With one glance at Shen Jue, Ni Xinyan turned his eyes to stare at Murong Xiu, his eyes too calm as if he wasn’t even hurt, “Sixth prince, if you have anything to say, just direct it at me, and don’t implicate anyone else.”

But he spoke with real effort, almost word for word.

Murong Xiu heard the words, the smile on his lips deepened, he raised his hand and lightly patted his heart twice, as if he was touched by Ni Xinyan’s speech, but the words he spoke were sarcastic, “Don’t you understand by now? How pitiful, you’re really exactly like that foolish father of yours.”

Ni Xinyan heard Murong Xiu mention the Yong King, his eyes changed abruptly, he looked at Murong Xiu as if he had become an invisible knife, “What have you done to my father?”

“It’s nothing, just giving him to the Yong Kingdom, I think the people of Yong Kingdom will treat this hero well, after all, he killed so many people of Yong Kingdom.” Murong Xiu said.

“You!” Ni Xinyan almost crawled up from the bed, and even more so he was put under the cartilage, he had no strength, he could only look at Murong Xiu fiercely, “Bast*rd! How dare you! What did my father ever do to the Murong clan? Why would you do such a thing? If it weren’t for my father, would you be able to rest easy in the Imperial City?”

He asked three questions in a row, every word accusing, as if he wanted to exhaust all the years of his father’s efforts.

It was his father who had protected the Murong Kingdom, allowing the Murong royal family to sit comfortably on the throne, and his father had never done anything about it, why were they like this?

Murong Xiu gently shook his head, “The ancient times are all the same, if we don’t dispose of you earlier, will it be time for you to tell me about the successes and failures?”

In his last life, he was standing in the main hall, looking at a man in armor not far away.

That man had a wanton face, carrying his father’s head and throwing it to his subordinates as if it was a toy, and then that man also killed his imperial brothers and siblings with his own hands in front of him.

Murong Xiu watched as the Murong clan wagged their tails at the man like a dog and begged for mercy, but in the end, all they got in return was their heads.

At that time, he asked the other party why he did it.

The other party said, “King of Success or Defeat, your Murong family has been sitting in this position for too long.”

Murong Xiu didn’t feel that he was at fault, people were selfish, he just made his move earlier, in another way, he still let Yong King and the others live, wasn’t it grace already?


“Murong Xiu!” The veins in Ni Xinyan’s neck exploded, “I’ll kill you for sure!”

He growled as if he was a lone wolf at the end of his rope.

Murong Xiu smiled contemptuously as if he had lost interest in Ni Xinyan, he turned around and walked in front of Shen Jue.

Those eyes of his were very beautiful, especially when slightly drooping to look at people, his eyes were slightly blue.

“Are you asking me to tie you up? Or are you coming with me yourself?” Murong Xiu asked Shen Jue in a warm voice.

Shen Jue pursed his lips gently and said in a low voice, “I’ll go with you.”

When Shen Jue left with Murong Xiu, Ni Xinyan’s eyes remained deadly focused on Shen Jue until he couldn’t see it at all.

His eyes gradually turned from indignation to sorrow, and the hand placed at his side shook emptily as if he wanted to grasp something, but he couldn’t hold anything.


Murong Xiu brought Shen Jue onto a carriage, and outside the carriage was a man dressed as a general, who smiled in a pleasing manner when he saw Murong Xiu.

“Your Highness, won’t you stay for a few more days?”

“I can’t help it, there are still many things waiting for me in the capital, I really can’t stay for a few more days.” Murong Xiu lifted the curtain and smiled reservedly at the man, “If the General is in the mood to visit the capital, I will definitely accompany him then.”

The General first revealed a look of amazement upon seeing Murong Xiu’s smile, and then his face flashed with regret upon hearing Murong Xiu’s words, “I will definitely go there when I have the chance in the future, it’s a long journey, Your Highness, take care of yourself.”

“General don’t worry, I will return to the capital this time and will immediately mention the matter of peace and marriage between the two countries and the border trade with my father.” Murong Xiu who spoke to General Yong was gentle and elegant, if it wasn’t for the fact that Shen Jue had just seen him in his room, he would have thought that there was no difference between this world’s Murong Xiu and the last one.

No, there was still a difference.

The previous world’s Murong Xiu had never bothered to use his appearance, but not anymore it seemed.

He charmed that General with just a few smiles as if the two countries had been friends for years.

As soon as he let go of the curtain, Murong Xiu’s face went cold, and he used the water in the car to wash his face and hands, then he closed his eyes and rested against the wall of the carriage.

There were only a few dozen people escorting Murong Xiu, but it was clear that they were all martial artists, even trained in an orderly manner, and their hoofbeats were all in unison.

In these six years, Murong Xiu had grown up too fast.

Shen Jue didn’t mind being caught back by Murong Xiu, after all, his goal was always Murong Xiu, before he followed Ni Xinyan, it was just to make Murong Xiu hate Ni Xinyan, now it seemed that those two had become complete enemies, there was no need for him to stay by Ni Xinyan’s side anymore.

While Shen Jue was thinking about what he should do next, Murong Xiu on the side suddenly spoke up.

“Thinking about what?” His voice was cold.

Shen Jue slightly dropped his eyes, “Slave didn’t think of anything.”

Murong Xiu still had his eyes closed, he tugged at the corners of his lips and said sarcastically, “Why are you still calling yourself a slave? I don’t have a slave as bold as you, who dared to follow someone else without my orders.”

