C12— Kill The Emperor[12]

After all, the Regent was a martial arts practitioner, and after being knocked unconscious by the candlestick, he still woke up at a leisurely pace.

He touched the back of his head and sat up, sucking in a breath, his facial expression twisted. The feeling of being drunk at this point was mostly gone because of the pain, but he still didn’t remember who he was beaten by, he only remembered that he came to Murong Xiu’s palace and wanted to invite the other to watch the fireworks, but Murong Xiu spoke too unpleasantly, he seemed to have made a move on Murong Xiu….

It seemed that Murong Xiu had even scolded him.

When he couldn’t think of it anymore, he glanced down at the person sitting next to him, the Regent froze.


The person in front of him had scratches all over his face, blood muddying his face and blood stains all over his lapels, while he still held a golden hairpin that was still dripping blood in his hand.

If it wasn’t for the clothes on the other’s body that he was familiar with, the regent would almost fail to recognize the bloody man in front of him as the fairy-like Murong Xiu. He immediately snatched the golden hairpin from the other party’s hand and said in shock and anger, “Murong Xiu, are you crazy?”

Murong Xiu’s eyes turned sluggishly before he placed his gaze on the regent’s face.

“I am not mad.” His voice was hoarse, like it was squeezed out of his teeth.

The regent was so angry that he barely knew what to say, and he viciously threw the golden hairpin to the ground. The golden hairpin fell to the ground, the head and tail disconnected, and the scene fell into Murong Xiu’s eyes, and he bit his lower lip before grinning.

His face full of injuries, coupled with this smile, it simply couldn’t be more frightening.

When the regent saw it, he was anxious and pained, and went forward and picked up Murong Xiu, shouting as he walked out, “Someone! Summon the imperial physician.”

Murong Xiu looked back as he was carried out of the palace.
No one knew what he was looking at.


Murong Xiu had disfigured his face, and even though the Regent almost killed the entire Imperial Medical Bureau, that face of Murong Xiu’s still couldn’t be salvaged.

For the first time, the Regent tasted the feeling of not being able to do anything, and he looked at Murong Xiu in front of him and cursed furiously, “Murong Xiu, are you crazy? Do you need to ruin your own face?”

Murong Xiu’s face was all wrapped up in bandages, only his eyes were exposed.

Those eyes were as moist as autumn water, with long eyelashes like feathers, they were truly beautiful eyes, but they were now foggy and had no glow at all.

“You’re the one who forced me to do this.” Murong Xiu said softly, “The sons and grandsons of the Murong family could never be playthings.”

The Regent’s hand on his sleeve trembled slightly at the words.

Murong Xiu really loathed him to such an extent that he would rather ruin his own face than reject him.

  He closed his eyes, his heart was filled with a million complicated emotions. Murong Xiu had become a piece of jade in his heart, and now that it was broken, he tried his best to put it together, but he couldn’t erase the cracks in the jade.

For the first time, the Regent was defeated by Murong Xiu.
Murong Xiu’s determination stung him, making him not dare to approach again.

For the next two months as Murong Xiu recuperated from his injuries, the Regent didn’t come to see him in private again, he only learned about Murong Xiu’s condition from the Imperial Physician every day. The scars on Murong Xiu’s face could not be removed, but at least he was still alive. The regent also ordered the ingenious craftsman to create an exquisite mask, and when this mask was delivered to Murong Xiu, Murong Xiu just glanced at it and said calmly, “Why do I need to wear a mask?”

Liang Rong awkwardly replied, “Your Majesty, this is from the Regent, saying that it’s a gift… for Your Majesty’s birthday.”

Murong Xiu sniffed and picked up the exquisite mask. The mask was golden, and it had a dragon embroidery on it. He covered the mask over his face and found that it suited his face shape perfectly. When Liang Rong saw Murong Xiu trying it on, he was busy revealing a pleasing smile, “This mask is indeed beautiful, perfect for Your Majesty.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Murong Xiu slammed the mask to the ground.

The mask didn’t shatter, Murong Xiu stood up and stomped on the mask, Liang Rong reacted and pounced on it, “Your Majesty, Your Majesty calm your anger, this mask was crafted with great care, it took a lot of effort.”

Shen Jue, who had been standing quietly behind Murong Xiu, also spoke up, “Your Majesty don’t step on it, it could hurt your feet, if you don’t like the mask, just let Head Eunuch Liang take it back.”

  Murong Xiu’s movement of stepping on the mask fiercely froze when he heard Shen Jue’s words. He moved his feet and smiled, “You’re right.” Beautiful eyes turned and stared firmly at Liang Rong, “Liang Rong, you return this to the Regent, my birthday has passed, so I don’t need any gifts from him.”

Murong Xiu’s original face made people unable to move their eyes, but now this face was one that people didn’t dare to look at.

Liang Rong was considered bold, but he didn’t dare to look directly at Murong Xiu’s face, and it could be said that Murong Xiu’s current face was simply indistinguishable from a monster.

“Yes, slave knows.” Liang Rong lowered his head after a glance at Murong Xiu, he quickly picked up the mask on the ground and left the palace.

