C21– Kill The Emperor[21]

Towards the end of the year, the weather was getting colder and colder, and on this day there was even a bit of ice pellets.

As soon as the weather got colder, it was not comfortable to sleep on the footrest, as the footrest was not as warm as the bed after all.

Shen Jue stood beside the bed, and after helping Murong Xiu to make the bed, he was ready to help Murong Xiu to take off his coat. Murong Xiu was taller than Shen Jue, and he needed to stretch his hand to undress him. Murong Xiu tilted his chin up to avoid being swept by the top of Shen Jue’s head.

Once upon a time, Murong Xiu had gone overboard, and when Shen Jue’s hair swept over his chin, he only felt an itch . It tickled, and Shen Jue had to kneel as punishment

Tonight, Murong Xiu dropped his eyes to look at Shen Jue, and then at the icy cold pellets, the eyes under his long eyelashes moved slightly, then he calmly said, “Is it cold to sleep on the foot rest?”

Shen Jue folded Murong Xiu’s belt and placed it on the red lacquer plate beside him, and whispered back, “It’s not cold.”

Murong Xiu coughed, “I feel that the night is a bit cold.”

Shen Jue looked up at Murong Xiu, “Then slave has poured more hot water for Your Majesty tonight, put them on the soles of your feet, I’m sure it will be better.”

In the meantime, Murong Xiu’s eyebrows habitually knitted as the other party pretended to be stupid, he looked at Shen Jue’s face and felt that he would no longer go around in circles, “Sleep with me tonight, if you sleep that foot pedal in case you get a wind chill, who will serve me in the future?” He saw that Shen Jue was about to open his mouth and cut off the other man’s words in advance, “No one else serves as well as you do, well, you don’t have to say anything else.”

Shen Jue pursed his lips in embarrassment, “But that’s not reasonable, is it? What kind of eunuch shares a bed with the Emperor?”

“Who says they didn’t? Emperor Chongwen was born with cold feet, so the great eunuch beside him often warmed his feet at night.” Murong Xiu lifted his chin, “You sleep inside tonight.”

Shen Jue couldn’t fight Murong Xiu and could only obey the order, except that Murong Xiu made him sleep inside on purpose, which made Shen Jue feel a little strange. But Murong Xiu thought very simply, the last time he slept with Shen Jue, Shen Jue clinged to him that he didn’t even dare to push the other party for fear of waking him up or pushing him off the bed. If he wanted Shen Jue to sleep inside, he wasn’t afraid of pushing the other person under the bed.

Murong Shuo was ready to be glued to the other, but tonight Shen Jue was too rested, not to mention glued to him, he barely even moved his body. Murong Xiu opened his eyes suddenly and looked at the person beside him unhappily, but Shen Jue was sleeping soundly and didn’t even know that someone was looking at him, he had to say that Murong Xiu’s dragon bed was so comfortable that Shen Jue, who was particularly tired today, almost fell asleep immediately his head fell on the pillow.
It turned out that when he was an immortal, Shen Jue wasn’t used to sleeping in the same bed with people, but after a thousand years of reincarnation, he’d already developed the habit of completely ignoring the person next to his pillow.

Of course, Murong Xiu’s waiting was also destined to be in vain. The last time Shen Jue stuck to him, the reason was that Shen Jue hadn’t slept at all, and the wounds on his body were so painful that he couldn’t sleep, so he simply deliberately got close to Murong Xiu, and this time when Shen Jue was asleep, how could he still think about getting close to Murong Xiu.

Murong Xiu slightly straightened up, because of the cold, Shen Jue hid the small half of his face under the blanket, only revealing his eyebrows. Shen Jue’s eyebrows weren’t thick enough, and his eyelashes, though long, weren’t dense either. Murong Xiu stared at Shen Jue’s face and secretly thought to himself, Shen Jue’s hair was not thick, so he wondered if it had anything to do with the purification. [tn: Eunuch ceremony]

Thinking of this, Murong Xiu slightly lifted the blanket and looked at the lower half of Shen Jue’s face.
Shen Jue’s chin was bare, with no shadow of a beard at all.

Murong Xiu looked at Shen Jue’s face again, gently reached out and touched the other’s chin, and it was as smooth as his cheeks, unbelievably smooth.

Murong Xiu’s body was naturally cold, and his icy fingertips were pressed against the other’s chin as if they would also be warmed by the other’s warm face.

Only when Shen Jue was iced by this and frowned uncomfortably, he dug deeper into the blanket and moved his face, as if trying to shake off the icy hand. Murong Xiu was so amused by this action that he was smiling slightly when he heard Shen Jue purr in a small voice -.

“Qingbao, stop it.”

Those words were spoken vaguely, but Murong Xiu still heard them clearly.
His eyes suddenly turned cold, and the hand he placed on Shen Jue’s chin was even slightly more forceful, and he directly snapped Shen Jue awake with this force.

As if shocked, Shen Jue opened his eyes confusedly and was still a bit unable to react when he saw Murong Xiu looking at him slightly straight up. He rubbed his eyes slowly before calling out to Murong Xiu in a low voice, “Your Majesty?”

Murong Xiu stared at Shen Jue with eyes as cold as winter snow, and the confusion on Shen Jue’s face faded as he looked at Murong Xiu’s expression. He immediately climbed up and knelt directly on the bed, lowering his head, “Your Majesty’s forgiveness.”

“Oh? What are you guilty of?” Murong Xiu laughed lightly, but his voice was really cold to the extreme, he rarely spoke to Shen Jue like this.

Shen Jue was silent for a moment, while shaking his head, “I don’t know if slave has offended His Majesty.”

