C119 — Kill That Big Star(17)

“It was just a dormitory, and it was only for a month.” Shen Jue said it lightly.



Ji Yao tsked, “You’re really a heartless person; no wonder you stayed with me for a few days and didn’t even ask about Shao Ge. But he has at least eight years of friendship with you, and he’s the biological father of this little cub in your stomach; you really don’t wonder what he’s been doing all this time?”



“If I’m curious, will you tell me?” Shen Jue looked back at Ji Yao.



“Of course not, but you’ll get to meet him soon.” Ji Yao revealed a thoughtful smile.



Three days later, Shen Jue met Shao Ge.



Shao Ge carried a bag of luggage and moved in. When he came in, he didn’t look at Shen Jue, only at Ji Yao. “Where do I stay?”



He didn’t know if Ji Yao did it on purpose, but the room he prepared for Shao Ge was on the left side of his own room, while Shen Jue’s room was on his right side, meaning that no matter what, whoever wanted to go to the other’s room would have to go through Ji Yao’s room.



On the first day Shao Ge moved in, Ji Yao seemed excited, staring at both Shen Jue and Shao Ge, but after a while, he was a bit disappointed. He realised that both of them were too calm; they acted like strangers even though they had lived under the same roof.


When Shen Jue cooked at night, he made enough for four people, and Ji Yao alone ate two portions. He didn’t call Shao Ge to come and eat, and in fact, Shao Ge didn’t come out to eat either.



Shao Ge went straight out to the restaurant to eat, and when he came back, it was already eleven o’clock at night.



By then Shen Jue was already in bed.


Shen Jue wasn’t asleep, he heard movement outside, even heard Ji Yao’s voice, and after a while, there was a sudden knock on his side of the door.



Shen Jue paused before asking, “Who?”



“It’s me.” Ji Yao’s voice came from the doorway.



Shen Jue thought about it for a moment but still got up to open the door and asked, “Is there something wrong?”



“Yes, now that you two are staying over, we have to schedule dates so that you two won’t get jealous.” Ji Yao gave a mischievous smile, malice in his eyes. “Shao Ge said he’s free anytime, so I’ve come to ask your opinion.”



Shen Jue raised an eyebrow. “I’m free too; just decide.”



Ji Yao inclined his head and said, “Then count you odd and count him even. Today is the 10th, so I’ll sleep in his room.”



“Go ahead.” Shen Jue said, “Since he’s the one serving, he’ll be the one to make tomorrow’s meal.”



Ji Yao’s brows furrowed at once. “Why?”



Shen Jue calmly reasoned with Ji Yao, “Did I cook today’s meal?”






“And then you’ll sleep at his place at night, right?”





“Then you’ll sleep at my place tomorrow, right?”



“Yes, what’s wrong with that?”



Shen Jue coldly lowered his eyes. “So it’s only fair that he cooks tomorrow’s meal; if you don’t level the playing field, I’m not going to agree; why should he only have to serve in bed while I have to cook?” After saying that, he also twisted his face away, as if he were completely angry.



Seeing this, Ji Yao let out a snort, “You think you can manipulate me with these words? Don’t you just not want me to go to his room? What, can’t let him go?”



Shen Jue let out a laugh as well; he relied on his height advantage to look completely down on Ji Yao. “I’m not reluctant to part with him; I’m just worried about your body.” He bent down close to Ji Yao’s ear and whispered, “Remember to put medicine on it, lest it rot there.”



Ji Yao instantly grimaced and even made a move to push Shen Jue. He had a lot of strength, so Shen Jue was unprepared and was actually pushed directly to the ground with a loud thud.



In that instant, many things quickly flashed through Shen Jue’s mind, and soon, he covered his stomach and sucked in a breath, and then he fell to the ground wailing, looking extremely pitiful.



The sound of footsteps did come from outside.



Shao Ge quickly appeared at the door of the room, he first saw Shen Jue who fell to the ground, and directly pushed Ji Yao who was standing in the doorway out of the way, and went forward to help him, “Shen Jue, are you alright?”



