C25– Kill The Emperor[25]

At that moment, Shen Jue was soaking in a pond, he looked around and realized that this was the Qizhang Hall where Murong Xiu lived when he was the prince.

His mother died young, and he was raised by Concubine Jing after he was three years old. In the beginning, Concubine Jing treated Murong Xiu well, but after she gave birth to the eighth prince, Murong Xiu’s life got worse. Without a consort mother in front of the emperor, how could a young prince be favored?

What was more, Murong Xiu had a not very pleasant personality and was bullied by several royal brothers, even the eighth prince who was much younger than him dared to rebuke him loudly.

Murong Xiu lived in Qizhang Hall since he was ten years old, and Shen Jue was four years younger than Murong Xiu, and had been with him since he was five years old. There was not much difference between Qizhang Hall and the cold palace, other palaces had lakes, but Qizhang Hall only had a broken pond with no handrail around, so it felt like you could fall in at any time.

Perhaps because Shen Jue spent too much time looking around, Murong Xiu, who was standing on the bank of the pond, lost patience. Shen Jue’s head tilted back in pain as he yanked it hard.

As he did so, he got closer to Murong Xiu’s face.

Up close, Murong Xiu’s face was almost flawless, with black hair and red lips, snowy skin, and a flowery appearance. When he was young, most of Murong Xiu’s clothes were brightly colored, such as the one he was wearing now, a green lotus-colored robe that brought out his snowy complexion, comparable to a snow lotus, just like a well-tended autumn peony.

Unfortunately, the current Murong Xiu was an autumn peony with thorns all over his body, his phoenix eyes narrowed and his red lips opened.

“Soaked your brain? What were you checking out? Is it any wonder you don’t even know your master?”

Shen Jue looked at such a Murong Xiu and suddenly remembered what Old Ancestor Chi Yan had said at the beginning-.

“…… Some masters of the realm may be upset that you killed him and forcefully drag you through his realm again …….”

But even if he went through the situation again, the teenage Murong Xiu wasn’t like this, unless ……

The current Murong Xiu found that it was clearly different from before, the youthful Murong Xiu never had such a strong and fierce aura, but the Murong Xiu in front of him didn’t look like a teenager in either his eyes or his general aura.

Shen Jue had a guess in his heart that perhaps the Murong Xiu in front of him had memories from his last life, and he remembered killing him, which was why he was like this now.

After all, in his previous lives, Murong Xiu had never treated him so badly, and now that he was soaking in the pond, the only person who was pressing his head down was Murong Xiu on the shore. Murong Xiu had just almost killed him, so the retrospective mirror worked and restored his memory.

“Why don’t you say anything?” When Murong Xiu saw that Shen Jue was hesitant to speak, his eyes became even colder.

Seeing this, Shen Jue could only weakly say, “Your Highness, slave is cold.”

Murong Xiu snorted lightly, “But I haven’t picked up my things yet, Shen Jue, go down.”

He let go of his hand after saying that and wiped hard on his clothes in general as if he was too dirty.

Shen Jue didn’t expect that he would actually return to Murong Xiu’s realm, much less that Murong Xiu would have memories of his last life. He thought about how resolute he was in killing Murong Xiu, and thought that Murong Xiu must hate him in this life. When Shen Jue thought of this, he directly got into the water, and he slowed down for a while, and the memories of this life came to his mind intermittently.

From the time Shen Jue came to Murong Xiu’s side in this life, Murong Xiu had treated him badly, scolding him lightly, or as bad as today, Shen Jue was only ten years old now, but he had already made several trips to and from the gate of the ghostland, and if he hadn’t really almost died this time, he was afraid that the retrospective mirror wouldn’t have worked.

This morning, Murong Xiu suddenly said that the jade penannular that he had brought with him was missing, so he asked him to look for it, but he had rummaged through the entire Qizhang Hall, but he couldn’t find it. Murong Xiu was very angry and told him to go down to the pond, saying that that jade penannular might have fallen into the water.