“Yeah, you know what you just did?” Murong Xiu leaned over slightly and pressed closer to Shen Jue, Shen Jue was kneeling, he was half sitting, his cheek was especially close to the other’s bowed head when he got this close, even his breath could reach the other’s face.

Shen Jue somewhat wanted to move back due to Murong Xiu’s proximity, but Murong Xiu reached out in advance and cupped his chin, making it impossible for him to retreat.
“You had the audacity to call me by my name just now, the word Ah Xiu is also something you can call?” Murong Xiu looked cold and lied, almost making him believe it if not for the fact that Shen Jue had woken up earlier.

Shen Jue opened his mouth, pretending to be embarrassed, and swallowed and said, “Slave… slave…”
Murong Xiu rubbed his fingertips against the other’s chin, and when he saw that Shen Jue swallowed and couldn’t speak, he tugged lightly at the corner of his lips. “You called me by my name, do you think I should punish you?”

He finished staring at the face of the young man, seeing the other’s red face, his eyes became even more aggrieved, he narrowed his eyes: “Want me to not punish you, it’s not impossible, unless…” He deliberately did not say the last half of the sentence, until the other party looked up at him, Murong Xiu said slowly, “Unless you help me warm my feet.”

Shen Jue thought that Murong Xiu would give other excessive reasons, such as not getting too close to Feng Qingbao, but he didn’t expect that the other party would actually ask him to warm his feet.

Now that Shen Jue was Murong Xiu’s personal eunuch, this kind of request could be made by Murong Xiu, and there was no need to involve any punishment at all.

When Shen Jue heard Murong Xiu’s words, he was ready to go and hold Murong Xiu’s feet, but Murong Xiu dodged.
“Not now, tomorrow when I’m approving the memorials, you come over and help me warm my feet.”
  Shen Jue was stunned, but could only nod his head.
By the second day, Shen Jue looked at Murong Xiu and for the first time, a reluctant expression appeared on his face.

Murong Xiu actually asked him to get under the table and then use his stomach to warm his feet for him.
Shen Jue had lived for so many years, but this was the first time he had heard such a request, and such a request had obviously been made by the Regent to Murong Xiu in previous lifetimes, so why did it fall on his head now?

He remembered the previous life, the Regent wanted Murong Xiu to warm his feet, Murong Xiu was not neatly dressed under the table, the face of spring. He panted under the Regent’s feet


Murong Xiu sat on the dragon chair and looked at Shen Jue with a serious face, “You don’t want to? Then go get another punishment alright, I see that you are now ambitious, I’m afraid that you don’t want to serve in front of the imperial court, go and speak to Liang Rong now, before that, you call Feng Qingbao in.” He suddenly smiled, his pair of beautiful eyes even more curved, “Feng Qingbao will definitely serve better.”

The words had come to this, and no matter how reluctant Shen Jue was, he could only comply.
He pursed his lips and crawled under the table, then couldn’t help but stare at Murong Xiu’s pair of feet before reaching over and removing his boots.

Shen Jue wanted to just take off his shoes, but Murong Xiu moved his feet and said in a calm voice, “The socks went too.”
“…Yes.” Shen Jue could only take off his snow-white socks again for Murong Xiu. As the owner of the realm, Murong Xiu’s feet were so beautiful that it could be said that they were almost impossible to take one’s eyes off, but Shen Jue disliked them and resigned himself to undo his belt again.

He loosened his belt and opened his clothes slightly before putting Murong Xiu’s feet into his own clothes.
Murong Xiu’s feet were cold, so cold that Shen Jue’s body trembled a little as they pressed against his belly. He gritted his teeth and straightened his clothes, gently holding his feet in such a way as to warm them up.

Murong Xiu felt the warmth beneath his feet and couldn’t help but hook his lower lip, not long after, Feng Qingbao’s voice sounded outside the palace.
“Your Majesty, slave has come to deliver dragon bone soup.”

Feng Qingbao who was standing outside the palace was actually a bit puzzled, he wasn’t needed to deliver soup on weekdays, but today Liang Rong specifically found him, saying that he was lazy all day long, and specifically asked him to deliver soup in front of the emperor, by all means, delivering something to the emperor was a good errand, but Liang Rong actually took the initiative to order him to do it.

“Come in.”
Hearing the voice inside, Feng Qingbao was tidied his appearance and carefully carried the soup into the palace.

Feng Qingbao did not dare to look up casually when he entered the palace, ever since Murong Xiu had disfigured his face, his temper had become much weirder, and Feng Qingbao was now more afraid of Murong Xiu. He was about to put the soup on the table, then he heard Murong Xiu say.

“Put it on my right hand side.”

“Yes.” Hearing the command, Feng Qingbao had no choice but to take the soup and walk to Murong Xiu’s right hand side, he was about to put it down when his eyes caught a glimpse of a pair of dragon boots on the ground and the exposed corner of green ink-colored clothes.

The shirt was identical to the one he was wearing.

There was someone under the table.

Feng Qingbao was in shock and was busy putting down the soup, but then he saw Murong Xiu’s legs move and the shirt seemed to move as well.
  ”What are you looking at?”
Feng Qingbao’s ears suddenly heard Murong Xiu’s voice. He was so frightened that he even forgot his scruples and stupidly looked up at Murong Xiu, only to see Murong Xiu smiling and looking at him with gentle eyes.

Obviously, the other’s attitude was gentle, like a genial spring breeze, but Feng Qingbao felt cold for no reason.

Sure enough, Murong Xiu’s next words were….

“If you keep looking at the wrong things with your dirty eyes, I’ll have Liang Rong dig it out.”



Ok, so ml isssss Murong Xiu, author finally clarified it, and the ml isn’t the immortal’s emperor’s son, that was what they meant .  Yay, we know our ML, let the abuse continue

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