C114 — Kill That Big Star(12)

He turned his head, eyes downcast, and said, “Shen Jue.”


His quiet call didn’t make Shen Jue let go; instead, he held him even tighter and said, “If you hurry, it’ll be over soon.”


D*amn it.


Where the hell did this guy get this idea from? Did he really think that it would only take a few minutes to get it over with?


Shao Ge’s brows furrowed for a moment, so he bent down and directly confronted Shen Jue with his top 3 most handsome face in the world. His brown eyes had a hint of displeasure in them, “Shen Jue, I’m not those young masters. It’s not like I can finish in a few minutes.”


Relationships without love could be exhausting.



Shen Jue looked straight into Shao Ge’s eyes, “I don’t treat you as a young master, it’s just …… that you’ve been doing it for too long as well, it hurts too much.”



Upon hearing this, Shao Ge stood up abruptly, his cheeks turning red. He deliberately restrained himself from recalling last night’s incident, as he had been a straight man for over twenty years. At least he thought he was. When one was about to bend and the person involved was still one of his own teammates, the feeling was very complex.



What was more, Shen Jue didn’t like him at the time, and their union was more like a deal.



Shen Jue, in order to survive, had to stay with someone, and he didn’t want Shen Jue to become any young master, so the two got together.



That said, there was instead a sense that he was the only one torn up in this matter. In order to stay alive, Shen Jue didn’t care what he thought, and he kept provoking him, saying something about five minutes being the right time, which almost made Shao Ge angry.



Even though he hadn’t fought in a real battle, he knew that five minutes was too short and wondered where Shen Jue knew all this stuff from.



And with that careful gesture of preparation, Shao Ge inexplicably felt that he was a sperm donor. Shen Jue would probably kick him out once he got pregnant.



Thinking about this, Shao Ge suddenly wanted to smoke again, but remembering Shen Jue’s serious comment yesterday about smoking being bad for the baby, he could only hold back.



What was going on here?



He was forced to become bent, forced to become a father, and he was also angered.



Shao Ge couldn’t help but pinch Shen Jue’s cheeks, letting out his anger. He pinched hard a few times, and he pinched his cheeks until they turned red before letting go. “I do it for a long time; if you can’t endure it, don’t ask me for it.”



After saying that, he turned around and walked away, only to turn back and give Shen Jue a cold look as he walked out the door. “Get up. I’m going to do the dishes after washing up. Come over and give me a hand.”



Shen Jue saw Shao Ge’s attitude and felt a little more at ease. Today, when they were eating in the living room, the other people in the squad all looked a bit strange when they saw them; one of them even looked at Shao Ge with red eyes, as if Shao Ge were some kind of absolute scum.



But Shao Ge turned a blind eye, while Shen Jue looked at the man a bit more.



He was a young boy with a pretty face; he had a somewhat soft nature and spoke to people in a gentle voice, but the way he looked at Shen Jue wasn’t so kind.



In his previous lives, Shin Jue had run into quite a few of these people who thought that he had stolen their place at Shao Ge’s side, and they tried to make trouble for him, but the truth was that he was with Shao Ge reluctantly.



But now that he thought about it, those people rightfully hated him because he was a burden on Shao Ge.



Having received more than a few hostile stares, Shen Jue didn’t take this kind of unkind look to heart and treated it as if he couldn’t see it.


After breakfast and lunch, Shao Ge and the others were ready to go out. Shao Ge looked down at Shen Jue, hesitated, and said, “Stay in the house.”


He knew how powerful Shen Jue’s physique was now, having seen it yesterday during the day. Their squad was nowhere near as numerous as Shen Jue’s convoy, and in case Shen Jue attracted too many zombies, it would be too easy for something to happen.



Shen Jue didn’t have an ability, and he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to protect him.



But before Shen Jue could say anything, the pretty boy opened his mouth first. “He doesn’t have an ability? Even if he doesn’t have any, he can still go out with us. Didn’t he fire a g*un yesterday? Staying in the house without doing anything is too easy; it’s not like he doesn’t have arms and legs.”


The moment his words came out, Shao Ge frowned.



Immediately someone beside him rounded off the situation: “Hey, the little brother is probably tired from yesterday; he can just rest today.”



“Tired? Where is he tired? It’s just…” The pretty boy got halfway through his sentence and couldn’t continue. He looked at Shen Jue as if he were looking at a vixen, or rather, a scrappy vixen.



Seeing this, Shen Jue faintly said, “Then let’s go together, but I don’t have an ability; you guys have weapons, right? I’ll need more bullets.”



On his way out the door, Shao Ge pulled Shen Jue back and whispered, “Stay behind me.”



Shen Jue was about to speak when he suddenly glanced diagonally in front of him, and sure enough, he met the young boy’s gaze.



The boy quickly averted his gaze when he saw that Shen Jue had spotted him.



“He likes you?” Seeing this, Shen Jue asked Shao Ge.


Shao Ge looked calm. “I don’t know.”



“Then do you like him?” Shen Jue asked again.



Shao Ge simply didn’t answer the question and went straight ahead.



