C20— Kill The Emperor[20]

 Shen Jue was pounced upon by Feng Qingbao and his body instantly stiffened.

After all, Feng Qingbao wasn’t Murong Xiu, when Murong Xiu hugged him, Shen Jue couldn’t do anything and still suffered, but Feng Qingbao was different. Shen Jue immediately pushed the other away when he came back to his senses, and the warmth in his tone was swept away, “What are you doing?”

Feng Qingbao saw Shen Jue’s attitude take a turn for the worse and cringed, “I… I’m too touched, don’t bother.”
He more or less knew that Shen Jue didn’t like to get too close to people.

Shen Jue looked at Feng Qingbao’s slightly swollen eyelids and could only sigh, “Just, don’t cry, I still have to go to the front to do my duty,  first hide from Liang Rong.” After thinking about it, he took out some silver and handed it to Feng Qingbao, it was the newly issued monthly routine silver. It was useless for Shen Jue to keep this money, he thought if Feng Qingbao had money to accompany him, and his life would be better.

When Feng Qingbao looked at the silver, he wanted to give it back to Shen Jue, “Why are you giving me money again? Didn’t you just get paid this month? Keep it for yourself ah, just in case… just in case later on when we are old and out of the palace we also need this money to accompany us… body ah.”

An eunuch’s old age was different from that of ordinary people, for ordinary people, they had children by their side in their old age, but when an eunuch was old and left the palace, he would be alone and miserable, and his original family members had either passed away long ago, or they were almost as old as he was and couldn’t be counted on. So some of the old eunuchs used these silver taels to find a companion to live with.

An eunuch was a rootless man, not to mention the age of the old eunuch out of the palace, which ordinary woman would look at him, so the old eunuch would either find from a poor family or an old widow, or look for the kind of old and decrepit flower lady was driven out, but even looking for these two women, the old eunuch had to save a lot of silver, people only cared about money.

So when Feng Qingbao said it, not only did he swallow, his face also turned red.
After all, if others heard this, they would say that he ate bear heart, and dared to miss a woman.
  Shen Jue refused to take it back, “Keep it, I have no use for keeping this money.”
Feng Qingbao still wanted to return it, so Shen Jue had to say frankly, “I don’t need this money to accompany me.”

Feng Qingbao’s eyes instantly rounded up, and he looked at Shen Jue in disbelief, asking in a low voice, “Why?”
Shen Jue was amused by Feng Qingbao’s reaction, as he thought eunuchs were most likely to be effeminate, and he thought Feng Qingbao had a tendency in this regard, so he laughed and said: “Why? Unlike you, I don’t think about women, and if I do get out of the palace, the palace will give me enough severance silver to live on.”

But he wasn’t going to live until that time.

Feng Qingbao blushed at the news, “I don’t think about women either.” He also twisted his face away, “Which woman is interested in this broken body of mine?”
When Shen Jue wanted to leave, Feng Qingbao suddenly turned his face back and winked at Shen Jue, his voice soft like a girl’s, “Why don’t the two of us go into partnership and live together? There would be no one else in my house at that time anyway.”

“Don’t.” Shen Jue rolled his eyes, twisted around and walked straight away.

He was thoughtless about women, but that didn’t mean he had thoughts about men, especially this kind of effeminate man.
Shen Jue thought about Feng Qingbao’s actions as he walked away, even worrying about himself, should he now-.

be effeminate and he didn’t know it?

Shen Jue’s face suddenly became rich, white and red, and hinted at a turn in the direction of green.

When he arrived in front of Murong Xiu, Murong Xiu was drawing.
When Murong Xiu saw him coming, he stopped and beckoned, “Come here.”

Shen Jue walked over and found that Murong Xiu was drawing a landscape painting, a lone boat proudly swimming alone in the stream between two mountains, and there was no person drawn on that lone boat.

“Do you think I’m painting one person or two on this boat?” Murong Xiu asked.
Shen Jue didn’t think much of it, “Naturally, one person, so as to match the mood of this painting.”
  ”Yes?” Murong Xiu looked at him off to the side, “You have a point, but don’t you think it’s too lonely to be alone?”
Shen Jue looked at Murong Xiu, somewhat unable to figure out the meaning of his words, while he was thinking of how to answer, Murong Xiu suddenly turned his head back, “I’d better draw one person, if two people’s hearts are not united, this boat might capsize.”

After Murong Xiu finished this strange statement, he made up the last bit of this painting. After finishing the painting, he asked Shen Jue if he wanted to inscribe a character on it, Shen Jue didn’t dare to inscribe the character, and even refused, but Murong Xiu’s attitude was unusually tough, and even grabbed Shen Jue in front of him, “Aren’t you afraid that the character won’t look good? I’m holding your hand to write so that it won’t look bad.”

