C116 — Kill That Big Star(14)

Ji Yao saw Shen Jue’s face change slightly, his pair of fox eyes with upturned corners curving. “Remember, three days.”



After saying that, he left leisurely.



This Ji Yao was truly like a madman. In his previous lives, he might have manipulated Shao Ge by using Bewitching Heart, but in this life, as long as Ji Yao made a move, the possibility of Shao Ge not being bewitched was extremely low. After all, the first time they met, Shao Ge stopped in his tracks, which he rarely did.




And the perfume on Shao Ge’s body that day. Only by staying with the other person for too long and getting too close would one get their perfume scent on themselves.



Shen Jue didn’t know what that madman Ji Yao was trying to do, but as long as Ji Yao wanted to, he could easily steal Shao Ge away from Shen Jue.



Then everything Shen Jue was doing right now would be for nothing, and Shao Ge would have no way of resisting his psychic ability.



Shen Jue guessed that he himself might have resisted Ji Yao’s bewitching ability because of the retrospective mirror in his body.




Shen Jue sat in the fourth-floor dining room for a long time, until the food got cold, then he got up to leave.




After thinking about it, he could only think of one solution, which was to k-ill Ji Yao.



If Ji Yao died, he wouldn’t have to worry about Shao Ge being confused by the Bewitching Heart again.



Ji Yao was an invisible bo-mb; as long as he was alive, there was no way for Shen Jue to feel at ease.



But he had to think of a perfect plan to ki-ll him.



Not to mention how difficult it would be for him to k-ill Ji Yao; just the identity of Ji Yao as the boss of the base was already tricky enough. If the others found out that he k-illed Ji Yao, he and Shao Ge might not be able to leave here.




Because of Ji Yao’s matter, Shen Jue seemed a bit preoccupied until Shao Ge came back in the evening. Shao Ge would try to come back a little earlier every day, and after having dinner with Shen Jue, he’d drag the other for a walk.



This small base had a small sports field where one could usually take a walk. Since Shen Jue got pregnant, Shao Ge thought that Shen Jue couldn’t stay in his room all day and night so they had to go out for a walk.



Still, Shao Ge noticed that Shen Jue’s mood seemed a bit extraordinarily low this evening and couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?”



“Nothing.” Shen Jue replied perfunctorily; at some point, two people had walked up to him, one of whom directly called out Shen Jue’s name.



“Shen Jue, so you’re at the base; I thought something had happened to you.”



Shao Ge sniffed and was the first to raise his eyes. He found that he didn’t recognize them and looked away.



Shen Jue recognized them.



It turned out to be the two Wang brothers.



They were both a little excited to see Shen Jue, especially Wang Jingyi, who came over ready to pat Shen Jue on the shoulder.



When Shen Jue had followed the convoy out and didn’t come back and didn’t take anything, they had thought that he had died under the hands of the zombies, and their emotions had been low for a while. Later, even when Shen Jue returned to the base, they hadn’t been able to meet up because of the different floors where they worked and ate.



Before Wang Jingyi’s hand could reach Shen Jue, it had already stopped.



He froze, looking upwards along the hand that was blocking him, and saw a face he’d originally only seen on TV and roadside advertisements, and his brain jammed for a second.



Wang Jingming, who was walking behind, was a bit more attentive than Wang Jingyi, and he noticed the taller youth next to Shen Jue the moment he saw him. It could be said that the other person was too dazzling to be ignored, and if they didn’t know Shen Jue, the first person they would have seen would have been the one next to him.



That person was walking with Shen Jue, and the distance seemed a little too intimate to be that of an ordinary friend.



Wang Jingming remembered that Shen Jue had told him about liking men.



“You… are… that big star, right?” Wang Jingyi managed to come back to his senses and hastily extended his hand. “Hello, hello, Shao Ge; my name is Wang Jingyi; I lived in the same dormitory with Shen Jue before, and we’re all good friends.”



After he finished, he turned back to Wang Jingming and shouted, “Jingming, come over here, hurry up, and get to know each other.”