Ten-year-old Shen Jue could swim a little, but his level was not high, and when he was about to come up for air after a trip, Murong Xiu suddenly held his head down.

Then there was the scene when Shen Jue’s memory had just returned.


Shen Jue resigned himself to getting into the water again, his eyes wide open as he searched for that jade penannular in the water, while secretly planning his future path. He needed to break Murong Xiu’s realm once more, but would the Murong Xiu with his memories still love him?

Even Shen Jue, now he had no confidence, it was easy to fool someone once, but if you wanted to fool them twice and use the same tactics, it simply wouldn’t work, unless the other party was a fool, but Murong Xiu was clearly not a fool, and even now Murong Xiu didn’t look easy to approach at all.

Having a lesson from the previous time when he was almost drowned by the other party, this time Shen Jue purposely swam to the middle of the pond to ensure that Murong Xiu could only stand by the shore and watch him, not touch him.

When he realized that Shen Jue was far away from him, the corners of his lips slightly pulled down, and his eyes became even colder. Shen Jue was only ten years old now and had nearly drowned again, it was just a few rounds before he was completely out of breath and could only climb the shore, breathing heavily. He turned to look at Murong Xiu on the other side of the shore, revealing a look of fear, “Your Highness, slave really doesn’t have the strength, can we find it again tomorrow?”

“How does that work? What if someone else picks it up?” Murong Xiu was slow to respond.

Not to mention that there weren’t many people in the Palace, who would get into the water to pick up a piece of jade penannular that might not even exist?

Shen Jue was really out of strength, he was too small now, with thin arms and thin legs, if he took another trip into the water, he would really die in the water. But looking at Murong Xiu’s face, the other seemed not ready to let go of him, Shen Jue pursed his lips and turned around to prepare to go into the water again, but as soon as he moved, Murong Xiu’s voice suddenly rang out, “Forget it, it’s going to be dark, I’m not in the mood to play with you anymore.”

Murong Xiu took out a piece of jade penannular from his sleeve, he shook that jade penannular at Shen Jue first before throwing it directly into the pond.

“Whenever you pick it up, you’ll eat, and if you never pick it up, you won’t have anything to eat.”

After Murong Xiu said that, he turned around and walked away.

Shen Jue watched his back for a moment and climbed out of the water. Once he got out, he slumped to the ground and didn’t even have the strength to stand up. As the sky grew dark, lanterns were lit in the nearby palace, the orange candlelights warmed the night.

The late summer night was cool, and Shen Jue laid quietly on the ground for a long time before he shakily rose from the ground, wringing out a handful of wet hair and his soaked clothes, and headed to his current residence.

Today’s Shen Jue was no different than before, before Murong Xiu let Shen Jue live in his chambers and he could sleep on the dragon couch, but now Shen Jue lived with several other young eunuchs.

Murong Xiu, the sixth prince, now had a big eunuch and four little eunuchs by his side, including Shen Jue, and no palace maids, because the tradition of the Murong clan was that a prince could only have a palace maid by his side when he reached the age of sixteen, so as to avoid damaging his body, and now Murong Xiu was only fourteen, so there were no palace maids in the Qizhang Hall.

Among the five eunuchs, Shen Jue was the youngest one, because Murong Xiu treated him extremely badly in this life, so those eunuchs’ attitude towards Shen Jue was also the worst, and it was Shen Jue who did all the dirty work and ate last.

When Shen Jue returned to the house, it was pitch black and there was no one there. He didn’t bother to light a lamp and relied on the moonlight shining in from outside for illumination. Shen Jue went over to his bed and pulled out a box from underneath it, taking out the clean clothes inside, and as he was about to change, the door was pushed open, accompanied by the sound of two people laughing.

“That fool Shen Jue has been punished again by His Highness.” One man said.

“He really deserved it.” Another person said.

