C22–[Kill The Emperor]

Since Shen Jue heard Feng Qingbao coming in, he ducked deeper under the table, but he didn’t know that Murong Xiu wouldn’t stop, and his feet deliberately stepped on his stomach without saying anything, but he also deliberately made Feng Qingbao come closer.

When he heard what Murong Xiu said to Feng Qingbao, his eyes changed slightly.

And when Feng Qingbao heard Murong Xiu’s words, he was so frightened that he directly kneeled on the ground and was busy begging for mercy: “Slave doesn’t dare.”

But the position where he knelt down was off to the side where he could see Shen Jue who was hiding at the bottom of the table.

Feng Qingbao’s eyes immediately rounded up and looked at Shen Jue in surprise. Shen Jue’s image at this time was really bad, his clothes were not in order and his face was strangely ugly. The two of them looked at each other, but it was Shen Jue who turned his face away first.

Feng Qingbao naturally saw where Murong Xiu’s feet were, and he bit his lower lip and also lowered his head.

Murong Xiu glanced at Feng Qingbao with an icy gaze and coldly commanded: “Get out.”
Feng Qingbao responded and exited the palace, only to retreat outside the palace with a snow-white face, as if he had suffered a great blow. Liang Rong was currently guarding the entrance of the palace, and when he saw Feng Qingbao come out with a muddled face, he sneered, sarcasm evident in his eyes.

Feng Qingbao was awakened by that laugh, he looked at Liang Rong, and said in a shocked voice, “Did you do it on purpose?”
Liang Rong laughed again, “Feng Qingbao, which was intentional on my part, who wanted you to see that scene you saw, can’t you figure it out?”

Feng Qingbao opened his mouth slightly at the news, his eyes full of incredulity as he muttered to himself, “How… how?”

He had always thought that Shen Jue was only favored by the emperor, could it be that this favor was actually that type of favor?

But…Shen Jue hadn’t even mentioned it to him.

Feng Qingbao suddenly thought of the night he came to look for Shen Jue, and Shen Jue was soaking wet, walking pitifully on the veranda, but it turned out that Shen Jue wasn’t as good as he thought he was. Feng Qingbao’s eyes couldn’t help but turn red. He also asked Shen Jue to help him transfer back to the imperial court to serve, and wondered how much Shen Jue had suffered in order to get this done.

Feng Qingbao had been in the palace for a long time, and also knew some dirty things some old eunuchs in the palace liked to do to young eunuchs, Feng Qingbao was lucky, had a good master, but the little eunuch who went to the palace with him was not so lucky, ran into a black-hearted old eunuch, who tossed him in bed all day, the little eunuch died of illness, Feng Qingbao went to see the little eunuch for the last time, the little eunuch smiled at him, just laughing as he cried, the little eunuch said his life was not good.

At that time, the little eunuch’s exposed skin was all bruised and purple, not to mention underneath his clothes, there were many bloody teeth marks.

Feng Qingbao wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes with the back of his hand, he couldn’t stay outside the palace any longer and didn’t care if Liang Rong was still there, he just turned around and left. Although they eunuchs were rootless things, they were also men, at least they once were, what man would want to be crushed under another man’s body?

Outside, Feng Qingbao swallowed his voice and endured tears, and inside the palace, Shen Jue dropped his eyes and squeezed his brows, staring expressionlessly at his stomach. When Murong Xiu looked at him, he took his feet back and calmly said, “Angry?”

“Slave wouldn’t dare.” Shen Jue returned.
“Don’t dare? So that’s angry?” Murong Xiu moved his feet in front of Shen Jue, “Help me put on my shoes and socks.”
  Shen Jue did as ordered, and he had just helped Murong Xiu put on his shoes and socks when Murong Xiu suddenly ripped him out, pulling him out, not to mention, one hand firmly rested around his waist, “Don’t be angry, drink this soup.”

He was referring to the soup that Feng Qingbao had brought in.

Shen Jue’s clothes were still slightly open, he pursed his lips and whispered, “Slave thanks His Majesty for the reward.” Saying that, he broke away from Murong Xiu’s hand, the strength in Murong Xiu’s hand increased a bit, “Drink it right here, no need to leave.” His beautiful eyes drooped as he looked at Shen Jue’s open clothes, “I haven’t helped anyone with their clothes, you drink the soup, I’ll try my hand with you.”

Murong Xiu’s desire for exclusivity like this came swiftly and strongly, and Shen Jue was unable to adapt.

Especially when it was discovered that the things the regent had done to Murong Xiu in previous lifetimes actually fell on him one by one.

From another perspective, Murong Xiu and the Regent were really a natural pair, and all these things could be thought of together.

How could Murong Xiu be the one who would help someone get dressed, he tried for half a day, but Shen Jue’s clothes didn’t change except for becoming more wrinkled. In the end, it was still Shen Jue who couldn’t take it anymore, he put down the spoon, and pulled his belt from Murong Xiu’s hands. He didn’t talk to Murong Xiu either, he only focused on his clothes. Murong Xiu looked at the skinny teenager bowing his head in front of him and awkwardly tugged at the corners of his lips, his eyes glancing to the side.

He saw the soup on the table and suddenly said, “I haven’t fed anyone yet…”
Murong Xiu didn’t finish his sentence as Shen Jue suddenly raised his head and looked straight at him.