When Shao Ge heard that they originally lived in the same dormitory as Shen Jue, his expression seemed to ease a bit. Not only did he shake hands with both brothers Wang Jingyi, he also chatted with them.




When Wang Jingyi saw a big star like Shao Ge, he simply had no control over his mouth; everything leaked out, firstly saying that Shen Jue didn’t have any food when he first came here, so the brothers helped out a bit, and then mentioning the matter of Shen Jue going to the seventh floor to order a princess/young master.



“It’s funny; the first time Shen Jue went up there, it took a while for him to come back, and when he came back, his expression was dark, like someone owed him millions.” Wang Jingyi laughed heartily. “He went up every day for the next ten days, but it seemed like the one he ordered didn’t have time, so he never had his turn.”



Shao Ge had a smile on his lips. “So there’s such a thing.” He glanced at Shen Jue next to him and asked, “Is that guy good-looking?”



Shen Jue was actually somewhat unable to remember Shi Cheng’s face; after all, they had only met once, so when Shao Ge asked the question, it took him a moment to recall.



That bit of time was enough for Shao Ge’s eyes to visibly darken.



Wang Jingming noticed and tugged on Wang Jingyi. “Brother, what nonsense are you babbling about?”



“I’m not talking nonsense.” Wang Jingyi only thought that Shen Jue and Shao Ge were friends and didn’t even think about the possibility of them being a couple.



“You’ve been thinking about it for so long, he must be pretty, right?” While the two brothers were talking, Shao Ge spoke up again, reaching out to pinch the back of Shen Jue’s neck, like he was pinching a small animal. “After all, his business was so good, and you couldn’t stop thinking about him.”



It was only then that Shen Jue noticed that something was wrong with Shao Ge, and he couldn’t help but glance at the other man. “No, it’s because I don’t remember the face; that’s why I’ve been thinking about it for so long.”



Shao Ge narrowed his eyes and let out an oh.



The trailing tone rose, filled with distrust.



Wang Jingyi’s words had already made him understand what Shen Jue was doing in this base. Shen Jue must have wanted to find a young master to conceive a child.



Sometimes after a close relationship, a person’s mind would change; obviously, it was all in the past, but Shao Ge still couldn’t help but think that if he hadn’t met Shen Jue in the first place and told him to go with him and not to stay in this base, wouldn’t the other party have been able to settle for just about anyone?



Thinking further, he even began to wonder if Shen Jue actually loved him. It was just that he was cheaper than a young master, and not only did he not have to spend any money, but he could also raise him.



Shao Ge instantly had the feeling that he’d been cheated out of both his money and his body.



Seeing this, Shen Jue immediately reached out and took Shao Ge’s hand, their ten- fingers intertwining. On a summer’s day, the palms of both hands were hot, and holding them together only made the heat rub off on them, but the fire in Shao Ge’s heart instantly went down.



No matter how oblivious Wang Jingyi was, he also knew that it was strange for two men to clasp their fingers together. He blinked and immediately said, “I was joking just now, haha, don’t take it seriously.”




After Shen Jue had a child in his stomach, he felt a little unwell most times, so he shook his hand for a bit, coaxed Shao Ge, and then wanted to let go. Unexpectedly, Shao Ge tightly grabbed his hand, not letting him break away.



Seeing this, the two Wang brothers were too embarrassed to stay for a bit longer and made an excuse to leave. After those two left, Shao Ge was still looking at the same spot for a while before turning his head to look at Shen Jue. “What else are you hiding from me? Do you want to say it all together today?”



Although he was smiling, there wasn’t a hint of laughter in his eyes.



When Shen Jue saw this, he didn’t even need to think; he directly shook his head and said, “No.”



Shao Ge put the smirk on his face away and looked at him half-heartedly before saying, “Alright.”



After he finished, he tightened his grip on Shen Jue’s hand again and said, “Keep walking.”



“It’s hot.” Shen Jue still wanted to pull his hand out.



“When we get back, I’ll turn on the air conditioning for you.” Shao Ge paused. “Turn it on all night.”