“I said ah ……” the one who spoke first suddenly saw Shen Jue, who was changing clothes, like a castrated chicken suddenly being strangled, he made a sharp, unpleasant sound, “Shen Jue, why are you quiet in there? You’re going to die ah!”

After scolding him, the man seemed to feel that he was still not satisfied, and quickly walked over and slapped Shen Jue on the head a few times. Shen Jue was already dizzy, he was holding his breath so he wouldn’t fall down, but after being heavily slapped on the head a few times by the visitor, he finally couldn’t hold on any longer and his body shook, falling to the ground with a clang.

“Why are you pretending? Shen Jue, get up!” The person who hit Shen Jue was so shocked that he crouched down and slammed Shen Jue a few more times, and only after Shen Jue was still unresponsive did that person realize that Shen Jue had really fainted.

“He fainted?” The guy in the back, a little scared, “He’s been punished into the water so many times this afternoon, he’s not going to die, is he?”

The boy in front immediately put his hand under Shen Jue’s nose and was relieved to find that he was still breathing, “He didn’t die, so he fainted.” He turned his eyes around and placed them on the person in the back, “Don’t let His Highness know about this, His Highness would be angrier if he knew that he was sick.”

The boy in the back hesitated, but still nodded his head.

The former looked at Shen Jue’s wet clothes with disgust, but still picked him up from the ground and put him on the bed, he didn’t bother to help Shen Jue change his clothes, feeling that it was already kind of him to take the blanket and cover the other man up.

Once he was done with that, he hurriedly left.


Shen Jue’s dizziness went straight to the middle of the next day, and he didn’t wake up by himself, but by being kicked.

Someone kicked him a few times and pulled his blanket off, “Shen Jue, how many hours have you slept, I did all the work last night for you, it’s time for you to get up and do your work.”

Shen Jue struggled to open his eyes, and after seeing the person standing in front of his bed, he closed his eyes before saying, “Don’t …… fight, I’ll go.”

Once he opened his mouth, Shen Jue realized that his voice was hoarse beyond words.

He’d been wearing wet clothes since he’d passed out last night, and now his clothes were all irritated, and all he could feel was that his body was cold, but his head was hot as if it would explode in the next moment.

The person who woke Shen Jue up was Li Feng, who was six years older than Shen Jue and liked to be lazy, so he always asked Shen Jue to do his work for him, and if Shen Jue refused, he would give him a beating. He was also the one who beat Shen Jue last night.

After seeing Shen Jue faint last night, he was afraid that the old eunuch would find out, so he did all the work that Shen Jue should do last night and woke Shen Jue up this morning.

Shen Jue raised his hand and rubbed his head, crawling up with his elbow against the bed board. When Li Feng saw him get up, he immediately laid back down and went back to sleep. It was still only a quarter past three o’clock, and the sky was still dark, so except for Shen Jue, the other three eunuchs had to sleep until the dawn.

Sleeping until dawn was still because the sixth prince Murong Xiu got up too early, and if they ran into a master who slept late, they were afraid they would sleep until the golden crow screamed.

Even with Shen Jue working, they still disliked waking up early, and when Shen Jue supported his sick body to change clothes, he was still too noisy and they tsked a few times, not at all thinking that Shen Jue was the youngest and should rest.

After Shen Jue changed his clothes, he took his dirty clothes out with him. He first soaked his dirty clothes in the basin, then washed the other eunuchs’ clothes together, and finally washed his own clothes, and after drying them, he returned Murong Xiu’s clothes that he had changed at the bathing pool last night, turned back, and had to start sweeping the courtyard.

A whole bunch of work was waiting for Shen Jue to do, and with his young age and illness, he hadn’t finished it when Li Feng and the others got up.

As soon as Li Feng entered the kitchen and saw that Shen Jue hadn’t lit the fire, he was so angry that he pulled Shen Jue away and scolded him, “You’re a useless thing, you haven’t started the fire yet, and His Highness will be up later, can you afford to delay?”

