Ni Xinyan didn’t realize the trouble he had caused Shen Jue, but when he saw that Shen Jue was fine, he said he had some business to attend to, and left the Imperial Hospital in a hurry. After Ni Xinyan left, Shen Jue sighed, thanked the Imperial Physician, and set out again for the Interior Ministry.

He had intended to shorten the trip, but it ended up taking twice as long.

When Shen Jue returned to Qizhang Hall, he found Lu Li standing outside the hall, waiting for him. When he saw him return, his face sank, “Shen Jue, why are you so late?”

This palace could not hide things, so it was a miracle that the Crown Prince carried a young eunuch to the Imperial Hospital. Shen Jue thought it over and decided not to lie.

When he heard that the crown prince, Ni Xinyan, had taken Shen Jue to the imperial hospital, he was stunned and said, “How could this be? You first take the clothes back to your room to divide them.”

Shen Jue answered, he first went to Lu Li’s clothes, then brought the rest of the clothes back to the room, before he started to divide them, Li Feng rushed in and said Murong Xiu asked him to go to the side hall.

When he arrived at the side hall, before Shen Jue could kneel down, the teacup in Murong Xiu’s hand had already smashed over, and he didn’t dare to hide, so the teacup broke a little in front of his feet, and the warm tea splashed onto his clothes.

“You come over here.” Murong Xiu said icily.

Shen Jue lowered his head and carefully bypassed the shattered pieces of porcelain on the floor and walked to Murong Xiu’s front. As soon as he stood still, Murong Xiu snorted, “You still dare to go around?”

This made Shen Jue a little confused, as he didn’t know if Murong Xiu was talking about the broken porcelain pieces he had just bypassed or the detour on the way to the Interior Ministry.

After thinking about it, Shen Jue turned around and prepared to step on those broken porcelain pieces, but he didn’t know that Murong Xiu saw him doing that and blew up all of a sudden, saying angrily, “Get out!”

When he left the palace, he couldn’t help but look back at Murong Xiu, whose temper wasn’t just bad, but simply odd.

For the next few days, Shen Jue lived a peaceful life, but Murong Xiu was not so leisurely. The first two days, the eighth prince accidentally broke his head in the Imperial College, and then the concubine reprimanded Murong Xiu for not protecting the eighth prince, so she ordered him to stand outside the gate of the eighth prince’s palace.

And a few days later, the palace rumors was that the eighth prince turned into a fool, Concubine Jing cried for several days. Murong Xiu’s punishment changed to kneeling, and the eunuch that waited on Murong Xiu was beaten , and never returned to the Qi Zhang Hall, Li Feng secretly went to inquire, the small eunuch had gotten a lifelong disability disease.

And the eunuch beside the eighth prince was directly killed.

The Emperor was angry when he found out about the incident, but he was also furious when he found out that Murong Xiu who was also a prince, had knelt down for his brother, the Emperor made a thorough investigation into the injury of the eighth prince and found out that he asked his eunuch to give him a horse in the classroom.

After the emperor got angry, the emperor ordered the whole imperial hospital to treat the eighth prince, but on the other hand, he confined Concubine Jing for a month.

But Shen Jue knew that the injury of the eighth prince had something to do with Murong Xiu, after all, the eighth prince hadn’t hurt his head or turned into a fool in his previous lives. Shen Jue guessed that it should be Murong Xiu who secretly did this, and his purpose probably had something to do with Concubine Jing, and when the eight prince was foolish, Concubine Jing had to help Murong Xiu in the future.

As a matter of fact, a month later, when Concubine Jing’s grounding was lifted, she immediately summoned the most competent maid beside her to invite Murong Xiu over.

In the past month, she couldn’t sleep all night long, and now she has already passed the most favored days. Now the emperor only sat in her palace and the newly-married woman was as beautiful as a flower. Her mother’s family alone was still not enough, and besides, her mother’s family relied on her glory in the palace. She was now guarding a silly son, what should she do?

