C19– Kill The Emperor

In previous lifetimes Feng Qingbao hadn’t been transferred out of the imperial service, so when Shen Jue saw the bruise on Feng Qingbao’s arm, his gaze went cold and he asked, “What’s going on?”

Feng Qingbao mumbled and tried to retract his hand, Shen Jue saw it and gripped it tighter, “Speak.”

“Eunuch Liu beat me, he’s old and has a bad temper, I’m on duty under him, so naturally I have to suffer a bit.” Feng Qingbao lowered his head and whispered, “But it’s fine, he just likes to suppress people, I can still stand it.”

“If you can stand it then you won’t come to me, right?” Shen Jue directly punctured Feng Qingbao’s concealment, “Does he starve you?”

Feng Qingbao didn’t say anything and acquiesced.

Shen Jue pursed his lips before lowering Feng Qingbao’s hand, “I’ll find a way to transfer you back, you can wait a few days.”

Feng Qingbao’s eyes lit up, as if his little face was instantly glowing, “Really?”

“I’ll do my best to try.” Shen Jue said, and took out another bag from his sleeve. Last time, although Murong Xiu had taken away his purse, he gave it back to him a few days later, and although the large silver bills inside were missing, there were more bits of silver.

He shoved the purse into Feng Qingbao’s hand, “Take this, you have some silver, if that Eunuch Liu doesn’t give you food, just take this to the Imperial Cuisine Room and slip it to the eunuchs on duty, more or less you can buy some food back.”

These eunuchs of theirs sometimes got tired of eating weekday meals, and would secretly go to the Imperial Cuisine Room and buy some good food back.

Feng Qingbao squeezed the purse in his hand and his eyes grew red, “Shen Jue, you gave me money, so what will you do?”

“How can I serve in front of the palace and be short on food and drink? Don’t worry.” Shen Jue was still thinking about Murong Xiu and the regent, so he couldn’t talk to Feng Qingbao anymore, and he also had to go and mention Feng Qingbao’s matter to Murong Xiu, Feng Qingbao had a simple nature and was considered to be able to suffer, he couldn’t stand to run to him, and Shen Jue felt that he should help the other party anyway.

Shen Jue hurriedly left, but when he arrived at Murong Xiu’s upper study room, he was the only one there, and he was stunned before he approached Murong Xiu, “Your Majesty, has the Regent already left?”

Murong Xiu was still looking at the memo in his hand, and nodded at Shen Jue’s words, “He’s gone.”

Shen Jue frowned, when did the regent become so easy to get rid of? You Congxuan went to Heavenly Prison, it was reasonable to say that the Regent should have pestered Murong Xiu again after losing this body double, so that down the line, Murong Xiu would hate the Regent even more.

Murong Xiu’s eyes moved away from the memorial and he looked at Shen Jue, seeing him frowning, he couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

Shen Jue smiled, “It’s nothing.” He paused and changed the subject, “Your Majesty, slave saw Feng Qingbao today.”

“Feng Qingbao?” Murong Xiu still remembered that little eunuch, but the other party seemed to have stopped serving in front of him later, he only looked at Shen Jue now and didn’t care much about the other lackeys.

“Feng Qingbao wants to go back to serve in front of the emperor, and the slave thought that His Majesty’s side does lack people who can serve, so why don’t you transfer Feng Qingbao back again?” Shen Jue asked probingly.

Murong Xiu looked towards Shen Jue at the words, “You’re friends with Feng Qingbao?”

His tone was calm, as if he was just asking a normal question, but Shen Jue still thought about it before answering, “It’s okay, it turns out that when slave was injured, Feng Qingbao often went to visit slave and changed his medicine for him.”

“Since you guys are on good terms, it’s fine to transfer him back, you go and tell Liang Rong.” After Murong Xiu finished speaking, his eyes were placed back on the memo.

Shen Jue lowered his eyes, feeling that Murong Xiu’s approach just now was a bit abnormal. Murong Xiu clearly knew that he did not get along with Liang Rong and that it was Liang Rong who transferred Feng Qingbao out, now he wanted him to tell Liang Rong to transfer Feng Qingbao back, he was afraid it wasn’t that easy.

The next day, Shen Jue went to look for Liang Rong, and sure enough, as soon as Liang Rong saw him, he smiled, “What’s the wind blowing today? Eunuch Shen isn’t staying by His Majesty’s side, but he’s actually here with me.”

“Chief Steward Liang, slave came because of Feng Qingbao’s matter, His Majesty said that there was a shortage of people around him and felt that Feng Qingbao had served him well originally and wanted to transfer him back.” Shen Jue smiled slightly.

The smile on Liang Rong’s face withdrew at the words, revealing a difficult expression, “Oh my, this is difficult, Eunuch Liu’s place is short of people, that’s why I transferred Eunuch Feng over, and now transferring him back… Eunuch Shen is good friends with Eunuch Feng, I understand, it’s just that to transfer someone back to serve at the imperial court, it’s not a matter of one word! It’s very troublesome.”

Shen Jue knew that this old man wouldn’t be a pushover, so he used Murong Xiu again, “But His Majesty’s side has already ordered it.”

Liang Rong tsked hand said with a sharp voice, “Eunuch Shen, don’t hold His Majesty against me, I can’t help, how can this personnel transfer be so simple, how about this, I’ll choose some small eunuchs over from other places that don’t need people much.”

