C28- Kill The Emperor[28]

Ni Xinyan immediately laughed, “It’s delicious, do you want to drink it?”

Shen Jue lowered her eyes slightly, showing a lost look, “But slave is usually not allowed to drink in the palace unless it’s rewarded by the master.”

“What’s so difficult about that? I’ll sneak the wine into the palace, then we’ll both drink it secretly without telling anyone, then no one will know.” Ni Xinyan said.

Shen Jue thought about it and lightly nodded his head.

Ni Xinyan saw the situation and asked, “Are you free tomorrow?” He looked around, there was a pavilion in the north corner of the flower garden. It wasn’t bad to hide there and drink, it was less crowded and had a nice view.

Recently, Murong Xiu had been quite busy, he had to read to the eighth prince every afternoon in Concubine Jing’s palace. The eighth prince was stupid and couldn’t go to the Imperial College normally, so Murong Xiu started to tutor him. The reason why Murong Xiu tutored the eighth prince was because Concubine Jing didn’t want other people to see the eighth prince’s silly scene.

“Tomorrow slave should be free.” Shen Jue whispered, as if afraid of being overheard.

Ni Xinyan cooperated and lowered his head and also lowered his voice, “Then I will wait for you here at shen time tomorrow.”

Shen Jue looked at the handsome face in close proximity and revealed a smile, “Slave knows.”

Ni Xinyan smiled, “By the way, you still haven’t told me, what’s your name? Which palace?”

Shen Jue only said his name and refused to say the palace, but Ni Xinyan did not force him.

The two of them made an agreement, and Shen Jue immediately picked full flowers and returned to the Palace of Qizhang, so as not to be delayed too long outside and arouse suspicion from the others. When he returned, Murong Xiu was still in Concubine Jing’s palace, and he was carrying a basket to look for Lu Li when he met Feng Qingbao on the way.

Feng Qingbao’s eyes rounded up a bit when he saw Shen Jue, who was holding Murong Xiu’s cloak in his hand.

When Shen Jue saw Feng Qingbao, his demeanor didn’t even change, and moved aside a bit to let the other party pass first, but Feng Qingbao didn’t move and instead stared at him and whispered, “Why does Your Highness hate you so much ah?”

When Shen Jue thought about it, he spoke viciously to Feng Qingbao, “None of your business!”

Feng Qingbao choked, he didn’t expect Shen Jue to be so rude, he stretched out his white little finger and pointed at Shen Jue, “You …… you ……”

He couldn’t say the whole sentence for a long while.

Feng Qingbao was still trying to phrase it, but he didn’t expect the other party to directly ignore him and walk straight forward.

Feng Qingbao: “……”

This guy was so bad, no wonder His Highness didn’t like him! He deserved it! He wouldn’t sympathize with him.

But Feng Qingbao was spoiled too much by Murong Xiu in this life, and when he came to Murong Xiu’s face, he still had an exasperated expression. Murong Xiu first looked at him indifferently, while then asked: “Why this expression? Who’s bullying you?”

Feng Qingbao lowered his head, “No one is bullying slave.”

Eventually, Murong Xiu knitted his brows, but he was still patient, “No one bullied you, why do you have this expression? Go ahead.”

Feng Qingbao tweaked a bit, but still said honestly: “Slave just returned to the Hall of Qi Zhang and ran into Shen Jue, slave greeted him, but he ignored slave.”

Murong Xiu’s original impatient look faded quite a bit when he heard the words. His phoenix eyes flicked up and the corner of his lips hooked, revealing a smile that even he didn’t notice, “Yes? How dare he do this to you, I’ll have Lu Li punish him later.”

“No need!” Feng Qingbao even shook his head, “He’s probably just in a bad mood.”

Murong Xiu’s eyes went cold again, “Why are you pleading for him? Don’t worry, I’ll give you a talking to in this matter.”

Feng Qingbao wanted to say that he wasn’t trying to speak, but he looked into Murong Xiu’s eyes and immediately didn’t dare to say anything.