Shen Jue fell directly to the ground by Li Feng, once again experiencing what it was like to have gold stars floating around his head.

He sat on the ground for a while, saw that Li Feng was building a fire, so he got up and walked out.

Now, these people were busy serving Murong Xiu, so they wouldn’t notice him for a while.

Murong Xiu loathed him in this life, so he didn’t have a hand in anything.

For Li Feng and the others, the moment Murong Xiu got up was the busiest time for them, but for Shen Jue, it was the most leisurely. He walked over to yesterday’s pond and looked at the pond.

The piece of jade penannular that Murong Xiu had lost was still at the bottom of the water, and if he didn’t pick it up, he wouldn’t have anything to eat.

Even if he wanted to perform a bitter trick, he still needed Murong Xiu’s presence to do it. Shen Jue thought about it and looked back at Murong Xiu’s bedroom.

Murong Xiu hadn’t gotten up yet.

Shen Jue withdrew his sight and walked resolutely outside, he didn’t want to die here, he was afraid that no matter how carefully he treated Murong Xiu in this life, Murong Xiu wouldn’t believe him, since that was the case, Shen Jue didn’t bother to pretend to treat Murong Xiu well, he just wanted to eat a full meal now.

Shen Jue was going crazy with hunger, especially now that he was so young that he couldn’t stand the hunger, so he thought of food and walked faster and faster until he reached the Imperial Cuisine Room before he gradually slowed down. Coincidentally there was a person coming out of the Imperial Cuisine Room, and that person was directly shocked when he saw Shen Jue in the cold, and inhaled a breath of cold air, and when he saw that the person in front of him was not a ghost, but a little turnip-head he knew, the corner of his lips tugged upward, “What are you doing here?”

Shen Jue didn’t eat well in this life, was often hungry, and didn’t even look like a ten-year-old child.

In the eyes of the visitors, Shen Jue was just a turnip head that had accidentally become a child.

Only to see this turnip head suddenly cry with his head up, “Eunuch Liu, slave is hungry.”

Good voice, this voice roared loudly, frightening the self-possessed and stable Eunuch Liu, he cursed under his breath and even went forward to cover the mouth of the turnip head, “Little ancestor, don’t scream, if you scream again, don’t come to me next time.”

Shen Jue had no shame in pretending to be young at all, and stretched out a small dry paw to grab Eunuch Liu’s sleeve, “Slave just ate a steamed bun yesterday morning, and now his stomach is going through a famine.”

Eunuch Liu was amused by his words and nudged his brow with his finger, “Fine, you come in with me first.”



Eunuch Liu’s full name was Liu Anshun, and he was known for his kindness in the Imperial Cuisine Room. In the palace, there were many powerful characters, but it was rare to find someone who was powerful and also kind to others. Liu Anshun was such a person, he was just over thirty years old, he sat down as the head of the Imperial Cuisine Roo, none of the eunuchs under him dared not obey him, even the emperor’s eunuchs had to give Liu Anshun some face.

Shen Jue’s acquaintance with Liu Anshun was purely accidental, as he was often bullied and starved in his lifetime. One day when he was seven years old, Shen Jue was so hungry that he secretly came to the imperial Cuisine room and he wanted to steal something to eat. Li Feng’s men guarded him so well that he couldn’t even see a single steamed dried bread.

Before stealing, he was discovered by the eunuch of the Imperial Cuisine Room, who immediately grabbed him and asked him which palace he belonged to, but when Shen Jue refused to tell him, the eunuch hit Shen Jue’s buttocks several times, causing Shen Jue to cry, which led Liu Anshun over.

Liu Anshun was so nice that he not only asked the eunuch to let go of Shen Jue but also asked him warmly if he was lost.

Shen Jue sniffled and said pitifully, “Slave is hungry.”