“Your Majesty, let slave take care of these matters himself.” There was no expression on Shen Jue’s face.

Murong Xiu looked at the other party’s face and somehow felt justified, so he didn’t dare to say anything and only looked at Shen Jue. Shen Jue quickly finished the soup and was about to bring the bowl down, Murong Xiu originally wanted to call Liang Rong in to serve it, but with the look in Shen Jue’s eyes, he couldn’t say anything.

Shen Jue carried the red lacquered food box out of the palace, Liang Rong was still guarding the palace door, and when he saw him come out, he smiled gloomily, “Yo, Eunuch Shen has finally come out.”

“Head Eunuch Liang, have you seen Feng Qingbao?” Shen Jue ignored Liang Rong’s words and asked a question instead.

When Liang Rong heard that Shen Jue was looking for Feng Qingbao, the look in his eyes became even more indescribable. He looked Shen Jue up and down, but he couldn’t see any merit in him except that his skin was a little pale. He was not good-looking, not tall enough, and his buttocks… His buttocks were covered by his clothes, so he couldn’t tell if they were curved or not.

In the meantime, Shen Jue couldn’t help but notice his gaze. In the meantime, Shen Jue reminded the other party, “Head Eunuch?”

Liang Rong lightly coughed, “Feng Qingbao ah, go over there, it seems like he’s crying, is His Majesty punishing him?”

When Shen Jue heard this, he thrust the food box in his hand into Liang Rong’s hand, “Thank you, Head Eunuch Liang.” After saying that, he turned around and went to look for Feng Qingbao.

Liang Rong looked at the food box in his hand and gritted his teeth in anger, this fox was really becoming more and more excessive. But, he couldn’t be proud for long. Liang Rong smiled gloomily again, going against the Regent, he was destined to seek death.


When Shen Jue found Feng Qingbao, Feng Qingbao was sitting under the promenade staring at a frozen pool of water in front of him, his eyes dazed as he thought, he didn’t even notice when Shen Jue approached.

“Feng Qingbao.” Shen Jue called out to Feng Qingbao.

Feng Qingbao stirred up and turned to look at Shen Jue, and when he realized that the visitor was none other than Shen Jue, he stood up in a hurry, “You… what are you doing here?”

Shen Jue hesitated before saying, “Don’t tell anyone about what happened.”
Feng Qingbao gave an ah, not knowing what he had thought of, his eyes reddened again, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell.”
  Shen Jue looked at Feng Qingbao like this and sighed, “Just, let’s not get too close in the future, I’m afraid of getting you into trouble.”
“I’m not afraid!” Feng Qingbao said urgently, “I’m not afraid of getting involved, as long as you don’t get angry with me.”

He squeezed out an ugly smile, “Shen Jue, we agreed that we would still leave the palace together.”

Hearing Feng Qingbao’s words, Shen Jue smiled genuinely for the first time, but there was no smile in his eyes, only sadness, “Mm.”

There would be no exit from the palace.

This place was just a mirror, it was false, including Feng Qingbao in front of him, they weren’t real mortals, they were just the mirror that trapped him here.

If he was merciful, this cycle would go on forever.
Therefore, he was destined to fail.

After that day, Shen Jue began to deliberately distance himself from Feng Qingbao, and Feng Qingbao came to see Shen Jue several times, but Shen Jue always left quickly with the excuse that he was busy. The number of times he came to see Shen Jue increased, and Feng Qingbao knew that Shen Jue was hiding from him.

In the blink of an eye, it was the night of the New Year’s Eve.

On New Year’s Eve, the palace hosted a banquet and invited all the courtiers to celebrate the New Year together.

Murong Xiu sat at a high position. These days, Shen Jue’s estrangement from Feng Qingbao fell into his eyes, which made him happy, while there was not much trouble for him in the court. Shi Jian’an had become his effective assistant since he officially drew a line with the Regent since that day, and many of the officials elected by the imperial examinations satisfied him. Things were different now, and those who wanted to cling to the Regent watched.

Therefore, tonight Murong Xiu drank a lot of wine, and the drunkenness forced him to leave early, making the Prime Minister preside over the situation.

Shen Jue helped Murong Xiu back to his bedchamber, and after having a hard time serving the people for the night, Liang Rong suddenly appeared in front of him and handed him a piece of jade pendant.

When Shen Jue saw that the jade pendant looked familiar, he took a closer look at it even though he didn’t receive it.

Liang Rong was afraid of waking up Murong Xiu and purposely lowered his voice, “If you want to see the last of this jade pendant’s owner, come with me.”

Only after hearing Liang Rong’s words did Shen Jue remember who this jade pendant belonged to.

Feng Qingbao’s.

Feng Qingbao had shown him this jade pendant, saying that it was the only thing his family had left him, and he had purposely drilled a hole in it and wore it around his neck all day.

This jade pendant wasn’t a good color, but Feng Qingbao regarded it as a treasure, and when he showed it to Shen Jue, he didn’t want to touch it for fear that it would fall on the ground and break. But now this jade pendant appeared in Liang Rong’s hand.

Shen Jue looked at Liang Rong with coldness in his eyes, “Where is he?”

The only person who could send Liang Rong wass the Regent, and the Regent wanted to see him tonight, so perhaps this was the last step in closing his net.

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