Concubine Jing could not help but think of Murong Xiu, she boasted that she was not bad to Murong Xiu, especially before the birth of the eighth prince. The eighth prince was almost like Murong Xiu’s own brother, his own brother was in trouble, naturally he had to protect his brother, so Concubine Jing called Murong Xiu over.

The day after Consort Jing summoned Murong Xiu, he got a lot of good things, which were sent over by Concubine Jing, and along with the gifts, there were a few young eunuchs, and Shen Jue saw a person who surprised him in the group of young eunuchs – Feng Qingbao.

Feng Qingbao was now about the same age as Shen Jue and was born like a jade doughnut, and because of this face, even Li Feng was extra nice to Feng Qingbao.

As soon as Feng Qingbao came to Qizhang Hall, he became a personal eunuch beside Murong Xiu, and although he often did wrong things, Murong Xiu never punished him, and even called Feng Qingbao affectionately as Qingbao.

Shen Jue was the same age as Feng Qingbao, but his status was vastly different. In this life, Feng Qingbao didn’t remember Shen Jue, he would only cast curious looks when he saw Shen Jue being punished, but once his eyes were discovered by Murong Xiu, Shen Jue was punished even worse.

As time passed, Feng Qingbao was also slow to realize that when he looked at Shen Jue, Shen Jue would be punished, so he stopped looking at Shen Jue to avoid the other party being punished because he felt that Shen Jue was pitiful every time he was punished.

And not long after that incident in the Interior Ministry, Shen Jue saw Ni Xinyan once again. On that day, Shen Jue was ordered to go to a flower garden next to the Hall of Qi Zhang to pick flowers so that they could be dried and made into dried flowers for making tea in the winter. The flower garden was not like the imperial garden, and there were very few people coming to the flower garden, so he carried a basket and picked flowers while walking, paying attention only to the flowers.

The person was stepped on by Shen Jue and sucked in a breath of air, Shen Jue also felt as if he had stepped on something, and was busy retracting his foot and looking at the ground.

Ni Xinyan was wearing a dark ink-colored official uniform and lying on the ground with a big grin, he saw Shen Jue and propped up his hands and half sat up, a harmless smile on his handsome face, “It’s you, little brother.”

Shen Jue took two steps back with a “whoosh” and gave Ni Xinyan a peace offering first.

Ni Xinyan looked at the basket in Shen Jue’s hand and asked curiously, “You’re picking flowers? Do you want to take a petal bath? Doesn’t it attract bugs?”

Shen Jue: “……”

He almost forgot that at this time, Ni Xinyan was completely a martial artist.

Ni Xinyan’s father, Yong Wang, was born as a military officer and was later named a king with a different surname because of his great war achievements, while Ni Xinyan, as Yong Wang’s only son, had been soaked in the barracks since he was young, unlike the noble youths in the capital, he was completely raised as a martial artist, and he even went to the border for several years afterward. This was why he fell in love with Murong Xiu at first sight in the future. Ni Xinyan was used to seeing rough men, and the first time he saw a beauty as finely carved as Murong Xiu, his heart was moved.

Ni Xinyan was a bandit after becoming a regent and then gradually changing his banditry.

“It’s not for bathing, this is for making tea.” Shen Jue took out a flower from the basket and explained to Ni Xinyan, “Dry this flower and then put it in a jar, you can use it to cook tea in the winter.”

Ni Xinyan picked at the corner of his eyes and climbed up to take the flower in Shen Jue’s hand, he looked at the flower in his hand against the daylight, then he chuckled and threw the flower into Shen Jue’s basket, “What’s so good about tea, it’s the wine that’s good, have you ever drunk wine?”

Shen Jue had a bit of a headache, who would ask a ten-year-old kid if he had ever drank alcohol.

In fact, he had actually drank, just not from this current body.