Liu Anshun’s eyes glanced down and reached out to touch Shen Jue’s belly, a child’s belly was usually bulging out, but this little guy was so deflated that he was almost touching his back. And then Shen Jue was given two hot steamed buns.

As he squatted in the corner and gobbled up the food, Liu Anshun quietly went to him and whispered, “Can you still eat it? The kitchen has cooked an extra chicken leg, they can’t eat it, so I’ll give it to you.”

Where would the Imperial Cuisine Room have leftover chicken legs, it was actually Liu Anshun who let Shen Jue have his.

In the years that followed, Shen Jue would come over once in a while, but that was to take advantage of Murong Xiu’s absence.


Liu Anshun led Shen Jue’s hand to the small room behind the Imperial Cuisine Room, “You are coincidentally here, I was about to eat breakfast, what is your reason this time?”

Shen Jue thought about it before saying, “His Highness threw the jade penny into the pond and asked the slave to pick it up, but the slave couldn’t pick it up, and His Highness said that he wouldn’t be allowed to eat until it was picked up, so the slave was too hungry.”

Liu Anshun frowned, although this palace was a place of cannibalism, it wasn’t a place to abuse children like this. He had known Shen Jue for three years, and in those three years, he hadn’t seen Shen Jue once eat fully at Sixth Prince Murong Xiu’s place, and he had thought of secretly transferring him out of the Qizhang Hall, but the eunuch of the Qizhang Hall waved his hand at him and said vaguely, “You should not bother too much about this matter.”

Liu Anshun was puzzled, “That master hates this child so much, wouldn’t it be better not to see him?”

The great eunuch looked embarrassed and was reluctant to say more, “Don’t say anything about it, it won’t work anyway.” He paused, as if he was really pitying Shen Jue, and added, “It’s just as well that you secretly give him something to eat, so don’t let that master know.”

Liu Anshun had no choice but to stop, but his heart was not at all impressed with that sixth prince, who knew how to torment people like that at a young age, and he didn’t know what he would be like when he grew up.


“It’s just that you came up to me to eat.” Liu Anshun brought Shen Jue to the house behind the Imperial Cuisine Room, where breakfast was being placed on the table.

Shen Jue’s eyes couldn’t help but brighten up as he looked at that breakfast. Now that he had become a child, it was as if his mind had been suppressed, and although he knew he shouldn’t look at the food with such straightforward eyes, he couldn’t help it.

Enduring not to reach out directly to take it was already his limit.

Liu Anshun lightly patted him on the shoulder, “Go eat, eat your fill before you talk to me.”

“Thank you, Eunuch Liu.” After Shen Jue thanked him, he immediately sat down on the stool, he looked at the breakfast in front of him and decided to drink some porridge to pad his stomach first, he hadn’t eaten for too long, if he ate something too meaty and hard right away, his stomach wouldn’t be able to take it.

Before he entered the palace, he had a young brother at home, who was almost the same age as Shen Jue now, and didn’t know anything about anything, and didn’t know how to take care of himself properly.

Just now Shen Jue said that the sixth prince Murong Xiu asked him to pick up the jade penannular, which sounded like an understatement, but the risk of something happening to a child so young going into the water was unknown. This child actually came to him not many times, and every time he was really hungry.

Liu Anshun contemplated for a moment, walked over to Shen Jue and touched Shen Jue’s little head with his big hand, “Shen Jue, why don’t I think of a way to get you to come here to work as a guard, would you be willing?”

Shen Jue bit his spoon and turned to look at Liu Anshun.

Liu Anshun was born with a white chubby face, just like a leavened steamed bun, so he looked like he was easy to get along with. He saw Shen Jue looking at him and gave a gentle smile, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get enough to eat when you come here to work.” Saying that, he looked at Shen Jue’s current height with disgust, “You are also too short now, but you have to grow up, or else you will be short, and people will think you are ugly later.”

When Shen Jue blinked his eyes, he nodded his head.

