C53–Kill That Gentleman 16

Outside the door came He Qiuying’s warm voice.


“Island Master, are you asleep?”


Yu Ci immediately looked in the direction of the door, looking a bit flustered, as if he had been caught doing something bad. He hurriedly spoke, “I’d already fallen asleep, what do you want?”


He finished and looked down at the person in his arms, his voice lowered, “You …… get out of my arms.”


It was clear that he could easily push him out, but he held the other’s shoulders as if he couldn’t move.


It was strange, it wasn’t as if he hadn’t met people who had thrown their arms around him, but perhaps he could see right through the fear in their eyes, so he was disgusted by the reluctant approach of the two Celestial Luo bodies.


He had never met anyone who liked him so much and was so bold.


Why wasn’t this dwarf afraid of him?


Yu Ci couldn’t figure it out, and finally could only barely find a reason.


It must be that this dwarf liked him too much, just like he liked Sang Xinghe, so he wasn’t afraid of anything, even if he was bad to him, he still wanted to approach him desperately.


He Qiuying went silent for a while, then said: “So the island master was asleep ah, I also prepared a jar of wine, I didn’t expect to not be able to drink with the island master.” He sighed heavily, “It seems that I can only drink it alone.”


Hearing He Qiuying’s words, Yu Ci said after a moment’s hesitation, “Go back first, I’ll get dressed and come to you.”


He Qiuying answered and left. After waiting, he coughed twice, “You’ve had enough hugs, let go!”


Shen Jue had already confirmed that the ring was around Yu Shu’s neck, and when he heard Yu Ci’s words, he obediently let go of the other party and was about to get off the bed, but he didn’t expect him to grab his arm.


“You can sleep here, I’m going out for a drink anyway.” He saw Shen Jue look down at his hand and let go of it. He got out of bed with a whoosh, got dressed, and walked away.


He was so panicked that he walked barefoot to the door before realizing he wasn’t wearing any shoes.


When Shen Jue saw him leave, he patted the spot where he had been scratched by him and frowned slightly.


Why did he feel that Yu Ci’s reaction was strange, especially when he had just left, it was like he was running away.


Yu Ci picked up his shoes and ran out before bending down to put it on, he wore the shoes and turned his head to look at the diagonal back of a tree, “Who is it?”


He Qiuying, dressed in white, came out from behind the tree, he smiled and looked at the wretched state of Yu Ci and said slowly, “Did I interrupt the good work of the island master?”


Seeing that it was He Qiuying, his face immediately returned to normal, he glared at He Qiuying and said in a bad mood, “Stop talking nonsense, you said you were going to drink, where is the wine?”


“It’s in my courtyard, if we don’t go, I’m afraid Yuan Hao will have finished drinking.”


Yuan Hao was the name of the right Guardian.


As soon as Yu Ci heard that the wine was going to be finished, he hurriedly urged He Qiuying to hurry up.


He Qiuying answered, but before he left, he looked back in the direction of the courtyard.


Yu Ci noticed He Qiuying’s gaze and his expression immediately became a bit odd.


Right, how could he forget that He Qiuying liked that little dwarf, if He Qiuying knew that little dwarf liked him, wouldn’t he be very sad?


When He Qiuying withdrew his eyes, he saw that he was looking at him with odd eyes, so he couldn’t help but stare, “Island Master, what’s wrong?”


He coughed and walked forward with He Qiuying, after a few steps, he still couldn’t help but speak, “What do you think of that little dwarf?”


He Qiuying let out a sound, “Is the island master talking about Shen Jue? He’s fine, he’s very well behaved, he just has a little temper now and then.” He paused, “But didn’t the island master call him a dead dwarf before? Now you’ve changed his name.”


When he heard He Qiuying praise Shen Jue, his eyes changed slightly, and when he heard He Qiuying’s second half of the sentence, he panicked, “Didn’t I call him a dwarf before? That guy is so short, yet you still think he’s good.”


He Qiuying said, “Actually, Shen Jue is not short, he is just young, and if he is petite, he will be more comfortable to hug, right?”


“What?!” Yu Ci twisted his head to glare at He Qiuying, “Have you hugged him?”


He Qiuying seemed a little unsure, “Hmm? No ah, I just guessed.”


Yu Ci turned to the front. “I thought you hugged that little … dead dwarf. Seeing that he’s so thin, you’d only get hurt if you hug him.”


He Qiuying inclined his head to look at Yu Ci, his expression was somewhat unexplainable, “Why has the island master been saying bad things about Shen Jue? What has he done to offend the island master?”


Yu Ci pursed his lips and rolled his eyes, “His existence is what offends me.”


He Qiuying was silent for a moment, then suddenly said, “Or let’s stop him from going to the Yi Shui Pavilion, let’s replace him with someone the island master likes.” He looked at Yu Ci and the corners of his eyes curved, “In fact, I have something that I have always wanted to tell the island master, but I was afraid that the island master would get angry, but today, I really can’t resist.”


