C24– Kill The Emperor[24]

The snowflakes were swept into the room by the wind, and the visitor walked quickly, entering the inner room at once and bypassing the six guards.

They only saw Murong Xiu wearing a cloak, and a thin layer of snowflakes had accumulated on his shoulders.

The regent immediately sat up straight, surprised by Murong Xiu, then he restrained his surprise, he coldly raised his voice , “What are you guys doing? Can anyone come in?”

The sound of someone kneeling came from outside the door.
“Begging for the regent’s forgiveness, slave and the others are useless, we couldn’t stop His Majesty.”

The regent sneered, “Then go and receive your punishments, go to the hall now and receive thirty lashes each.”
The people outside the gate dared not disobey and immediately went to receive the punishment.

When the regent finished dealing with the people outside the gate, only then did he look at Murong Xiu again and calmly said, “Why are you here?”.

Murong Xiu had been looking at Shen Jue on the bed since he had seen the long whip wound on his face from his eyebrow to his jaw. Murong Xiu gritted his teeth and turned his head to look angrily at the regent, “I’m afraid that if I came a little later, I’ll have to collect his body for him.”

Upon hearing this, the regent raised his hand to wipe the blood flowing from his ear and said carelessly, “Yes, if your majesty came a little later, you wouldn’t see the last side of this dog slave, your majesty rushed in by coincidence.”

“Ni Xinyan, what do you mean?” Murong Xiu looked at the regent in shock, “What else do you want to do?”

The regent hooked his lips at Murong Xiu, “I want to kill him, in front of you.” When he saw Murong Xiu’s pupils shrinking, he felt angry and furious, and his hatred for Shen Jue deepened, “But I’ve changed my mind now, I want His Majesty to kill him himself, otherwise it’s time for this world to change hands.”

“You’re threatening me?” Murong Xiu raged.

The Regent’s smile widened, “Yes, it’s a threat to you, the throne, and his life, you choose. I was able to get you on that throne in the first place, so naturally, I can also get you to roll off.”

After that, the regent took out a dagger from his sleeve and threw it to the ground, and said to Murong Xiu in a commanding tone, “Pick it up and kill him.”

Murong Xiu’s gaze sagged as he looked at the dagger on the ground, he squeezed his fist and his teeth chattered slightly, “Ni Xinyan, do you really want this?”

“Of course, I’m sick of it, I’m sick of this dirty hedgehog staying by your side, I’m sick of you taking special care of him, Murong Xiu, figure out what I’m doing to help you get to the top. Do you really think you can be a wise ruler? You think that a mere Shi Jian’an can trip me up?” The regent laughed, “This world is all mine, as long as I give the order, all of your Murong Clan can disappear from this world .”

The regent stood up and walked to Murong Xiu’s body, his eyes carrying a strong sneer, “You should stop being a wh**e. Wasn’t it you who seduced me before I killed your second royal brother in the first place? What? Now you want to get rid of me? It’s not that simple.”

He had barely spoken harsh words to Murong Xiu, and now that the words were so cruel, Murong Xiu was so pale that his body trembled slightly.

“I didn’t.” Murong Xiu gritted his teeth.
  The Regent smiled mockingly again, “Really? You accepted my goodness, yet you still want to clear your relationship with me, and even want to put me to death, there is no such good thing in the world. Murong Xiu, I’ll make it clear to you today, kill him and I’ll make sure this throne will be yours for the rest of your life, or else you’ll be waiting for the iron cavalry to trample through your palace gates.”

“Now pick up the dagger.” The regent spoke harshly.

Murong Shuo pursed his lips into a straight line before he slowly bent down to pick up the dagger under another prodding. Murong Xiu gently held the dagger in his hand, his eyes turning darker, while the Regent saw that his hand holding the dagger was still trembling slightly, sneered, and said sarcastically, “How useless.”

