C52–Kill That Gentleman 15

When the words came out, Shen Jue obviously felt the body of the person on top of him stiffen.

Sang Xinghe raised his head, his eyes were indifferent, “I’m not in the mood to go for a walk, if the island master wants to, go walk yourself.”

Seeing how uncooperative Sang Xinghe was, Yu Ci glanced at Shen Jue.

From his current angle, he couldn’t see anything except a glimpse of his profile.

He didn’t want Shen Jue to see him as a  joke, so his eyes sank slightly, “Xinghe, aren’t you bored staying here every day?”

Sang Xinghe lowered his head again and touched the white neck of the person beneath him with his lips, “No, why would I feel bored with him, it would be a waste of time to meet the island master. ”


Shen Jue was treated so intimately by Sang Xinghe and couldn’t help but reach out his hand against his chest, trying to push Sang Xinghe away. Sang Xinghe grabbed Shen Jue’s hand and blinked quietly.


He didn’t know if the writing on the chessboard had been rubbed off by Shen Jue’s clothes, so it was best to be careful.


Yu Ci felt that Shen Jue’s actions confirmed what he thought, that he already liked him to such an extent? As for Sang Xinghe, because of the other party’s lack of cooperation made Yu Ci a little angry, for the first time, he felt that Sang Xinghe was really insensitive.


“Sang Xinghe, are you going out or not?” Yu Ci asked again.


Sang Xinghe replied very simply, “No.”


“You!” He couldn’t care less about Shen Jue, “Sang Xinghe, don’t be shameless, this is the Ten Extremities Island, listen to me or I’ll send people to slaughter your stupid sect leader.”


When Sang Xinghe heard this, his eyes suddenly changed, and he raised his head to look at Yu Ci.


“Island Master, you can try.”


Sang Xinghe was an orphan, raised by the Tianluoan Sect leader, he put his master first in everything, so he was most disgusted by others using the sect to threaten him.


Yu Ci was so angry that his fingers dug into his palm. He thought he had been very good to Sang Xinghe, he had ruined Sang Xinghe’s martial arts, but he was making up for it, and sent people to find spiritual elixirs to help Sang Xinghe recover his martial arts, and even put Sang Xinghe first in everything.


But Sang Xinghe didn’t even give him a good look.


He was still the powerful Ten Extremeties Island Master.


Yu Ci gritted his teeth and looked at Sang Xinghe with a very unpleasant look, “Sang Xinghe, I’ll ask you one last time, are you going out or not?”


“Then I’ll also reply for the last time, unless it is to leave the Ten Extremities Island, or I will not never go out.” Sang Xinghe coldly said.


Yu Ci smiled and directly hit the vase next to him with a palm, the vase exploded and broke to the ground, his androgynous face still had an angry look on it, and his hand under his sleeve was trembling slightly as he gritted his teeth and tried to control his emotions.


Shen Jue was startled by the sound of the vase exploding, and couldn’t help but turn his head to look at Yu Ci.


As soon as he felt his glance, Yu Ci’s eyes looked over.


When he saw Shen Jue looking at him, he felt ashamed of himself for a moment and couldn’t help but say, “What are you looking at? Do you want your eyes?”


Sang Xinghe frowned, “What are you scolding him for? He didn’t mess with you.” He finished, and reached out to cover Shen Jue’s ears, “Don’t listen.”


Yu Ci curled his lips and smiled coldly, “Tch, how considerate is Warrior Sang.” He finished and directly attacked Sang Xinghe, Sang Xinghe’s internal strength was only half restored, so he couldn’t beat Yu Ci, they exchanged a few rounds and Sang Xinghe was knocked back, Yu Ci let out another cold laugh and pulled Shen Jue directly to his side.


“Sang Xinghe, I see that you have been relieved of your medicine tonight, and there is no need for this dwarf to stay here any longer.” Yu Ci grabbed Shen Jue’s arm and ripped him away directly. Sang Xinghe took two steps towards him, but ended up covering his chest with a look of annoyance.


When Shen Jue was yanked out of the house. He turned his head and stared coldly at Shen Jue.


The moonlight was like water, plating a layer of silvery white light on Yu Ci’s dark-colored robe.


Shen Jue’s eyes fell on Yu Ci, but before he could lower his head, he heard the other party say.


“Don’t think Sang Xinghe protecting you makes you special, he protected that ugly senior sister of his like that when he was in that crappy sect of his.” Yu Ci gave a cold snort, “He treats you well now, but it’s just the same tactics he used back then.”


Shen Jue looked at Yu Ci with some confusion.


Shouldn’t Yu Ci be punishing him now? Why was he telling him bad things about Sang Xinghe …..?


It seemed like bad words.


Seeing that Shen Jue was looking at him like a dumb goose, Yu Ci raised his eyebrows, “Short and stupid, who would like you.” He paused and added, “Of course you have good eyes, but you’d better give up.”


Shen Jue frowned imperceptibly.


So he was giving him a war cry to stay away from Sang Xinghe?


Unfortunately, he couldn’t do it.


