C16—Kill The Hearthrob[16]

Shen Jue only stupidly said for a moment, “Your Majesty, when slave entered the palace, he forgot all about his hometown.”

Murong Xiu looked at him, and his scowl was not put away. “Then why do you know You Congxuan?”

Shen Jue was silent for a while before saying, “Since Your Majesty took part in reading the imperial examination paper in person, some people found slave privately and wanted slave to put in a good word in front of Your Majesty. You Congxuan is one of them. He asked an eunuch to find slave. Slave didn’t want to do such a thing. However, after seeing You Congxuan’s face, the slave knew that this person would be useful to Your Majesty, so he deliberately wet the answer paper.”

Murong Xiu twisted his eyebrows and listened carefully to Shen Jue’s words before saying, “Do you know what he looks like? Why do you want to do this? ”

Shen Jue raised his head and looked at Murong Xiu with fixed eyes. “Just because he is somewhat similar to your Majesty, the slave thought that when the Regent saw You Congxuan, he would definitely do something, and You Congxuan dared to buy an official. From this matter, slave knew the character of You Congxuan. It was greatly beneficial to your Majesty for such a person to stay with the Regent, so slave had the courage to do such a thing.”

He paused, took out a purse from his sleeve, and held it respectfully to Murong Xiu with both hands.

“The money collected by slave is also here, and slave didn’t dare to swallow a coin.”

Murong Xiu lowered his eyes.

Although his face was destroyed, his eyes were still beautiful, and even because of the ugly scars, they became more and more prominent. He looked down at Shen Jue with a complicated look. After a while, he gently took the purse Shen Jue was holding. “You didn’t lie to me?”

When Shen Jue saw that he seemed to be cooled down, he showed a pleasing smile. “How could slave cheat your majesty?” Slave did all this for his Majesty. ”

Was it?
But why did he feel uneasy?

You really didn’t lie to me?
Are you really doing this for me?

Murong Xiu looked at Shen Jue’s clever smile, but he couldn’t ask these words. He laughed at himself in his heart. He hardly dared to think deeply about Shen Jue’s intention.

Shen Jue destroyed his face and Shen Jue protected him in front of the Regent. What should he do if Shen Jue’s goodness was false?

He believed Shen Jue so much, but he gradually found that Shen Jue seemed to be not ordinary at all.

 Shen Jue seemed to be hiding a huge secret, and Murong Xiu instinctively felt that secret would be dangerous.

Murong Xiu put away his anger and smiled at Shen Jue, “I believe you.”

If you’re going to lie to me, please lie for the rest of your life, or I won’t let you off the hook.


You Congxuan successfully won the election, and Murong Xiu gave him a free position, on duty in the Hanlin Academy. You Congxuan was really ambitious, in just one month, he had already hooked up with the Regent. He had never seen Murong Xiu’s face before he was disfigured, and after noticing that the Regent was always staring at his face, he started to plan.

The Regent’s mind was complicated about You Congxuan, a fake, and he wanted to use the other man’s face to reminisce about Murong Xiu’s appearance, but he also felt that You Congxuan’s character was not as good as Murong Xiu’s, and seeing You Congxuan flattering him, his heart was troubled, but he was reluctant to drive the man away.

And You Congxuan saw the Regent treating him kindly sometimes then coldly at other times, was very puzzled.

Among the people who won the bid, there was a man who was on duty with him at the Hanlin Academy, named Yu Junwei. They won the prize together and were assigned to the Hanlin Academy together, so they were still close. After drinking once, he could not help but confide his incomprehension to Yu Junwei.

Yu Junwei held the wine cup and smiled a little mysteriously, “Lord You, how do you want me to answer this question?”

He looked at him from a distance, puzzled, “You still know the end of it?”

Yu Junwei looked to the left and right before lowering his voice, “Lord You is a foreigner, so I’m not sure, but I’m from the capital, and I know a thing or two about that one.” A few words later, he said vaguely, “Lord You is born with a fairy charm, just like the golden boy beside the Queen Mother, the lord causes hearts to flutter, but Lord You knows nothing, that lord is like this ah.”
  You Congxuan listened to Yu Junwei’s words, and his brain, which was half muddled by wine, sobered up quite a bit.

Yu Junwei meant that the Regent had taken a liking to him.

At this time, male style was a popular thing, and many high officials and noblemen liked men, so the business of the Southern Wind Pavilion in the capital was even more prosperous.

You Congxuan was not like that, but he was a man who loved money and power. When he was first told that he could buy an official, he spent almost all of his money, but now he didn’t have much left.

