Seeing the blood all over the city, Ni Xinyan was also shaken in his heart, afraid that his father would really do such a lousy thing as running away. However, he also felt that his father would not sacrifice the lives of the people for himself.

Ni Xinyan was extremely depressed, even vaguely afraid, he was afraid that his father was really that kind of person, then how should he deal with him?

On one side was the country, and on the other was his own father.

Ni Xinyan was confused, he didn’t know what to do anymore.

Shen Jue looked at Ni Xinyan’s dazed appearance and sighed silently, “Don’t think too much about it right now.” He looked around, this city was uninhabitable, just with so many people dead, if no one dealt with these corpses, he was afraid it would cause a plague, “I don’t know when the imperial court will send someone over, but these corpses must be buried first.”

Shen Jue walked up to the man, “Is there anyone else in this city?”

When that man saw that Shen Jue was with Ni Xinyan, he didn’t want to look at him at all, so he got up and walked back.

When Shen Jue saw this, he had no choice but to walk over to Ni Xinyan again. Ni Xinyan lowered his head and said after a long time, “I’m going to submit my reports, there must be something wrong with the court’s delay in sending help.”

Ni Xinyan and Shen Jue went to the General’s residence in the city, which was the King of Yong’s residence. There were no corpses in the general’s residence, but things were all overturned in a mess. Ni Xinyan went straight to the study, which was the most messily tossed, and stepped over the papers on the floor, and went straight to the bookshelf in the study, pulling out a book in the middle, before going to a landscape painting behind the desk. He lifted the painting, and a brick of the wall behind the painting was protruding out, he pulled the brick out, and inside was a brocade box.

When Ni Xinyan saw that brocade box, his expression visibly changed, and when he opened the brocade box and saw the tiger talisman inside, his eyebrows scrunched up, “No, this isn’t right.”

He took the tiger talisman out of the brocade box and looked at Shen Jue, “This is my father’s tiger talisman, why would he run away and not bring this with him?”

Unless he wasn’t running away at all, or even leaving the place unintentionally, in time to take the tiger talisman with him.

Apparently, Ni Xinyan and Shen Jue had thought of the same thing, so he stuffed the Tiger Talisman into his chest, restored the mechanism, and headed out. But before Ni Xinyan and Shen Jue left the General’s residence, they were surrounded by a crowd of people with machetes, dressed in rags, with yellow faces, as if they had been starving for some time, and their eyes almost glowed blue when they looked at Ni Xinyan and Shen Jue.

Shen Jue saw the man in the crowd that he had encountered before, the man raised his finger to Ni Xinyan and shouted, “That’s him, he’s the traitor’s son, let’s hand them over to the Yong people so that the Yong people will give us food.”

“Right, we hand them over to the Yong Guo people, his father betrayed us, why should we treat his son well? Catch them all, all of them!”

“We’re all in this together, they’re only two!”

At one point, the people shouted and swarmed to the city, and although Ni Xinyan had martial arts skills, he was wounded after all, and he couldn’t really do anything heavy against a group of people, so before long, they were both tied up and pressed onto a crate.

The people tied white cloths around their arms as they pulled the cart out of the city and headed for the Yong Kingdom border.

After traveling for most of the day, those people stopped, and they waved their white cloths at the distant city gate, and after a while, a group of soldiers came out of the city gate. Shen Jue lay on the crate and couldn’t even see what was happening, so he looked up at the sky, while Ni Xin Yan was excessively quiet on the side.

After a while, a man who appeared to be the leader of the soldiers walked up to the crate, and he sized up the two of them, Ni Shen, “Which one of them is his son?”

The people on the other side hooked their waists and were busy answering, “This is.” They pointed at Ni Xinyan.

The chief nodded, swept a glance at Shen Jue, and then placed his attention on Ni Xinyan, “You are that Ni Xinyan? Where is your father?”

Ni Xinyan lifted his eyes and gave the chief a weary glance, “I don’t know.”

The chief narrowed his eyes and waved his hand, “Bring them in.”

The caste saw that the group of soldiers were leaving and said obsequiously, “Gentlemen, we haven’t eaten for several days, can you ……”

“Yes, Master Jun, please, reward with a meal.”

The chief stepped forward and looked at the yellow-skinned Murong people in front of him, and half-heartedly, he sneered, “Want some food, huh? Look for your Emperor, I’m good enough without killing you, so get out!”

Those people didn’t think that the people of Yongguo wouldn’t give them food at all, looking at each other, they didn’t know who took the lead and knelt down, next, all of them knelt down, they kept kowtowing their heads, “Military Masters, you are great benefactors, give the little ones a bite to eat!” “Please, army men!”

In between, the soldiers of Yong Kingdom laughed out loud.

“These useless guys, haha, you guys want to eat, it’s not a bad idea to give your master a few dog barks, and besides, say your King is a dog.”

When Ni Xinyan heard this, his eyes immediately glared at the soldier who spoke.

But the people had already done so, not barked, but also shouted, “The King of Yong is a dog.”

Ni Xinyan’s face turned blue at the words, and after a moment, he closed his eyes.

When the people finally got a sack of grain in return for their pleas for forgiveness, they kneeled down on the ground and happily said praises to the people of Yongguo, while the people of Yongguo smiled and laughed and pulled the cart into the city.


