C3—– Kill The Emperor[3]

 The first moment those hands came up, Murong Xiu wanted to kick the other man away, he didn’t like the idea of anyone touching him.

  But when he caught a glimpse of the empty medicine bowl on the table, he squashed that thought down.

  Shen Jue was recovering from a serious illness and was still drinking medicine, so he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to withstand a kick from him.

  ”Your Majesty, slave does not want to leave the palace.” Shen Jue whispered, his voice seemed to tremble a bit.

  Murong Xiu knitted his eyebrows and said somewhat impatiently, “Then why don’t you go serve at the imperial palace these days? From what Feng Qingbao said, your injuries have healed.”

  Shen Jue was silent for a moment before saying, “Slave is afraid of death.”

  Murong Xiu was stunned, “You…”

  He didn’t finish his sentence, all the minions in this palace lived for their masters, and this was the first person to tell him that he was afraid of death.

  Murong Xiu couldn’t tell what he was feeling right now, it was always complicated.

  Shen Jue was loyal to him, but this time, after taking a beating, he was afraid, so he stopped being loyal, he didn’t even dare to serve in front of him, what kind of lackey was this? What was the use of keeping such a minion?

Murong Xiu suddenly wanted to tell someone to drag Shen Jue out, but he closed his eyes as he was about to open his mouth.

  Shen Jue’s loyalty had been defeated by the Regent, and his current situation was because of the Regent. He was clearly the emperor, yet he had to look up to others and even endure the covetousness of the same sex, all of which made him feel sick.

  ”You get up, I don’t blame you for this, and I will protect you in the future.”

  Muyoung modified his words with a bit of a pique.

  The Regent could easily crush a man’s loyalty, and he could rebuild it back.

  Shen Jue let go of Murong Xiu’s leg, a mocking smile on his lowered face.

  He’d gambled right.

  People like Murong Xiu didn’t care what people liked about him and never stopped for some people’s likes, but he was uncomfortable with dislikes.

  He was used to everyone’s eyes being on him and the original Shen Jue’s loyalty, and once Shen Jue was disloyal, he felt unhappy and uncomfortable and wanted to pull the other person’s attention back again.

  Feng Qingbao thought that Shen Jue would definitely be punished this time, but he didn’t know that Shen Jue would still return to serve in front of the imperial court, and Murong Xiu’s attitude towards him seemed to be better than before, and in the past, he was called to night watch, but now he was dedicated to Shen Jue.

  All of them eunuchs were actually willing to take the night watch for Murong Xiu, the reason being that the house they lived in was really cold and wet, and the walls were wet in the early spring, not to mention the bedding on the bed, which made it almost impossible to sleep overnight.

  But if the vigil was kept, they could sleep on the footrest under Murong Xiu’s bed, and the bedding they slept on was smoked with incense. Moreover, Murong Xiu usually didn’t get up at night and slept extremely well, and Murong Xiu would also distribute the nightly snacks to the eunuchs.

  Although it was obviously a shift night watch, but privately it became a special night watch for Shen Jue alone, and those eunuchs had some complaints, and the complaints were spread out when they said more. Qin Yuan, who led people to beat Shen Jue that day, also knew about it.

  He was the head eunuch of the palace dedicated to serving punishment and was the regent’s man, and all the lackeys in the palace were afraid of him.

  ”And this matter, ah?” Qin Yuan smiled gloomily, “Thought he’d take a beating and grow a little, didn’t think he’d get more and more foxy and go seduce the emperor.”

  After thinking about it, Qin Yuan reported the matter to the regent.

  When the regent knew about this, he wasn’t angry, but instead laughed.

 He thought it was Murong Xiu’s silent protest against him, like a cat sticking out its claws.

He had Shen Jue punished, and Murong Xiu paid more and more attention to Shen Jue. Didn’t this mean to be angry with him?

“It’s a little interesting.” The Regent smiled.

Qin Yuan speculated on the Regent’s face and asked carefully, “What does the Regent mean?”

The Regent turned his eyes slightly and cast his eyes on the stone tile at the temple gate, which was shining by the sun and looked warm and comfortable. “But a slave, you can handle it.”

Qin Yuan smiled and bowed his head. “The slave will do it properly.”


  ”Shen Jue.”