Shen Jue suddenly heard a movement at the back of the room, his gaze flickering slightly, and the next moment, it looked like he shook his head at Yu Ci.


Yu Ci froze for a moment, not knowing his face was actually a little red, “How dare you shake your head? Why won’t you give up?”


This dwarf was actually so …… arrogant!


He had told him to give up, so why didn’t he give up?


Shen Jue couldn’t say anything, so he just shook his head once more at Yu Ci.


Yu Ci choked for a moment and glared at Shen Jue viciously, “Forget it, whatever, it’s useless even if you like it anyway.”


Because he wasn’t going to reciprocate.


Yu Ci swore once more in his heart and turned around to walk away satisfied. He took a few steps, then suddenly turned his head again.


Shen Jue was still in the same place, wondering if he should continue to discuss the matter of leaving the island with Sang Xinghe, but when he met Yu Ci’s gaze, he could only collect his thoughts and follow him.


In Yu Ci’s mind, Shen Jue was so broken-hearted that he couldn’t even walk. Now that he’d taken one look at him, he was bashfully following him again.


Tsk, tsk, tsk, what a pity.


Seeing that someone was more pitiful than him, his heart that had been broken by Sang Xinghe inexplicably healed, and not only that, he also felt vaguely proud.


The two of them were walking together,  yet their thoughts were completely different.


Shen Jue was thinking about leaving the island, so he didn’t pay attention for a while, and followed him directly to the other party’s courtyard, and by the time he realized it, he was already standing at the entrance of the courtyard. Yu Ci wanted to see how long Shen Jue would follow him, but he didn’t expect the dwarf to be so shameless that he followed him here.


He turned around and looked at Shen Jue, “You’re not going back to bed? What? You want to give me a massage?”


When Shen Jue heard Yu Ci’s words, he remembered something.


There were two ways off the island, one way was guarded by the disciples of the Ten Extremeties Islands, and it would be difficult for him and Sang Xinghe to leave under the noses of so many disciples, while the other way was a dark path that only the successive island masters of the Ten Extremeties Islands knew about, and there was a mechanism that required a ring on the island master’s body to open it.


But Shen Jue hadn’t seen the ring on Yu Ci’s finger. After he became a spirit, he had followed Sang Xinghe, so he hadn’t even noticed what had happened to him.


If the ring wasn’t on his body, it should be in his room.


Thinking of this, Shen Jue then nodded at Yu Ci.


Yu Ci asked, “You want to give me a massage that badly?”


Shen Jue thought for a moment, spread his hand and wrote, “The island master works so hard all day, a massage will help the island master sleep better.”


After reading what Shen Jue had written, Yu Ci felt that his suspicions had been completely confirmed. He looked at Shen Jue for a moment, and slightly curled his lips, “If you want.”


This little dwarf could help with his insomnia, so he would reluctantly accept it.


With Shen Jue’s massage, Yu Ci soon fell asleep. Shen Jue sat on the bed and looked at the sleeping Yu Ci from top to bottom. He didn’t know where the ring was hidden. The collar of his shirt was so high that he couldn’t see if there was a string underneath, so maybe the ring was on his neck.


Thinking of this, Shen Jue carefully reached out his hand and just as his fingertips touched the collar of his shirt, his opponent suddenly opened his eyes.


He looked at Shen Jue’s slightly changed face and let out a hum, “What are you doing?”


Shen Jue had removed his mask by now, and even his faintest expressions could be caught by Yu Ci.


He looked at his hand, which had been caught by Yu Ci, and felt embarrassed, but before he could think of something good to say, Yu Ci suddenly let go of his hand.


“There shouldn’t be a next time.” He folded his hands behind his head, this little dwarf was too naughty, he actually wanted to take off his clothes.


Shen Jue withdrew his hand, and although he didn’t quite understand why Yu Ci was suddenly so nice, he thought about it for a moment and smiled at him.


When Shen Jue smiled, the left corner of his lips revealed a shallow dimple, which was usually completely invisible.


It was the first time Yu Ci saw the dimple on Shen Jue’s face, so he was slightly stunned, then he turned his face away and said coldly, “Laughing so much at night, be careful of attracting ghosts.”


After he finished, he still felt a bit stuffy, so he turned back to Shen Jue and said, “Why are you still here? Go back to your place.”


Shen Jue smiled and had to get out of the bed, but Yu Ci was laying near the exit, so to get out of the bed, he had to step over him first.


He tried to cross over, but it seemed that Yu Ci didn’t want him to touch him, so he suddenly moved his leg backward, Shen Jue couldn’t close his grip and fell straight down. Seeing this, Yu Ci immediately stretched out his hand to pull Shen Jue.


He pulled him into his arms.


Shen Jue crashed into the arms of Yu Ci, and his face was pressed against his opponent’s chest, and his nose was covered with the smell of soap from Yu Ci’s clothes.


Yu Ci was about to push Shen Jue away, but just as he did so, the other party hugged him fiercely.


Shen Jue’s two hands were wrapped around his waist, as if he didn’t want to get out of his arms.


Yu Ci stiffened, and his eyes drifted around.


What should he do now?


At that moment, there was a sudden knock at the door.

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