Shen Jue woke up in the afternoon, and when he woke up, there was a man sitting beside the bed, and the man was wringing a handkerchief, and when he was finished wringing it, ready to turn around and cover Shen Jue’s forehead, he caught sight of Shen Jue’s eyes.

“You’re awake!” Li Feng was surprised, “I’ll go serve you medicine, the medicine has been hot on the stove.”

Shen Jue didn’t expect that it was Li Feng who was taking care of him. When Shen Jue saw him go out, he sat up with his body supported.

Liu Anshun said he wanted to transfer him out of Qizhang Hall, he guessed that this would not succeed, Liu Anshun was only a eunuch in charge of the Imperial Cuisine Room, as long as Murong Xiu did not release him, Liu Anshun could not do anything. When Shen Jue touched the damp quilt on his body, it felt so different from his last life that he suddenly felt it was funny.

Shen Jue knew Murong Xiu wouldn’t kill him when he heard Li Feng talking about medicine, but he probably wouldn’t let him live a good life either.

He was calculating in his heart when Li Feng returned with the medicine, he saw Shen Jue sitting and exclaimed. He trotted over, “Why are you sitting, aren’t you dizzy?”

Shen Jue shook his head.

Li Feng smiled and handed the medicine to Shen Jue, “Drink the medicine.”

Shen Jue took the medicine back and whispered, “Thank you, Brother Feng.”

Li Feng had an odd look on his face, but he didn’t say anything. He had a hard time picking up Shen Jue today, and he had another order – to take good care of Shen Jue and make him heal.

If not, he would go to the Punishment Department himself to receive his punishment.

Li Feng wouldn’t dare to go to the Punishment Division, so he came to take care of Shen Jue, with such a kind attitude like a spring breeze, as if he wasn’t the one who had bullied Shen Jue in the morning.

Shen Jue took a sip of medicine and paused. His body was smaller now, and his ability to withstand any aspect of bitterness had become so low that he couldn’t even drink the medicine anymore. He looked at the brown medicine and got scared, not wanting to drink it, Li Feng looked at him and waited for Shen Jue to finish the medicine, they were in a standoff for a while, Li Feng was the first to open his mouth, “Too bitter?”

Shen Jue thought about it, he was a kid now anyway, so he just pushed the bowl towards Li Feng, “It’s too bitter, I’ll just sleep on it, I’d rather not drink it.”

“How can that be? This herb is expensive.” Li Feng gave a sigh, “You’d better drink it.”

“Don’t want to drink it.” Shen Jue replied.

Li Feng looked at the medicine with difficulty, wanting to be angry with Shen Jue, but remembering Murong Xiu’s order in his heart, he wanted to persuade him, but Shen Jue’s attitude was so resolute that he was afraid of the medicine getting cold, so he had to carry it out again. Unexpectedly, he bumped into Murong Xiu on his way to the kitchen, and when Murong Xiu glanced at him, he scared Li Feng so much that he was busy bending down to pay his respects.

Murong Xiu looked at the mostly full medicine bowl for a moment before saying, “I let you take care of it, how can you not even be able to feed the medicine?”

Li Feng had a bitter face, “Your Highness, Shen Jue finds this medicine bitter and refuses to drink it, it’s useless for slave to persuade him, and slave is afraid that this medicine will get cold, so slave wants to put it on the stove first.”

Murong Xiu was silent, so he walked over to Li Feng and brought the medicine bowl over.

Li Feng didn’t expect Murong Xiu to actually take the medicine bowl and was stunned to see Murong Xiu carrying the medicine straight to the palace shed.

And when Shen Jue in the room saw Li Feng leaving, he laid down again, it wasn’t long before the door was pushed open again. Thinking it was Li Feng who had gone and returned, he wanted to pretend to sleep, so he simply closed his eyes, not expecting to hear Murong Xiu’s cold voice.

“Shen Jue.”

Shen Jue fiercely opened his eyes, his face towards the wall.

“Get up and drink your medicine.” Murong Xiu said.