  Murong Xiu sat in front of the bed and couldn’t help but call out to Shen Jue who was kneeling beside him.

  Shen Jue was taking off his boots for Murong Xiu, and upon hearing that, he raised his head to look at Murong Xiu. Although his face was born plain, those eyes on his face were quite clear, distinct in black and white, like those of a puppy. Because Shen Jue was not very old, he still had some flesh on his face, and he didn’t look ugly, just a little far from the word good-looking.

  Murong Xiu’s gaze was cast on Shen Jue’s face, “It’s been rather hard to keep you on night watch recently, isn’t it?”

  In fact, he was suspicious of the shabby house where Shen Jue lived, so he deliberately transferred him to night watch, but night watch was duty again after all, so Murong Xiu asked the question, afraid that Shen Jue would find it too hard.

  Shen Jue pursed his lips and smiled, with two dimples on his cheeks, “It’s not too hard for slave.”

 After he said that, he lowered his head and continued to take off his boots for Murong Xiu. After taking them off, he neatly stowed the boots and placed them on the floor at the end of the bed, and stood up again to unhook the golden hooks of the bright yellow bed curtain.

  Shen Jue couldn’t sleep until Murong Xiu fell asleep; he could only sit on the floor at the end of Murong Xiu’s bed and wait until the person was asleep before he could crawl to the footrest to sleep. After Shen Jue blew out the candles, he sat quietly on the floor at the end of the bed. Only he didn’t sit for long before Murong Xiu in the bed rolled over and suddenly spoke.

  ”Shen Jue, do you think the old days were happier, or the current days are happier?”

  Shen Jue wasn’t surprised by Murong Xiu’s sudden questioning, and the regent didn’t give Murong Xiu any face at all in front of the civil and military officials in the morning court today. Murong Xiu’s beautiful face was livid with anger, and his hand grasped the handle of the dragon chair with a death grip, as if he wanted to rip off the dragon head on it.

  It had been more than half a year since Murong Xiu had ascended the throne, and the harem was empty, not to mention that there wasn’t even a pretty little palace maid. Although the regent liked Murong Xiu, he also guarded Murong Xiu, not to mention not allowing Murong Xiu to have offspring. Murong Xiu had no one to tell his bitterness, and finally couldn’t hold back, so he could only tell Shen Jue.

  Shen Jue thought about it before saying, “Slave doesn’t know.”

  In the meantime, Murong Xiu felt that he was also crazy to say these words to a slave. He was just about to let Shen Jue out when he heard Shen Jue’s next words.

  ”The slave only feels that thinks that yesterday’s time can no longer be returned, the important thing is what to do now that can make the future happier.”

  Murong Xiu’s eyebrows twisted tighter, his eyes moved slightly, and after a moment he sat up straight and lifted the bed curtain. Shen Jue was still sitting in the corner at the end of the bed, he was curled up with his legs curled up, his body was already thin and frail, so in such a position, he looked even smaller. Murong Xiu suddenly felt that Shen Jue was like a dog he had seen in the palace when he was young, that dog was covered with black fur but always liked to hide in the corner because if the palace staff found him, he would be killed.

  That was why that dog was always hiding around and didn’t like to bark, Murong Xiu had bumped into it a few times, when he was sneaking out to play, and when he saw the dog in that corner, he was too scared, and the dog didn’t bark, and after a while, the dog got into an even deeper corner.

  That kind of dog was unpleasant, and this kind of person was naturally also unpleasant.

  Shen Jue’s words were light, but what was he going to fight the regent with?

  Murong Shuo took his gaze back from Shen Jue and said indifferently, “What do you know? Get out.”

  Shen Jue responded and retreated out without saying a word.

  Murong Xiu laid back down, he should have fallen asleep with a pillow on his head, but for some reason, he closed his eyes and in his mind were Shen Jue’s words-.

  ”The important thing is what to do now that will make the future happier…”

  The words were tossed around in his mind, and what should have been a small piece of gravel was biased to set off waves.

  Because he hadn’t rested well during the night, Murong Xiu’s face didn’t look very good the next day, and his attitude towards Shen Jue became even more indifferent, and when he returned from court and found that Shen Jue wasn’t there to serve him, the anger he had been holding back suddenly gave out.

  ”Where’s Shen Jue?”

Murong Xiu said without good grace.

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