“Slave has never drank.” As soon as Shen Jue’s words, Ni Xinyan’s hand was placed on Shen Jue’s head, and with Ni Xinyan’s height, this hand on Shen Jue’s head was really just right, “How can a man not have drunk wine, I’ve drunk wine since I was seven years old, come, I’ll take you to drink.”

Shen Jue pursed his lips, “Slave is not a man.”

“How are you not ……” Ni Xinyan’s voice stopped abruptly, his eyes moved down, a moment later, Ni Xinyan awkwardly coughed twice, “It’s fine, it will grow back later.”

Shen Jue: “……”

Is it fun to lie to kids?

Shen Jue had the patience to play with Murong Xiu, but he didn’t have the patience to go on with Ni Xin Yan, after all, Ni Xin Yan wasn’t the master of the realm, so he said with a straight face to Ni Xinyan, “Prince, slave still has to pick flowers, if the prince has something to do, he can leave first.”

It was as if the teenage Ni Xinyan couldn’t understand human speech, “I’m fine, do you want me to help you? I’m idle anyway.”

Shen Jue ruthlessly rejected Ni Xinyan, and Ni Xinyan didn’t show an unhappy expression, but grinned greatly and continued to lie down on the ground.

It was good that Shen Jue had been a monk for many years and had seen many strange people, so he didn’t show much surprise when he saw Ni Xinyan lying down and went straight to the other side with his basket. When Shen Jue was far away, Ni Xinyan got up from the ground again.

He looked at Shen Jue’s back with a bewildered look, the people in this palace either showed fear, dislike or surprise when they saw him, but this little eunuch, apart from being stunned at the first sight of him, was almost always trying to maintain a distance the rest of the time.

Yes, Ni Xinyan found out that Shen Jue was trying to keep him at a distance.

Although he seemed like a pretty disciplined slave, he actually looked at him with no respect at all, only silence.

Also, this little eunuch had just seen him lay back down, and he wasn’t even surprised.


Shouldn’t normal people ask him why he was lying here?

That way he could say that he found the scenery nice here and that it was comfortable to lie here in the sun.

But that little eunuch didn’t ask.


Shen Jue was walking ahead, feeling the burning gaze on his back, but he only gave it a little thought before he didn’t pay much attention to Ni Xinyan, who was now too weak for him to pay much attention to.

It would be three years before Ni Xinyan would become a completely different person.

But Shen Jue wanted to ignore Ni Xinyan, but Ni Xinyan seemed to have made up his mind not to let him have his wish, and he walked up to Shen Jue , “Seeing you picking flowers and cooking tea, I’m sure your master is an elegant person, a prince? I wonder if I could pay a visit?”

Shen Jue didn’t think and said directly, “No.”

Ni Xinyan was stunned, “Why?”

Shen Jue pondered this time, “My master is afraid of life.” He paused, “Just like slave.”

How could he let Ni Xinyan meet Murong Xiu beforehand?

But Ni Xinyan’s words struck a warning bell at Shen Jue. The current Murong Xiu had memories, so he naturally remembered Ni Xinyan, and also remembered that it was Ni Xinyan who had put him on the throne.

When Shen Jue was a monk, his fellow disciple liked to read some mortal storybooks and sometimes insisted on telling them to Shen Jue, one of which told the story of a woman who was reborn after a tragic death and came back to take revenge, along with the person who had truly treated her well in her last life.

It didn’t matter that Murong Xiu hated him now, but if Murong Xiu fell in love with Ni Xinyan, then Shen Jue really didn’t have half a chance.

But how was he going to stop it? He was afraid that Murong Xiu wouldn’t even believe him.

Shen Jue’s gaze couldn’t help but be placed on Ni Xinyan, what if this world’s Ni Xinyan didn’t love Murong Xiu? Did that make his chances better?

When Ni Xinyan suddenly saw Shen Jue staring at him intently, he was stunned and heard Shen Jue say, “Prince, is wine really better than tea?”

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