If he could climb up to the Regent, how good would his life be in the future?

The drunken You Congxuan swallowed his saliva and felt that it was worth giving his body for the sake of his future. The Regent was a handsome man, and he would not be at a disadvantage to be with him.

Yu Junwei, who was drinking by the side, laughed wickedly as he watched You Congxuan, secretly mocking him with a smile.

This kind of creature could also be an official? How ridiculous.

On the other side, You Congxuan was rubbing his fists as he thought of how to climb the regent’s bed, and over there, Murong Xiu was secretly cultivating his own power, and after he found out that Shen Jue was smarter than he thought, he simply asked for Shen Jue’s opinion on everything, and Shen Jue really didn’t disappoint him.

Unknowingly, Murong Xiu trusted Shen Jue more and more, and even began to get uncomfortable without seeing him for long periods of time.

And the regent got the body double You Congxuan, what he couldn’t get from Murong Xiu, he  could get from You Congxuan, You Congxuan never gave him a cold face, would be gentle and call him Regent, even in bed, and dirty talk could be said.

This caused the way the regent looked at Murong Xiu to be more pleasant when he was in the morning court.

There really wasn’t anyone in the world who had to leave the world.

If Murong Xiu didn’t know how to be good, there were naturally other people who knew what to do.

But You Congxuan was not so comfortable, he did climb into the regent’s bed, but the regent was an abusive maniac and would beat him in bed, causing him to be bruised and purple, and every time he had to cry before the regent would stop.

He was now the Regent’s most popular man, and he was treated well by everyone, so he tried to get money from them.

The Regent liked You Chengxuan’s face, and was reluctant to give it up, so he turned a blind eye to You Congxuan’s actions.


Murong Xiu looked at the letter presented and couldn’t help but look at Shen Jue at the side, “Shi Jianan sent this up?”

Shen Jue nodded, “Yes, sent in this morning, Lord Shi’s people specifically found slave.”

The letter wrote about what You Congxuan had recently done with the Regent’s name, and You Congxuan, a small eighth-grade official of the Hanlin Academy, actually took charge of the official salt, really eating bear heart and leopard courage.

Murong Xiu couldn’t help but say angrily after reading, “These two villains are simply a nest of snakes and mice.”

Shen Jue heard the words and walked behind Murong Xiu, he helped Murong Xiu press up his shoulders neither lightly nor heavily, “There’s no need for Your Majesty to be angry yet, that person You Congxuan is a cancer, if Your Majesty is in a hurry to get rid of this cancer, then the person who is attached to the cancer will be relaxed.”

Murong Xiu was slightly relaxed by the massage, “What do you mean?”

“Your Majesty might as well sit on the wall, there are people more anxious than Your Majesty.”

In the past years, the official salt was for all those families, and You Congxuan wanted to ignore the other families to come in and get a piece of the pie, how would the original families be willing? Naturally, they would come to their patronage. These people were respectful to the regent only because the regent was in a high position of power, plus it didn’t affect them, but when vested interests were damaged, those people wouldn’t be willing.

And so, towards the end of the year, several ministers put their names to a fold, complaining bitterly against You Congxuan for selling official salt quotas.

But how could You Congxuan, an official of the eighth grade, do this?

Therefore, Murong Xiu directly asked about this matter during the morning court.

When the regent heard this, he looked at You Congxuan who was in the back row of the procession, he knew that You Congxuan had done many things through his name, but he didn’t think that You Congxuan would dare to touch the official salt.

When You Congxuan saw the regent looking at him, his body shivered and he fell directly to his knees.
“Your Majesty, this humble servant has been wrongly accused, how would I dare to sell the government salt quota privately?”

Murong Shuo’s eyes looked at him icily, “But You Congxuan, it’s clearly written on this fold, but I’m just really curious, how did you do it?”

You Congxuan mumbled and didn’t know how to answer, while Shi Jianan from the team stepped out, “I have this memo.”


Shen Jue never went to morning court with Murong Xiu, when Murong Xiu went to morning court, he usually stayed in Murong Xiu’s palace.

He had read the content of the memo that was sent to the palace late at night, and he knew that today’s morning court would be a bloody affair, and that it was far from enough to bring down the regent. The Regent was only able to control the government because he had military power in his hands.

Shen Jue couldn’t help but frown, his ability to intervene in the affairs of the court was too limited now that he was in the harem.

While Shen Jue was plotting what his next move should be, someone’s footsteps hurried into the palace, and as soon as Shen Jue reacted, he was hugged hard by the visitor.

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