C2—— Kill the emperor (2)

The night was getting darker.

Shen Jue first went back to his house.

As the eunuch beside Emperor Murong Xiu, he had a single room.

He coughed and took off his wet clothes, his white and thin body was covered with whiplashes, and there were many old scars on his skin.

The body was ugly, which wasn’t aesthetically pleasing at all. Especially his incomplete body.

Shen Jue looked down for a moment before raising his head.

  When Murong Xiu was a prince, he was often bullied by other princes, and Shen Jue, as his personal eunuch, took a lot of beatings. After all, the master’s punishment, the slave had to take his place, and over the years, there were countless scars on his body.

  Shen Jue put on a clean shirt and wiped his wet hair, then sat in front of the bronze mirror.

  Murong Xiu was a famous beauty in the Great Zhou Dynasty, otherwise the Regent wouldn’t have decided to help him to the throne after looking at his face. Love in all times and places was always motivated by lust. Shen Jue calmly examined himself and felt that he had nothing to do with the word “lust”.

With his bland face and defective body, the possibility of Murong Xiu falling in love with him was extremely low.

  Shen Jue reached out and touched the mirror, his fingers were much rougher than the mirror’s surface, the result of much hard work. He couldn’t help but smile slightly as he looked at the face in the mirror’s face that was both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

  It didn’t matter, because the real Shen Jue was back.

  If the way of Heaven was unkind, he would rewrite the way of Heaven in blood.

But now the first thing he had to do was to recover from his injuries.

  The group of people who beat him had laid a deadly hand, and if Murong Xiu hadn’t still cared a bit about him, he was afraid those people would have just killed him.

  Shen Jue climbed onto the cold bed and buried his head and face in the blanket. He should have gone to Murong Xiu’s place to resume his life first, but he really had some disgust for Murong Xiu, so he didn’t want to go.

  Shen Jue slept straight through until dawn the next day, when a little eunuch barged in and woke him up.

  ”Shen Jue, why are you still sleeping?”

  Shen Jue felt a hand lift his blanket and frowned, taking his hand and pressing it against the blanket, shrinking in even more. Although he had slept long, he hadn’t slept well, and when a fever had started in the middle of the night, he could only fight it, and the pain was even worse.

  Shen Jue had now become a mortal and could not use immortal magic. The good thing was that although his body was rotten, it was still considered to be tough, and he had taken countless beatings and survived without leaving any roots of illness.

  Feng Qingbao was stunned when he saw that the teenager on the bed actually didn’t get up at the first time and went back under the covers. He had been working with Shen Jue for more than a year, not to mention anything else, Shen Jue was the most disciplined among their group of small eunuchs, and did not rely on the emperor’s favor at all to brag.

  Although he was the most popular eunuch beside the emperor, he never presented himself as the head eunuch, which was why Feng Qingbao directly dared to barge into his room.

  ”Shen Jue, wake up quickly, the emperor… the emperor is already angry.” Feng Qingbao said hesitantly.

  Last night Shen Jue didn’t go to serve, the emperor asked a question even though his face was still fine, and this morning when he saw that Shen Jue didn’t come, he was silent for a moment and said: “Shen Jue was punished yesterday, Feng Qingbao you go to see him, and if he is seriously injured, you go ask the Imperial Doctor.”

  Shen Jue listened to the chattering voice near his ears and was so annoyed that he barely lifted one of his eyes and closed them after seeing that it was Feng Qingbao, “I’m in so much pain that I can’t get up, so you help me go and say something to the emperor.”

  Feng Qingbao was stunned, “How can I do that? You go by yourself.”

  When Shen Jue heard this, he turned around and said coldly, “Then you go out.”

   Feng Qingbao was dumbfounded, hating Shen Jue for being so ungrateful that he got up and went out, and deliberately slammed the door shut when he closed it. Shen Jue did not care at all, he once again shrank into the blanket.

  In that compartment, Feng Qingbao went to the door of the imperial study room, and even put away his look of anger and cautiously entered the palace.

  Murong Xiu sat on the dragon chair, he saw Feng Qingbao come alone, his eyes wavered a little.

  ”Your Majesty, Eunuch Shen is still unable to get up.” Although Feng Qingbao was angry, he still said a few words for Shen Jue, “When this slave went, Eunuch Shen was still running a fever.”

 Murong Xiu lowered his eyes. In fact, his feelings were somewhat complicated towards Shen Jue. If Shen Jue hadn’t walked in yesterday, even the Regent didn’t know what to do too much. However, Shen Jue’s bump made his heart much embarrassed.

 The whole palace knew he was a puppet emperor, but didn’t know what the regent had in mind for him, and now Shen Jue knew.

Thinking of this, Murong Xiu raised his hand and rubbed his eyebrows. He said wearily, “Go and get a doctor to pulse Shen Jue. He …” He paused. “He was injured. It is better to rest for a while.”

Feng Qingbao nodded and hurriedly turned and went out.

After Murong Xiu commanded, he put the matter aside for a while, but to his surprise, Shen Jue did not appear in front of him for the next half month. Even the Regent discovered it and sneered, “What happened to that ugly eunuch beside you? Dead? “

Murong Xiu’s eyes changed slightly, “Isn’t the Regent aware of whether he’s dead or not? The one who did it is yours.”

