C17– Kill The Emperor[17]

“Shen Jue, I’ve finally won for once.”

Murong Xiu’s voice was shaking and his eyes were even redder as he held the young man in his arms tightly, seemingly treating the other as the only driftwood he had.

He was originally just a puppet emperor, and it was Shen Jue who had allowed him to defeat the regent for the first time. Murong Xiu had no idea how free his heart was, and he had to stop himself from laughing as he recalled the Regent’s face during his morning court.

In the meantime, Shen Jue was embraced with a slight hug.
To him, both Murong Xiu and the Regent were just people in a mirror, which wasn’t necessary, he didn’t really want to be close to them.

“That’s really great, Your Majesty.” Shen Jue said warmly, trying to move from the other’s arms, but Murong Xiu seemed overly happy, not only hugging Shen Jue to death, but also rubbing Shen Jue’s head twice.

Shen Jue: “……..”

Shen Jue had no choice but to let Murong Xiu hold him, but after a while, Murong Xiu hadn’t let go, so he had to raise his voice a little, “Your Majesty?”

Murong Xiu had hugged Shen Jue because he was happy, but after doing so, he found that the person in his arms felt too good to hold, and he couldn’t help but get into a trance. Murong Xiu had always hated being touched by others, and he hated it even more after he touched the Regent, but he didn’t expect Shen Jue to be so comfortable when he held him.

Murong Xiu’s body was naturally cold, but Shen Jue was so warm that it was simply too comfortable to hold him in such a winter day, as if he was just holding a stove in his arms, or a stove that was soft and wouldn’t burn him.

When Shen Jue cried out, Murong Xiu was shocked, and even more embarrassment flashed across his face as he let go.

  Naturally, Shen Jue wouldn’t miss Murong Xiu’s expression, he looked at him for a moment and then smiled, “Your Majesty is tired after the morning court, so have a sip of hot tea first, slave has just made tea, it’s the mist tea that Your Majesty likes.”

Murong Xiu was still embarrassed because of his own actions just now, so he didn’t really listen to what Shen Jue said and just nodded his head.
When Shen Jue saw him stopping in place, he raised his eyebrows and simply reached out his hand to hold Murong Xiu.

He was testing Murong Xiu.

Shen Jue had done everything to make Murong Xiu fall in love with him, he was like a monk, always patient, he had been patiently waiting for Murong Xiu to move. Although Murong Xiu was thin-hearted, but once he moved his heart, he would turn into a stubborn person, as long as Murong Xiu was moved, everything would be easy to do.

Shen Jue deliberately held Murong Xiu’s hand in order to test Murong Xiu’s heart.

“Your Majesty is so happy that he won’t even leave, so let’s take Your Majesty by the hand and go have tea.” Shen Jue said with a smile, and then led Murong Xiu forward.

Murong Xiu’s beautiful eyes dropped to look at the hand that Shen Jue was holding him by.
Shen Jue’s hand wasn’t pretty, it still had many injuries on it, but it was warm. His cold hand seemed to be tinged with that warmth as well.

When Shen Jue saw that Murong Xiu didn’t reprimand him or even remove his hand, his heart grew a little more clear.

As long as Murong Xiu was moved, he would be able to close the net, but before doing so, he would have to give the other party a strong dose.

Just being moved was not enough.
Shen Jue wanted Murong Xiu’s wholehearted love.
  After Murong Xiu finished his tea, he told Shen Jue what happened in the morning court today, and Shi Jianan personally denounced the regent for the crimes committed by You Congxuan, and even produced evidence, and the regent’s face immediately turned black, as if he could not wait to cut Shi Jianan with a knife.

The officials who had lost their benefits immediately came out to agree with Shi Jian’an, and Murong Xiu, seeing the situation, immediately took advantage of the situation to rebuke the regent, not only removed You Congxuan’s official position in front of the regent’s face,  he sent him directly to the prison, but also told the regent to go home and think about it behind closed doors, and then write a letter of confession.

The Regent was betrayed by Shi Jianan and had no choice but to admit his guilt.

 You Congxuan, seeing that he was about to be thrown into jail, panicked and crawled on his knees to the Regent to plead for mercy, but the Regent, seeing the situation, kicked You Congxuan, “Get out of here.”

You Congxuan was kicked and vomited a big mouthful of blood. He thought that he was going to be put in prison. He didn’t know if he could come out alive. He always obeyed the Regent and let the other humiliate him in bed. He didn’t know that he was so fickle, and he couldn’t help but hate him for a few minutes. He cried regardless, “Your Majesty, when we were in bed, you did not treat me like this, you said that I am the best person you’d ever met, and you said that the face of this humble servant, you would never get tired of it even if you looked at it for the rest of your life.”

The regent didn’t think that You Congxuan would actually such private matters in the main hall, shocked and angry, he immediately went forward to kill You Congxuan, while Shi Jianan had to protect You Congxuan, “Your Highness, no matter what, Lord You hasn’t been convicted, you can’t do it.”

You Congxuan wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, looking at the Regent’s eyes, he continued, “Your Highness is truly a thin-hearted person, if I had known now, I should not have believed in the Regent’s words. Your humble servant’s today is Regent’s tomorrow, do you believe it or not?”

The Regent’s face was ugly again.

Murong Xiu who was sitting high on the dragon chair saw this farce, he couldn’t help but laugh softly, “I didn’t expect to see such a farce, Ni Xinyan, I originally thought that you were just friends with You Congxuan, but I didn’t expect the two of you to be this close.”

The regent looked at Murong Xiu upon hearing the words, he looked at Murong Xiu’s mocking look, his heart was pained, and he couldn’t even say anything. He was the one who was blind and actually took You Congxuan as Murong Xiu’s double and was complacent, now it seemed that You Congxuan didn’t even have the qualifications to be on par with Murong Xiu, but he just let Murong Xiu watch this farce.

The regent wanted to save face, but after losing face in front of Murong Xiu, and being mocked by him, he couldn’t help but start to feel a little disheartened and didn’t even have the desire to get angry.

Murong Xiu won a big victory in the court, so that was why there was a scene where he hugged Shen Jue after leaving the court.

After hearing Murong Xiu’s words, Shen Jue couldn’t help but smile as well, “This is really great.” He looked at Murong Xiu and said warmly, “But Your Majesty can’t be too happy yet, the Regent relies on military power the most, Your Majesty’s next step should be to dismantle the Regent’s military power.”

Murong Xiu looked serious at Shen Jue’s words, “But almost all of the Regent’s soldiers have followed him from birth, how am I going to disintegrate them?”

Shen Jue’s eyes moved slightly, and after a while, he leaned in close to Murong Xiu’s ear and whispered.

Murong Xiu was stunned, the ear that Shen Jue leaned close to turned numb, as if it was no longer his ear.

Liang Rong was supposed to go in to deliver the memorials, but unexpectedly saw Shen Jue leaning in to whisper next to Murong Xiu’s ear, his appearance immediately changed, and he even retreated. After he withdrew, his appearance became intrigued.

He had always felt that Murong Xiu was too much of a fan of Shen Jue, and Shen Jue didn’t seem to have any strengths at all, but Murong Xiu just liked Shen Jue and ate and slept with him, but he didn’t expect that they were in this relationship.

Liang Rong couldn’t help but sneer, and immediately had a plan in his heart.
This seductive fox, Shen Jue, actually dared to seduce the emperor, he was dead.

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