Murong Xiu stood up with the dagger and he smiled suddenly at the Regent, “Yes, I am useless, but I will not always be at your mercy, at least not at this time.” He drew off the sheath and stabbed at the Regent with the dagger, who was ready and slapped Murong Xiu straight away.

Shen Jue, on the bed, saw this and shouted urgently to His Majesty!

Murong Xiu hit the six screens and spat out a mouthful of blood, his body gradually sliding down.

The regent laughed contemptuously and stepped forward, bending down to lift Murong Xiu’s collar, “Rubbish, can’t even kill.”

Murong Xiu’s mouth was full of blood, he squeezed out a smile at the regent, his snow-white teeth were stained with blood, “You kill me, I won’t kill him, in the worst case, I will die with him.”

The regent’s face became very ugly, he tightened his hand at Murong Xiu’s collar and said angrily, “Murong Xiu, what kind of lover are you pretending to be? You’d die with that dirty hedgehog. Did you ask him? Do you know why he came to my house tonight?” He laughed, “He ran over here for that eunuch, seeing that eunuch’s personal belonging with his eyes. Do you think you’re any different from me? There’s no difference, you don’t like me and he doesn’t like you, we’re both destined to not get what we love.”

The two people who were supposed to love each other were now putting harsh words into each other’s mouths, especially the Regent, whose words were like a knife that pierced into Murong Xiu’s heart, but his knife was forged by his own blood and tears.

When Murong Xiu heard the words, he wanted to look at Shen Jue, but the Regent blocked his view. After struggling and finding it futile, he gave up and whispered, “I don’t care, I don’t care!” He repeated the exact same words twice, like self-hypnosis or justification.

When the Regent saw Murong Xiu like this, he suddenly felt a sense of powerlessness, he shook his head and let go of Murong Xiu, “I really thought highly of you, so you are this pitiful too.”

He decided to go and kill Shen Jue with his own hands.

That man alive was a real disaster, even he, just now, almost couldn’t do it.

The regent turned around, ready to go kill Shen Jue, but as soon as he turned around, his heart ached, and then his whole body went weak, and he fell to the ground. Murong Xiu saw the situation and got up, and he picked up the dagger from the ground again. Shen Jue had told Murong Xiu about the colorless and tasteless poison a long time ago. The preparation of the medicine, as well as the antidote. Murong Xiu had deliberately drunk the antidote before coming and sprinkled that poison on his clothes.

Murong Xiu slowly walked to the Regent’s side, he wiped the blood from the corner of his lips and looked at him with an icy look, “No one would have thought that the great Regent would be defeated by a small poison. Defeated by Medicine.”
  The Regent looked at Murong Xiu in anger as if in shock, “You dare?” He turned and shouted, “Someone! Somebody!”

Unfortunately, all the people who were guarding the door had gone to the torture hall to receive their punishment, and no one could hear his cries.

The regent saw that no one came in and could only look at Murong Xiu again, he felt his limbs getting stiffer and his heart got more and more painful, he said frantically to Murong Xiu: “If you kill me, my soldiers won’t let you go, Murong Xiu, give me the antidote, I won’t kill Shen Jue, do you hear me? I’m not killing Shen Jue anymore.” In the end, he almost growled out.

Murong Xiu crouched down, he raised his dagger high, his graceful lips moved slightly and spat out two words, “It’s too late.”

The dagger stabbed down.
Bl*od stained Murong Xiu’s eyes.

He pulled it out and thrust it at the chest of the person on the ground again.

After a long time, Murong Xiu threw away the dagger again, he lowered his head and laughed, just laughed, his eyes were red, his face was full of relief and pleasure.

He was finally free of the Regent, the man who threatened him all the time.

The Regent was his nightmare, and now he had killed the nightmare himself.

Shen Jue who was lying on the bed quietly watched the scene with no surprise or joy on his face.


The Regent was dead.