Liu Anshun saw the situation and touched Shen Jue’s little head, “Okay, you eat here first, I’ll go out.”


Inside the Hall of Qizhang.

A beautiful young man was standing in the palace, he was followed by several eunuchs kneeling in front of him, including Lu Li, the eunuch of the Hall of Qizhang.

“Didn’t you say that the person is in the palace? Where is he?” Although Murong Xiu’s voice was not high, the few eunuchs below were shivering all over, they were originally divided into the Qizhang Hall, they thought that this unpopular sixth prince was a bullied lord, but within a few days, these people tasted Murong Xiu’s methods, from then on, they didn’t dare to breathe in front of Murong Xiu, but it was good that they all had Shen Jue as a punching bag on weekdays.

Lu Li’s forehead was oozing with sweat in the late summer weather, “Slave and others don’t know.”

“Don’t know?” Murong Xiu turned his eyes to look at the crowd kneeling on the ground and suddenly walked to Li Feng’s side. Li Feng caught a glimpse of Murong Xiu’s corner, his breath was choked, he was just holding his breath, and then he was stepped on by Murong Xiu and let out his breath.

Murong Xiu stepped on Li Feng’s back, and he didn’t know where he got the strength from, but he stepped on Li Feng who was two years older than him directly onto the ground, to the point that even his bones were hurting.

“You should know, right? Where is he?”

Li Feng’s face crumpled into a bitter expression as he shuddered and said, “Your Highness, slave really doesn’t know.”

Murong Xiu slightly tugged at the corner of his lips, his foot lifted and stepped down heavily again, this time on Li Feng’s head. Li Feng screamed and was about to beg for mercy when he heard the person above him say, “Since he didn’t come back, you go and help this prince pick up that piece of jade, if you haven’t picked it up, you shouldn’t come up either.”

Li Feng could only respond, and when Murong Xiu loosened his foot, he numbly climbed up and rolled out.

The rest of them saw that Li Feng was punished to pick up the jade and immediately buried their heads even lower, wanting to immediately disappear.

“You guys go find it for this prince, and if you can’t find Shen Jue, you won’t come back.” Murong Xiu said word for word, his eyes looked like a beast would crawl out from under his eyes at any moment. After seeing everyone go out, Murong Xiu fiercely touched his abdomen, his hands trembled slightly, he didn’t have any wounds on his abdomen right now, but he always felt a hidden pain in that place, as if the dagger from his previous life was still left inside his body.

“I’m tired, so let’s end it here.” That was what Shen Jue had said before he killed him in his last life.

It was as if those words were carved into his heart.

Perhaps the heavens couldn’t see enough and made him be reborn, and he could only think about the end of his relationship with Shen Jue.

Murong Xiu slowly closed his eyes, closing the beast in them for the time being.



When Liu Anshun came, he ran into Lu Li walking out, he saw Lu Li walking hurriedly and felt bad, and when Lu Li saw him, his eyes suddenly brightened and he walked over quickly, “How come Head Manager Liu is free to come to us?”

Liu Anshun laughed, “I was going to ask why you are in such a hurry.”

Lu Li gave a sigh, “We lost a little eunuch in the palace, by the way, didn’t Head Manager Liu still want to transfer the child to you last time? Do you remember?”

It really was Shen Jue.

Liu Anshun hesitated, but still said, “Truth be told, that child went to my place this morning, and I’m here for the same reason. I wonder if the sixth prince is in there?”

When Lu Li saw him like this, he couldn’t help but pull him, “You don’t still want to transfer Shen Jue to your place, do you?” He shook his head with a bitter face, “You don’t know that the Sixth Prince was furious just now, saying that we don’t have to come back even if we can’t find Shen Jue, and you are going to see the Sixth Prince at this time, aren’t you going to touch bad luck? You’d better hurry up and give me Shen Jue.”