Today’s mission was pretty much the same as what Shen Jue usually does: first go search down the supplies, then take the crystal cores, but Shao Ge and the others didn’t go directly to the zombies’ lair like the base’s people did; they all went to places where there were fewer zombies; after all, they were outnumbered.



But because of Shen Jue’s presence, the zombies today were unusually numerous and excited.



Everyone in the group was a little surprised. “What’s going on today?”



Shao Ge remained silent as Shen Jue concealed himself behind him. Shen Jue, on the other hand, was looking for a chance to give the zombies headshots. While going out with the base’s convoys, the weapons were generally well stocked, so after a month of actual combat on the base, Shen Jue’s accuracy was now pretty great.



But there were still more and more zombies, and that clean-cut pretty boy almost got caught by a zombie a few times, despite his ability.



When they finally settled the zombies and returned to the car, that boy opened his mouth first and said, “It’s too scary; I was just almost caught several times.” He gently raised his eyes to Shao Ge’s side and said, “Luckily, brother Shao just helped me.”



Unfortunately, when he said these words, the person being thanked didn’t react at all; he just sat in the car with his eyes closed. Shao Ge had just used too much of his ability, plus he had only slept for less than four or five hours; he was very tired and wasn’t in the mood to talk at all.



The boy saw Shao Ge ignore him and could only stop talking, but when he saw that Shen Jue actually leaned his head on Shao Ge’s shoulder, his hand on his leg clenched violently.



He had been a fan of Shao Ge since high school; he had seen almost all the films and TV dramas that Shao Ge starred in more than ten times, and this time he was able to stay with his idol. As a fan, he usually watched Shao Ge silently, but when he saw that someone actually dared to get close to his idol, he was as angry as a puffer fish.



He couldn’t wait to become a puffer fish and simply poison this bold guy to death.



Shao Ge felt the weight on his shoulder and slightly lifted his eyelids, and when he saw the tired glint in Shen Jue’s eyes, he closed them again.


After last night, Shen Jue was probably having a harder time than he was, but he was still out with them on a mission today, so he was probably exhausted.


So Shao Ge didn’t push Shen Jue away and even reached out to hold the other’s shoulders as his head kept slipping down, making it easier for the other to lean in.


When he was about to get off the car, Shen Jue woke up. He opened his eyes and looked at the color of the sky outside before sitting up straight, but just as he did so, he sucked in a breath of cold air.


Shao Ge, who was sitting next to him, heard him and couldn’t help but look at him and ask, “What’s wrong?”


Shen Jue frowned and said, “Lumbar pain.”


Shao Ge sighed, reached out, and placed his hand on Shen Jue’s backside, pressing, “Here?”


“A little further over,” Shen Jue said.


The two of them were talking like no one else was in the car, and the people next to them could only twist their eyes away and pretend they didn’t know.


Because Shen Jue said his back hurt, when he got out of the car, Shao Ge even reached out to help him. This scene fell in the eyes of the boy, who once again felt heartache. Waiting for the night, when Shao Ge went to take a shower, the boy finally couldn’t help but go to knock on the door.


Shen Jue opened the door, saw that it was the boy, and calmly asked, “Something wrong?”



“Can you stay away from Shao Ge? He’s not just for you; he’s for thousands of fans.” The little boy was agitated, his hands clenched into fists as if he were ready to punch Shen Jue at any moment.


“You’re Shao Ge’s fan?” Shen Jue raised his eyebrows and asked, “Do fans interfere in his love life? Not to mention, it’s the end times; he’s not a star anymore.”



“In my heart, he always has been; no one can match him.” The little boy gritted his teeth as he uttered these words: “Even if he were to be with someone, it wouldn’t be with someone like you, who doesn’t even have ability and only knows how to fawn and curry favor. Shen Jue, you don’t deserve to be his teammate, nor do you deserve to stand by his side. I don’t welcome you here.”


“It’s not for you to decide if he’s worthy or not.”



While the young boy was speaking indignantly, a very cold voice suddenly came from behind him.


He froze and turned around to see Shao Ge.


Shao Ge wiped his black hair with a towel in one hand; his bare upper body still had water droplets, and his eyes gleamed with cold light as he passed over the little boy.


When he was about to enter the room, the little boy couldn’t help but call his name. Shao Ge’s footsteps lurched, and he said, “Tomorrow I will take him out of here.”



The little boy sniffed and became anxious.



“Shao Ge, I didn’t mean it.”



But before he could finish his sentence, the door to the room had already been closed.



Shen Jue looked at the fuming Shao Ge and thought for a moment before saying, “You’re angry? Because he talked about me?”



Shao Ge sat down on a chair and rubbed his hair while saying in a lowered voice, “It’s not because of you; don’t be narcissistic.”


The light fell on his perfect face from above, and the person who looked unapproachable in the daytime seemed to be a bit warm at this time.



There was never a person in this world who wouldn’t get tired. Shao Ge had been a top star for eight years and had hardly ever had his own way. He also had a script for appearing on programs, and the company decided what kind of character he had in front of the audience.



As long as he was popular, no one cared if he was tired or not. Yet now that it was the end of the world, there were still people who came to tell him what to do with his life. It was really interesting.



