C42[Kill That Gentleman 5]

When Shen Jue was selected to serve the guest at the Yi Shui Pavilion, the other Celestial Luo bodies all breathed a sigh of relief, except for Liu Xuan, who looked at Shen Jue with red eyes.

After Shen Jue was selected, he was taken down alone. He was locked into a room until sunset when the door was opened from the outside. Guardian Zuo, dressed all in white, walked into the room with long legs.

His eyes fell on Shen Jue, who was standing behind the table, and he took out something from his sleeve and put it on the table, “Drink this.”

Shen Jue looked at the medicine bottle on the table, and already knew what it was.

It was a medicine that would make him dumb, which he had drunk several times, and after drinking this, he could no longer speak.

He lowered his eyes slightly and reached for the medicine bottle, but before his fingertips touched it, he heard the guardian say, “There are still several bottles of this medicine, and if you spill one, it will be fine, but Liu Xuan, who was in the same room with you, will also be given a bottle.”

Guardian Zuo threatened Shen Jue.

Shen Jue was stunned, and it took him a moment to pick up the bottle of medicine. He raised his eyes to look at Guardian Zuo and said in a low voice, “Guardian Zuo, what medicine is this?”

“The medicine that makes you live longer.” Guardian Zuo smiled slightly, “Drink it quickly, I have to return to the island master’s side to resume my life.”

Shen Jue opened the bottle slowly. As soon as it was opened, the pungent smell of medicine rushed out from inside the bottle, and he pursed his lips and raised his eyes to look at Guardian Zuo, who still had a shallow smile on his face, but a slight impatience in his eyes.

Shen Jue withdrew his eyes, he looked at the potion in the bottle, closed his eyes, tilted his head, and drank it.

As soon as he drank it, his throat felt a burning pain like fire. He couldn’t help but reach out his hand to touch his throat and fell to the ground with a pale face, the medicine bottle slipped from his hand and fell to pieces on the ground.

When he saw Shen Jue drink it, he shook the fan in his hand and said in a loud voice, “This medicine is a little painful when you first drink it.” He paused, “Your good days are coming, so hurry up and enjoy them.”

Shen Jue gritted his teeth, and his body shook like a sieve because of the pain in his throat.

What did he mean, the good days were coming?

After saying so, he turned around and left, and naturally, someone re-locked the door.

When he returned to meet the island master, he was drinking wine and watching the dancers dance, and when he saw the guardian coming, he didn’t even raise his eyes.

Guardian Zuo didn’t even raise his eyes when he saw the dancing girls. When he came to meet him, he bent down and replied carefully, “Island Master, my subordinate has given Shen Jue the dumb elixir, so I don’t know if he needs to be taught him something before he’s sent him to Yi Shui Pavilion..”

After drinking a glass of wine, he looked dizzy. “No, he loves to be a gentleman. It is better to send a person who knows nothing.” When he said this, he showed an ironic smile. “Men are all the same in their bones.”

In the hearts of the people such as Lu Ci, the Celestial Luo Body could not be considered a man, and sending a Celestial Luo Body to a beloved was just like sending a martial arts secret method or a good weapon to a beloved, except that the Celestial Luo Body was after all a live one, and a live one would affect the owner’s mind, even if a weapon was used for a long time, people would have feelings, let alone a live one.

“Before sending him, put a mask on him, let him not take it off privately, and never show it to him. If he sees it, he doesn’t have to live.” Yu Ci instructed in a deep voice.

“Yes.” Guardian Zuo nodded his head.

But a few days later, when the Guardian came to visit him late at night, he was woken up in the middle of his sleep, and his gloomy face was dark, “What do you need to come to me so late? If you can’t tell me something important, go and get your punishment.”

Guardian Zuo lowered his head and said somewhat nervously, “Island Master, according to your instructions, my subordinates have sent the Celestial Luo Body to the Yi Shui Pavilion today, only ……” he stopped abruptly after that.

“Only what?” Yu Ci asked impatiently.

“That Celestial Luo body called Shen Jue knocked Warrior Sang …… unconscious.” He said awkwardly, “My subordinate deliberately put some medicine in the tea of Warrior Sang today, and sent Shen Jue in after. I have asked someone to tie up Shen Jue and lock him up in the firewood room of Yi Shui Pavillion, and I don’t know what the island master wants to do.”

Yu Ci: “……”

He grabbed his coat from the screen, draped it over his body, and hurried out, asking as he went, “Is he badly hurt?”

“He has been seen by a physician, and it is only a temporary fainting spell, and he is unharmed.” Guardian Zuo replied.

They soon arrived at the Yi Shui Pavillion, Yu Ci first went to the Yi Shui Pavillion’s main room to see Sang Xinghe lying on the bed, saw the person unconscious, he became furious. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the guardian with cold eyes, “Get that little dwarf over here.”

The little dwarf?

Guardian Zuo was half a beat slow to realize that the Island Master was talking about Shen Jue.

When Shen Jue was brought over, he looked very poor. Not only was he tied up with long hair scattered over one shoulder, but his clothes were also in tatters as if they had been torn, and his face was even more exaggerated, with the left side of his face swollen, as if he had been slapped many times.

When Yu Ci saw Shen Jue’s appearance, he was stunned and looked at the Guardian.

He looked at Guardian Zuo who awkwardly explained, “Island Master, my subordinates did not send anyone to do anything.

Yu Ci frowned, meaning that Sang Xinghe had beaten him?

Even though Sang Xinghe was drugged, his personality did not change suddenly, right?

It must be said that when Yu Ci saw Shen Jue’s pitiful appearance, his anger was instantly reduced by half because Shen Jue looked much more pitiful than Sang Xinghe.

“Who inflicted the wounds on your face?” Yu Ci asked.