Shen Jue frowned and fell back into Shao Ge’s arms, breathlessly speaking, “Shao Ge, my stomach hurts, just now I seem to have hit my stomach.”



Shao Ge’s expression became more serious, he raised his hand, but he didn’t dare to touch Shen Jue’s stomach, in the end he could only carry the person from the floor to the bed, before raising his eyes to look at Ji Yao who was still standing in the doorway, “There’s a doctor in the base, right, can he please come up?”



His tone was still polite, but his eyes were cold.



Ji Yao had just witnessed Shen Jue fall, and he saw that when Shen Jue fell, he only hit his hip and elbow, not his stomach at all. He couldn’t help but sneer, “He doesn’t need to call a doctor, he’s clearly alive and well.”



Shao Ge’s eyes darkened slightly, while Shen Jue gently grabbed the corner of Shao Ge’s coat, “Forget it, he won’t call a doctor for me, I’m just here as a free cook.” Speaking here, his long eyelashes slightly drooped, his eyes were filled with sadness, “He even said I was a monster last time.”



When Shao Ge heard this, his eyes were filled with gloom. He looked at Ji Yao in the doorway , and said in a deep voice: “What you told me was that you would take good care of him.”



Ji Yao was really not expecting Shen Jue to be able to complain in front of him, but what was even more laughable was that Shao Ge actually believed it, “When did I bully him? Look at his face, he’s put on a bit of weight.”



Shen Jue sniffed and gently turned his face away, “After pregnancy, one’s face will be oedematous, I’m not fat.”



Shao Ge didn’t seem to want to listen to the two argue anymore, he ripped Shen Jue’s hand away from the corner of his coat and got up to leave, while Ji Yao saw Shao Ge go out and followed him out as well.



Shen Jue then lay on the bed, and after a while, Ji Yao came over again.



Ji Yao entered the room and closed the door behind him, he stepped closer to Shen Jue on the bed, ”Just now that bitter play wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t enough. Shao Ge saw you with me with his own eyes, I’m afraid it won’t be that easy for him to forgive you.”



“Then he’ll be able to accept you?” Without Shao Ge, Shen Jue didn’t pretend anymore and sat up directly, “Not only did you give him a green hat, you also forced him to be with you, he’s only with you because you forced him to make a bet, if I guessed correctly, did you threaten him with me? Or did you use Bewitching Heart?”


[TN: green hat — an expression that Chinese use when a woman/man cheats on her/his husband or boyfriend]



Ji Yao narrowed his eyes, “Your teeth are sharp enough.”



Shen Jue sniffed and laid back down, “It’s too late, I’m going to sleep, go out.”



“How can I go out? I promised Shao Ge that I’d take care of you tonight, lest something happen to your stomach.” Ji Yao said, about to come to bed.



Shen Jue directly stretched out a foot to block the other party, “Today is an even number, you can sleep over there.”


Ji Yao, a person like him, liked to disturb people the most. When he saw Shen Jue’s repulsed expression, he felt even more determined to stay. He directly knocked off Shen Jue’s foot and said, “I’ll sleep here tonight. I just saw you fall. What if the child in your belly bleeds out tonight?”



The bed wasn’t big, Ji Yao had to squeeze in, and their limbs inevitably bumped into each other.



Shen Jue gave Ji Yao a disgusted look, then moved to the side. When Ji Yao saw Shen Jue move, he also moved to Shen Jue’s side, there was really no space to move anymore.



Shen Jue was silent for a moment, and moved back again, and this time, he heard Ji Yao suck in a mouthful of cold air.



“You! You! Get up! Get up! You’re on my hair!”



Shen Jue pretended he didn’t hear, and squeezed over even more to Ji Yao’s side, “The air conditioning is too low, should we cuddle up together?”



While saying this, he secretly pulled Ji Yao’s long hair.



It’s like a cat fight 😭

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