Yu Ci looked at He Qiuying’s expression and felt an ominous feeling, and sure enough the next instant he heard He Qiuying say:


“I quite like that child Shen Jue, how about rewarding him to me?”


Yu Ci’s expression froze for a long time before he said, “He has already been broken, if you want a Celestial Luo body, aren’t there many unbroken ones on the island? Take your pick.”


“Island Master, I don’t want to practice with a Celestial Luo body, I do like Shen Jue.” He Qiuying blushed as he said this, “I actually saw him right away, but I didn’t dare to tell the island master since you wanted to send him to the Yi Shui Pavilion, now I think, since the island master hates him so much, what if Shen Jue follows me from now on, if the island master doesn’t want to see him, I have a manor outside the island, he can live there.”


Yu Ci’s face sunk, “He Qiuying, are you planning to leave the Ten Extremities Island?”


He Qiuying was silent for a moment, “If the Island Master wants me to leave, I can take Shen Jue away.”


“Don’t you dare!” Yu Ci said in annoyance, “He Qiuyng, I think you’re confused, I’ll pretend that I never heard what you said tonight, don’t mention it in the future.”


He Qiuying gently wrinkled his eyebrows and was about to say something, but Yu Ci cut him off, “Don’t say anything, don’t even think about that little runt, if you dare talk about this again, I will kill him.”


After finishing his speech, he flung his sleeves and walked back.


He wasn’t in the mood to drink anymore.


Yu Ci was like a lion whose tail had been yanked, anger rushed directly to the top of his head. That dead dwarf was a scourge, he hadn’t been here for long, yet he had already hooked his left guardian’s soul, and the left Guardian even wanted to resign.


Scourge! Shameless! He had to teach the dead dwarf a good lesson.


He found his bed empty and the quilt folded neatly at the end of the bed.


Yu Ci: “……”


He took a deep breath and bit his lip hard, his eyes were a bit frightening, “Good, how dare you disobey me.”


Yu Ci rushed to Shen Jue’s courtyard again in a feverish hurry.


The boy in Shen Jue’s courtyard was startled when he saw Yu Ci, and was about to say something when he saw that Yu Rui had already rushed to the main house.


A few moments later, a gloomy-looking Yu Ci rushed out again, he looked at the boy expressionlessly, “Where is he?”


The boy was so frightened that he couldn’t even say anything, and could only point his hand towards the room on the left.


Yu Ci didn’t pause and directly went into the room pointed out by the boy.


The boy saw him rushing in before he caught his breath and said half a beat later, “Island …… Island Master, Sir Shen is …… bathing.”


Unfortunately, his words came too late, and Yu Ci had already rushed to the front of Shen Jue.


He looked at Shen Jue sitting in the bathtub and his pupils immediately dilated.


Shen Jue froze for a moment when he saw the sudden appearance of the man, who was still angry.


Even if he was to be punished, he had to wear a shirt.


The young man’s body glowed warmly in the orange candlelight, like jade. His wet hair was like black snakes coiled sinuously on a glittering white jade.


The white skin in front of him was almost blinding and jaw-dropping.


Especially when the water wrapped around his fair body.


Yu Ci closed his eyes and shook his head hard.


No, he was fond of Sang Xinghe.


But in the face of all this, he suddenly couldn’t recall Sang Xinghe’s face.


As Shen Jue scrambled to wear his clothes, he looked up at Yu Ci and saw that the other party had closed his eyes and was shaking his head.


Yu Ci recited Sang Xinghe’s name a dozen times in his mind before he let out a breath and opened his eyes. As soon as he opened his eyes, he was met with Shen Jue’s beautiful blue eyes.


He had never thought that the Celestial Luo body looked good, in his mind, there was nothing beautiful or ugly about a human jar that stored internal energy. But now, he suddenly felt as if he had thought wrong.


The Celestial Luo body was really born beautiful, like a treasure given to them by the heavens to mortals.


He had been blinded by his thoughts, never realizing the preciousness of the treasure.


When Shen Jue saw that Yu Ci was staring at him blankly, his brows knitted slightly, and in the next instant, he saw Yu Ci walking towards him. He walked up to the tub, his nose flared and his eyes turned darker.


Shen Jue had a bad feeling, and just as he took a step back, he saw that Yu Ci had already jumped into the tub.


The water splashed, and Shen Jue reached out to wipe the water that splashed on his face, and his expression changed, but then he remembered that he had to hide his true nature in this life, so he lowered his body into the water.


But the bathtub was only so big, so where could he hide?


After only a moment’s thought, Shen Jue used his qinggong and prepared to fly out of the tub, but just as he got out, his ankle was suddenly grabbed and he was dragged back into the tub.


Shen Jue fell back and sat on top of Yu Ci, and his clothes were soaked through with water. Yu Ci looked at him with some consternation, his fair face slightly flushed. He was surprised that he had acted in such a way, and now that he had the man in his arms, he felt that the words he had said to He Qiuying in a righteous manner had now turned into a slap, a slap on his face.


It really hurt.


He didn’t look like he had much flesh, but it didn’t hurt at all to hold him!


What to do? He really didn’t want to let go.

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