C44[Kill That Gentleman 7]


When Sang Xinghe walked around the screen to the bedside, he saw a faint figure behind the curtain.

He exhaled a sigh of relief, gritted his teeth and turned around again, reciting the sutra in his heart several times, and hating the culprit in his heart even more.

How in the world could there be such a jerk as Yu Ci?

Last time, he almost did something bad to that man, but fortunately, he was knocked unconscious by the candlestick.

Sang Xinghe saw the candlestick at that time, but he didn’t dodge it.

The other party was innocent, and it was only Yu Ci that was repulsive.

He couldn’t do too much to the other side.

However, no matter how Sang Xinghe chanted the sutra in his heart, he seemed to pay more and more attention to the person in the bed, and even the sound of the other person pulling on the tapestry, he could hear it clearly.

In order to prevent Sang Xinghe from being smashed again, Guardian Zuo nailed all the candlesticks and other dangerous things in place, and could not pick them up at all. Sang Xinghe couldn’t even ask Shen Jue to hit him again.

Sang Xinghe closed his eyes, his fingers pinching out bloody marks in his palm, but it was useless. This torment made him feel as if he was in two worlds: ice above his neck and fire below his neck.

He didn’t know how long it took, but he finally gave a low gasp and turned with difficulty to the bed.

He gently lifted the curtain, and his breath almost caught when he saw the scene before him.

In order for the two of them to be successful, Guardian Zuo had deliberately dressed Shen Jue in an extremely see-through dress this time. As the saying goes, the most seductive things were often the ones that were not exposed.

When Shen Jue caught a glimpse of Sang Xinghe, he twisted his body to bite the soft silk on his wrist, but he was doused with a muscle relaxant, so he was so weak that he couldn’t bite the soft silk for half a day. On the contrary, because of his twisting action, his slender body was exposed.

He was like a beautiful bow that had been stretched to its limits.

While Shen Jue was struggling to bite the soft silk, his face was suddenly moved by a large hand.

“I’m sorry.” Sang Xinghe’s voice came from above, “I’m sorry.”

He was amazed at the physique of the Celestial Luo Body and even untied the soft silk that bound his opponent’s hands and feet. Once he was free, he kicked Sang Xinghe with all his strength, and when Sang Xinghe saw him, he let go of Shen Jue and dodged to the side.

As soon as his feet landed on the ground, he fell to the ground weakly. Before he could take a few steps forward, he was carried onto the bed by the person behind him.

The candle burned out, leaving only red residue, and the house was overflowing with fragrance.

By the time Sang Xinghe’s medication had worn off, the sky was already blue. He rolled over and looked at the clothes that had been thrown all over the floor, and a trace of embarrassment flashed across his eyes. He went to the closet in the house, looked through the clothes and put them on, and then chose a shirt of a tender color.

He took it to the edge of the bed and let out a sigh of relief before he reached out and lifted the curtain.

The person on the bed was already asleep, and although the mask was over his face, Sang Xinghe knew that he was crying, with tears running from his chin to his neck. Sang Xinghe draped his clothes over the body of the person in the bed and sighed inaudibly again.

Last night was after all too much for him.

The other party couldn’t speak, he didn’t make a sound while crying, and when he found out, the tears had already wet half the pillow.

Sang Xinghe had always prided himself on being steady, but now he knew that men were almost the same in bed. Even if they pitied, they weren’t gentle. Sang Xinghe was embarrassed and lost at this time, and even felt faint nausea.

What was the difference between what he was doing now and what he criticized?

Sang Xinghe originally despised those who practiced with the Celestial Luo Body, and now he had become such a person. This knowledge made him feel disgusted not only with himself but also with Shen Jue on his bed.

Why should there be such an obscene and evil race as the Celestial Luo Body in the world?