Shen Jue thought about it and agreed to the deal.



Recently, Shao Ge hadn’t allowed him to use the air conditioning for too long, saying he was afraid of him catching a cold, so it was worth it to hold his hand for a night of air conditioning.





Ji Yao only gave Shen Jue three days; in the blink of an eye, a day passed. The next morning, Shen Jue woke up earlier than Shao Ge, and he lay in bed for a while. When he saw some movement on Shao Ge’s side, he rubbed against him stickily.



“Shao Ge.” He called out to the other in a low voice and felt the other’s body stiffen significantly.



“What’s wrong?” Shao Ge said after a long time.



“Let’s get out of here, okay?” Shen Jue pressed his face against Shao Ge’s back. A moment passed before Shao Ge turned and looked at him squarely. “Why do you want to leave?”



In Shao Ge’s thoughts, staying here was fairly safe.



“My stomach hasn’t shown yet; if we wait for a few months, my stomach will be big. There are too many people here; what do you think?”



In this base, Shen Jue had yet to see a pregnant man; after all, this was only a small base, and the acceptance conditions were harsh; not everyone could come in, such as the couple that Shen Jue and the others had met on the road; the two of them obviously couldn’t afford to pay the crystals to come in.



Shao Ge heard Shen Jue’s words and was silent for a while before he said, “But leaving here, the risk will become greater; it’s safer for you to stay here; there are guards here; the zombies can’t get in; you can go to the canteen to eat when I’m out doing a mission; if we go out and go solo; if I go out to search for supplies, it’s too dangerous for you to be at home and no one is there to cook for you to eat.”




Shao Ge didn’t agree.




“As for the matter of the child…” Shao Ge pursed his lips and said, “Shen Jue, no matter where we go, there will always be someone that’ll find out about this matter; avoidance will be a problem, not to mention the fact that being able to carry a child is not a thing that you should be ashamed of.”



Anyone knew that in this post-apocalyptic world, the number of women was getting smaller and smaller, and at the same time, the number of humans dying at the hands of zombies was also increasing drastically. It could be said that the global population numbers were plummeting, so men like Shen Jue were being mandatorily transformed by the heavens and were even being forced to reproduce.



This was a kind of injustice from the heavens. Shao Ge felt that Shen Jue had already been subjected to injustice, so why should he still be subjected to the so-called discrimination?



He raised his hand and touched Shen Jue’s face. “Don’t be afraid; if anyone wants to curse you, I’ll help you fight back. Fight until they don’t dare to talk about you.”


Shao Ge’s choice was within Shen Jue’s expectations, so in this case, Shen Jue could only go head-to-head with Ji Yao.



Only by ki-lling Ji Yao could Shao Ge not be snatched away, then he could break the realm; otherwise, it would all be for nothing.



The current Shao Ge was at best more than fond of him; if he said love, it was a bit of a stretch.



The three days given by Ji Yao passed quickly, and on the afternoon of the third day, Shen Jue went to the seventh floor.



At the entrance to the seventh floor, he met the doorkeeper.



The doorkeeper seemed to remember Shen Jue and smiled a little. “What number would you like to order this time?”



“Number fourteen.” Shen Jue said it in a cold voice.



There was a subtle change in the doorkeeper’s eyes. “You’re going to the fourteenth floor then; follow me.”



He led Shen Jue around a few corners to the entrance of a lift.



This lift required a password to be entered before the doors would open. When the lift door opened, the doorkeeper gestured to Shen Jue, “Inside, please.”



He let Shen Jue go in alone.



After Shen Jue went in, he found that this lift only had buttons for three floors.



The ground floor, the seventh floor, and the fourteenth floor.



The lift quickly reached the fourteenth floor, and when the door opened, there was a large entrance directly there.



Shen Jue stepped out of the lift and pressed the doorbell first. Seeing that no one had opened the door after a while, he tentatively pushed it.




The door opened with a push.



And the scene behind the door entered Shen Jue’s eyes.



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