Murong Xiu fell to the ground, he gasped for air before he stood up, he quickly took off his coat and ran to the bedside. He squeezed out a smile at Shen Jue on the bed, “Don’t be afraid, he’s already dead.”

Before Shen Jue spoke, Murong Xiu had already moved to untie the ropes on Shen Jue’s hands and feet. Shen Jue didn’t know how long he had been tied up, and there were bruises on his hands and feet from the ropes. After helping to untie them, Murong Xiu couldn’t help but look at Shen Jue’s bruised face and the wound below his abdomen, the two injuries were so hideous that Murong Xiu didn’t even know if he should help Shen Jue get up.

“Your Majesty, slave is fine.” Shen Jue smiled at Murong Xiu, he glanced down at the Regent who died miserably by the bedside, worry flashed in his eyes, “Your Majesty, leave quickly, the Regent’s men will probably be back soon, you can’t let them find out that it was Your Majesty who killed him.”

After he said that, he struggled to get up, he got out of the bed on his hands and knees, and took the vicious weapon that Murong Xiu used to kill the Regent. The weapon was held in his hand, and it still had the Regent’s blood on it. Shen Jue held the dagger and couldn’t help but touch the blood on it with his fingertips, it was warm and sticky.
  When Murong Xiu saw that Shen Jue was holding a dagger, he immediately walked over and said sternly, “No, you can’t stay here either, you have to go with me.”

Shen Jue raised his head and smiled at Murong Xiu, even though his face looked horribly hideous due to his wounds, his eyes were very clear and moist, like the spring breeze in March, and the wind seemed to have a faint fragrance of flowers curling around it, making people look at him as if nothing was wrong.

“Your Majesty, slave would be willing to die for Your Majesty.” Shen Jue said softly, “Anyway, this broken body of slave won’t last long, but it’s just a bit of a pity that I won’t be able to see Your Majesty’s wedding.”

Murong Xiu crouched down, he reached out and gripped Shen Jue’s shoulders, “I won’t marry, I only want you, Shen Jue, do you hear me? I want you to live, Imperial Physician Xu will heal your wounds, really, everything isn’t that bad.” He paused, “There are Shi Jian’an’s men outside, you go out with me now and we’ll take the carriage back to the palace.”

Shen Jue looked down at Murong Xiu’s hand at his shoulder, pursed his lips, and gave a shy smile, “Your Majesty can coax slave like this, slave is really happy, but Your Majesty should leave quickly. With slave here, I can still stall for some hours for Your Majesty, but Your Majesty…” he looked up at Murong Xiu’s scarred face and slowly raised his empty hand, “Slave has always wanted to tell Your Majesty, but was afraid that Your Majesty would be angry. But now slave isn’t afraid anymore because His Majesty treats slave well, in fact, the only person slave likes is His Majesty.”

Actually, the only person that slave likes is Your Majesty.

Murong Xiu’s long eyelashes trembled, he looked at the shyly smiling Shen Jue and only felt sad, he quickly blinked his eyes, restrained the tears in his eyes and grabbed Shen Jue’s hand instead, “I actually like you too, Shen Jue.”

He no longer called himself “We”.'[Basically a majestic plural emperors used]

The smile at the corner of Shen Jue’s lips deepened, and his eyes were almost curved into a line, “It’s so good, I didn’t expect that slave could be coaxed by Your Majesty like this before dying, slave would be willing to die even if he were to die, as long as Your Majesty can remember slave, slave doesn’t ask for anything else, only hoping that Your Majesty can think about slave in his spare time.”

Murong Xiu was busy shaking his head, “No, I’m not coaxing you, Shen Jue, what I said is true, neither of us will die, you get up with me, we’ll go out first.”

After saying that, he moved to pull Shen Jue up.

Shen Jue stood up with Murong Xiu’s help and was helped by the other to walk outside, it really did snow outside, and only a few short hours later, a thick layer of snow had accumulated on the ground. Murong Xiu helped Shen Jue walk outside heavily, leaving one footprint after another on the clean snow. Shen Jue lifted his head slightly and looked into the mid-air, snow was still falling, as if to wash away the filth that filled the world.

