


He had come back to bathe because he had hugged Yu Ci, but now he really bathed in vain. He was a bit annoyed looking at his soaked clothes and frowned as he took them all off.


Because it was summer, the room only had two pieces of Shen Jue’s clothes, and now both of them were wet, so he had nothing to wear, but he couldn’t just go out. If they left, he could call the boy to get his clothes for him.


Seeing that the bath was full of water, Shen Jue put on his shoes and went around the screen.


Yu Ci was talking to the left Guardian, “He Qiuying, I said I wouldn’t punish ……”


His words stopped abruptly, and he turned his head to look at Shen Jue, who came into the room without a stitch of clothing.


He Qiuying’s hand was still on the door, and when he saw this scene, he looked a little embarrassed.


And the next instant, Yu Ci punched him.


He Qiuying was not prepared and stumbled backward, he covered his eyes, not knowing whether to cry or laugh, “Island Master, you ……”


Yu Ci closed the door again, he coldly looked at He Qiuying, “I advise you to forget everything you just saw.”


He Qiuying sighed and said meekly, “What if I can’t forget?”


Yu Cu clenched his fist again, “Then I will beat you until you forget.”


He Quying dropped his hand and stood up straight, his expression gradually becoming serious, “Island Master, why do you care so much about Shen Jue? This care is somewhat familiar, just like when Island Master first met Warrior Sang.”


Yu Ci’s gaze couldn’t help but flicker a bit as he avoided He Qiuying’s eyes, “What are you babbling about, the dwarf is Xinghe’s Celestial Luo body, I’m just afraid of what you might do to him.”


He Quying let out a laugh with some mockery, “Worried about what I’ll do? Isn’t the island master worried about himself? You have forcibly taken Shen Jue out of Warrior Sang’s room for several days in a row, may I ask why?”


Yu Ci said, “His massages cured my insomnia, that’s why I took him to my place, He Qiuying, are you the island master or am I the island master, when did it become your turn to interfere in my affairs?”


The smile on He Qiuying’s face gradually faded, and a moment later, he lowered his head again, “It is subordinate who has overstepped the rules.”


Yu Ci still had a foul expression on his face, “He Quying, go and receive your punishment, and stay away from Shen Jue in the future.”


He Qiuying heard these words but raised his head again, “Sorry, Island Master, I can’t do as you said.”


Yu Ci’s expression changed, finally he smiled, “Forget it, then I will also tell you the truth, you guessed right, I have taken a fancy to Shen Jue, he will follow me in the future, so I will not reward him to you, if you want a Celestial Luo body, go pick one yourself, but you want Shen Jue, no.”


He Qiuying’s gaze sunk as he looked at Yu Ci, “Is the island master serious?”


Yu Ci no longer dodged He Qiuying’s gaze, he said one word in a deep voice, “Yes.”


He Qiuying continued, “What about Warrior Sang? Does the island master not like him anymore?”


Mentioning Sang Xinghe, Yu Ci looked awkward.


“Give him another Celestial Luo body, send him off the island, and send some tonic pills and martial arts secrets, just to make up for it.” Yu Ci thought for a moment before speaking.


He Qiuying obviously didn’t expect that Yu Ci would give up Sang Xinghe when he said he would, he gave Yu Ci a somewhat stunned look, and then he said, “Since the island master said so, then subordinate will do so, it’s already late at night, I’m afraid that Warrior Sang has already gone to sleep, tomorrow I will go to Yi Shui Pavilion to talk to Warrior Sang about this matter.”


The fact was that Yu Ci was now in a very complicated mood, after all, he had liked Sang Xinghe for a long time, and had done many impulsive things, he now gave up Sang Xinghe, he still felt a little sad.


He had also fantasized about Sang Xinghe smiling at him, but Sang Xinghe could smile at anyone, but not to him.


“Wait.” Yu Ci said.


He Qiuying stared at Yu Ci, his eyes complicated, “Island Master?”


Yu Ci closed his eyes and said in a slow voice, “He left his sect for a long time, I think it must have changed, his martial arts hasn’t yet fully recovered, have Yuan Hao secretly follow him, if someone hurts him, then help.”


Only when He Qiuying heard this did he dare to be sure that he had put down Sang Xinghe, and he was even more stunned.


He looked at the closed door and tiredly waved his hand to He Qiuying, “What are you resting for? Have you finished that wine? I want to drink some wine.”


After letting him go, his heart couldn’t help but ache, as if someone had dug something out of his chest, but after the pain, he felt free. Sang Xinghe’s attitude towards him had always been like a dagger to his chest, and now that the dagger had dug that piece of flesh off, it may never hurt again.


Shen Jue had overheard some of the conversation between He Qiuying and Yu Ci, and felt that Yu Ci was too good at getting him into trouble. Shen Jue had wanted to take Sang Xinghe away from the island to at least leave a good impression in the other party’s mind so that he would initially trust him, but now that Yu Ci had taken the initiative to let Sang Xinghe leave the island and listening to his words, he was going to stay by Yu Ci’s side, so how could he still kill Sang Xinghe? Not to mention that the other party had to fall in love with him.


No, he couldn’t let Sang Xinghe leave the island like that.


Shen Jue hurriedly asked the boy to fetch him some clothes, and after changing into his clothes, he rushed to the Yi Shui Pavilion.


When the guard at the Yi Shui Pavilion saw Shen Jue, he obviously froze for a moment and then stopped him.


“Sir Shen, it’s very late, you can’t go in.” One of the guards said.


Shen Jue looked down at the main house, which was still lit, and couldn’t help but be a little angry that he couldn’t make a sound; if he could speak, he could just call out Sang Xinghe’s name.


He turned his eyes to the few guards in front of him, gritted his teeth, and attacked directly. Those guards didn’t expect Shen Jue to attack them, so they dodged for a moment, but then they saw the ferocity of Shen Jue’s attack and had to take it seriously. The guards had been sent to guard the Yi Shui Pavilion day and night, so Shen Jue had no chance of winning against these experts from the Ten Extremities Islands.


But the good thing was that Shen Jue was very fast. Although he couldn’t beat his opponent, it wasn’t that easy for those people to catch him, and those guards were afraid of hurting Shen Jue, Shen Jue was Sang Xinghe’s Celestial Luo body, if he was hurt, it was inevitable that the island master would be angry.


In this way, Shen Jue held on for dozens of rounds, and the commotion outside finally alerted Sang Xinghe in the main house.


When he saw several guards attacking Shen Jue, he said in a loud voice, “Stop! What are you doing?”


When the guards saw Sang Xinghe come out, they could only stop. They all knew that Sang Xinghe was the one who was in the heart of the Island Master, so they didn’t dare to oppose Sang Xinghe.


The next moment, he saw Shen Jue roll over like the wind and jump into his arms.


He froze slightly, and then he noticed that Shen Jue’s hand, clasped behind him, had written a few words on his back –


“Help me.”


Sang Xinghe’s heart fluttered and he hastily wrapped his arms around Shen Jue and said in a warm voice, “It’s windy outside, let’s go in first.”


Several guards watched as Sang Xinghe took Shen Jue inside, and looked at each other, not knowing what to do for a moment.


“Should we tell the island master?” One asked in a low voice.


Another said, “The Island Master only instructed that Warrior Sang not be allowed out of the Yi Shui Pavilion, and it’s not like Sir Shen hasn’t spent the night here.”


“But the island master brought Sir Shen out before, so I’m afraid he doesn’t want Sir Shen to stay here.”


The men hesitated and decided to send one person to report to the Island Master.

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