Shen Jue pursed his lips and honestly climbed up from the bed, he was just about to get out of the bed to give Murong Xiu the salute, but then he heard Murong Xiu say, “If you dare to get out of the bed, I’ll cut off your legs.”

Shen Jue: “……”

He silently retracted his leg, this world’s Murong Xiu’s temper was really bad.

Murong Xiu wore a tender yellow brocade coat today, if one only looked at his appearance, one would feel that this person was as beautiful as a fairy child, one would want to get close to him, but once one looked into Murong Xiu’s eyes, there was no fairy child in front of them, only a Rakshasa ghost wearing a fairy child’s skin.

He walked to the bedside, looked at the medicine in his hand, and coldly said, “Open your mouth.”

In the meantime, Shen Jue looked at the medicine in Murong Xiu’s hand in an odd way, and it seemed that today this medicine had to be drunk. He clenched his jaw and stretched out his hand to take the bowl, but he didn’t know when Murong Xiu’s hand lifted and dodged Shen Jue’s hand.

Murong Xiu looked arrogantly at Shen Jue, “I told you to open your mouth, didn’t you hear me?”

Shen Jue had to open his mouth at his words, and Murong Xiu brought the medicine bowl to his lips. Seeing this, Shen Jue had no choice but to reach out his hand and hold his nose and began to take the initiative to drink the medicine.

Being fed medicine by Murong Xiu wasn’t a good experience, especially when the other party’s eyes landed directly on him.

Shen Jue could only try to ignore the bitterness in his mouth and finish the medicine as quickly as possible, but every time he drank quickly, Murong Xiu moved the bowl away again.

When the bowl of medicine was finally finished, Murong Xiu shoved the bowl into Shen Jue’s hand and said indifferently, “Next time you dare to get sick, you’ll go to the Punishment Department by yourself.”

After he said that, he directly threw his sleeves and turned around to leave.

Shen Jue sat on the bed with the empty bowl for a while before he slowly put the bowl aside and laid down to sleep.


Shen Jue’s illness took three full days to heal, and during these three days, Li Feng treated Shen Jue extremely well, not letting Shen Jue do any work and finding food for him to eat.

“This little box is full of fruit preserves, so if you find it bitter to drink the medicine, you can eat some of the preserves.” Li Feng put the little box next to Shen Jue’s pillow, and if Shen Jue hadn’t seen how badly Li Feng treated him, he would have thought that the person in front of him was a knowledgeable brother.

Shen Jue turned his head to look at the candied casket, the workmanship of the casket was extremely surprising, especially the carvings on it, one could tell that it was not something that an ordinary craftsman could make, and naturally, this casket was not something that Li Feng could own, someone must have lent him the candied fruit by looking at Li Feng’s hands.

However, Shen Jue could only pretend that he didn’t know. He reached out and cradled the candied casket in his arms, tilting his head up to smile sweetly at Li Feng, “Thank you, brother Feng.”

Li Feng squeezed out an ugly smile, “It doesn’t matter.”

After three days, Shen Jue’s treatment was suddenly back to the beginning, continuing to do dirty and tiring work, but Murong Xiu hadn’t come to torment him in recent days, but Shen Jue was still tired every day, and the work he did was simply not something he could do at his current age.

On this day, Lu Li gave Shen Jue a job, now it was almost autumn, according to the palace rule, these eunuchs could get two outfits per season. Lu Li asked Shen Jue to get the clothes.

Shen Jue had to put down his work and wash his hands before leaving the Qizhang Palace.

He had lived in the palace for many years, so he knew every path like the back of his hand. Qizhang Hall was so remote that it would take at least half an hour to go to the inner affairs office in the right way, and it would take an hour to go back and forth. It was noon, and the sun was poisonous, so the masters of the palace were reluctant to come out and walk around at this hour, so Shen Jue didn’t run into anyone except the patrolling guards.

As Shen Jue was bypassing the promenade in front of him and walking a short distance to the Interior Ministry, he turned a corner and bumped into a person.

The man didn’t move a muscle when he bumped into him, but Shen Jue fell straight backward, and just as he was about to fall, the man was quick enough to pull him by the hand. The pull was too forceful, and Shen Jue crashed into the man again, not falling this time, but being knocked into dizziness.