He wasn’t a star anymore; he didn’t need the so-called fans to decide the rest of his life.


While Shao Ge’s mind was still fixated on the boy’s words, there was suddenly an extra weight on his legs.



He leaned back and wrinkled his eyebrows at Shen Jue, who was sitting on his lap. “What are you doing?”


“I’ve heard that ten-thirty is the easiest time to conceive at night.” Shen Jue inclined his head at Shao Ge. “Should we?”



Shao Ge: “……”



He covered Shen Jue’s face with one hand and said, “Go down.”



But in the end, it was only half done. Shao Ge saw the madness of the zombies today and knew that Shen Jue, who had a broken physique, would probably be torn apart by the zombies if he didn’t get pregnant.



So at the end of the day, he couldn’t help but grit his teeth and say to Shen Jue, “Can you be less delicate next time? You’re the one who’s going to get pregnant, yet you’re the one who’s timing it.”



Shen Jue was actually even angrier than Shao Ge; clearly, in his previous lives, Shao Ge’s time was only five minutes; why did it get longer in this life?



He also remembered that he got pregnant after the sixth or seventh time, and now they had only done it two times, which meant there were at least four more to go.



Forget it; he’d just hold out four more times.




The next day, Shao Ge raised the matter of leaving the team, and that boy didn’t even come out.



Others knew that Shao Ge was leaving and persuaded him one after another. The person who got along well with the little boy said directly, “Don’t be so angry. He knows he was wrong. He cried all night.”


But Shao Ge’s determination wouldn’t easily change, so he still left with Shen Jue.


They became a duo again.


Shen Jue sat next to Shao Ge. “Where are we going?”



“To your previous base.” Shao Ge’s words made Shen Jue freeze for a moment.


“Why go there?” he asked.



Shao Ge started the car. “The zombies can’t get in there. I’ll feel a bit more at ease if you live there. Didn’t you say that if you complete the mission well, you’ll get double the reward? You don’t need to go out; I’ll just do the mission.”



Shen Jue hesitated.


Shao Ge’s future lover was at the base.



He had been in the base for a month before, but he had never seen the so-called boss of the base, and he had inquired with others, but those people said that they hadn’t seen him either and had only seen the second-in-command of this base.



That base’s boss was very mysterious.


That was why Shen Jue didn’t get to do it; he couldn’t even see him, so how could he k*ill the other?



Now that Shao Ge was going to that base, maybe they’d run into each other earlier, but if he told Shao Ge that he wasn’t going to go, it added a degree of risk, not to mention that Shao Ge might think he was being unreasonable.



After all, he’d stayed at the base all by himself before.



Shao Ge saw that Shen Jue looked hesitant and asked, “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing; let’s go then.” Shen Jue said.


They soon arrived at the entrance to the base; the person doing the registration had changed, and when Shao Ge donated all the supplies from the car, he gave Shao Ge and Shen Jue two forms.



When he realized that Shao Ge had filled in his ability on the paper, he was even more enthusiastic: “People with abilities can live in a single room; there are still a few empty rooms available; will you look at them first before choosing which one?”



“A room that’s big enough to fit two people will do.” Shao Ge glanced at Shen Jue and said, “He’s staying with me.”


The man froze for a moment, then nodded, “Okay.”



This time Shen Jue entered the base, he clearly felt the difference. The leader was too enthusiastic and wished to explain all the situations at the base to Shao Ge in detail. When distributing toiletries, he directly took the best grade, and clothes such as pajamas were all branded.



If Shao Ge’s face didn’t show impatience, that person even wanted to make the bed for him.


Shen Jue sat down on the stool and looked at Shao Ge. “What an exaggeration; it wasn’t like this last time.”



Shao Ge ignored Shen Jue’s words; instead, he looked at the one-meter-five bed in the room and fretted, “This bed is too small; I’ll ask if I can change it.”


Unfortunately, the nearest queen-size beds had been divided up, and there were only one-meter-five and one-meter-two beds.



“We’ll be sure to replace the queen-sized beds for you when we get them.” Said the person who shared the supplies.



Shao Ge could only come back. When he returned to his room, Shen Jue had already finished his bath and was lying on the bed. Seeing him come back, he patted the seat next to him. “I heard that seventeen thirty is the best time to conceive in the afternoon.”


Shao Ge: “……”



The next day, Shao Ge asked the people at the supplies office, “Do you have books like a conception guide here? The kind that’s more scientific.”


There wasn’t.



But Shao Ge still took back a book: 100 Things Pregnant Mums Must Know.



The first point was to be scientific, not to believe in so-called folk remedies, and not to be superstitious.


Unfortunately, Shen Jue didn’t even glance at that book.


“I’m not a pregnant mom; why should I read it?”


Shao Ge: “……”


Good point.


Shao Ge went back to the supplies office, and this time he took a deep breath before saying, “Do you have any books for pregnant dads here?”



And then Shao Ge got a book.



“What do you do when your loving wife is pregnant?


Number one: love her, praise her, and spoil her.



Shao Ge read the first chapter and threw the book away.



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