C118 — Kill That Big Star(16)

When Ji Yao heard this, his expression became very puzzled. He gave Shen Jue an odd look before saying, “Okay.” He reached out and touched Shen Jue’s stomach. “Then in the future, the little one in your stomach will have to obediently call me Dad.”



For a madman like Ji Yao, perhaps the only way to fight him was to not follow the rules. Ji Yao opened the bet, and Shen Jue was sure that no matter which way he chose, he’d probably lose in the end, and the other party would be happier, because he got pleasure from playing with the hearts of the people.



So Shen Jue didn’t bet with Ji Yao anymore. If Ji Yao really let him stay by his side, he could always find an opportunity to ki-ll Ji Yao. If he k-illed Ji Yao, his bewitching ability would naturally be shattered. If Shao Ge truly loved Ji Yao before he k-illed Ji Yao, then he could only ki-ll Shao Ge and start again.



Shen Jue’s luggage wasn’t much; he quickly moved up to the fourteenth floor.



The entire fourteenth floor had been made into a house with a frighteningly large amount of space, and the bed that Ji Yao had been sitting on before had been moved out before Shen Jue reentered the area, never to appear in front of him again.



To Shen Jue’s satisfaction, the house was supplied with electricity and water 24 hours a day. His room was in one of the innermost rooms.



Although Ji Yao liked to wear women’s clothes, the place he lived in was cold, with very little stuff and furniture, and the dominant colours were black, white, and grey—hardly any other colours could be found in this house.



After Shen Jue finished his tour of the house, he opened the fridge to see what was inside and found that there was actually only mineral water in there, not even a bottle of drink.



“Don’t you have any milk here? I need to drink milk before I go to bed at night.” Shen Jue looked back at Ji Yao.



Ji Yao had just taken a shower and was now wearing a black bathrobe, and when he heard Shen Jue’s words, his expression was a bit grim: “Didn’t you drink it at the restaurant before? Just keep going there to get the milk.”



“No, I don’t have a meal ticket anymore; Shao Ge definitely won’t feed me, so I can only let you do it, and the weather’s getting hotter and hotter; are you letting me, a pregnant person with a big belly, go out to eat?” Shen Jue glanced over to the kitchen and asked, “Isn’t there a kitchen? Just make food for me to eat.”



He’d just looked at the kitchen; the kitchenware in there was all new, and at a glance, he knew it hadn’t been used at all.



“I won’t do it; if you want to eat, do it yourself.” Ji Yao said.



“What about the ingredients?” Shen Jue asked.



Ji Yao frowned, and before he could speak, he heard Shen Jue speak again: “Originally, when I was with Shao Ge, it was him who cooked for me, and now that I’m doing it all myself, you don’t want me to get the ingredients myself, do you?”



His words were saying that Ji Yao was inferior to Shao Ge. Ji Yao had a momentary impulse to kick out this oblivious guy in front of him, but he still held back.



The theatre stage was already set up and the actors were in place. The good show was about to be start, and he wasn’t going to give up halfway.



“Alright, I’ll have someone send you the ingredients later. Remember one thing: in this house, the study is the place you absolutely cannot go in. I have installed surveillance there; if I find out that you went in…” Ji Yao smiled grimly, revealing a mouthful of snow-white teeth. He bit his lower lip hard and said softly, “I’ll give this little cub in your stomach to the zombies to eat.”




Shen Jue sniffed and didn’t seem to be intimidated; he just nodded.





Shen Jue stayed in Ji Yao’s house like this; when he moved his stuff, Shao Ge wasn’t there, and then he didn’t run into Shao Ge even more in the few days he stayed in Ji Yao’s house.



In the past few days, he had been cooking and eating by himself; Ji Yao didn’t spend much time in the house; Shen Jue lived here and didn’t have many chances to meet up with him; often, when Shen Jue woke up, he was the only one in the whole house; and when he went to bed, Ji Yao hadn’t come back yet.



If he hadn’t noticed the clothes on the balcony changing, he would have thought that Ji Yao didn’t live here.



Shen Jue would still go to the playground for a walk every night, but he never ran into Shao Ge again, and he even went to Shao Ge’s single room during the day; the door was locked from the outside, and there was no one inside.



Shao Ge seemed to have disappeared from his world.




On this day, after his usual walk, he went back to take a shower, and the lift had just reached the fourteenth floor when he saw Ji Yao.



When Ji Yao saw Shen Jue in the lift, his foxy eyes narrowed slightly. “Where did you go?”



“For a walk after dinner.” Shen Jue walked out of the lift. “Are you going out?”