That night, Shen Jue was punished with five beatings on the palm of his hand, by Feng Qingbao himself.

Feng Qingbao had never beaten anyone before, and his hand holding the plates was slightly trembling, he looked at Lu Li at the side in embarrassment, “Chief Manager Lu, little …… I don’t dare.”

Lu Li looked at him, “Your Highness’s command, you just do as you are told.”

Compared to the scared Feng Qingbao, Shen Jue was calm, he held his hand upwards, seeing that Feng Qingbao hadn’t moved, he couldn’t help but look at the other side.

Feng Qingbao couldn’t do anything at all, looking at his expression as if he was the one taking the beating.

When Shen Jue’s gaze turned slightly, he lowered his head and left it alone.

In the end, Feng Qingbao still hit, but lightly, Lu Li was afraid that he hit too lightly and displeased Murong Xiu, so he took the board again and smacked Shen Jue’s hand twice as if the punishment was over.

The strength of Lu Li, an adult, was not comparable to Feng Qingbao’s, but after two blows, Shen Jue’s palm was swollen and had not gone down the next day, so Ni Xinyan saw it.

Ni Xinyan arrived at the pavilion in the flower garden early in the morning, and he deliberately brought fruit wine that even children could drink. Fruit wine was different from ordinary wine, it had the aroma of wine and would never hurt the body like ordinary wine, it tasted sweet and many noble girls liked to drink it.

This small bottle of his fruit wine was still of the highest quality, just this one bottle was one gold.

When he saw Shen Jue, his eyes just lit up, and he was busy opening the bottle, “This wine is delicious, try it.”

Shen Jue didn’t dare to sit, so he stood, and when Ni Xinyan glanced at it, he finished pouring the wine and went to tug on Shen Jue’s hand, trying to pull the other party to sit down, and as soon as he pulled, Shen Jue sucked in a breath of cold air, and Ni Xinyan also found that the touch in his hand was different.

He looked at the hand he was holding, and when he suddenly turned the other hand over, he saw red, swollen flesh.

Ni Xin Yan’s gaze faltered, and his two thick eyebrows were even more tightly knit, “What’s wrong with you?”

Shen Jue tried to retract his hand, unsuccessfully, and he pursed his lips, refusing to speak.

Ni Xinyan looked at Shen Jue’s expression and suddenly said, “Did that master of yours beat it?”

Shen Jue’s head hung even lower, still not saying a word.

Ni Xinyan was furious, “Then why did he beat you? You always need a reason to hit someone.”

“His Highness said …… that I was rude to his personal eunuch, so I was punished.” Shen Jue raised his eyes and curved them at Ni Xinyan, “It doesn’t actually hurt, slave is used to it.”

Ni Xinyan was slightly stunned, when he was a child and was always beaten by his father, he never said that he was used to it. He was interested in Shen Jue, but only because the other party didn’t act like a child, and now it seemed that the evil master had forced Shen Jue to become a young man.

While Ni Xinyan’s expression was cloudy, Shen Jue suddenly sniffed his nose and smiled sweetly, “Prince, this wine smells so sweet.”

“Okay, then let’s drink first, you try this good fruit wine, it smells sweet and tastes even sweeter.” Ni Xinyan poured a cup for Shen Jue.

This fruit wine was just as Ni Xinyan said, it tasted sweet and not as clear and astringent as tea, but it really had a different flavor. Shen Jue hadn’t drunk this kind of fruit wine when he was in heaven and was greedy. He was so happy that he inevitably drank a few more cups, and how could Ni Xinyan care about Shen Jue when he drank the wine, and when he found out, the bottle was empty and he could no longer pour a drop of wine.

“You …… “Ni Xinyan looked at Shen Jue in front of him, “How many cups have you drunk ah?”

Shen Jue snapped his fingers and counted, comparing it to a “six”.

Ni Xinyan hissed softly, “Oh no, go back later and remember to avoid people, lest they smell the wine on you.” He looked up at the sky and saw that it was getting late, so he said, “I still have to go to the martial arts training ground, so I’ll leave first.”