Shen Jue was being held against the table by Murong Xiu and his hand was still held by the other party, he wasn’t comfortable. He tilted his head and whispered, “Your Majesty, slave really doesn’t know what to write, so please spare slave.”

Murong Xiu smiled slightly, “That’s no good, I will definitely not spare you.” His statement trailed off, “Unless you mention the word.”
Shen Jue had no choice but to obey Murong Xiu, he ended up writing Murong Xiu’s name when he really didn’t know what to write, with Murong Xiu holding his hand. When he wrote it, he was thinking about the meaning of Murong Xiu’s move.

Obviously earlier in the day, Murong Xiu wasn’t like this, just when he had just gone out and come back again, Murong Xiu seemed to have changed his attitude. Such an intimate move actually happened between an emperor and a eunuch.

Shen Jue’s eyes suddenly changed, could it be that his scene of comforting Feng Qingbao was seen by Murong Xiu?
Although Feng Qingbao was hiding in a corner and crying, it wasn’t something that bystanders necessarily couldn’t see, or else Shen Jue wouldn’t have just happened to bump into him. If Murong Xiu saw him comforting Feng Qingbao, and even saw Feng Qingbao jumping into his arms, then Murong Xiu’s attitude was normal.

Murong Xiu was jealous.

Since that time when Murong Xiu didn’t break away from him, Shen Jue had realized that Murong Xiu was different towards him, and Murong Xiu’s performance in the bath that night was proof that-.

Murong Xiu had been tempted.
  Shen Jue suddenly felt a little stupid; he had been defending against the Regent, so he wanted to completely destroy the Regent’s power, and even more recently had been plotting how to dismantle the Regent’s military power, but he had neglected other things. Sometimes the enhancement of affection wasn’t completely devoid of rivals, on the contrary, rivals were needed, only this rival had to be Murong Xiu’s rival.

If Murong Xiu was jealous of Feng Qingbao, then Murong Xiu’s feelings for Shen Jue had intensified.

Love without competition was tasteless.

When Shen Jue figured this out, he had a plan.
Although he was sorry for Feng Qingbao, he still had to make use of the other party.

Feng Qingbao didn’t know that Shen Jue wanted to use him, he saw that Shen Jue had recently found him frequently in private, he became happy like a fool, and his mouth was filled with Shen Jue’s . Shen Jue usually had to serve in front of Murong Xiu, and the few hours when Murong Xiu went to morning court was his completely free time, he would go to Feng Qingbao, Liang Rong saw it, and one day he smiled gloomily and said: “Yo, the two little eunuchs stick together every day, not tired of it?”

Feng Qingbao was afraid when he saw Liang Rong, he dodged behind Shen Jue in fear, Shen Jue also cooperated and blocked him and looked at Liang Rong with cold eyes, “I’m not tired of it, after all, slave didn’t get tired of looking at Head Manager Liang’s face every day, let alone Qingbao, he was born beautiful, how could slave get tired of it?”

When Feng Qingbao heard Shen Jue suddenly call him “Qingbao”, he was stunned, and his ears turned red.
No one had ever called him by his full name so intimately, not even the master who had brought him up before.

Liang Rong sniffed, the more he felt that the two in front of him was a pair of shameless dogs, he mockingly said: “Tsk, tsk, but I’m reminding the two of you, the palace does not allow eunuchs to be together, eunuchs with eunuchs is also not allowed.”

He threw his sleeves away after saying that, he felt that Shen Jue and Feng Qingbao were just hurtful and dirty to his eyes. Especially that Shen Jue, seducing the emperor was not enough, he even had to seduce Feng Qingbao, Feng Qingbao didn’t have a bad face, but could it be that as long as the men in the palace were better looking, Shen Jue would seduce?

Gee, that was shameless to say the least!
Liang Rong cursed as he walked, and suddenly, he touched his face and muttered a little worriedly, “What if that little shameless one takes a fancy to me…”
  When Liang Rong left, Feng Qingbao immediately came out from behind Shen Jue, and he stared at Shen Jue with round eyes, trying to ask, “Head Manager Liang said we… we’re that?”
Shen Jue returned to his normal state once he finished acting in front of Liang Rong, he glanced down at Feng Qingbao, “What?”

Feng Qingbao even shook his head and said with a red face, “Nothing, nothing.”
During the night, Feng Qingbao then had a dream in which he was wearing nothing, and so was Shen Jue.

And the dreamed of Shen Jue was now lying on the dragon couch.

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