Sang Xinghe once chased and killed a notorious devil in the rivers and lakes, and the devil did not forget to take his Celestial Luo Body with him when he was fleeing, and even did something disgraceful on the way. At that time, Sang Xinghe was so disgusted that he wanted to vomit, but the devil was still thinking about his Celestial Luo Body when he was about to die, and he asked Sang Xinghe to kill it.

“Without him to accompany me on the road to the Yellow Springs, I’m not willing to go to hell.”

Some people said that the Celestial Luo Body was a flower that bloomed on the bed, majestic to the extreme.

Sang Xinghe really felt the truth of this statement this time.

In fact, in the middle of the night, he had already relieved most of the medicinal properties with his fixation, enough to be able to control himself, but he could not control, even unable to self-control. Last night he was just like all the ugly men in the world who had been bewitched by lust, the youth on the bed made him show his true colors.


Yu Ci looked at the guardian in front of him with a mischievous gaze, “Is it done?”

Guardian Zuo bowed his head, “Done.”

“How is the man?” Yu Ci said again.

He said, “If the island master is asking about Warrior Sang, that person would be perfect. I see that Warrior Sang is alive and well at the moment, but his face doesn’t look good.”

Yu Ci snorted, “This kind of decent people are all like this, come a few more times, see if he is still full of manners and morals?” After he finished his question, he was not interested in being bothered with Guardian Zuo, so he waved his hand in disgust, “Go down.”

Guardian Zuo didn’t go, “Island Master, you previously instructed to give medicine to Master Song every night, but now do you want to slow down a bit? Like every other day or two? That Celestial Luo body had its first commitment. He’s still unable to get out of bed.”

When he went to pick up Shen Jue this morning, he was shocked. He didn’t expect Sang Xinghe to look like a refined gentleman on the surface, but in private he was no different from a wolf who had been hungry for more than twenty years. Last night, he sent the man in with a fragrant smell, and when he picked him up, he didn’t even have a piece of good meat left, he really didn’t know how many times he had done it last night.

When Yu Ci heard the words of the Guardian, he narrowed his eyes, “Are you distressed for that Celestial Luo body?”

Guardian Zuo quickly shook his head. “Of course not. I just think that if Warrior Sang’s body is drugged every day, he won’t stand it. After all, he doesn’t have some internal forces.”

Yu Ci frowned “Ok, just according to your words, but you help me keep an eye on it, if …” His words didn’t end, but Guardian Zuo understood his meaning.

“Island Lord rest assured, I will definitely kill Shen Jue before anything happens.” Guardian Zuo said.

But what he thought in his heart was, how could emotional things be mentioned accurately?

If two people stayed together every night, skin to skin, even the most stony-hearted person would feel differently about the other, right?

After Guardian Zuo left, he broke the teacup in his hand.

He looked at the teacup, which was broken into pieces, and clenched his teeth in hatred.

He thought he wouldn’t care if Sang Xinghe slept with someone else. But when he heard the words of Guardian Zuo, he was furious when he realized that the dwarf named Shen Jue couldn’t even get out of the bed now. He hardly needed to think about it, he knew how fierce the battle was last night, and he was afraid that Sang Xinghe would be interested in that Celestial Luo body.

But he was the one who did this, and killing Shen Jue now would be too much of a slap in the face to the master of the Ten Extremities Island, as if he was someone who couldn’t even tolerate a Celestial Luo Body.

What was the Celestial Luo Body?

It was just a weapon to store internal energy.

But he was in a very bad mood, so bad that he couldn’t even watch the singing and dancing, and was even more disgusted when he saw Guardian Zuo. Yu Ci was like a big, irritable lion with a lot of anger, so he went crazy on the island for a while, but finally, he couldn’t help but go to Yi Shui Pavillion.

When he went there late at night, he didn’t tell anyone, and when Guardian Zuo saw that Yu Ci was in a bad mood, he didn’t dare to tell him that Shen Jue had been sent to the Yi Shui Pavilion again tonight.

Therefore, when Yu Ci arrived, Shen Jue was lying on Sang Xinghe’s bed.

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