Ji Yao stared at Shen Jue for a moment, realizing that the other party had stayed with him for a few days and not only hadn’t lost weight but had gained a little bit of weight instead, his face becoming more and more rosy. He couldn’t help but wrinkle his eyebrows and ask, “What did you eat tonight?”



Shen Jue paused for a moment. “Do you want to eat too? There’s a bit of food left over; if you want to eat it, I can make a bowl of noodles for you.”




Let him eat the leftovers?



Ji Yao hadn’t seen such a bold person and couldn’t help but sneer. But he really wanted to see just how bold the other party was, so he followed Shen Jue back to his apartment.



Shen Jue went to wash his hands first before rinsing the pot, then he filled it with a little over half the water, and turned it on.



He’d had a sudden craving for sour food tonight, so he’d made a bowl of sauerkraut, and there was too much fish to finish, so he’d left the rest on the kitchen counter, not even putting it in the fridge.



Shen Jue touched it, and it was still steaming.



When the water in the pot boiled, Shen Jue put the wide-hanging noodles in, waited for the water to roll, then poured in some cool water.



While he was doing this, Ji Yao stood in the kitchen doorway, watching from afar, a cold smile lingering on the corner of his lips. When he saw Shen Jue put the noodles into the bowl containing the pickled fish, the sneer became the widest it had ever been.



When Shen Jue took out a pair of clean chopsticks, he walked out of the kitchen with the noodles in his hand, and he placed the bowl of noodles on the coffee table in the living room.



This apartment didn’t have a dining room, much less a table.



“Alright, you can sit here and eat; I’m going to take a shower first. By the way, remember to clean up the kitchen when you’re done. The pots are easy to wash; just rinse them. For the bowls, remember to use detergent and wash them a few more times.” After Shen Jue finished speaking, he went back to his room to get his clothes.



Ji Yao frowned, looking unhappily at Shen Jue’s back as he walked away, and after a while, he put his eyes on the bowl of noodles on the coffee table again.





When Shen Jue finished his shower and came out to hang his wet clothes, he noticed that the bowl on the coffee table was empty; even the soup was gone. He glanced over to the kitchen and found no one there, so he just hung his clothes.



When he woke up in the morning, the bowl on the coffee table was indeed gone, and when he walked back into the kitchen, the kitchen pot was cleaned as well; it had just been left straight in the sink and not put back in its place.



Shen Jue just put the pot back in place when Ji Yao suddenly appeared behind him. “What are we having this morning?”



Shen Jue didn’t turn around. “Next time, remember to put the pot back in its place, and also, after washing, remember to take a towel and wipe the water stains next to the sink; otherwise, it’ll be very dirty.”



After he finished speaking, seeing that no one replied, he turned back, his gaze slightly downcast as he looked into Ji Yao’s eyes. “Did you hear me? Do you want me to say it again?”



Ji Yao seemed to have just woken up as well, wearing a pink nightgown, his fair shoulders were half exposed and his long black hair hung down like a waterfall. He looked more like a girl in the morning, if only his expression wasn’t so gloomy.



“You still want me to do the dishes?” He said it in a grim voice.



Shen Jue blinked. “What’s wrong with you washing the dishes when I’m a pregnant person who still cooks for you? Then why don’t the two of us switch? You’ll cook, and I’ll wash the dishes. Don’t worry, I’m not as soft as you; I can still wash the dishes.”



“You!” Ji Yao found that Shen Jue’s guts were really getting bigger and bigger; he actually dared to be sarcastic; he just wanted to get angry, but Shen Jue already grabbed the lead and spoke first.



“This morning I’m going to make raw pancake buns and oatmeal porridge; are you going to eat?” Shen Jue asked with his usual expression, as if they hadn’t argued at all.



Ji Yao paused for a moment, but nodded anyway.



“Then go wash up first; I’ll call out to you when it’s done. By the way, you’ll wash the dishes, right? If not, I’ll just make my own portion.” Shen Jue looked at Ji Yao with distrust in his eyes.



Ji Yao pursed his lips and said with some annoyance, “I’ll call someone to come up and wash them; that should be okay.”



“You can,” Shen Jue said.



The buns were made yesterday afternoon, so he just had to take them out and defrost them, when the oil was hot, he put them in, then poured in some of the cold water, and waited for the buns to steam.



Oatmeal Congee was simpler. Take apart the cereal and boil it with hot water. Since Ji Yao ate all the pickled Chinese cabbage and fish noodles yesterday, Shen Jue added two cups of it to Ji Yao’s bowl.



When the buns steamed, he sprinkled black sesame seeds and chopped green onions then dished it. Shen Jue loaded the plate and called out to Ji Yao, “Ji Yao, come in and dish yours, I can’t dish for two people by myself.”