How could anyone have such a hard chest?

” Are you okay?” A gentle voice came from above his head.

Shen Jue fixed his eyes on the official uniform on the other side and immediately reacted as he took a numb step back and was about to kneel down, but his body couldn’t help but shake. Those two blows had really hurt Shen Jue too much.

The man saw that Shen Jue was like that and somewhat amusedly pulled him back again, “Alright, don’t kneel, are you dizzy?”

Shen Jue raised his hand and rubbed his forehead, “Back to my lord, slave is not dizzy.”

“Your forehead is red, you really aren’t faint?” The man, who was much taller than Shen Jue, seemed to have crouched down in order to see Shen Jue’s state, and this crouched down, allowing Shen Jue to see the other man’s face clearly.

Shen Jue’s pupils dilated a bit.

When the man saw that Shen Jue was suddenly dumbfounded, he thought that Shen Jue had really hit something, and worriedly reached out his hand to shake it in front of Shen Jue’s eyes, “Are you okay?”

Shen Jue shook his head fiercely, he actually met the regent early, no, Ni Xinyan who was only under twenty years old at this point wasn’t a regent yet, he was now just a Prince.

“I don’t think you’re in a good situation.” Ni Xinyan stood up and looked to his left and right, and then to Shen Jue, he suddenly bent down and grabbed Shen Jue by the waist, frightening Shen Jue into a round stare, but Ni Xinyan didn’t feel at all that there was anything wrong with suddenly picking up a young eunuch, “I’ll take you to see the imperial doctor.”

“No, Your Excellency, slave is fine, Your Excellency should put slave down.” Shen Jue didn’t think that Ni Xinyan would actually take him to see the imperial physician, and how could Ni Xinyan be carrying a young eunuch around the palace in his hall as a prince?

But Ni Xinyan ignored Shen Jue’s resistance, he was so strong that he held Shen Jue, and Shen Jue couldn’t get to the ground.

“Don’t be so restrained, I’ll knock you out and definitely help you heal, don’t be afraid, little brother.” After saying that, Ni Xinyan turned around and walked away.

Shen Jue was speechless, he couldn’t resist but reached out and hugged the other’s neck to prevent himself from falling, just a moment later, he finally couldn’t help but say, “My lord, the direction is wrong, the Imperial Hospital is not this way.”

Ni Xinyan’s footsteps paused, he pursed his lips and turned around to walk in the other direction.

Shen Jue stared at him, “My lord, it’s not this direction either.” He stretched out his hand and pointed in a direction.

Ni Xinyan coughed twice, his handsome face somewhat unable to read, “I know.”

Shen Jue was also a little embarrassed, after all, no matter how many lifetimes, he and Ni Xinyan had never been as friendly as they were now, he lowered his eyes and said in a low voice, “It’s slave who’s talking too much.”

Ni Xinyan, this person, really did what he said he would do, he carried Shen Jue to the Imperial Hospital, midway Shen Jue resisted several times ineffectively, a guard wanting to help was also refused by Ni Xinyan.

The imperial physician on duty at the Imperial Hospital had a strange expression on his face when he saw that Ni Xinyan was carrying a eunuch, and Ni Xinyan hurriedly walked in and called the imperial physician with a face as if Shen Jue had some serious disease and was about to pass away.

The Imperial Physician was too busy to check on Shen Jue, so he said to Ni Xinyan, “Crown Prince, this young eunuch has no serious problems.”

Ni Xin Yan looked suspicious, “But he was dizzy just now, and his pupils were dilated just now.”

The imperial physician said, “This young eunuch has a deficiency, there are adults who say that such a reaction is normal, and it won’t be so in the future when he grows up.”

Ni Xinyan gave an oh, and looked at Shen Jue again, “You’re fine, don’t worry.”

  Shen Jue: “……”

He hadn’t been worried.

No, there was also worrying about the fact that the Imperial Hospital was far away from the Interior Ministry.

So, no matter how many lifetimes, Ni Xinyan was born to kill him?

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