C113 — Kill That Big Star(11)

There were other people in the car, and when they saw this scene, they turned their faces away. Earlier, when they saw Shao Ge take this person away, they felt that the relationship between the two wasn’t ordinary. Now,  seeing the two kissing, what wasn’t clear?


They just pitied some of the people who still had love for Shao Ge. Originally, seeing that Shao Ge was indifferent to everyone, they had a passionate pursuit. Now, if saw that Shao Ge wasn’t so indifferent, their hearts would shatter to pieces.


Shao Ge kissed him for a while before letting go. Seeing Shen Jue’s lips a little swollen, with suspicious water stains on them, he couldn’t help but stretch out his thumb to wipe them and say in a hoarse tone, “You’re relieved now?”


Even in his previous lives, they hadn’t even kissed; back then, Shao Ge touched him and only did it as a task; whether it was his expression or his limbs, they were all very stiff, and afterwards, Shao Ge would sit on the windowsill and smoke.


He didn’t like the smell of cigarettes, but he learned to smoke after he touched Shen Jue, and he even smoked more and more until he met the person he loved.


But it was just a new life, and the other man had changed so much that Shen Jue was a bit surprised, but he guessed that it was because he had taken a different approach.


In this life, he told Shao Ge about his physique problem early on, rather than dragging it out to the point of no return and being confronted by the other party before confessing. After all, he almost ki*lled Shao Ge in his previous lives. When Shao Ge touched him, his expression became stiff, so his expression could probably be described as poor.


Obviously, he begged the other party, but he always made it look like r*ape.


Shen Jue nodded, thought for a moment, then added, “I didn’t go to be a young master.”


“I know.” Shao Ge twisted his face away and closed his eyes again. “I’m tired.”


Shen Jue stared at the side of Shao Ge’s face for a while. He watched as the other party’s earlobes got redder and redder before he moved his eyes away and sat back down.


Shao Ge and his team all lived in the basement, but the environment was much better than the dormitory Shen Jue lived in, but there weren’t any empty rooms left, so Shen Jue could only squeeze into one with Shao Ge.


Shao Ge took out new toiletries and pajamas from the wardrobe and handed them to Shen Jue. “Go take a shower; I’ll cook dinner.”


Staying with Shao Ge was always a lot more freeing; at least he didn’t have to shower and eat at a set time. By the time Shen Jue came out after his bath, Shao Ge’s meal was already ready.


Although the team was active together, they still ate separately; rather, Shao Ge personally ate separately from the others.


Since Shen Jue went to the base, Shao Ge stayed with these people just to have a companion, lest he wouldn’t even have a chance to talk.


He didn’t know if it was because of the long separation, but Shao Ge made this meal particularly sumptuous; his cooking naturally tasted better than the canteen’s big pots of rice. Shen Jue, who wasn’t a heavy eater, couldn’t help but eat a bowl more than usual.



After eating, Shen Jue took the initiative to wash the dishes, while Shao Ge went to take a shower. By the time they were done, it was already ten in the evening.


After doing some more laundry, they dawdled until eleven.


The two stood by the bed, staring at each other, and in the end, it was Shen Jue who moved first, wearing the pajamas that were Shao Ge’s, which were the right size. He switched on the bedside lamp and then switched off the lights in the room.


The warm yellow light from the bedside lamp only illuminated the side of the bed, adding a bit more ambiguity to the already somewhat awkward atmosphere.


Shen Jue sat down on the edge of the bed, not looking at Shao Ge. Shao Ge looked down at him, his long eyelashes slightly trembling. Brown eyes flashed through a trace of unknown emotions.


As Shen Jue retracted his feet onto the bed as well, Shao Ge’s hand gently rested on Shen Jue’s shoulder.


Things hadn’t gone well tonight for both of them, but it had finally worked out.


Shao Ge had pinched Shin Jue’s cheek hard earlier because the other was so capable. “Who gets five minutes?”


Shen Jue frowned at the pinch but still muttered, “Five minutes is right.”


Shao Ge could only be speechless. He stared at the ceiling with a bit of stain for a while when the person beside him suddenly said, “I’m going to take a shower.”


Shao Ge moved out of the way and took the lead in getting out of bed before reaching out his hand to Shen Jue. “I’ll help you there; the water is cold now; you probably can’t stand it. I’ll help you start the water heater.”


Shen Jue wasn’t polite, and with Shao Ge’s help, he took a hot bath before returning to his room. Shao Ge, on the other hand, took a cold shower. When he returned to his room, he saw Shen Jue placing a pillow under his waist.


Shao Ge: “……”


Shao Ge: “What are you doing?”


Shen Jue said with his eyes closed, “I heard that it’s easier to conceive successfully this way.”


Shao Ge coughed violently, tearing up a bit as he looked helplessly at Shen Jue. “Are you sure that’ll work?”


Shen Jue opened his eyes and looked at Shao Ge. “How do you know it won’t work? Have you ever been pregnant?”


Shao Ge: “……”


Shao Ge pursed his lips and said, “Alright, then I’ll sleep.”


“Then sleep,” Shen Jue said.


Shao Ge looked at Shen Jue’s odd posture, sighed deeply, and still walked out of the room. It was probably more than two hours before Shen Jue saw Shao Ge come back, and he smelled faintly of cigarettes.


Sure enough, he still minded.


Shen Jue twisted his head to look at Shao Ge. ”You know what? If the father smokes, it’s easy to give birth to a deformed child; in case I give birth to a child with a missing arm or leg, will you be responsible for that?”


Shao Ge’s expression stiffened, and only after half a second did a smile appear on his handsome face: “Alright, I won’t smoke next time.” After he said that, he also raised his hand and asked, “Is the smell of smoke heavy? Then I’ll just go take another shower.”


With this tossing and turning, it was almost dawn, but they were in the basement and couldn’t see the sunlight outside. There were more than just Shen Jue and Shao Ge living in this house, and for that matter, someone was already up at this hour.


Shao Ge listened to the commotion outside and suddenly realized that the soundproofing in this house might not be very good.


He was wondering if anyone could have heard last night’s noise when the person next to him suddenly moved a little closer.


The other person raised his head and looked at him with an unexpectedly calm expression. “I didn’t force you to do these things; if you regret it, I can pretend that today’s incident didn’t happen. I’ll still go back to the base tomorrow.”


The corner of Shao Ge’s lips ticked perfunctorily; he just held Shen Jue down and said, “Go to sleep; it’s dawn.”


Shen Jue struggled under Shao Ge’s hand. “I mean it.”


“Got it. What do you want to eat tomorrow?” Shao Ge asked.


Shen Jue was silent for a split second, but still compromised and laid back down, reporting the names of a few dishes. Even though it was almost dawn, Shen Jue didn’t sleep much, as he felt that the person next to him kept rolling over.


Shao Ge hardly slept.


Shen Jue knew that even though Shao Ge had touched him, he was probably still torn in his heart. He didn’t want to see him end up as a young master, so he still counted on them being teammates for eight years to help him, but he couldn’t get past the hurdle in his own heart.


Shao Ge was hesitating, perhaps regretting it, but Shen Jue wouldn’t give him that chance.


So when he heard Shao Ge’s movement to get up, he immediately opened his eyes and grabbed the corner of Shao Ge’s shirt. After a night, his voice didn’t get better; instead, it was more hoarse: “I heard that it’s easier to get pregnant in the morning; do you want to give it a try?”



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