When Murong Xiu saw him leave, the smile on his face faded to nothing. He turned his head to look at Shen Jue, “Shen Jue, am I ugly now?”

Shen Jue saw the situation and gently stepped forward, he smiled gently at Murong Xiu, “No matter what His Majesty has become, in the mind of slave, His Majesty is the true Heavenly Son, why should a ruler care about his appearance, and it’s a good thing that the Regent doesn’t even dare to get close to His Majesty now.”

Murong Xiu nodded as he thought of the Regent, “Indeed, all people in the world are vulgar and only look at people by their looks.”

Shen Jue continued, “But His Majesty must not slack off now, but rather take the opportunity to cultivate his own power. Only without him can His Majesty be a true son of heaven.”

Murong Xiu looked at him with a frustrated look in his eyes, “It’s not like you don’t know, now that the court is full of the regent’s people, how easy would it be for me to cultivate my own power?”

“Your Majesty, there’s going to be an exam soon, so why doesn’t Your Majesty choose a group of good people from here? What’s more, the Regent is domineering, and although there are vassals in the court, there are also people of high moral character, and those people will naturally serve His Majesty.” Shen Jue said.

In the meantime, Murong Xiu’s tightly knitted brows gradually relaxed, “You’re right, there’s going to be an Exam soon.”


Murong Xiu’s entire person had gradually changed since he had disfigured his face. Originally, he hated people looking at him, especially the kind of people had their eyes glued to his face, but now, if someone didn’t dare to look at him, he felt that the person must be afraid of his appearance and became even angrier. Murong Xiu gradually became shifty and shifty, chastising the palace men who waited beside him at every turn.

Liang Rong, as the head eunuch who waited beside him, was punished the most, and Murong Xiu now punished people, specifically picking their faces to be punished.

Liang Rong was so bitter that he had to sneak up to the regent.

“Your Highness, save slave, I’m afraid that slave won’t live long.” Liang Rong cried with tears in his eyes and snot in his nose, matching his high and swollen face, it was really ugly. Because his cheeks were swollen, he was speaking vaguely.

The regent saw him crying so much that snot fell on his lips, knitted his eyebrows and was a bit disgusted, “What’s wrong?”

Liang Rong cried tearfully, pitifully, “Your Majesty is hating on slave now, ever since slave gave that mask to Your Majesty, Your Majesty has been chastising slave at every turn, sometimes slave really doesn’t make a mistake, but Your Majesty just wants to punish slave, although slave is the head eunuch, but it’s actually not as good as the young eunuch who just entered the palace, now it’s everyone who dares to step on slave. But it doesn’t matter if slave is miserable, but at least slave is still the Regent’s person, those people don’t even give the Regent’s face now.”

The regent was a bit amused at his words, “Then what do you want this Regent to do?”

Liang Rong pulled out an ugly smile, “Slave doesn’t dare to hope for more, but only asks the Regent to save slave’s dog life.”

“You also know that you have a dog’s life.” The regent said sarcastically, “I never keep useless dogs around me, if you’re so useless, you should go reincarnate early.”

As soon as his voice fell, Yang Xu immediately pulled out the knife at his waist.

Liang Rong, seeing this, shouted out, “Your Majesty spare slave’s life, slave useful! Useful!” He watched as Yang Xu got closer and closer to him, and many things flashed through his brain at once. When Yang Xu reached him, he suddenly shouted, “Your Highness, all of this must have something to do with Shen Jue!”

The Regent hmmmed softly at the sound of Shen Jue’s name.

  Yang Xu looked at Liang Rong with cold eyes, and made a gesture of slashing him with a knife if his next words were useless.

Liang Rong was threatened with death, but he was much more intelligent than before, “The day your majesty was injured, Shen Jue waited by your majesty’s side, but when the imperial physician came, Shen Jue was gone. And now that His Majesty is very obedient to Shen Jue and often lets him wait on him and doesn’t let anyone else by his side, the slave thought that His Majesty must have been bewitched by Shen Jue.”

“Shen Jue?” The Regent pronounced the words softly, “He was there that day?”

He hadn’t been able to remember what had hit him in the head, but it didn’t seem to be Murong Xiu, and then Murong Xiu had been injured and his mind had been so focused on Murong Xiu that he had overlooked the incident.

Looks like that night wasn’t simple.

The Regent lifted the corner of his lips, revealing a gloomy smile.


As soon as Shen Jue returned to his own place, he saw Dao Zhan and Yang Xu.
Dao Zhan had lost his smile today as well, and his eyes were cold. Shen Jue’s gaze faltered, then he smiled, “Why are the two Regent’s guards here?”

Dao Zhan took out a fine dagger from his sleeve, and the light of the blade flashed through Shen Jue’s eyes.

“We are here on the king’s orders to ask the young eunuch something, and we expect him to know everything and say everything.”

He said fiercely, and ended by licking the dagger in his hand with the tip of his tongue.
  The smile on Shen Jue’s face deepened at the news, “Yes.”
He hadn’t thought that the things he had done could be hidden from the regent.

It was only a matter of time before the other came to his door, but it came a little too late.
It seemed that the Regent was really concerned.

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