“Your Majesty.” Shen Jue gently called out to Murong Xiu, “It’s already the New Year, isn’t it.”
Murong Xiu nodded, “Mm.”

Shen Jue looked at Murong Xiu slightly sideways, his eyes focused, Murong Xiu originally didn’t care, but after being stared at by the other for a long time, he couldn’t help but look back. When he saw Shen Jue’s overly serious eyes, he was stunned, “What’s wrong?”
  Shen Jue blinked tiredly, “I’m tired, so let’s end it here.” Before Murong Xiu could react, there was a pain in his abdomen. His body shook and he lowered his head to look incredulously at the dagger that was inserted. The dagger that had entered his abdomen.

This dagger had just killed the Regent, and now it was stabbed into his body.

Murong Xiu slowly raised his head to look at Shen Jue, the emotions in his eyes were really complicated, suspicion, shock, confusion, and a little bit of sorrow.

 ”Shen Jue, for… what…?” For the first time, it felt so difficult to speak, he even had to swallow his words, how could he stab the dagger backhandedly into his body when the other party had just said he loved him?

Shen Jue let go of his hand, and his voice was sad and joyless: “There is no why.”

Murong Xiu originally held onto Shen Jue, but now became firmly grasping the other’s hand as he stubbornly looked at him and asked, “Why? Why exactly?” He looked back down at the previous house, “You’re afraid the Regent’s men will kill you? So you’re going to kill me to live?”

“No.” As if Shen Jue couldn’t feel the pain, even though Murong Xiu almost crushed his wrist, he still said with indifference, “He had nothing to do with me killing you.”

“Then who was it for?” Murong Xiu made a tyrannical sound, he suddenly thought of a person, “Could it be Feng Qingbao? Is that it? Shen Jue!”

His eyes were red as if he had turned into a complete lunatic, and he held onto Shen Jue tightly, wanting to ask for an answer.

Snowflakes swirled and fell, landing on Shen Jue and Murong Xiu’s hair and shoulders. The wound on Murong Xiu’s abdomen was dripping blood, and the blood dripped down onto the snow like blinding red plums, and Murong Xiu’s face was getting paler and paler, and he could barely hold onto Shen Jue, so he could only fall to his knees. Even as he fell to his knees, he still muttered to himself, “Why? Why?”

Shen Jue looked at such a Murong Xiu and took pity on the other, then looked up at the inky firmament, snowflakes fell down and landed on his face, Shen Jue smiled gently and watched the scene before him fade away.

The owner of the realm was dead, so naturally, this realm was gone.

Shen Jue raised his hand to pick up the snow and watched his fingers gradually become transparent and finally disappear.

He slowly closed his eyes, enjoying this moment of peace as if he were the only person in the vast world, and in a moment he was able to breathe, without having to disguise himself in any way.

In the end, before Shen Jue lost consciousness, he couldn’t help but think about what would be next when he was out of this realm and when he would regain his memories, but that thought only lasted for a moment before he was completely unconscious.

  Shen Jue felt water pouring in through his nose and mouth, and the feeling of dying made him struggle unceasingly, but it was as if someone was holding him down with a death grip from above, making it impossible for him to move.

Just when Shen Jue thought he was going to die like this, the hand that was holding his head down suddenly loosened, and Shen Jue burst out of the water.

The person in front of him was actually the youthful Murong Xiu.

The teenage Murong Xiu was much more feminine than the one behind the crown, and more like a beautiful young girl, his beautiful phoenix eyes looking at him coldly, with a strong killing intent underneath.

Shen Jue was only startled when he saw Murong Xiu.

How could that be?
He was clearly out of Murong Xiu’s realm, so why was he back?


Ehhhhhhh? Author, Whyyyyyyyyy? 🤧😭


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