Shen Jue heard the meaning in Liang Rong’s words that he was unwilling to transfer Feng Qingbao back, so he didn’t bother to talk nonsense with Liang Rong, and with a false smile, he turned around and walked away. It seemed that this matter, he still had to find Murong Xiu, and Murong Xiu must personally mention this to Liang Rong.

So, in order to transfer Feng Qingbao back, in order for Murong Xiu to open his mouth, Shen Jue served Murong Xiu more and more attentively in these days.

Murong Xiu looked at the way Shen Jue was dishing food for him, and thought that originally Shen Jue didn’t do much about the food, he took pity on Shen Jue’s injured hand at first and he dished his own food, but these days Shen Jue suddenly began to prepare his food. Murong Xiu’s left hand on his knee knocked gently.

It was still Feng Qingbao’s matter.

“The last time slave went to mention Feng Qingbao’s matter to Head Steward Liang, Head Steward Liang refused to transfer the man back, and slave thought that only if His Majesty personally instructed Head Steward Liang, would Head Steward Liang stop shirking.”

“Oh, so it’s about this.”Murong Xiu nodded, “It seems that you really have a good relationship with Feng Qingbao, just, you tell Liang Rong to come in.”

This time, Murong Xiu personally mentioned Feng Qingbao to Liang Rong, so Liang Rong had no reason to prevaricate, that afternoon, Feng Qingbao returned to serve in front of the emperor, he first went to pay his respects to Murong Xiu, Murong Xiu had just woken up from his lunch break at that time, he was waiting for Shen Jue to dress him, Feng Qingbao saw the situation, so he wanted to serv, Murong Xiu glanced at him, the coldness in his eyes, directly froze Feng Qingbao in place.

While Feng Qingbao stood dumbfounded in place, Murong Xiu took a serious look at Feng Qingbao for the first time.

Feng Qingbao was about the same age as Shen Jue, both of them were youths that hadn’t completely grown, with some baby fat on their faces, and his looks were much better looking than Shen Jue’s, a gently beautiful face.

Originally Murong Xiu held his own identity and never wanted to admit his beauty or care about his looks, but now that he had ruined his face, he counted the people who looked good.

He wondered if Feng Qingbao was standing with him, who would compare who to him?

Murong Xiu thought leisurely in his heart, he now had this appearance, he was afraid that no one could compare to him.

Shen Jue finished serving Murong Xiu, and saw Feng Qingbao standing dumbly and coughed. Only then did Feng Qingbao wake up from his daze, and he even went to bring water over, allowing Murong Xiu to rinse his mouth.

After Murong Xiu got everything done, he went to the still room, and Shen Jue followed him first, when he saw Feng Qingbao didn’t move, he looked back at the other side.

And at this time, Murong Xiu’s voice came from the front, “Shen Jue, you alone can accompany me to the still room, more people, annoying.”

Feng Qingbao smiled bitterly at Shen Jue, the step he had in Murong Xiu’s heart couldn’t even stand up to one tenth of Shen Jue’s, so he didn’t dare to fawn over Murong Xiu for fear of annoying the other party.


Feng Qingbao returned to the command to serve, and his days were not much better. Liang Rong took advantage of Murong Xiu’s indifference to Feng Qingbao, and privately gave Feng Qingbao all kinds of hard work. Feng Qingbao was useless. He was bullied so hard that he hid in a corner and cried. He was discovered by Shen Jue who passed by.

Shen Jue looked at how Feng Qingbao had become a crying bag and frowned, shoving his handkerchief into the other’s hand, “What’s the use of hiding here and crying?”

Feng Qingbao looked at Shen Jue and cried even harder, he took Shen Jue’s handkerchief and shook his head, sobbing, “I think I’m useless myself, you… you leave me alone, I’m always bullied everywhere I go.”

Feng Qingbao hadn’t been so unlucky in his previous lives, it was probably because he had changed something that had caused the other party to become what he wad now.

Shen Jue sighed and saw that the other party was only holding his handkerchief but not wiping his tears, so he simply took a step forward, snatched the handkerchief and wiped up the other’s tears himself, and barely managed to warmly comfort him, “Don’t cry, that person Liang Rong is just soft and afraid of hardness, he was like this because he saw that you and I were on good terms, he couldn’t do anything to me, so he took his anger out on you, but I guarantee, he won’t be able to bounce around for a few days.”

Shen Jue’s true personality was rather cold, it was fine to let him be false, but when he really felt to comfort people, his words became dry and his tone hardened, but when his words and actions like this fell in the eyes of the onlookers, it was Shen Jue who was extraordinarily different to Feng Qingbao, even with a kind of cautiousness.

Murong Xiu looked at the two in the corner and silently clenched his fists, while the Regent beside him smiled.

He leaned in close to Murong Xiu’s ear and lowered his voice, “Your Majesty, I’m not wrong, it’s useless for you to be so nice to Shen Jue, what he really cares about is that little eunuch, and that little eunuch does cry in a different way, unlike Your Majesty who is so cold and unkind.”

Murong Xiu loosened his fist and turned his head with cold eyes, “Ni Xinyan, what do you want me to see, that’s it? It’s just two lackeys slacking off to get together and talk.” After he said that, he turned around and left straight away, while the regent did not leave, he remained standing in the same place for a while, and when he saw Feng Qingbao suddenly fall into Shen Jue’s arms, he gently sucked in a breath, and a moment later, the smile on his face also disappeared.


Shen Jue, what art thou doing?

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