Shen Jue shrank down at the words and then did not respond.

Yu Ci’s frown deepened, and he looked at Guardian Zuo again.

He cursed his father inside, but on the surface, he could only smile and go forward, “Shen Jue, don’t be afraid, tell the island master honestly, was the wound on your body caused by the person in bed? If it was, nod your head; if it wasn’t, shake your head.”

Shen Jue lowered his head for a while before nodding gently.

After nodding his head, he suddenly raised his head and made a few anxious sounds at Guardian Zuo.

He seemed to be trying to say something, but could only utter a meaningless monosyllable. The guardian’s eyes turned slightly, “Can you write?”

Shen Jue nodded.

“Then you can write down what happened.” After saying that, Guardian Zuo sent someone to fetch a pen, ink, paper, and ink stone.

Yu Ci looked at this scene, and although he was a little impatient, he did not say anything.

When Shen Jue’s written submission arrived in front of him, Yu Ci felt as if he had read a little yellow book. [tn: P*rn book]

Yu Ci: “……”

The high-minded and virtuous Sang Xinghe, in his mind, was hungry and lustf*l. The devil. Because Sang Xinghe’s behavior frightened Shen Jue, Shen Jue accidentally hit Sang Xinghe with a candlestick.

Shen Jue seemed to be afraid that Lu Ci would not believe him and he was already untied.

He quickly took off his pants and tried to show the wound between his legs to Yu Ci.

Yu Ci: “……”

Guardian Zuo turned his face away and coughed gently twice, and his fair face was stained with a blush.

They were all men, and many things were clear to the mind without having to be said.

If the marks on his face could be forged by himself, the teeth marks between his legs couldn’t be made by himself.

Yu Ci took a deep breath and crumpled up the paper in his hand, “No matter what, if you are asked to serve him, you will serve him well, and no matter what he does, you will have to suffer, even if ……” he paused and looked at Shen Jue’s body. He paused and looked at Shen Jue’s shiny, glowing face and couldn’t stand it any longer.

It was not like he and Sang Xinghe were the only ones here, there were several other grown men.

What did he mean by spreading his legs like that? Cuckolding Sang Xinghe?

Shen Jue pursed his lips and obediently put on his pants.

Yu Ci rubbed his brow tiredly, did he make a mistake in finding this little dwarf to serve Sang Xinghe?

He looked at Shen Jue and beckoned, “Come here.”

His gesture was like beckoning a cat.

When Shen Jue raised his eyes to look at Yu Ci, his watery blue eyes were filled with fear. When he heard that he wanted him to come over, he not only didn’t come over, but also shrank to the guardian’s side.

Guardian Zuo didn’t want to be implicated, so he retreated to the side.

As soon as he retreated, Shen Jue retreated with him, anyway, to hide behind him.

Yu Ci knitted his eyebrows and looked at Guardian Zuo unhappily, “You get out.”

Guardian Zuo: “……”

“Yes.” Guardian Zuo obediently rolled away, and took the others in the house with him.

At that time, only Sang Xinghe, who had fainted, Yu Ci and Shen Jue were left in the house.

When he saw that there was no one else, he beckoned to Shen Jue again, “Come over here.” He paused and added, “If you don’t come over, you will lose your life.”

Hearing this threat, Shen Jue could only go forward obediently.

Yu Ci sized Shen Jue up, and then said, “Which hand did you hit?”.

Shen Jue blinked and reached out, pointing to the right hand of the man on the bed.

Yu Ci closed his eyes and said angrily, “I’m f*cking asking you, which hand did you hit him with? What? You still think I’m going to teach him a lesson for you? Do you deserve it?”

Damn it, he was forced to use foul language.

This damned dwarf was not only not tall, but also not smart, no wonder he was pushed into the water.

He didn’t know how he got so big.

This short-lived turtle!

When Shen Jue was suddenly scolded, he quickly withdrew his hand and looked apprehensively at Yu Ci, and after a while, he spread his right hand out towards him.

Yu Ci looked at him unhappily, “What are you doing? Trick-or-treating?”

Shen Jue shook his head and tapped his left index finger on the palm of his right hand.

Yu Ci reacted, Shen Jue meant that the right hand had hit Sang Xinghe.

“Since it was the right hand that hit you, it’s not too much to ask that I cripple your right hand, right?” After Yu Ci’s foul speech, he became calm and peaceful again.

Shen Jue curled the fingers of his right hand slightly and handed it to Yu Ci. After passing it to him, he turned his face away, as if afraid, and his chin trembled slightly.

Yu Ci did not have any pity for him, and what was more, he had never treated the Celestial Luo Body as a human being.

The Celestial Luo Body was just a weapon. If a weapon was disobedient, it could be scrapped and replaced with a new one, just as good.

He felt that he had already been magnanimous and forgiving by only destroying one of Shen Jue’s hands.

Yu Ci was about to do something when he saw the dwarf before him quickly withdraw his hand. His eyes immediately went cold and he was about to get angry when he saw the dwarf extend his left hand again.

Shen Jue turned his head and looked pitifully at Yu Hui, shaking his left hand.

Yu Ci narrowed his eyes, “No, stick out your right hand.”

Shen Jue’s eyes flashed with loss, but he still extended his right hand out.

Yu Ci grabbed Shen Jue’s right wrist to prevent the other man from retracting his hand again.

He looked at Shen Jue and said slowly and deliberately, “Actually I didn’t want to waste your hand, but your lie was so lame, just like that day. He had no martial arts skills, so how could he break your mask with one slap, as you wrote earlier? So, I’ll teach you one thing first: If you lie, be prepared to suffer the consequences.”

With that, he grabbed Shen Jue’s wrist with a strong grip.

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