After Ni Xinyan left, Shen Jue sat in the pavilion with his chin propped up and launched into a daze, this little bit of wine wasn’t enough to make him drunk, but he needed to get drunk, so he simply laid there in the pavilion and squinted, and when he woke up again, the sun had already set and the sky was dark.

Shen Jue looked at the sky and stood up without slowing down, nor did he fix his robe, he walked slowly towards the Hall of Qizhang, and only when he was almost there did he deliberately speed up his pace, creating a hurried appearance. Shen Jue suppressed his surprise and only went into the room, and as soon as he entered the room, he smelled the familiar fragrance.

The smoky incense was Murong Xiu’s favorite waxing plum incense.

Murong Xiu had liked to use it since he was a prince, and after becoming an emperor, he still liked to order the palace staff to smoke wax plum incense on his clothes.

The house was pitch black, and although Shen Jue smelled the scent and knew that there was someone inside, he could only pretend that he didn’t know anything and fumbled to light the lamp. As soon as he lit the lamp, he saw a man sitting beside his bed-.

It was Murong Xiu.

Murong Xiu looked at Shen Jue with a gloomy face.

When Shen Jue met Murong Xiu’s eyes, he kneeled down and stammered, “Slave …… to the temple …… Your Highness.”

The room was quiet as if there was only the sound of Shen Jue’s breathing.

Murong Xiu sat on the edge of the bed, his entire body exquisite like an uninhabited puppet, he did not speak, and Shen Jue did not dare to speak, but only lowered his head and knelt on the floor honestly.

He didn’t know how long it took, but Shen Jue’s legs were numb before he heard Murong Xiu softly say, “Where did you come back from? What a great smell of wine.”

Murong Xiu had always had a sensitive nose, so Shen Jue didn’t want to hide it from him, and Shen Jue was determined to force Murong Xiu to be angry, so he only shook his body and didn’t say a word. Sure enough, Murong Xiu was angry, his gaze was a little colder and his voice had some gnashing of teeth, “Good, you slave, you even dare not answer the master’s question, I’m afraid that you already don’t have me as your master in your heart.” He let out a long breath, as if he was furious to the extreme, “Take off your clothes.”

The words fell, he saw that Shen Jue didn’t move, and he was even angrier, “Take it off, if you don’t take it off, I’ll have you skinned later so that I won’t look angry.” The last few words of his were almost a roar of anger, and the palace men hiding outside were trembling at the sound.

Shen Jue lowered his head and slowly raised his hand to undo his belt, and when he took off his upper clothes, Murong Xiu suddenly got off the bed, and he had an extra whip in his hand. He walked behind Shen Jue with the whip and lashed out at the other party’s bare back.

Murong Xiu gritted his teeth and came down with an extremely heavy hand, and with each blow, his ears rang with what Shen Jue had said in his last life – .

“I’m tired, so let’s end it here.”

Why should Shen Jue forget all about it, but he couldn’t forget?

But a disloyal lackey, he should have killed him earlier, but why was it that he just couldn’t be ruthless about it?

And why was Shen Jue still allowed to get together with Ni Xinyan? Did Shen Jue really think he was stupid and didn’t know anything?

Murong Xiu’s eyes gradually changed, he looked at the red marks all over his back that was drawn in front of him, but in his heart, he was thinking that Shen Jue killed him in his last life, could it be because of Ni Xinyan?

Could it be that the person Shen Jue really likes is Ni Xinyan?

Murong Xiu thought of this conjecture and stopped violently, he threw away the whip in his hand and covered his ears.

Impossible, how could Shen Jue fall in love with Ni Xinyan? Ni SXinyan was so mean to Shen Jue.

But if the person Shen Jue loved was really Ni Xinyan, then everything made sense.

Shen Jue destroyed his face, not for his own good, but because Ni Xinyan hated him.

Shen Jue protected his lord desperately because he was jealous.