“But ……”

Lu Li directly interrupted Liu Anshun’s words, “Don’t but, is the person in the Imperial Cuisine Room? You take me there first, otherwise, I really can’t deliver. You are distressed for Shen Jue, it’s better to let the sixth prince calm down first.”

Liu Anshun thought about it and felt that Lu Li had a point, he was a lackey after all, and although Murong Xiu was not favored, he was also a master, how could he, a lackey, dare to interfere with his master’s affairs, the matter needed to be postponed.

Liu Anshun took Lu Li to the house where Shen Jue was, and as soon as they entered, they saw Shen Jue lying on the table, Liu Anshun was shocked, and even went over to check on Shen Jue’s condition, and they found that Shen Jue was hot all over.

“Fever.” Liu Anshun frowned and said to Lu Li.

When Lu Li heard that, his two eyebrows furrowed up like two earthworms falling on his face, and only after a moment did he say, “I’ll carry him back first and see what the sixth prince says. It’s inevitable that his being sick now would be a disaster, maybe the Sixth Prince won’t get angry when he sees that he’s sick instead.”

After he said that, he came over to prepare to carry Shen Jue, and Liu Anshun reached out his hand to stop him, worried, “The boy won’t die, will he?”

“Aigoo, Eunuch Liu, it’s still up to the individual to decide whether he can live or not, how long have you been in the palace and you still don’t understand this? It’s better not to be softhearted, the more you delay, I’m afraid that that master will be angrier.” Lu Li forcefully pushed Liu Anshun’s hand away and carried Shen Jue out.

Liu Anshun could only sigh as he looked at Shen Jue’s skinny body.

Indeed, in this world, who could live and who couldn’t, all depended on one’s ability. It was just that when he saw Shen Jue, he thought of his youngest brother and couldn’t help but feel a little more pity for him.


In other words, Lu Li carried him back to the Qizhang Hall, he also didn’t dare to put him down, and directly carried him to Murong Xiu. Murong Xiu sat in the study reading a book and saw Lu Li carrying Shen Jue in. He couldn’t help but tighten his grip on the book.

Lu Li first put Shen Jue on the ground before kneeling on the ground to reply, “Your Highness, slave found Shen Jue over at the Imperial Cuisine Room, he is now feverish and passed out.”

Murong Xiu twisted his eyes away, not looking at the ground, and asked indifferently, “Why was he over there in the Imperial Cuisine Room?”

Lu Li replied, “Shen Jue seemed to be starving, so he went over to the Imperial Cuisine Room.”

Murong Xiu put down his book at the words, he slowly walked to Shen Jue’s side, and paused when he saw that Shen Jue’s small face was abnormally red, and the corners of his eyes flickered. He reached out and directly touched Shen Jue’s belly, and found that the little belly was round, and he snorted in anger.

Good, someone actually dared to give Shen Jue something to eat.

Murong Xiu’s stern eyes immediately looked to the side at Lu Li, “Did you give him something to eat? Or who?”

Lu Li secretly thought that it was terrible, but didn’t dare to lie, so he could only say it out loud, and when Murong Xiu heard that it was Liu Anshun from the Imperial Cuisine Room who gave Shen Jue food to eat, his face visibly sank.

Lu Li thought that Murong Xiu was angry that someone didn’t take his order seriously, but little did he know that Murong Xiu’s fussed look was because the pet he kept was fed food by an outsider.

Murong Xiu looked at Shen Jue on the ground, his face changed, he really underestimated Shen Jue, but carefully thought about the last Shen Jue who coaxed him to surrender his heart, now coaxing a eunuch of the Imperial Cuisine Room was nothing.

Murong Xiu gritted his teeth, only to feel a faint pain in his abdomen again, he clenched his fist and finally couldn’t help but smash a punch on the ground, Lu Li was shocked and saw Murong Xiu’s hand bleeding, he went forward, his mouth chanted, “Aigoo, Your Highness, don’t hurt yourself if you’re angry, Shen Jue that cheap life shouldn’t make you care so ……”

Before he could finish his words, Murong Xiu was already looking over gloomily.

