C43[Kill That Gentleman 6]

A hand suddenly stretched out from the side of the room and firmly grasped the arm of the man in the bed.

He was stunned, turned his head, and saw that the man on the bed was already awake.

Song Xinghe was a traditionally beautiful man, with eyebrows like autumn water, eyes like April peach, nose like a high mountain beam, and lips like silk. Although his facial features were perfect, he was not at all feminine, and even though his face was pale and bloodless, it was still hard to look at him.

As soon as Sang Xinghe was born, he made a name for himself, not only because of his martial arts skills but also half because of his looks.

But Sang Xinghe, though gentle, was more or less the same to everyone. If someone confessed passionately, he would only apologize and politely refuse, but he never thought he would meet a devil who didn’t talk sense at all.

“He has nothing to do with my injury, so don’t punish him.” He didn’t know when Sang Xinghe woke up, but the first thing he did was to plead for leniency for Shen Jue.

When Yu Ci saw Sang Xinghe was awake, he first showed surprise, but when he heard Sang Xinghe’s words, his face sank. He was born with a feminine appearance, and when his face sank, it was even more frightening than normal people.

“Are you pleading for him?” Yu Xie sneered, “He’s from my Island of the Ten Extremities, what business is it of yours how I want to punish him?”

Sang Xinghe didn’t shy away from it, “If you want to punish an innocent person in front of me, then it’s my business.” He paused, “Of course, if the island master wants to punish someone, how can I, just an invalid, control it? I hope that the island master will understand that I am an invalid now and cannot see blood.”

An encounter with Sang Xinghe, in a moment of anger, he ruined Sang Xinghe’s martial arts and then regretted it afterwards. It wasn’t possible for him to leave Sang Xinghe without his martial arts skills, after all, Sang Xinghe had been walking around for many years and had many enemies. That was why he brought Sang Xinghe back to the Island of the Ten Extremities, but he also had his own selfish motives.

When Yu Ci heard this, his face became more and more ugly. After a while, he raised his lips and smiled, “Fine, if you say I shouldn’t punish him, I won’t, so let go of my hand.”

Sang Xinghe let go of his hand, and as soon as he did, he heard a “crack” sound.

“Yu Ci!” Sang Xinghe’s gaze sank, he swept his eyes at Shen Jue, who had fallen to the ground in pain, and looked angrily at him, “Why did you break your promise?”

Yu Ci took out a handkerchief from his sleeve and slowly wiped his hand, “One thing I hate most is when people don’t let me do what I want to do, the more you plead for him, the heavier I will punish him, but don’t worry, this is the first time you pleaded for him, so I just broke his hand, but it’s still intact. Only a hand.”

The handkerchief, which had been used by Yu Ci, was lightly thrown and landed in front of Shen Jue’s eyes.

When Shen Jue touched his broken hand, the murderous intent in his eyes flashed but when his face was picked up by the toe of Yu Ci, there was only pain in his eyes.

Yu Ci looked at the teary-eyed Shen Jue and asked, “Does it hurt?” in a manly voice.

Shen Jue thought about it and shook his head.

Yu Ci smiled in satisfaction, “Good boy, go down, go find the Guardian Zuo and ask him to treat your hand.”

Shen Jue nodded his head and slowly stood up, without looking at Sang Xinghe, turned around, and retired.

When he saw that Shen Jue came out with his hand in his hand, his eyes flashed, and he gave a look to the physician at the side. It happened that the physician was still there, which saved him a lot of trouble.

Because he was in a hurry to heal the hand, Shen Jue sat on the ladder in front of the Yi Shui Pavilion and held the hand for the physician to heal it.

Standing next to Shen Jue, Guardian Zuo felt a little amused at the scene of the other party holding his hand nicely.

This Celestial Luo body looked harmless and sweet on the surface, but in fact, he had many devious thoughts. The funniest thing was that he thought his thoughts were invisible to others.

“The next time you lie, you should tell a better lie.” Guardian Zuo said, “Today, the island master has already given you a free hand, so if you are found lying next time, you may not be able to save your little life.”

Shen Jue’s head hung down slightly as if he did not want to listen.

Guardian Zuo smiled helplessly and simply looked up at the distant moon with his hands behind his back.

It was a pity that he still had to run up and down because the disobedient Celestial Luo Body had caused him so much trouble. When he thought of this, Guardian Zuo couldn’t help but glance at Shen Jue.

He was acting really good at this time.