When Shen Jue killed him, it was to…

Avenge Ni Xinyan!

Murong Xiu’s breathing was a little heavier at the thought, and he gritted his teeth and shook his head desperately.

Impossible, absolutely impossible.

His gaze changed slightly, glancing at Shen Jue who was kneeling on the ground, he fiercely moved forward and hugged the other party, whispering, “You can’t possibly like Ni Xinyan right? Am I thinking wrong?”

He longed for an answer from the other party, but Shen Jue’s body went limp and fell directly into his arms.

Murong Xiu was startled, he looked at Shen Jue who fell in his arms, his eyes gradually turned darker, and finally, he actually laughed out.

He was so stupid, this world’s Shen Jue had no memory, and was still just a child. So what if the person Shen Jue loved in his last life was really Ni Xin Yan, then he would kill Ni Xinyan again.

This time he would completely destroy Ni Xinyan, and Shen Jue would never want to be with Ni Xinyan.

He wouldn’t let Shen Jue have his wish, and even if Shen Jue died, it was all his fault.


After Ni Xinyan returned to his home that day, he momentarily thought of Shen Jue again, and he looked at the bright moon on the canopy and was a little worried about the little eunuch in the palace. Ni Xinyan didn’t see Shen Jue again for several days, so he asked a eunuch to inquire about a young eunuch named Shen Jue for him in private.

Coincidentally, that eunuch happened to be familiar with Liu Anshun of the Imperial Cuisine Room, and Liu Anshun’s eyes lit up when he heard that the Crown Prince of Ning was asking about Shen Jue, and carefully asked the other party why the Crown Prince of Ning wanted to inquire about Shen Jue, and the eunuch estimated that “it shouldn’t be a bad thing, the Crown Prince of Ning was a good person to get along with, and he was afraid that Shen Jue had gained great fame and got into the eyes of the Crown Prince. ”

Liu Anshun was even happier, he already felt that Shen Jue was having a hard time in the Qizhang Hall, a few days ago he even found out that Shen Jue had been whipped again and still couldn’t get out of bed. Shen Jue was only a ten-year-old child now, and the sixth prince Murong Xiu could inflict such cruelty, he was afraid that if he continued to stay in the Qizhang Hall, he wouldn’t be able to keep his little life.

“You go tell Prince Ning that Shen Jue is the sixth prince’s eunuch and that slave doesn’t know what mistake he made a few days ago, he took a whipping, and is still lying in bed.” Liu Anshun said to that eunuch.

The eunuch turned around and told Ni Xinyan the original words.

Once Ni Xinyan heard that Shen Jue had been beaten, he was silent for a moment and decided to go see the tyrannical sixth prince himself, but what he didn’t expect was that he would directly meet a closed door and the sixth prince wouldn’t see him at all, let alone let him sit inside the palace.

Ni Xinyan had never seen such a rude person before, and a few days later, his father received the order to lead the army on an expedition, and Ni Xinyan went to the frontier with him as a lieutenant general, and the emperor asked him and Ni Xinyan in the courtroom if they had anything they needed, and Ni Xinyan thought for a moment and walked out of the ranks.

“Reporting back to Your Majesty, I would like to ask for one from Your Majesty.” Ni Xinyan said loudly.

The King of Yong immediately bulged his eyes and stared at his son.

The emperor was pleased though, he preferred a minister who had something to ask for over a loyal minister who wanted nothing, “Interesting, Ni Xinyan, who do you want? Could it be that you’ve fallen for the daughter of the daughter of a prince or minister’s family?”

Ni Xinyan said, “No, what I want is a young eunuch by the Sixth Prince’s side named Shen Jue, I have had several encounters with him and found that this child is talented in martial arts, so I want to bring him along to the battlefield!”

The emperor was stunned, he had always known that these rude military generals did not know how to be polite, and after several years on the throne, he had seen those who begged him for beauties, for gold, silver and jewels, but he had never seen one ask for a eunuch.

This prince was really weird.