“That’s the emperor’s will, slave wouldn’t dare ……” before Shen Jue’s words were spoken, Murong Xiu suddenly opened his eyes, he leaned over and grabbed Shen Jue’s neck, forcing the other man to tilt his head.

Murong Xiu eyes arrogantly looked at Shen Jue, “Shut up! You’d better worry about your own little life first, and don’t say anything that would make me angry.”

Shen Jue looked up at Murong Xiu, “Then what does Your Highness want to hear?”

Murong Xiu’s eyes moved as he leaned closer to Shen Jue’s face, “I like to hear petite . . panting sounds, would you?”

Shen Jue was stunned, in his perception, Murong Xiu should have wanted to kill him, after all, Murong Xiu had just destroyed Ni Xinyan and left Ni Xinyan in the Yong Kingdom, Shen Jue didn’t need to think much about it, he knew how miserable Ni Xinyan’s life would be.

But now, looking at Murong Xiu’s reaction, wasn’t he bringing him back for torture?

“You wouldn’t?” Murong Xiu slightly tilted his head, his face full of innocence, “Didn’t you sleep with Ni Xinyan? Or does he dislike your crippled body?”

Eventually, Shen Jue felt that Murong Xiu had gone too far this time, Murong Xiu had indeed killed a lot of people, even if those people weren’t really there, like the Murong Xiu in front of him, but Shen Jue was actually still a little angry.

Perhaps he still had the blood of immortals in his bones, unable to see this side of living creatures.

So, Shen Jue didn’t bother to hide his temper, he thought the worst-case scenario would be to try again.

“I’m innocent with the prince, and I expect Your Highness not to speculate freely.” Shen Jue said indifferently.

When Murong Xiu saw this indifference in Shen Jue’s eyes, his pupils shrank slightly, then his eyes actually erupted with a burning look, and he looked at Shen Jue almost fascinated, and after a moment, he even laughed, “Yes, that’s the expression.”

In his last life, Shen Jue had the same expression when he killed him as if he was just a pitiful mole.

But he was the emperor, he was the one who had obviously given Shen Jue favor, given him status, and saved him, so why did Shen Jue look at him with that look in his eyes?

Murong Xiu turned his big smile into a low one as he leaned down, his icy lips suddenly touching on Shen Jue’s lips.

“You won’t know how I came to be all these years, but that’s okay, all these years, the things I wanted to do, I’ll soon achieve one thing at a time.”

He murmured Shen Jue’s name between his lips as if calling out to his beloved.

Shen Jue wanted to kill Murong Xiu in that instant, but he held back.

In his eyes, Murong Xiu was now like a male peacock that had reached the courtship stage and was madly wooing bystanders, but if this wooing was interrupted, perhaps the male peacock would go completely insane and do something that no one would have expected.

After all, he didn’t want to experience the feeling of being pulled back again.


Murong Xiu made the journey day and night to return to the capital as fast as possible, and during the journey, Murong Xiu either rested with his eyes closed or stared at Shen Jue with burning eyes, as if Shen Jue would disappear from under his nose if he didn’t watch closely.

Shen Jue, on the other hand, was quiet these days; he had always been a quiet nature, and when Ni Xinyan stayed with him, it was Ni Xinyan who talked a lot, while Murong Xiu was clearly not a man of many words, so the two of them often sat quietly in the carriage.

The inside of the carriage was odd and silent.

This was how they made their way to the capital.

When Murong Xiu dragged Shen Jue off the carriage, he dragged him all the way, and there were quite a few palace men standing at the palace gate, and they saluted when they saw Murong Xiu, “Sixth prince.”

Murong Xiu waved his hand and took Shen Jue on the soft sedan chair.

By all rights, Shen Jue couldn’t ride in the soft sedan with a prince, but no one there dared to speak out against it.

When the soft palanquin stopped, Shen Jue realized that they were outside the gate of Qizhang Hall.

When Murong Xiu got off the sedan chair first, he turned to look at Shen Jue, who pursed his lips and followed suit.

Only then did Murong Xiu withdraw his sight and walk forward, and Shen Jue had to follow behind him.

There were also paladins standing at the door of the Hall of Qizhang, and Shen Jue found that there wasn’t even a face he was familiar with, not even Feng Qingbao was among them.

“Are you looking for someone?”

Murong Xiu suddenly leaned close to Shen Jue and whispered.

Shen Jue took a slight step back, “Replying Your Highness, no.”

Murong Xiu looked at him and coldly grabbed Shen Jue’s hand, he took Shen Jue’s hand in his hand and gently rubbed it, and even placed it on his lips and kissed it gently.

He did these actions without fear of being seen in the slightest, as if he wanted to be seen.

“By the way, I’ve also prepared a room for you, you’ll definitely like it.” Murong Xiu’s beautiful face revealed a sweet smile as if he was giving a gift to his lover.

And when Shen Jue saw that specially prepared house, his expression couldn’t help but change.

Murong Xiu stuck up from behind, and he rested his chin at Shen Jue’s shoulder, “Do you like this house?” Murong Xiu reached out and casually flicked the shackles on the chair next to him.

The chains of the shackles made a crisp sound.

Shen Jue, upon seeing the room full of shackles, whips, and clothes that were red and green like muslin, his face grew ugly.

What was this Murong Xiu trying to do?

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