  The Regent saw Murong Xiu’s face change slightly and his sarcasm deepened, even reaching out a hand and playfully touching Murong Xiu’s chin, “If he hadn’t barged in last time without eyes, why would I have asked someone to punish him? Being a slave, obedience is the most important thing.”

  There was something in the Regent’s words, and Murong Xiu frowned.

  The regent added, “I see that the people around you aren’t clever enough, so just take advantage of this time to replace them all.”

  Murong Xiu refused, “I’m already used to them waiting on me.”

  The regent raised his eyebrows, he had work to do later, so he left without staying long. He felt that sometimes he couldn’t push too hard.

  And Murong Xiu then called Feng Qingbao in.

  ”How is Shen Jue’s injury?”

  Feng Qingbao’s face was a bit odd as he listened to this.

  These days, he went to Shen Jue’s place every day, but for some reason, he always felt that Shen Jue was different from before.

  It was like….

  It was like a new person!

  Shen Jue used to always have a rickety back and a cowardly appearance. But these days, not only did he straighten his back, but he acted differently than he used to. Sometimes when Shen Jue looked at him, he felt a little afraid.

  Feng Qingbao went to see Shen Jue every day and naturally knew that Shen Jue’s injuries were almost completely healed, but he couldn’t persuade Shen Jue to come to the imperial court to serve. Now Shen Jue was sitting in the room every day.

  Murong Xiu saw Feng Qingbao mumbling , so he frowned, “Speak!”

 Feng Qingbao knelt on the ground all at once, “The emperor, this slave dare not lie, but this slave doesn’t know what to say.”

   These words made Murong Xiu’s brows furrow deeper.

  He put down his pen and with a slight change of heart, he just stood up, “Settle down, I’ll go see Shen Jue.”


  Murong Xiu had never been to the place where eunuchs lived, he looked at the cramped house in front of him, the wet blue slate under his eyes and it looked a little unclear. When Murong Xiu was a prince, he was not favored, but he lived in a palace, and his food and clothing were not far behind.

  He was born to be a superior human being, and had never seen a place where an inferior human being stayed.

  Feng Qingbao stood behind Murong Xiu with his back rickety, not daring to breathe. He didn’t expect Murong Xiu would wind up coming to their place of residence, and the eunuchs, apart from the night watch on weekdays, they all returned here to rest.

  Murong Xiu quirked his eyebrows and lifted his legs to walk forward. The further he walked, the more his face sank, and when he waited until he reached the door of the house where Shen Jue lived, his gaze was so heavy that no one dared to look directly at him.

  He stopped in front of the door, and Feng Qingbao even went forward and knocked on the door.

  ”Eunuch Shen.”

 There were rustling sounds coming from the room.

  Murong Xiu stood at the door, hearing footsteps, and when the door was opened from the inside, he naturally raised his eyes to look over.

  The young man behind the door was thin and pale, and when he saw him, he seemed to smile, but he didn’t seem to, and before Murong Xiu could really see, he saw that the young man was already kneeling on the ground.

  ”Slave pays homage to the emperor.”

  Murong Xiu snorted and didn’t immediately let Shen Jue up.

  ”Are your wounds healed?”

  Shen Jue’s knees were in close contact with the cold floor tiles, “Returning to the emperor, slave’s injuries are almost healed.”

  Then why didn’t you go back to the imperial court to serve?

  This was what Murong Xiu wanted to ask, but it just couldn’t be asked in front of so many people.

  ”Get up and talk, do you have any tea here?” Murong Xiu said and walked into the room, and even waved his hand at the group of palace men behind him.

  The palace people immediately retreated, and for a while, only Murong Xiu and Shen Jue were left in the room. Shen Jue got up from the ground, lowered his head and said, “There’s no tea here, only some plain water.”

  Murong Xiu was not originally here to drink tea, so he didn’t care much about it, and he looked at the furnishings in the room.

This room was extremely humble, just a bed, a table and two stools.

  There was also an empty medicine bowl on the table, which had brown residue at the bottom.

   Murong Xiu finished his examination and turned to look at Shen Jue.

  ”You…” he started and stopped.

  Shen Jue lowered his head and didn’t speak.

  Murong Xiu hesitated for a bit before continuing, “It’s me who is useless and can’t protect you, and if you have a complaint in your heart, it’s only right that you should. If you want to leave the palace, I’ll allow it.”

  He said and waited for Shen Jue’s reaction.

  Murong Xiu knew Shen Jue, although Shen Jue was not the smartest and not very good-looking, but he was very loyal, otherwise he wouldn’t have let Shen Jue serve by his side all the time. His words were just a retreat to test the other party.

  He knew that Shen Jue was an orphan, and an eunuch would not survive out of the palace.

  Shen Jue didn’t have the ability to get married and have children, and would only be disliked if he left the palace.

    Just to Murong Xiu’s surprise, Shen Jue was actually silent.

  After being surprised, Murong Xiu became a little angry at Shen Jue for being ungrateful.

  If it wasn’t for him, Shen Jue would have been killed long ago.

  Murong Xiu looked cold, he didn’t want to stay in this shabby house anymore, and lifted his leg to leave, but as soon as he lifted his leg, Shen Jue kneeled down and hugged his leg.


Important note, the emperor isn’t the male lead ^o^

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