After examining him, the physician said to Shen Jue, “The problem is not big, I just need to straighten your hand.

The tears in Shen Jue’s eyes had already faded, and he nodded his head to the physician.

In the next instant, Shen Jue’s face crumpled into a bun in pain.

It was like a bun full of folds.

He couldn’t scream, he just clenched his teeth, but he couldn’t control his physiological reaction and burst into tears of pain.

This body was much more supple than the previous one, and although it knew martial arts, it had very little tolerance for pain. He was only able to twist back his broken hand, which made him cry with pain.

Shen Jue was glad that he was mute, or else he would have cried out in shame.

He was accustomed to the various reactions of people due to pain, so he was not surprised to see Shen Jue shedding tears.

It was so depressing that he had no consultation fee for treating the patient.

He was silent for a moment, and then reached out and grabbed Shen Jue’s collar and lifted him up, “It’s too late to cry now, so go to the woodshed tonight and sleep overnight.”

He looked to the person next to him, and Shen Jue was tied up again and thrown into the firewood room.

Shen Jue was locked up in the woodshed for a full day and night before he was released.

It was already cold in Yi Shui Pavilion, and after lying on the cold floor tiles for a day and a night, he began to get hot at night, and by the time he was released, his body had already become scalding hot.

When he heard that the man was sick, he raised his eyebrows, “Is he dead?”

Guardian Zuo thought about it, “Not yet, but if I lock him up for a few more days, I’m afraid he won’t survive.”

Yu Ci was a bit disgusted, “Who took such a weak Celestial Luo Body in the first place? It costs food to raise it, and it doesn’t contribute at all.” He snorted, “You let the physician treat it, if it can’t be cured, forget it.”

Guardian Zuo nodded and said, “What about the Yi Shui Pavilion?”

Yu Ci raised his hand and touched his nose, intoning: “There is no hurry over there, he is making a lot of noise now, so let’s coax him first.”

The last time Sang Xinghe saw him punish someone, he had been reluctant to even look at him for several days, so if he were to administer drugs to Sang Xinghe at this point, he might really provoke the other party.

This recuperation lasted for half a month.

When Guardian Zuo brought up this matter again, Yu Ci had almost forgot about Shen Jue.

“Island Master, do you need to make another arrangement for the Yi Shui Pavilion recently?” The left guardian asked.

Yu Ci gave a snort, “You just arrange it.”

Guardian Zuo paused and carefully looked at Yu Yue, “Last time it was Shen Jue who served, I don’t know if it should be changed this time.”

After giving it some thought, Yu Ci rejected the decision, “No need to change it. I’ll see if Sang Xinghe can see that lying little dwarf clearly.” He looked to the Guardian, “Tie the man to the bed and feed him a muscle relaxer.”

Guardian Zuo gave an oh sound, was about to leave, and then retreated, “Island Master, to whom?”

Yu Ci’s eyes suddenly became unkind, “Stupid thing, get out.”

After rolling out of the room, he realized that he had been a real fool.

If he had given Master Song a soft muscle powder, how would Master Song still be able to show off his heroism?

That night, Guardian Zuo fed Shen Jue muscle relaxer powder and tied him to the bed with soft silk. Because the mask was broken last time, Guardian Zuo deliberately changed a bronze mask this time, and the small lock on the back needed a key to open.

Before he left, he unlocked the acupuncture point of Sang Xinghe.

“Warrior Sang, enjoy yourself.” With a slight smile, Guardian Zuo exited the room with a swish, and when he went out, he did not forget to lock the door.

After doing all this, Guardian Zuo sighed a sigh of relief.

He was a pimp now, a pitiable one, as he was the Guardian of the Ten Extremities Island.


Sang Xinghe had already been drugged, and now the drug was getting stronger. After his acupuncture points were removed, he tried to leave the room, but not only was the door locked, but the windows were also locked. He paced restlessly back and forth in the room, but his eyes could not help but look into the inner room.

There was someone there.

Sang Xinghe knew it.

However, he could not do such a beastly thing.

The master once said a great man did what he wanted to do and what he didn’t want to do, and to do so, was to take advantage of the fire to rob.

Sang Xinghe clenched his fist, wanting to drink some cold water, but found that there was not even cold water in the house, and the water in the kettle was scalding hot, just like his breath.

His hand trembled slightly, and he put down the cup sharply.

Sang Xinghe took several deep breaths and finally walked inside.

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