Lu Li sucked in a breath, he really felt that this sixth prince was too odd in nature, and his eyes really didn’t look like the eyes a fourteen-year-old boy could possess.

“Go invite the imperial physician.” Murong Xiu said coldly.

Lu Li heeded and even climbed up and went out, leaving only Murong Xiu and the unconscious Shen Jue in the palace. Murong Xiu slowly turned his head to stare at Shen Jue, he looked at him for a long time before finally reaching out his hand, just before it touched Shen Jue’s face, he had already quickly withdrawn it.


The imperial physician finished bandaging Murong Xiu’s hand and was about to take his leave, but Murong Xiu called out to him, “Imperial Physician Lin, there is a lackey in my palace who seems to be ill, please go and take a look.” He paused, “So he won’t die in my palace and attract bad luck.”

The Imperial Physician nodded at the words, so he turned to Lu Li and said, “Eunuch Lu, I wonder where that little eunuch is? Can you bring me forward?”

Lu Li squeezed out a smile, “He’s lying in the warming cabinet in the side hall, slave will take lord there.”

The humble servant was stunned when he heard that the patient he was seeing was in the warm pavilion, and was even more surprised when he saw that the person was still covered in brocade. He often saw patients for the palace people and sometimes treated some of them in passing, but even if those palace people were seriously ill, they could only lie in their own cramped and cool rooms.

He saw that the brocade quilt on the bed was like something that only the master of the palace could use.

Lu Li smiled beside him and said, “Lord Lin, please take a look at this boy, he fell into the water yesterday afternoon.”

Imperial Physician Lin nodded his head and prescribed a prescription after seeing him, “He is weak, so I have prescribed not only medicine to reduce fever, but also a few medicines to strengthen the body, but does he have enough monthly silver on him to buy these medicines?”

A palace doctor was different from a master, a palace doctor had to pay for his own herbs.

Lu Li took a look at the medicinal herbs and put the prescription away, “It’s really no good, slave will pay first, it’s a human life.”

“You’re very kind.” Imperial Physician Lin laughed and left. He had been a physician for many years, where could he not see the cause of Shen Jue’s illness, which was caused by unintentionally falling into the water, it was clear that he had been soaking in the water for a long time for him to get this kind of urgent illness. However, it was not his business, he couldn’t care, just like some concubines in the palace were punished by high ranking maidens to kneel, and when they visited the physician, they also said that they had accidentally fallen.

When the Imperial Physician Lin left, Lu Li ran to Murong Xiu to resume his life, he talked about Shen Jue’s situation, and then mentioned Li Feng, “Your Highness, Li Feng is still in the water looking for that jade penannular, he has been sick, you see ……”

“Give me the stuff.” Murong Xiu said coldly.

Lu Li was startled, “Huh?”

In the meantime, Murong Xiu was impatient, “There’s always a prescription, so give me the prescription for Shen Jue.”

Lu Li oh-oh twice, and handed over the prescription. Murong Xiu swept over the medicinal herbs on it, there were a few on it that weren’t that cheap, he pursed his lips, pulled off the purse on his waist and tossed it to Lu Li along with the prescription.

“There’s some money in here, you take this to buy the medicine. As for Li Feng, he can’t pick it up, so you go pick it up.” Murong Xiu coldly said.

How could Lu Li dare not answer, he even collected the purse and the medicine prescription and went out.

The remaining two eunuchs were afraid of making Murong Xiu angry, without Murong Xiu’s summons, they didn’t dare to appear in front of Murong Xiu today at all. After sitting alone in the palace for a while, Murong Xiu got up and went to the Warm Pavilion.

He sat down by the side of the bed, his eyes staring intently at the person on the bed, and suddenly, Murong Xiu raised his hand to strangle Shen Jue’s neck.


Long, so frigging longgggggggg.

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