When the Yong King heard Ni Xinyan’s words, he was also shocked, and even walked out and said, “Your Majesty, the dog has no shame, Your Majesty, don’t take his words seriously.”

Ni Xinyan stood very straight, “I am not joking, I really want to ask your majesty for a person.”

Seeing that King of Yong was going to beat his son up on the spot in the court, the emperor spoke, “But a eunuch, if you want it then I’ll reward you, I wonder if there will be another great general in our court in the future? Haha.”

What happened in the courtroom, Murong Xiu was half ignorant of it, because he was attending classes at that time, and when he got out of class, the wood was already in the right place, and Shen Jue had followed Ni Xinyan out of the palace and left directly for the frontier that afternoon.

On that day, Murong Xiu smashed all the things in the palace.

When Shen Jue set out with the army, he was also a bit confused, he didn’t expect that Ni Xinyan would actually take him to the frontier to fight. When he looked at him, his heart was filled with mixed emotions, but Ni Xinyan, who was sitting next to him, saw him looking behind him with a muddled face, and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, your evil master won’t be able to catch up with you. From now on, it will be the sea is wide and the sky is high and the birds can fly.”

As soon as his words died down, he saw that Shen Jue suddenly poked half of his body out.

Ni Xinyan was shocked, and he hurriedly pulled him back, “What are you doing?”

Now that the army was walking together, if Shen Jue accidentally fell off the carriage, he would surely die under the hooves of the horse.

Shen Jue looked to Ni Xinyan and suddenly said, “He’s here.”

“Who?” Ni Xinyan asked strictly.

At the same time, there were voices outside.

“Who is the visitor?”

“Sixth prince Murong Xiu.”

Murong Xiu was galloping along with a red horse, and when he was close to the marching group, he pulled off the jade tag at his waist and held it over his head. The sunset slowly fell on his body, only fourteen, the size of his body was already extremely tall, he was wearing a riding suit, his waist was thin and he had long legs, and the face of a grown man, beautiful as peach and plum, bright as a begonia.

The men who were close to Murong Xiu were almost dumbfounded, and even the military general who asked the question before was stunned in place, not knowing how to react.

Murong Xiu faced the attention of the crowd, his face slightly sunken, his red lips pursed tightly. He put down the jade medallion in his hand, casually flicked his long hair that hung down in front of his chest behind his back, and said indifferently, “May I ask if the Prince of Yong is present?”

Ni Xinyan naturally noticed the movement outside, he didn’t want to delay the speed of the march, so he lifted the curtain and lazily looked towards Murong Xiu. He didn’t know if he had a bad impression of Murong Xiu earlier, or if the fourteen-year-old Murong Xiu wasn’t beautiful enough, but this time when they met early, Ni Xinyan not only didn’t fall in love with Murong Xiu at first sight, but saw the other party dressed so flamboyantly at sunset, dressed like a little girl, and his heart felt even more disgusted.

“Ah, I don’t know what Your Highness wants,” Ni Xinyan said impolitely.

Murong Xiu narrowed his phoenix eyes, “I’m here for my disobedient little slave, and I expect the prince to give him back to me.”

Ni Xinyan hooked his lips and smiled, a cunning smile on his handsome face, “If I don’t give it back, what do you think? Your Majesty has already rewarded me with a man, why should you bother? There are many minions in this world, but this one is not meant for Your Highness.” He clapped his hands in front of him as he finished, “Let’s go!”

They were the latter troops, his father’s troops were the ones who had set out after morning, and if his team arrived too late, he was afraid he would have to take a lecture, he didn’t want to be delayed because of a si*sy.

And when Murong Xiu saw the team set off again, his nails were pinched into his flesh, and he gritted his teeth, as he furiously trembled.

When the army was all gone, Murong Xiu suddenly bit his hand and laughed crazily.

He wouldn’t let the two of them go.

Those two b*tches would never be together.


I low-key swooned, riding a horse under the sun-set, handsome face, long hair… I have no further comments…

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