Not long after Shen Jue and Ni Xinyan had entered the city, they were separated. Shen Jue was thrown into the dungeon, while Ni Xinyan was taken away alone, and before he left he looked deeply at Shen Jue and mouthed silently.

Shen Jue read his lips.

What he said was-.

“Don’t be afraid.”

Shen Jue stayed in the dungeon for seven days, the days weren’t too bad, although he couldn’t bathe, at least he had food. On the eighth day, the door to his room was finally opened, and two soldiers stood outside, “Come out!”

Shen Jue stood up, brushed the hay from his body, and followed the soldier outside. He hadn’t seen daylight for a long time, and when he left the dungeon, his eyes almost teared up from the sting of daylight.

As soon as he stopped, the soldier behind him gave him an impatient shove, “Go!”

Shen Jue let out a long breath, unable to wipe away the tears from his eyes, and could only follow the soldier in front of him.

They brought Shen Jue to a room with hot water and clean clothes. Shen Jue looked at the situation and couldn’t help but look at the two soldiers, but the two soldiers exited the room and guarded the door.

Shen Jue thought about it and stripped into the tub, he had just finished washing and put on his clothes when the door was pushed open.

It was the other two soldiers, and they changed the water in the tub and put a set of clean clothes next to it, before exiting.

Shen Jue pursed his lips and took another bath.

This afternoon, he had taken five full baths before no one continued to come in to change the water, but rather the two soldiers from before let him out.

This time they brought him to another room, but only stood outside the door and didn’t go in, letting Shen Jue in alone.

Shen Jue stopped at the door and hesitantly looked at the two soldiers, “Is there someone in there?”

The soldiers were indifferent, “Just go in, what’s the point of asking so many questions?”

Eventually, but he had no other choice but to do as he was told, so he pushed open the door and walked in.

Once inside, there was a thick, pure black carpet.


Shen Jue’s eyes changed slightly as he looked at the black carpet, and he raised his head, and there was an all-black screen in front of him. The full blackness of the screen gave a depressing feeling.

Shen Jue slowed his steps and cautiously walked behind the screen. As soon as he reached the screen, the door behind him was closed, and he instinctively looked back, and as soon as he did, his neck was suddenly strangled.

Warm breath fell at his ear, and the visitor choked him hard, but his voice was gentle.

“You’ve changed so much, I can barely recognize you.”

Shen Jue’s eyes changed abruptly, and he heard the person’s voice.

It was Murong Xiu.

“Why don’t you look at me? Is it any wonder I don’t look good?” The man smiled slowly, and also stuck out his tongue, slowly licking at Shen Jue’s ear.

Shen Jue’s body did not stiffen, he moved his neck and strained to say, “How can I look back …… at you when you are choking …… my neck?”

As his words fell, Murong Xiu let go of his hand.

Shen Jue turned back, and although he already knew that the visitor was Murong Xiu, he was stunned the moment he saw Murong Xiu.

Murong Xiu was even better looking than in his previous life.

He wore a pure black brocade robe, with dark hair and thick eyebrows, a pair of phoenix eyes that seemed to be overflowing with a demonic light, and most notably, his lips, which were as bright red as blood. He looked at Shen Jue with a light smile, but his eyebrows and eyes were full of hostility, and the smile on his face was even strangely enchanting, as if he was a skin-painting ghost, wearing the most beautiful skin and doing the evilest deeds.

Murong Xiu stretched out his hand and caressed Shen Jue’s face, his eyes were sentimental, “Haven’t seen you for a long time, have you missed me?”

“Your Highness.” Shen Jue gently called out to the other, “Last time when we parted, the slave forgot to say goodbye to Your Highness, I hope that Your Highness will not blame me.”

Murong Xiu suddenly smiled, his red lips slightly hooked, his slender, glowing white fingers gently pinched Shen Jue’s earlobe, “I, of course, will blame, so I came here personally, right, I also want to show you a gift today, you come and take a look, is it good?”

With that, Murong Xiu let go of Shen Jue and turned around to walk inside.

Shen Jue watched as Murong Xiu walked into the inner room, and for a moment, he followed him.

There was a person lying on the bed in the inner room, and Murong Xiu walked up to the bedside and looked at the bed tenderly as if he was looking at his most satisfying work.

Before Shen Jue even approached, he could already see the appearance of the person on the bed.

His footsteps stopped.

Murong Xiu half turned on his side, allowing the face of the person on the bed to be exposed even more clearly, “Look, isn’t he beautiful?”

The person on the bed was Ni Xinyan, and his face was covered in scratches, blood continuously oozing out of the wounds and onto the pillow. His eyes were closed tightly as if he had already fainted.

Murong Xiu saw Shen Jue looking at Ni Xinyan and suddenly his face changed again, he was gloomy, “You’re distressed?”

There was a murderous aura in his words as if he would immediately kill Shen Jue if he was not satisfied with his answer.

Shen Jue looked at Murong Xiu and calmly said, “I’m not distressed.”

Murong Xiu stared at Shen Jue closely and doubted, “Really?”

“Hmm.” Shen Jue said.

Murong Xiu suddenly laughed as he looked mockingly at Ni Xinyan on the bed, “What should we do? I won, I said he’s the most fickle person in the world and you didn’t believe me, so if you lose, then I can’t let him go.”

Ni Xinyan on the bed slowly opened his eyes, he turned his head to look at Shen Jue, but there was no emotion in his eyes.

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