He shouted once, no one answered him, so he raised his voice again, only to see Ji Yao reluctantly walk in.



Shen Jue ignored him, served his own food and headed out. He also didn’t wait for Ji Yao to come out and ate first.



He ate later than Ji Yao, but Ji Yao finished eating before him, and when he was done, his eyes were still staring straight at the pan-fried buns on his plate.



Shen Jue paused for a moment, put down his chopsticks, and pushed the plate over, “I’m full, you can help me eat the rest.”



Ji Yao’s expression changed slightly, “You’re making me eat your leftovers again?”



Shen Jue’s face didn’t change. “Don’t want to eat? Then I’ll just make my own food for lunch.”




Ji Yao grunted, “You think you’re good just because of this little bit of cooking?”




“At noon, I’m going to make braised pork ribs and pan-fried carp.”




Ji Yao’s eyes moved slightly, while Shen Jue had already gotten up and headed to his room. By the time Shen Jue came out at noon to prepare for cooking, there were no discarded buns in the rubbish bin, and the pots and pans had been cleaned; even the water stains in the sink had been wiped clean this time.



Shen Jue pulled his lips into a smile at the sight.




He’d been thinking about Ji Yao’s weaknesses over the past few days while he’d been living here, and he remembered one thing: he’d met Ji Yao several times in the fourth floor dining room, but Ji Yao hadn’t touched the food in front of him each time, and the first time he’d asked him for food, he’d only been talking about it with his mouth; his eyes didn’t have the slightest bit of a craving for food in them.



This kind of person either wasn’t interested in food or was too picky about food. And Shen Jue experienced a thousand years of reincarnation; he had long been a good cook; he knew the eight major cuisines; and each of the cuisines was a masterpiece that he had learned to the extreme.



Last night, he only casually tested him; he didn’t expect Ji Yao to really eat, so he only mentioned that he wanted to make breakfast for the other party in the morning but Ji Yao obediently took the bait.



It seemed that Ji Yao liked food, just not the food served in the fourth-floor restaurant. Shen Jue had eaten at the fourth-floor restaurant for a while and could only say that it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as good as it would have been if Shao Ge had made it.



Shen Jue suddenly frowned at the thought.



What did Ji Yao like about Shao Ge in his previous lives? Could it be that he liked cooking? That was why he didn’t hesitate to use his Bewitching ability to firmly control, and the reason why he had to enter the spaceship to another planet with him.



In fact, according to Ji Yao’s personality, he could just stay here and live comfortably. When he got to a new planet, he’d have to abide by the rules again and be moral. Here, he was a little king, and he could even control zombies, so there was no need to be afraid of zombies biting him.



So Ji Yao must have liked Shao Ge, that was why he followed Shao Ge to leave.



But that was just a guess; liking someone just based on their cooking skills was too strange of a reason.




While Shen Jue was thinking about things, Ji Yao appeared behind him again in a mysterious manner and asked, “Are you going to start cooking now? Cook more rice.”



Shen Jue paused for a moment. “I’m going to make another bowl of cold vegetables later. Will you eat? I’ll cook more if you eat.”



Compared to the morning, at this point, Ji Yao seemed to have completely given up on resisting; instead, he directly answered, “I’ll eat.”



Because he had seen Ji Yao’s big appetite, Shen Jue made a lot more than usual at noon; it was enough for three people, but Ji Yao still ate all the dishes on the table, and there wasn’t even any left in the rice cooker.



The bowl of green bean cold dishes made by Shen Jue was a bit spicy. Ji Yao’s mouth was swollen from eating them, but he still refused to stop.



After finishing his meal, he completely subverted his previous image and laid on the table with his tongue sticking out; his eyes and face had turned red from the spiciness.



Shen Jue silently poured a cup of water and placed it in front of Ji Yao. “Why didn’t you tell me that you couldn’t eat spicy food?”



Ji Yao sniffed and glared at Shen Jue with his now watery, foxy eyes. “Who said I can’t eat spicy food? I’m all done.” Then he asked, “What’s for dinner tonight?”



Shen Jue didn’t answer the question, instead he made a request.



“I need a dining table to eat at the coffee table; my back hurts from bending.”



Ji Yao’s lips twitched, but he still agreed.




In the afternoon, a new dining table was moved in.




The person moving the table surprised Shen Jue a little; it was the two Wang brothers.



They saw Shen Jue, but no one dared to speak to him, putting down the table with their heads bowed and leaving.




Ji Yao stood behind Shen Jue and said coldly, “You’re originally from the same dormitory; why didn’t you greet each other after meeting?”



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